Chapter 33: Epilogue.

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Wood Apartment - Thursday 1st September 2005


"ONE MINUTE MUM!" Leo shouted and Hermione sighed as she continued cleaning up the kitchen table.


"Yeah Sparrow, everyone's ready" he said as he entered the kitchen and he wrapped his arms around her stomach and pulled her back against him. She sighed and leaned into him as he pressed kisses against her neck."Relax Sparrow. I know you're worried, but we've never been late yet and we won't start now"

"I know, I just... I don't like it when he leaves for school"

"He's your baby, I know. But we still have plenty to keep us busy" Hermione chuckled and smiled widely. She turned around in his arms and she pressed her mouth against his. He responded happily and she sighed into his mouth and smiled into the kiss.

"Seriously?" they heard Leo groan and they pulled away from the kiss to turn and look at him laughing.

Hermione looked at her children who all stood next to each other and she smiled softly, with Quaffle growling playfully at Isaac and Kayden, their newly acquired kitten, Sir Cuddles, playing with a feather on the floor and Ali and Boo flying around the room. That was her family.

Hermione at the soon to be age of twenty-four and Oliver at the age of twenty-seven, now had six children.

Leo would be sixteen in December and he was returning to Hogwarts to start his fifth year. He had grown remarkably and he was a handsome young man. His once short mousy blonde hair had grown slightly darker and shaggier, falling into his eyes and his deep green eyes were mesmerising.

Leo was highly popular in school for many reasons. He had been sorted into Gryffindor like his family, he was a brilliant athlete - being a chaser for the Gryffindor team since his second year and he had recently been made Captain like his father had in his fifth year. Leo was well liked by all, the students and the staff. He was an athlete, academic and kind to everyone and everyone remembered the articles in the newspapers on his and the twins kidnapping five years ago. Plus, his parents were The Hermione and Oliver Wood, the power couple of the wizarding world. One being a saviour of the world and the best Coach the wizarding world had ever seen for the past five years, and the other being the World's best keeper and Captain, who had been offered the keeper position for many national teams at least seven times a year, but he turned them down to stay with the wife and team he loves. Plus, his uncles were the famous Fred and George Weasley, Harry Potter and members of the Puddlemere United team, who had won the league the last seven years in a row.

Like Hermione predicted Leo was an excellent student and received O's in every class and she knew he would receive the same results in his OWL's and NEWT's. But she and Oliver had never pressured him; it came naturally thanks to Hermione homeschooling him two years before he started his first year. In a few years time she would start homeschooling her other children.

Her other children...

The twins, Isaac and Kayden, were now six years old and a spitting double of their father, with their mother's eyes. They were very mischievous and always causing trouble, but with uncles like Fred and George, nothing less would be expected.

Hermione and Oliver tried for another child but they were unsuccessful. Three years later, they received word from Helen at Wood Home, that there was a two week old baby girl whose father was unknown and mother had died in childbirth. Hermione and Oliver immediately adopted the tiny baby girl and she was named Jessie and she was doted on by everyone, especially the team and Oliver who finally got his daddy's little girl. She was now three years old and had wavy brown hair and green eyes.

Soon after Jessie's third birthday Hermione discovered that she was pregnant, after a trip to the muggle world she found out that she was once more pregnant with twins. The entire family and team were ecstatic. After giving birth she had beautiful twin girls, Madeline and Annabelle. They had Hermione's mahogany hair and curls -thankfully their curls seemed tamer- and Oliver's puppy dog eyes, their mother's button nose and their father's long eyelashes.

Everyone doted on the Wood children and no one was more pleased than Mr and Mrs Wood, it seemed the curse had been broken on the family and their family tree grew considerably and each child all had on a silver cuff bracelet with the wood family crest on and their name, with the exception of Leo who had his signet ring.

She loved all her children dearly. Mr and Mrs Wood offered to move out of the manor so Hermione and Oliver could move in with their children and have more space, but they refused. Instead they added extra bathrooms and bedrooms into the apartment and every wall was covered, floor to ceiling in photos. The apartment was where Hermione and Oliver had built a home together and where their children had grown and would continue to grow, it would always be home and so they would always stay there.

