Characters: Jessie Layfield  18 years old. Runs away from an abusive drug dealer who's been using her since she was 14.

Mark Callaway Wrestler who is on an extended road trip across the united states.

Davie Warton a drug dealer in West Virginia who has used abused many young people to make money.

Summary: Jessie escapes from an oppressive and abusive drug dealer and ends up a stowaway in Mark Callaway's truck.  This story contains violence and descriptions of violence also has language and sexual situations.

Jessie looked over at Davie. Thank God he was asleep or passed out more like it. She pulled her self up off the floor biting her lip in pain. Damn he had about killed her this time. She felt her head and knew it had blood in it she could feel it sticky and wet in her hair. He had knocked her into the wall it must have busted her head open. He didn't really have to have a reason to beat her, but he had one tonight. She was what you called a pick and drop off person. She delivered his drugs and picked up the money. He liked using her because she looked so young and fresh faced she was unlikely to be suspicious. She was 5"2 and 97 pounds. She had long brown curly hair and large brown eyes which held a haunted look in them. She knew she had to get away from him. Eventually he was going to kill her. This was the worse beating he had ever gave her. The buyer had hit her and took off stiffing her for the money. When she got back with no money Davie had lost it and beat her bad. She had been unconscious for a while she knew. When she woke up Davie was passed out. Probably from drugs and drinking. She found hid wallet and took 50 dollars from it and then turned and fled. If he ever caught her she knew she would be dead.

                                                                   Mark sat in the little redneck bar having a beer. He was in Bluefield West Virginia. He thought about the last few weeks they had been peaceful. He had decided to take his truck and just start driving from place to place stopping in little town here and there along the way. He had been unsatisfied with his life. After two divorces he was very confused with his life. Lonely and depressed he took an indefinite leave from his wrestling career deciding he needed time to clear his head. He unfolded his huge frame from the bar, pulled on his leather jacket. It was time to move on he thought. Everyone in the bar watched him get up He attracted attention no matter where he went. At close to 7 foot tall and 350 pounds he was an impressive figure. What really attracted the ladies was the features that went along with his big frame. Deep green eyes and long lashes, auburn short hair huge arms and biceps and all those tattoo. Women loved him but they only wanted him for his looks, money and fame. He had yet to find a woman that wanted him Mark Callaway and not the Undertaker and everything that went with it. He figured he would be alone for the rest of his life.

                                                                Jessie slowed down she had been running for a while. She came to The Watering  Hole, the local bar. She had to find away to get out of town before Davie found her. She went into the parking lot. There was a big black truck parked there with Texas license plates. Well there probably headed out of town she thought. She climbed in the back and lay down. God it was cold. She had on nothing but a tank top and some jeans and she was freezing. She looked around in the back of the truck and found a black hooded sweatshirt with a devil on it. She shrugged and pulled it on and lay back down. She thought once again about Davie. He was going to be so pissed. He owned her. He considered Jessie his property. Her mother had been a druggie and in desperate need of a fix had sold Jessie to Davie for 500 dollars. Not that things had been great with her mom but when Davie bought her it had became a living hell. Stop Jessie you don't think about that stuff. She blocked it from her head. The images were too much right now. She felt the truck door open. She forced her self to lay still and not make a sound. The truck started and pulled onto the highway and away from Davie. Jessie sighed in relief. She put her hand under the sweat shirt to keep warm and drifted into an uneasy sleep.