Title: To Hell with Canon

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece

Rating: M, for future cursing and swearing

Warnings: Rating is M

A/N: ok, I'm close to tears right now so I had to get this one out of my system. I don't know why I keep watching the Marineford arc as Ace's death is a real personal trigger for me. Stupid humans.

The one piece is rumoured to be many things. Heaps and heaps of gold being the common favourite. But while I shall not prove or disprove that claim there is something that it definitely is. A mystery. And the only person to ever uncover it to this day is Gol D Roger.

Unfortunately for this story to be told one of these mysteries has to be uncovered, or to better describe it, the result of one mystery. One who is currently heading to Marineford to do what he had always done best. Cause mayhem.

He was already running late. Very late. He had followed the proceedings on Snailcast and the Marines had just cut the transmission. This was bad as it probably meant the execution was to be moved up.

Cursing under his breath he willed his trusted ship to go faster although he knew his crew - those he could gather at this short notice at least - were doing their very best already.

Meanwhile things were heating up in the warzone called Marineford.

A/N: This is supposed to turn into a short story, so not much to adopt, But if you are interested go on. PM me if you want to know what my plan is.