"So where do we start?" Michael started as they gathered around a table near the back wall of the control room.

There were surveillance pictures of Tinashe and maps scattered around the table, as well as information and satellite imagery projected onto the wall.

"I have someone I can call." Olivia said getting her phone out of her pocket.

"Yes, that would be excellent." Locke replied.

Nodding and stepping away from the table, Olivia made her way out of the door she first entered into the building. With less background noise, she dialed a number.

"Ahh damn." Olivia said to herself as she got the voicemail.

"Come on Katrina, this isn't like you," she said out loud to herself as she got the voicemail again. She felt concerned as she heard Kat's voicemail greeting again. She never let it ring more than twice before answering. "Kat, I need your help ASAP. I'm
/not in any danger, but please call me back as soon as you get this. It's important. I hope you're alright." She decided leaving a message would have to do for now.

Katrina Parker was not just a colleague of Olivia's. She was her best friend. They had been friends since going through recruit training together in 2005 on Parris Island. After they got out of the Marine Corps, Katrina got an opportunity to go to SouthAfrica
to work with an anti-poaching unit and she talked Olivia into coming with her.

"Come on O! What else are we gonna do, sit on our asses at a desk all day? Not uh, no thanks. Sorry, but I'm not going from 100 to 0." Kat persuaded.

"I dunno Kat, are you sure about this?" Olivia questioned. Olivia was more reserved than her best friend, but Kat was passionate about everything she did. When she found a cause, she'd give it her all. That made her a damn fine Marine and someone youwere
glad was on your side.

"O. Have I ever steered you wrong?" Kat asked with a smile.

"Oh I don't know, I seem to vaguely remember a drunken night of bar hopping in Japan that left us in jail for a night. Or what about the time you-" Olivia reminisced before being cut off.

"Okay okay, fine! But this is a good idea. This is perfect and we have the skills. If you don't like it, you can come back home. But please give it a chance. We'd be doing some good." Kat said, more serious.

"Okay let's do it. I'm in." Olivia finally gave in.

"YES! This is going to be amazing!" Kat exclaimed.

Leaning against the wall near the door, Olivia let out a sigh. She felt nervous wondering why Kat wasn't answering. Looking at her phone again to make sure she didn't miss a call or a text, her thoughts were interrupted.

"Everything okay, Lance Corporal?" Damien said with that wicked smile and an emphasis on the Lance Corporal.

"I'll have you know, Sergeant, I left the corps as a Staff Sergeant. So technically, I could be your superior." Olivia quipped back.

"My apologies, Staff Sergeant." Damien laughed.

"And no, by the way. I'm not if sure everything is alright." Olivia mentioned.

"What's up?" Damien asked with a serious tone, the smile leaving his gorgeous face.

"I can't get a hold of the person I need and it's kind of worrying me." She answered concerned.

"Maybe they're busy?" He asked.

"Maybe. But it's not like her to not answer," Olivia sighed again. "I don't know."

"I'm sure she's alright." Damien said, moving closer and touching her arm. He was even better looking than all those years ago, but he seemed like he matured a little bit.

"How did you end up with these guys? British intelligence?" Olivia wondered, trying not to think about his hand on her arm.

"It's a long story." He answered avoiding eye contact. Olivia decided now wasn't the time to open that can of worms, noticing a look of pain come across his face.

"Let's just go back inside and think about the mission." Olivia motioned towards the door.

"Wait," Damien said, grabbing her arm again before she could start walking away.

"What?" She asked, looking down at his hand around her arm. It was nothing major, but his touch set something off inside of her and she could feel her cheeks getting hot.

"Remember when we first met?" He asked, getting closer.

"Yeah..." She answered softly. Damien was even closer now. She could smell the body wash on him, he was so close.

"Yeah. I enjoyed seeing you squirm and get all hot and bothered. Just like right now," He smirked while holding eye contact. Very intense eye contact. "Red is a good color on you."

"You're still an asshole, I see." Olivia said, yanking her arm away as she tried pushing him back with her other. Maybe he wasn't more mature. But damn, his chest was rock hard.

"Yeah maybe." He laughed, barely budging from her pushing him.

"Let's just get inside." She sighed before entering the building again.

"No luck. I'll keep trying to call, but this is very uncharacteristic of Katrina." Olivia said joining Michael, Julia and Locke back inside at the same table with Damien close behind her.

"Who's Katrina? Can we trust her?" Julia inquires.

"Do you think something could be wrong?" Michael asked raising an eyebrow.

"Katrina and I work together and she's my best friend. I've known her since boot camp. She's very trustworthy. I'm trying to get a hold of her because she does most of the dealing with our informant," Olivia responded. "And I'm not sure if something is
/wrong. I called her twice and she didn't answer. She always answers right away."

Just as Olivia was expressing her concern, her phone buzzed. Looking down, she saw a message from a number she didn't recognize.

"That's weird..." Olivia thought out loud.

"What is it?" Damien asked, looking over her shoulder at the phone.

"I don't recognize this number but I know those coordinates," she said. She knew the coordinates because she and Katrina memorized them. It was a safe house for if they got into trouble. "She must be in trouble. That's our safe house. I need to go now."

"Send me the location. We can get a track on you and keep an eye out." Julia said as she got onto a laptop.

"Sending." Olivia said, noticing the screen on the wall was now live satellite image of the safe house. "I need to get moving now. I'll contact you guys when I can."

"I'll come with you." Damien stated.

