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"Mama?" Cat says, eyes wide as she stares at her mother. Knowing it's an illusion, she still can't help but tear up at the image, an exact image of the mother she remembers that was taken from her.

"Hello, dear daughter." Jade, as Zelena, says with Zelena's voice. "How've you been?" She asks with Jade's smirk and sarcastic tone in Zelena's voice.

"I'm surprised she fell for that." David whispers to Mary Margaret from the sidelines, Tori standing beside Mary Margaret.

"A daughter's love for her mother never dies, not matter what." Mary Margaret answers, remembering her mother and how Regina's mother killed her own mother to set Regina on the line of becoming queen.

"No!" Cat yells, shaking her head and looking away from Jade/Zelena. "Remove the disguise and die as yourself." She says with a growl, guessing at Jade's attempt, thinking Jade used the illusion so Cat wouldn't kill her for fear of killing her mother.

"But where's the fun in that?" Jade asks, amused by Cat's reaction, Zelena's voice showing her amusement. "Don't you love your mother?" She asks, walking towards Cat.

"I said remove the illusion!" Cat asks, casting a spell to force Jade back and holding her against the wall. "Remove the illusion so I can kill you." She growls out, unaware of Emma waking up and looking over, the spell Cat had on her gone after Jade knocked her out.

"You know, it's funny." Jade as Zelena says, her smirk on her face as she ignores the pressure on her chest from Cat's spell. "You think I'm the distraction." She says as Emma pulls a necklace from her red jacket's pocket and quickly, though still in some pain from Jade's sleeper hold and the pressure Jade used, puts the necklace around Cat's neck, the last of the magic Regina had access to locking the necklace in place and draining Cat of her magic.

"Regina's not as stupid as you think." Emma says, stumbling back a few feet before righting herself, the quick action before she was ready to move effecting her slightly before she regains her composure.

"A magical blocker." Cat says when her magic fades enough for Jade to fall. "Knew I should've killed that bitch when I saw her in town after she used the damned curse." She says, pulling a dagger out of her belt, neither women noticing it from being too busy with dealing with Cat, and turning to stab Emma in the side, pushing her down. "You think I didn't have a back-up plan?" She asks before facing Jade, seeing the Zelena illusion gone. "Now, where were we?"

As Jade and Cat get ready to face off again, through the magic Regina kept for herself, Regina manages to find her way out of where Cat sent her, but soon finds herself in an unfamiliar area of the woods. "Damn." She curses, looking around for any sign of where her daughter and the others are.

"You're at a disadvantage now." Jade says, gripping the scissors she reacquired earlier in hand, holding them like a knife. "You're used to your magic, and before the curse broke, you played an innocent teenager. I, on the other hand, never pretended to be innocent and have made it well known that I like cutting things with scissors." She says, glancing at her mother.

"True, but only for this world. My mother wasn't stupid, because before she went after Regina, she taught me more than just how to use my magic." Cat says, wiping the blood from Emma on Emma's shirt, laughing when she hears Jade growling. "Now, let's see who's drive for vengeance is stronger. Mine for my mother's murder, or yours for your girlfriend's kidnapping and mother's stabbing." She says, walking towards Jade.

"David, get Emma." Jade orders, starting to circle Cat, a small smirk when Cat starts to step to the side, subconsciencly going along with Jade's plan. "You should be impressed, Cat. You alone tricked Emma into thinking you weren't who you said you were, and I fell for your act." She says as she walks, stopping when her back is now to Tori and the others.

"That's the difference between me and you, Jadey." Cat says, a small smirk when Jade glares at her for the nickname. "I'm smarter than you, and not stupid enough to care about anyone."

"Really? You don't care about anyone?" Jade says, amused. "Then why prevent Henry from getting hit by Leroy last year? Why bother going to the hospital and checking on the newborns for the nurses? Was that just you pretending?" She asks, a smirk of her own when Cat hesitates.

"Just because Henry is your brother and that bitches adopted son, doesn't mean he deserved pain." Cat says, shaking her head. "That doesn't matter. You're going to die today, and so will Tori, Regina, Emma, and your grandparents." She says, glaring at the dark haired girl before her. "Now, how long does this magic blocker last?" She asks, knowing that it can't last long since there's no magic in this world to keep it going.

Without answering, and knowing that it will only last for a few more minutes, Jade slowly makes her way closer to Cat, faintly hearing Tori hoping she doesn't die by Cat's hands. "Remember when that idiot Ryder cheated on you Tori, and how he hasn't talked to you since?" Jade asks Tori, her attention on Cat. "I threatened to cut off his manhood for cheating on you." She admits, knowing Tori's been curious about why Ryder seemingly just ignored her after she found out two years ago.

