Hey guys

I don't usually do this but I would hate for people to miss out on the news.

Due to an overwhelming demand for a sequel, I have just uploaded a one shot (called I'm On My Way) and have another story idea in the running. I hope that it is what you are all hoping for.

I hope the other story will be up on Sunday. So I will leave you now so I can get on and write it. Keep your eyes peeled for that. It will be called I'm Emrys, Not Merlin.

I will put the story summaries below.

Hope you are all okay.

I'm On My Way – (One Shot)

Merlin has escaped the Sarrum and is just starting his recovery. With Morgana and Aithusa by his side, can he find a place where they can be free or is it just another wonderful dream? Sequel to Prisoner

I'm Emrys, Not Merlin – (Planned 5 Chapters)

Life in Ireadal has been good to them but when a familiar face comes calling, Merlin has to deal with his daemons again. The worst one being his name. Why can't they just call him Emrys? Sequel to Prisoner and I'm On My Way