Toby sat up with a groan when Walter walked into the garage, letting the door slam shut behind him. "We have to get a quieter door," he muttered, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.

"I blew it," Walter said, sitting down at his desk. "You were right. You were right, I pushed her into another man's arms and now I've lost her."

"No, you didn't," Paige said as she came out from the kitchen.

Walter stared at her like she wasn't real then looked at Toby.

"What? I didn't make a Paige hologram."

"I couldn't go to Tahoe with everything going on," she explained, walking over to Walter.

He nodded slowly. "Make sure to tell Tim that I'm sorry for ruining his weekend," he said, walking past Paige to the kitchen.

"What… Walter, do not walk away from me!" she said, turning on her heel to follow him.

"I have everything handled here. You can go back."

"First of all, you have nothing handled. You left Toby by himself with a bottle of tequila, but we'll get to that later. Walter, you were on your way to Tahoe."

"I had a momentary lapse of judgment."

"You drove for three and a half hours. For me?"

He forced a quick laugh. "No. Not for you for…"

"Toby told me everything."

"Every… everything?" He turned to look at Toby, she placed her hand against his cheek to make him look at her

"Walter, I didn't not go with Tim because of Toby and Happy. Well, not all because of them. I couldn't go, I couldn't spend the weekend with him. It's not fair to him and I'm just lying to myself."

He frowned. "So… so what are you…"

Toby sighed and stood up to walk over to them. "Okay, I'm going to make this really simple for you two. You love him, he loves you." He lifted Paige's arms to put them around Walter's shoulders.

Paige rolled her eyes. "Really?"

"Yes, really. Now kiss. No, wait. Not yet." Toby went to the refrigerator and pulled a bottle of champagne out.


"Toby, no!"

Paige and Walter quickly broke apart, Paige pulling the bottle out of Toby's hands while Walter led him away from the kitchen.

She put the bottle back into the refrigerator and walked over to the couch, where Walter was helping Toby lay down. "You'll feel better after you sleep."

"Actually, I'll feel much worse," Toby told her. "You two don't do anything adorable until I wake up."

Paige chuckled, shaking her head as Toby fell asleep. "You know, I could sleep too."

Walter nodded. "I'll take you home."

She shook her head again, taking his hand to lead him up the stairs to the loft.