Moons of Past Change By Phoenix_Kiss02

Chapter 1 ~ The Belmoral Twins

"I think we made it Harry" he whispered.

"You think so? Now get off of me you lunk head, you're heavy!" Harry snapped.

They stood up to face Professor Dumbledore. Grinning like Cheshire cats, Ron handed to letter over to the older wizard.

"I know this must be quite startling headmaster, but my twin brother and I are here from the future".

Dumbledore took the letter, opened it and began to read out loud.

Dear Albus

I know you must be wondering whom these two boys standing before you are. They are Harold and Ronald Belmoral from the year 1995. I ask you in 'our' time of need to protect them since the Dark Powers in the future are after them. They are currently fifth year Gryffindor students and are Werewolves, so please introduce them to Mr. Remus Lupin, as that they won't be alone with what they are. There is also the matter of Harold Belmoral being a Parslemouth after the boy's family was attacked and killed by Riddle when they were only a year old. I asked that you watch out for Belmorals for they have found a liking to cause mischief. Also make up a school for them to have formerly been in.

Thank you and just to let you know, you still look good in twenty years!

Albus Dumbledore, October 20th, 1995

"He just had to say that didn't he Harry" Ron whispered.

"If you had the chance to tell yourself that you didn't look like crap in twenty years would you?" Harry replied.

Dumbledore put down the letter and smiled at them. "It is a pleasure to meet you boys. I hope your stay will be enjoyable while you're here. As not to let the other students know that you're both from the future, I will take you to Gryffindor Tower, but first I must introduce you both to Minerva"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Really professor, we didn't do it!" Sirius Black said putting on the puppy dog eyes.

"It was Snape and Malfoy!" James Potter added.

"And ... and they ... put snakes in my book bag" Peter Pettigrew sniffled.

"Yes but it was the four of you that set fire to all the Slytherins during Transfiguration! I will not tolerate this any more!" Professor McGonagall shouted angrily.

The only thing that stopped McGonagall's rage was hysterical laughing. She spun around to find two red headed boys killing themselves laughing, with a grin professor Dumbledore standing behind them.

"Minerva I would like you to meet your newest Gryffindors, Harry and Ron Belmoral. They have transferred from the Dogwood Academy of Magic in Canada to spend the year here with us at Hogwarts. As for the penalties of Mr. Black and Mr. Potter, twenty points from Gryffindor should do"

Professor McGonagall turned to the boys. "Well... the four of you can take your new house mates up to Gryffindor Tower or take them to the library. Other then that you may leave, but the next time you slip up in my class and Professor Dumbledore's grace is not here to save you, I will not hesitate to give you the punishment I think you deserve" McGonagall said curtly as the six boys left her office.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So you used to live in Canada?" James asked as the boys climbed to moving staircases.

"Actually we still do. Aunt Ebony and Uncle Sirle just had business in England, so we signed up to transfer here to Hogwarts" Ron replied.

"Then why... do you have British accents?" Peter questioned timidly.

As much as Harry hated it, he answered Peter. "Well be used to live in England until we were ten, but Aunt Ivory didn't want us anymore so they sent us to her sister Ebony. Uncle Larson didn't like us either".

"But what about your parents?" Remus insisted.

"Voldemort murdered them when we were one. We went to Aunt Ivory in the first place because she was the only one of two sisters our mother had that also lived in England"

"Let's get off this subject, ok?" Sirius suddenly spoke up. "Do you play Quittich? And do you pull pranks?"

"Yes and yes!" Ron shouted cheerfully. "I've always played position of Keeper and Harry has always played Seeker. As for pranks, every teacher has had both their eyes on us since our first year.... well I cant forget to add Hermione. She was our bookworm and didn't like pulling pranks, but ended up in our mess any way. She was also my girlfriend"

Sirius didn't let this one-drop. "Do you have a girl friend Harry? If you don't I help you get one"

"No thank you Sirius. I don't take dating tips from anyone, plus you should have a girlfriend yourself before you offer how to snare one"

Everyone laughed while Sirius turned red with embarrassment. "And how do you know I don't already have one?"

"Because if you did, you'd know how to dress yourself properly"

"HA! He got you that time Padfoot!" James cried out through gales of laughter.

Remus looked over at Harry and whispered; "It looks like you saved your butt for Padfoot's worst disaster"

"Shut it Moony!" Sirius snarled.

James regained his composer. "Well the Gryffindor team is in need of a new Keeper and Seeker" he would have continued if Peter wouldn't have cried "OH NO! I'm late for my detention with Professor Sinclair!" He turned tail and ran down the corridors as fast as he could. Once he was out of sight, Ron started a new conversation.

"So what kind of pranks do you guys like to pull?"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hay who are your new friends?" sneered a dull voice from behind them.

"Yes we would like too know why we have intruders," an oily one added.

The five boys turned around, Harry and Ron found themselves staring at noun other then the fifteen-year-old versions of Lusius Malfoy and Severus Snape.

"Look what we have here Ron, human sacrifices!" Harry said, an evil smile spreading across his face.

"What are you two twerps taking about?" Malfoy snapped.

"About you public demise" Ron replied.

"What do you mean public demise? There is nobody here but us!" Snape scoffed.

"There is now"

The boys felt like they were being pulled. Through the school they shot like a flash. Harry had used one of his travel powers. It stopped in the Great Hall where dinner was just starting. The two Slytherins stood in shock to find themselves, now standing in front of a live audience. James, Remus and Sirius had smiles on their faces like Cheshire cats. Harry and Ron looked at each other and nodded. They held out their wands and pointed them at their two new enemies "Chamoris Fuchsia". They turned PINK! They turned a shocking fluorescent pink that could kick your teeth in. Their hair was dark pink, their faces/skin was light pink and their robes now looked like party dresses.

Then the laughing started. First with the Gryffindors, then the Hufflepuffs. The Ravenclaws soon after and even a few of the Slytherins joined in. The teachers sat in awed silence for these two new boys had preformed a very complex and advanced coloring charm.

"Don't worry it'll wear of in a month"