"Yes, excellent idea. Michael, you too," Locke nodded to both of the men. "If things get hairy it'll be nice to have a little backup."

"Let's move." Michael said as he and Damien made their way over to another area of the control room.

"You didn't think we'd just go with just your little side piece, did ya?" Damien joked, motioning to her hip. "Here," he said handing her a plate carrier, some loaded mags and an M16. "Just in case." He winked.

"Thanks." She said taking everything he was handing her. She put the plate carrier on, adjusted it, placed the mags in their pouches and slung the M16 over her shoulder. She hoped all the gear wouldn't be needed, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Okay let's go get your friend." Michael said leading the way out the door to a vehicle.

The drive to the safe house was quick. Luckily they were only about 30 minutes away.

"How safe is this safe house?" Damien asked as he drove.

"It's safe, but we still need to be cautious." Olivia answered, pointing to the left as she spotted the house. It was small, gated and somewhat secluded with high concrete walls. "There. Let me get out and open the gate."

"Mikey?" Damien motioned for Michael to go with her as he came to a stop in front of the gate.

"On it. Let's go." Michael said as he got out, followed by Olivia.

Coming up to the gate, she noticed the lock wasn't latched.

"Shit." Olivia cursed.

"What is it?" Michael asked with his back to her, scanning the area around them.

"The lock. It's not latched. We should just go in without making too much noise." She answered.

"Damien, plan B." Michael motioned for Damien to join them.

"What's the problem?" Damien asked as he got to the gate.

"The lock isn't latched, something isn't right. We'll have to hop the wall." Olivia said pointing to the wall attached to the gate. The wall was 8 feet tall, but hopping over it would be a lot quieter than opening the squeaky gate.

Making it over the wall, the three made their way to the front door.

"We need to clear each room. On three." Michael whispered as they stood with their backs to the wall close to the door.

Olivia and Damien nodded, shouldering their rifles.

"One. Two. Three," Michael whispered as he opened the unlocked door quietly on three. "Olivia, on my six. Damien, check the room straight ahead."

Damien nodded and made his way to through the living room and to the room at the end of the hall. Michael closed the front door, locked it and positioned himself with his back to the wall next to the closet door near the entryway, motioning for Olivia
/to open it.

"Clear." Olivia announced quietly after checking behind the coats of the small space.

Nodding, Michael made his way to the kitchen, checking all of the cabinets.

"Room's clear." Damien said joining them in the kitchen.

"2nd floor." Olivia whispered, pointing her rifle up the stairs.

"Let's move." Michael said, nodding his head for Olivia to continue up.

Rounding the corner, there was a hallway with two closed doors.

"We'll clear these together. Olivia, door." Damien ordered. Olivia opened the door and Michael entered to begin clearing. Damien entered second, followed by Olivia. She entered with her back to Damien and Michael, making sure their backs were covered
/in case there were any threats.

"Clear. Let's move to the last room." Michael whispered.

"She's gotta be in that room. I know she's here. She has to be." Olivia said, feeling nervous as they approached the last closed door in the house.

"Damien, door." Michael said, scanning out the window opposite the door. Olivia entered the room first, followed by Damien and then Michael.

Olivia stopped, held up a fist motioning for them to stop. She pointed towards a chair in the middle of the room. There was a person slumped over, but their back was to the door.

Michael nodded for Olivia to continue, she cautiously approached the person.

"Kat, oh my God." Olivia said dropping to her knees to check her friend. Damien and Michael came around to see a badly beaten Katrina tied up to the chair. Olivia took her knife from her boot and started cutting at the ropes on Kat's feet, and Michael
/began to cut the ropes binding her hands.

"I'll get some water." Damien said as he ran down to the kitchen.

"Kat! Come on Kat, we're here now." Olivia said taking Kat's face to try getting her to come to.

Kat's face was bruised and bloodied. She had a gash on her cheek and her left eye was almost swollen shut. She started to stir as Olivia was trying to wake her up.

"Oh thank God!" Olivia cried as Kat's eyes opened up.

"Olivia?" Kat asked reaching her hand up to her head and wincing in pain. Damien came back into the room and kneeled down next to her.

"Here, drink some water." Damien said handing her a glass. He held onto the glass as she drank, noticing she was weak.

"Thank you." Kat said after taking a few sips of water.

"What happened?" Olivia asked looking worried.

"I got in a bad situation and I tried getting away but I guess they followed me. I shouldn't have come here, I was stupid." Kat said as she winced in pain.

"No, you weren't stupid. You're alive. That's all that matters. I can't find another best friend as easy as I can find another safe house," Olivia comforted Kat.

"We should get back to the crib." Damien interrupted.

"Let's go, I'll get Katrina. She doesn't look like she's in any condition to walk." Michael said as he bent down to scoop up Kat in his arms to carry her to the car.

"You can call me Kat," She said trying her best to flash a smile at him. "I'm winking by the way."

"Well it looks like you've got a sense of humor. That's a good sign." Michael laughed and smiled down at her while following Olivia and Damien down the stairs and out to the car.

Carefully placing Kat in the back seat, Michael ran around the other side of the car and hopped into the seat next to her.

"Try not to hit all the bumps." Michael directed at Damien, who was behind the wheel, knowing he drove like a madman when he was pumped up from a mission.

"Don't worry, buddy." Damien laughed and threw a wink over at Olivia who was in the front passenger seat, prompting her to roll her eyes.

The four made their way back to the crib to figure out what to do next and find out who did this to Katrina.