Hermione thought back to that terrifying time five years ago, when Leo, Isaac and Kayden were kidnapped. She had almost lost her family, her husband and her children. All because of four revenge seeking arseholes. A week after the abduction and rescue, Kingsley had visited Hermione, Oliver and their children to see how they were doing.

Kingsley had informed them that all four members of the involved party, had been to trial and sentenced to life in Azkaban, and Hermione and Oliver were cleared, even though they weren't charged with anything.

Mary's reasoning behind her actions was already known, so that needed no discussion. Ron and Ginny's was understandable, well it wasn't, but it didn't take a genius to work out why they had done what they did. Ginny and Ron were furious that Hermione had found success in her life after the war. The prefect husband – wealthy, famous, charismatic, famous, incredibly good looking, famous, smart, famous and athletic. The perfect apartment, bigger than the size of a large house, the most perfect and beautiful children and the perfect job. They were furious that their family had all but disowned them and replaced them with Hermione and Oliver. They were furious that Harry had decided to stay with Hermione instead of leaving with them and they were furious that they had to marry Slytherins and they blamed Hermione for it.

Fenrir Greyback's reason was revenge. The majority of his pack had been captured or killed by the light side, and after Harry's disappearance Hermione became the new target for all Death Eaters wanting revenge and so he acted on it, waiting for the perfect time to strike, which so happened to be after the announcement of Hermione giving birth. Greyback even admitted to sending most of the death threats Hermione received daily.

They had no idea how the four had found each other and came up with the plan they did, because the aurors couldn't get it out of them without resorting to illegal measures, but Hermione didn't care about that.

Her family was safe. That's all that mattered.

"It's time to go mum" Leo said grinning, bringing her out of her thoughts.

Kings Cross Station

The Wood's weren't the only ones there to see Leo off, the Weasley's were there and so were the team, fresh off from their seventh consecutive win of the league cup -the day before- which caused many heads to turn and screaming and yelling from fans wanting autographs.

Fred and George were there with their wives. They had married three years ago and Fred had hold of his one year old son Liam, and George his six month old daughter Leah. Percy and Audrey had three year old Molly and Audrey was pregnant with Lucy. Fleur and Bill had six year old Victorie and four year old Lucas, and Fleur was pregnant with Dominique.

Harry and Angelina were there with four year old Ashleigh, two year old Nathan and Angelina was pregnant with James Sirius. Charlie was there and he had finally gotten engaged to a healer at the Dragon reserve, much to the glee of everyone.

Thompson had his two year old daughter, Tessa, and Katie was pregnant with Kyle.

The team had wised up and broke off their engagements and they had put their trust in the Ministry and it had paid off, with them being paired with women far kinder and more respectable and now they were all happy. Pallie's wife was pregnant with their first child, as was Malloy's and Bishop's. Kings and Wilks' each had a one year old son, Ryan and Justin.

Over the years the reserves retired -since they were the oldest members of the team- and Hermione had brought in new players and they became a part of the family too, doting on the children like the others did.

Leo was hugging everyone and kissing his aunts and grandmothers on their cheeks and he came to Hermione, who was crying happy tears.

"Mum, seriously?" he joked and they laughed. She laughed and wiped her tears and she pulled him into a tight hug, after finally pulling away he kissed her cheek.

"Love you mum"

"I love you too Leo" Hermione smiled.

Almost all the boys on the platform walked away from their parents, particularly their mum, embarrassed. But Leo never did. He loved his parents and he knew what it meant for them to adopt him and make him a Wood. He would never be ashamed of his family. The family who had given him a better life, who had protected him and loved him. He would never do anything to hurt their feelings.

He hugged Oliver and pulled away and turned to leave.

"Before you go, I have an announcement to make" Hermione spoke. "And I think now's the perfect time to do it" everyone looked at her curiously, particularly Oliver.

"Well don't keep us waiting" Fred and George spoke rolling their eyes and she laughed.

"I'm two months pregnant" she said and everyone stared at her.

"What?" everyone asked in shock.

"I'm two months pregnant" she repeated laughing and crying at the same time. Suddenly everyone started cheering and the women screaming and she and Oliver were crowded and hugged tightly.

"You're pregnant" Oliver whispered smiling and he picked her up and spun her in circles as everyone cheered, it was fair to say the crowd around them grew even larger at the spectacle of everyone laughing, crying and cheering happily.

