Toby let out a sigh when he heard the metal door of the garage open and close. "What are you doing? I though you were…" he trailed off when he looked up and saw who had walked in. "Paige. Oh no."

Paige tilted her head. "What's wrong?"

"I thought you were in Tahoe." He stood slowly, his head spinning as soon as he left his chair. He held into the table as he sat back down. "Okay, nope. Sitting. I'm sitting."

"I couldn't." She looked up the stairs. "Walter. Walter?"

"He's not there," he told her as she started to go up to the loft. "He went after you."

She paused half way up the stairs. "But I came back."

"Yes, I see that. Why?"

"Because…" Paige started but shook her head. "Wait, why did he go after me?"

"I am not the right person to tell you that."

"So what…" She groaned and took out her phone, dialing his number. "Walter, you moron."

"Exactly," Toby said as she held the phone to her ear.

"What?" she asked Toby as Walter picked up the phone.

"Paige?" Walter's voice said into her ear.

"Walter. Where are you?"

"Uh…" Walter looked out his window as he drove. "Lone Pine."

"Lone Pine? You drove three and a half hours? Oh, Walter..."

"What?" he asked. "What are you…"

"Walter, turn around. Please."

He didn't answer, the line quickly disconnecting.

"Walter? Walter!" Paige's phone nearly fell out of her hand, she looked at Toby. "Something happened. The line went dead."

Toby rolled his eyes. "You're both idiots." He picked up his phone and dialed Walter, putting the phone on speaker and laid it on the table. "Hey, buddy."

Walter sighed on the other line. "I'm too late. Paige told me to turn around. She… she must have known, somehow. She doesn't want me. Maybe this is for the best, for Scorpion. I was stupid to think she would love me back. She has Tim."

"What?" Paige asked, Toby held his finger to his lips to shush her.

"Who's there?" Walter asked.

"No one," Toby said, giving Paige a look. "TV."

"Oh. Sounded like…" Walter sighed again. "Well, anyway, I'm on my way home. I'll see you in a few hours."

The line disconnected again, Paige went to Toby and hit his shoulder. "Why didn't you let me talk to him?"

"And say what? Tell him that you love him over the phone?" Paige's eyes widened. "Oh please, everyone knows you've been in love with him so long we all lost track and he's been crazy about you even longer than that." He paused. "I probably shouldn't have told you that part but that's what happens when you leave me alone with booze."