Chapter 11 ~ Back to the Future

~ June 26th, 1996 - two hours earlier ~

A short girl with fluffy brown hair was running up the corridors. She had to find her two older twin brothers. Yes even though she detested them, it was their sixteenth birthday today. For Selena Lupin finding her brothers had never been hard. All you had to do was follow the disasters about the school or house. But this time there was nothing to be found and it over an hour. This was highly unusually for that pair. By the time she reached the Charms corridor, she ran into her best friend/cousin Belladonna Black.

"Hay what's up Selena" Belladonna asked.

Now for someone one that didn't know Bella might think she was she was a professional wrestler, even though she was only eleven. She was tall (about 5`6), with long curly black hair. Most said she looked like her father Sirius, although with her mother Arabella's personality. As for her brother Orion it was the other way around.

"Looking for Tweedledee and Tweddledumb" Selena replied briskly.

"And why would you want to do that for?"

"It's their birthday remember" she said laughing at her cousin's scowl. "Have you seen them at all today?"


"Very strange."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

At the other end of the school Orion Black, Robert Weasley and Julian Potter were planing a surprise party for Harry and Ron for that night. They found it highly unusual that their two friends hadn't come and found out what they were doing by now.

"It's almost as if we want them to find out," Orion said pausing with his work.

"Maybe. my dad told me that we were only allowed to become animagi when we turned sixteen because our mothers wouldn't let us do it any sooner" Julian pouted at the fact the he was only turning twelve this year and had to wait another four.

"You mean your parents will let you become animagi early and illegally?" Rob asked with surprise.

"Yes" Orion stated.

Julian looked thoroughly disappointed.

"Anybody else?"

"Just us Marauders"

"Do you think that I could become one too?" Julian suddenly asked.

"What?" the other two boys asked in unison.

"Well I am a Marauder too and what would be the best prank is to become one earlier"

They were all silent. Trying to figure out what to do. Then it came.

"We have to find them"

"Lets go find Selena and bribe her into tracking them down for us".

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Harry and Ron were no where to be found. Well just returning from the past up near the North Tower. As tough as it may seem, it was fairly simple to sneak from there after Dungbooming Professor Trelawney's classroom, to their large dorm that they shared with their parents and sister. Deciding to have some fun leaving their friends and family in suspense, the two camped out in their room.

They thought it would be a good idea to try out animagus. They could slightly remember their counterparts becoming animals, so why couldn't they. There was no doubt that their dream was true in some sense because they could change into those two animagi forms.

They knew it would be great to impress their friends when they all became animagi later that night. Later that night things were going to be awesome.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"WHY CAN'T WE FIND THEM!" Selena yelled angrily. Her shrill voice echoing throughout the library.

"I thought you were good at finding them"

The five kids turned and looked up to see Hermione Granger trying to retrieve a book from the highest shelf in the library.

"Go look in their bedroom and you might find them. It is their main base of operation. If you'd only listen some of the times I try to help, you bunch wouldn't get into so much trouble. "

Typical for her to remember that, like she always knows something they don't. The 'search party' disbanded, the girls went their own way and the boys decided to go strait there without stop. To their distaste towards Hermione, they didn't find Harry or Ron in their room. But they did find a letter written to them soon after.

Dear Mates
Sorry for the hold up on the birthday surprise you all had planed for us. Not to let you down or anything, meet you us at the Prefect's bathroom at 11:00 and I think that you will be in for a surprise of your own.
And this is for Julian. We will let you join us, so you don't have to strain your brain for a plan to sneak along (you won't have to). That's what it means to be a Marauder! We have to go and cause more mischief, and if you can smell Trelawney from a mile away, you'll know we were responsible.
Till then, Rarry & Hon or Harry and Ron
That was good enough for them, so they waited.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Remember now if the teachers or the parents catch us, they skin our hides for this" Julian warned.

"All right now squirt, let's get the party started!" Orion cheered and it echoed of the bathroom walls.

"Well we all here are going to become animagus, and yes even you Julian" Harry started.

"I have done the potion ahead in advance for this night so don't diss the taste. Oh and to let you in a little secret Harry and I have had their animagi forms for four years already" Ron added.

"I'll go first!" that was Orion. Orion always wanted to go first.

The transformation looked like one of the most horrible mutations of all time. They could all hear his bones separating and reconnecting into their new form. His arms and legs stretched out into long pawed leg and then he hunched, fell to all fours and finished the transformation. Like his father before him, Orion had become a Grim. The only difference was that he had three white spots on his forehead that formed a belt. It was highly amusing to see that Orion lived up to his own name by having the symbols of Orion's Belt as spots on his animagi form.

Rob went next. He enlarged to about shoulder height and then started to transform. It was strange as may seem; he transformed into a Sphinx. With the body of a lion and the. and he also had a female face. Long red hair and a light brown/orange body. That got him more then enough laughs from his friends. Although of that he was proud of what he had become.

Then went Julian. He too like Orion took on the 'family tradition' and transformed into a member to the horse family. He became a Raindeer. Well only the baby of a Raindeer that is. He had the Clydesdale feet and was brown and back with small nubs of incoming horns. His best-known markings were little flecks on is rear flanks. They were even a light shade of blue.

"Well done!" Harry clapped for his cousin and friends. Ron nodded in agreement.

So for their friends they started to change. Harry into his abnormally large Phoenix form with a small flame on its chest and Ron into the form of his Golden Tiger, but was strangely regarded for his flaring aqua eyes. Then back again. (~ Harry and Ron both have aqua colored eyes ~)

It was amazing the all five of them had the forms of magical creatures. A strange collection they were as a Grim, a Sphinx, a Phoenix, a Golden Tiger and a Raindeer. Now all they need was real nicknames to become official Marauders (~ Harry and Ron can't use Coals and Claws any more because they can't let their parents and their friends know the truth and it would just be an amazing coincidence, like the reincarnation of their childhood friends ~).

"I will be Stalker" Orion said proudly.

"I'll be the Riddler" Rob didn't know why his friends started laughing because he of course had never watched Batman before.

"Then what does that make me, Pony Boy?" Julian snickered. "I think the best name for myself would be Prancer"

"No that would make would Rudolf" Rob snapped and caught Julian in a headlock and started to twisted on his nose.


Harry nodded to Ron and Ron nodded back. They said their new names together.

"Well as the new leaders of the Marauders, Next Generation, we shall be Burning and Bright Eyed"

"What makes you think you're the leaders" Orion frowned.

"Seniority rules. We were born in June, Rob was born in September, Orion was born in October and Julian was born in January, but five years later. Plus we always have been so there"

"Party poopers" Rob muttered under his breath.

They all looked at the Marauders Map when it started to add their new names to the title and speak to them.

"Welcome Burning, Bright Eyed, Stalker, Riddler and Prancer" ~ Prongs.

"We have new members? Which is my son?" ~ Padfoot.

"I am, that would be me Stalker" Orion replied.

"Cool!" ~ Padfoot.

"Really do you only think of yourself Padfoot?" ~ Moony.

"Either that or his stomach" ~ Coals (Harry past).

The five boys laughed. This was almost too much.

"You should have seen him always casing rabbits or his tail" ~ Claws (Ron past).

"So what did you do to Wormtail?" Julian asked.

"We erased the traitor" ~ Prongs.

"Well we have some Marauding to do don't we?" Rob intervened.

"Adios Amigos!" ~ Prongs, Padfoot, Moony, Coals and Claws.

"So who do we wreak havoc on tonight?"

* * * * * * * * * * *

It was early morning of the following day, when Selena Lupin awoke to found that she had been sleeping on the bare hard floor. She was instantly awake when she found that everything in her bedroom charmed to the ceiling. Only to make this worse she found that she was completely green. Charmed to stay that way for a month. But even worse yet, it was the last day of school! With all her might, she screamed the loudest that she ever had in her whole life.


Windows cracked; tables shook and everyone in the castle was instantly awake. Hidden safety in a secret room that wasn't even recorded on the Marauders Map, five boys rolled with a joyful laughter that rivaled the scream more then a thousand times over.
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It was strange, as it may seem, Julian turned into a pony. Although not just any pony, but with wings. He had turned into the pony of a winged horse (must run in the family to be in the horse family, since his father was a stag and his mother was raindeer).