"Hey, seven kids, mum she's caught up to you" Fred said.

"Unless it's twins again, we all know she's good at having those" George spoke.

"In which case, she's over taken you. Infertile my arse" Charlie spoke grinning and everyone laughed.

"The marriage law really is the best thing to happen to us" Hermione commented and she smiled softly at everyone and they smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Thank you mum, dad" Leo spoke and they looked at him confused, but smiling.

"What for?" they asked.

"For giving me another person to love" he spoke and Hermione started crying again.

"Hormones" everyone chorused laughing.

"And it begins" Oliver spoke amused.

"I wouldn't have it any other way" Hermione replied and she kissed him.

Leo hugged his brothers and father, and kissed his sisters and mother's cheeks one last time and then he turned and grabbed a compartment on the train with his friends.

As the train was readying to pull away, Leo was waving at everyone with his head hanging out of the window and they waved and yelled back madly.

"Kissing mummy good bye Wood" a fifth year Slytherin sneered at him and he turned to look at him un-phased.

"Yes" Leo replied instantly. "I love my family and I am not ashamed to admit that. You see all those people out there?" he pointed out the window to the crowd of over fifty people, with different coloured hair and children, with a dog running around and a kitten being cooed over. "They're my family and they all came here to see me off, even though I am the only one old enough to attend Hogwarts. They all came here for me and they didn't have to. They came here because they love me. I have an entire quidditch team and their wives and children, plus my aunts and uncles and their children, my parents, brothers and sisters and my grandparents here for me. Where are your family?" Leo asked and the boy's sneer dropped from his face. "My parents saved my life and I will never disrespect them or my family just to save myself some embarrassment. Why would I do that when I have the best family in the world? They could never embarrass me and I am not afraid to kiss my mum on the cheek or hug my dad in public" he said and then he turned back around and continued waving out the window at his family as the train finally pulled away from the station, its destination Hogwarts.

"What's the matter?" Brandon, one of Leo's friends asked amused. "Gryffindor got your tongue?" he said laughing and the Slytherin skulked out of the room silently.

"So Leo, what was all that about?" his friend Ashton asked.

"Mum's pregnant" Leo grinned.

His friends laughed at him. "Christmas is going to be wicked" Jeremy, his other friend spoke.

"You're still coming right?" Leo asked.

"Of course" they scoffed.

"Wood family Christmas is the best thing ever, especially when your mum is pregnant" Ashton spoke grinning and they laughed at the truth in his statement.

"It'll be at Wood Manor again, the team's coming with their wives and children this year" Leo spoke.

"I can't believe you have your own manor. Makes you want to be a Wood doesn't it?" Brandon asked the other two and they nodded.

"You're honorary Woods, mum said so herself when you stayed with us last summer" Leo grinned.

"Your mum's cooking is the best" Ashton sighed.

"Don't let my gran hear you say that" Leo said laughing. "But it is, isn't it? Aunts Katie and Angelina are rubbish. Dad's is lethal, Tillie's is worse and Uncles Fred and George always set something on fire" they laughed.

"I know, how did they set the library on fire? They were only cutting up carrots in the kitchen" Jeremy spoke and they laughed.

"I don't know, mum was furious, the fact that it was the library made everything ten times worse"

"We know, seeing her hex them was the best thing I have ever seen" Ashton commented.

"You should've been there when they taught Isaac and Kayden how to sneak prank sweets into her secret stash in the TV room" they laughed.

"What about when your Uncle Charlie stole one of her biscuits"

"I thought she was going to kill him" Brandon laughed.

"Or when your Uncle Harry accidentally turned your mum's hair Slytherin green" they laughed.

"My favourite was when your mum turned into her animagus form and chased Thompson around the stadium because he accidentally called her fat" Ashton grinned and they laughed.

"Mine's definitely when she hexed Pallie for calling her a hormonal monster and he fell down the stands" Brandon laughed.

"Mine's when she flew onto the pitch so she could punch dad for getting hit with a bludger" Leo laughed.

"Mine's when she brought us to practice with her and she made the team do an obstacle course" Jeremy spoke. "Some of them passed out and had to crawl up the stands"

"You have the best family ever" Ashton sighed.

"I know" Leo said looking down at his Wood signet ring and smiling whilst he fiddled with it. "I know"