:hello, here is a brand new fanfic. In answer to catnamedzane's question, 'bunking off' means dodging work. That's the only way I can explain it really. In Love Is All Around, Joey was implying that Jenny was bunking off school…or being absent on purpose or skiving. Maybe I should've put skiving but I didn't know whether Americans said that so…lol how did the English language get so complicated??

by the way, after finding out someone in the family died today (it had been coming for days. It was just the waiting), I've realised that life is too short. Enjoy yourselves; enjoy your life in the best way possible!

Anyway…here is the set-up for this fanfic. All the friends are in their mid-twenties. Like in the show, Monica, Chandler, Ross and Rachel have known each other since college but when they all graduated they parted ways. Like in the show, Ross is Monica's brother in this fanfic but they haven't seen each for several years. Since then…Monica lives in New York. Ross is on a palaeontology trip in China and has worked there since college. Chandler went to live in L.A. after college. Rachel lives in Florida with her husband Barry. Don't worry, Joey and Phoebe will feature very soon but I'm not saying where they are yet! Enjoy and PLEASE review!:

TOW The Reunion


Monica went down the hallway to her apartment, opened the door and walked in. She sighed at the stack of envelopes on the floor, not understanding how one person could get so much mail in a single day.

"Bills…bills…" Monica muttered, shuffling through the pile. She stopped when she got to the bottom of the stack. The last envelope was plain, had neat writing and a strange postmark. She squinted at it and widened her eyes at the location.

She ripped the envelope open and started to read the contents. "Oh my god…" Monica muttered, reading to the very last sentence. "No…no." she moaned. "I can't believe it…"


"Ross, there's a letter for you!"

Ross looked up and saw his girlfriend, Julie, flapping an envelope in his face. He hadn't acknowledged her presence until that moment. He had been staring out of the window of his house, memories of the past going through his mind. It was a past of old friends… a different life. Taking in his current surroundings now, he wondered how his old life had ever existed.

"Ross!" Julie shook her head at him. "Earth to Ross! A letter."

Ross took the envelope from Julie's hand, opened it and began to read the letter enclosed. Realising whom the letter was from his eyes widened and then he opened his mouth in shock at what the letter said.

"Oh no…" he murmured, "He can't be. He can't be dead."

"Who?" Julie asked, looking at Ross with worry.

"He…he was my friend." Ross swallowed hard, and began to ramble on tears stinging his eyes. "One of my best friends. I haven't seen him since college…I was just thinking about him…"


Rachel sat back on her couch in shock. She couldn't believe what she had just read. Tears ran down her face as the memories rushed back to her. She couldn't believe her best friend was dead. It just couldn't be true.

"Barry?" she called out to the kitchen. "I need to go to New York. Now."

"Now?" Barry asked, walking into the room. "You can't go now!"

"Barry, one of my friends from college has just died. I need to be with the people who knew him. My old friends."

"You mean those friends?"

"Yes." Rachel nodded, "My best friends. Please don't stop me from going Barry, my mind is made up."

"Ok, fine. Do whatever you want." Barry sighed, walking out of the room.


Monica walked out of the church, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. She hated funerals, but she knew she had to attend this one. She still couldn't believe it. He was only 26. One car crash…bam! He was gone. Just like that. A friend she would never forget until the day she died.

She had recognised a few faces from college, but no one she could remember the names of. She felt like a stranger. These people all led separate lives now; they didn't live on campuses anymore or in little studio apartments where you had to keep watch on your savings to afford just one little chocolate bar.

She continued to walk on out of the churchyard, losing all hope of seeing any of her friends. She stopped for a moment taking in the peacefulness of the area. She jumped in fright when she felt a hand touch her shoulder. She turned around and, seeing whom it was standing before her, she broke into a smile.

"Chandler!" she whispered, looking at the man she knew so well and throwing her arms around his shoulders.

"Hey Mon…" Chandler whispered, holding her tight. "It's been a while."


:aww now come on, you didn't think the person who died would be my Chandler did you? lol…sorry for maybe making you wonder there for a while. Sorry it's a very short part, but things do start to get interesting soon!: