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Now, on to the story…

The sun was just beginning to sink below the horizon when Bucky Barnes, formerly known as the Winter Soldier, started to make his way back to the place he was calling home. He had rented- yes, rented- a room in a run-down hotel in Brooklyn, New York. Bucky had traveled there about a week earlier, in the hopes of jarring loose more of his memories. From what he could gather, he grew up there, as did Steven Grant Rogers- his former mission/friend.

The hotel he was staying at was a fairly secure location. His room had good sight lines and there were few other people in the building, so it was easy to slip in and out undetected. Not to mention, the older lady that worked the front desk paid very little attention to who was checking in or out; he was certain that she wouldn't rat him out should someone come looking for him.

He had been watching the news that afternoon when an urgent alert bulletin appeared. Apparently, some 'alien prince from another world' had been spotted in Brooklyn, about 10 miles from his current location and was wreaking havoc. The Avengers had been called to detain him before he destroyed anything. And that wasn't all; according to the news anchor, the dude could do magic. Not your typical disappearing coin tricks, but real, actual magic.

'Great, just great,' Bucky had mumbled to himself.

Against his better judgment, he had went to scope out the area where the being- Loki, the news lady called him- had been spotted. The Avengers had already arrived on the scene by the time he got there. Steve was flinging his shield at what appeared to be duplicates of the enemy, while the man with long blonde hair threw his hammer viciously. The red-haired lady- Natalia, his brain supplied- was attempting to evacuate civilians from the area, and the man in the flashy gold and red suit was flying overhead. Bucky stuck around long enough to ensure that they had the situation under control, then began to aimlessly wander the streets.

He strolled around the city with no particular destination in mind, grabbing a coffee from Starbucks and stopping to watch an acrobatic trio performing in the park.

He swung by the now empty battlefield on his way back to make sure the threat had been neutralized. Being ambushed by a magical prince would definitely not be a good way to end his day. A quick glance found no hostiles, and he continued on towards his hotel.

Or rather, he tried.

A strange noise from a nearby alley drew his attention. With his advanced hearing, it sounded like someone crying.

Curiosity piqued, he peered down the dingy alley. When no threat appeared, he began to search for the source of the noise. He rounded a dumpster, and stopped in his tracks. There was a small tow-headed boy, no older than three, sitting on the ground and sobbing into his hands. The poor guy was skinnier than a normal child his age, and was wearing what looked to be an adult's dark blue, long-sleeved shirt that completely swamped his figure.

Bucky's first instinct was to run; the Winter Soldier and kids didn't get along very well, after all. However, he couldn't find it in him to leave the little guy all alone.

"Hey Buddy," he called softly, crouching down in front of the kid. "What's the matter?"

The kid startled at his voice, head snapping up and blue eyes widening in fear.

"It's okay, Bud," Bucky reassured him. "I just want to know what's wrong. You're not hurt, are ya?"

It seemed to be the right thing to say, because the boy's expression softened and he looked down at his lap for a long moment.

"I can't find Ma," came the quiet answer. "I... I was drawing in my room, and I fell asleep and…. I woke up over there"- he pointed towards the end of the alley- "and I don't know where I am or how I got here and I tried to find Ma but….. I can't," he managed to get out, in between sobs.

And that does it. Bucky's in too deep. The Winter Soldier may not care about kids, but Bucky Barnes is sure not going to let some poor little kid wander around Brooklyn all by himself. He reaches out and gently places his flesh hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Hey, hey Buddy. It's alright. Can you tell me your Ma's name? Maybe I can help you find her," he offers, giving the kid a bracing smile.

"Sarah Rogers," and oh, if that doesn't bring back memories. 'Wait a minute,' Bucky thinks to himself. 'I wonder…'

"And what's your name, kid?" he asks, hoping that the answer he gets is not the one he's expecting. The kid's mother is named Sarah Rogers, he has blond hair and blue eyes, Bucky can hear him wheezing the slightest bit as he breathes, and now that he's up close, the boy's shirt looks almost like the top of Captain America's stealth suit. The facts all add up to one answer, but it just can't be. It's not possible...

"Steven Grant Rogers." Well shoot, it is.

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