"Jadelyn." Tori says, knowing the reasons Jade told her after all this time, that she expects to die and that she hints at it being around when she started falling for Tori.

"Oh, God. Who knew the bitch had a heart?" Cat says, interrupting the moment. "I think I want to kill you even more now." She says, walking towards Jade.

"Ten." Jade says, starting a countdown with each step she takes closer to Cat. "Nine." She says, holding the scissors up. "Eight." She whispers, swinging the scissors in an attempt to strike Cat.

"Seven." Emma whispers as David applies pressure to where Cat stabbed her, knowing what the countdown is for as the two girls fight and circle each other.

"Six." Tori adds softly, catching on to the countdown, well aware of the limit magic has when there's no magic in the world it's used in. "Five." She says, glancing away when Cat cuts Jade's cheek with the dagger.

"Four." David and Mary Margaret add in, catching on as well, their attention on the girls and the blades in their hands. "Three." They say in unison when Jade cuts Cat's cheek and moves to stab Cat's neck.

"Three." Tori and Jade say simultaneously as Cat dodges back and aims her dagger for Jade's neck, missing when Jade ducks down and jumps aside. "Two." Jade says as she swings her leg out, tripping Cat with her momentum from her side jump.

"One." Tori says when Cat falls and Jade quickly gets up.

"Zero." Cat says with a smirk, catching on to the countdown and blocking Jade's stab attempt. "Time's up." She says, getting up and ripping the necklace off, tossing it aside. "Impressive, kicking my legs out as you dodged."

"Glad I could impress such a bitch." Jade says, gripping the scissors tightly, mad at herself for not getting Cat in time. "I have one more trick up my sleeve." She says, sighing.

"What is she talking about?" David asks, looking down at his bleeding daughter.

"Tori, how good has Jade gotten at using her scissors as throwing knives?" Emma asks the tanned princess, knowing Jade always carries multiple scissors with her.

"Better than expected." Tori answers, a small smile as she hopes this works and Cat doesn't kill Jade.

"Good. She'll need it." Emma says, grimacing from the pain.

"Scissors versus magic. Kind of unfair, huh?" Cat asks, making Rumplestiltskin's dagger appear in her hand.

"There's one thing you never expected from me, Kitty Cat." Jade says, using her nickname for the Cat she thought she knew. "I like long range attacks as well as close range." She says, throwing the pair in her hand and quickly grabbing one from her boot, getting it aimed to throw at Cat as well.

"Shit." Cat says, caught off guard by Jade throwing her scissors, dodging as she glares at Jade, avoiding the second pair. "You only have a few scissors, Jadey. Don't waste them all now." She says, creating multiple daggers around her, aiming them at Jade and the group behind her.

"I wouldn't be so sure." The group hear from the door Jade and Emma entered through earlier. Looking at the door, they see Mr. Gold standing there, his attention on Cat. "When the curse broke, I put a plan into motion. Without magic, I'm powerless. And The Dark One cannot be powerless." He growls out, walking towards the group, his limp gone.

"Uh-uh. You're my puppet now." Cat says, showing Gold/Rumple the dagger, making him stop. "Ooh, idea. Dark One, kill Jade." She says, smirking at Jade and the others.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" Gold asks, walking up to Cat. "When the curse broke, I hid the dagger where no one would find it. What you're holding is a very believable fake."

"What plan?" Emma asks, having David help her stand. "What plan did you put into motion that would help you get your magic back?" She asks, knowing what Rumple was hinting at.

"Simple, Miss Swan." Rumple says, looking at her. "I brought magic to Storybrooke." He says, snapping his fingers and making the fake dagger Cat has appear in his hand, and the daggers around her disappear. "Don't worry, dearies. This is still your fight. I'm just here to keep it fair." He says, walking past Cat and Jade to Emma. "Worry not, Miss Swan. You won't bleed to death here." He says, waving his hand over her wound, healing it.

"Why help them? They were involved with trapping you, remember?" Cat asks, glaring at the master of evil before her.

"I never liked your mother." Gold says simply. "Now, young Miss Swan, continue please." He tells Jade, his back to the wall, his attention on Jade and Cat.

"So, because you hate my mother, you side with the people who locked you up?" Cat asks, watching Jade out of the corner of her eye.

"Something like that." Gold says, the conversation ending when Jade does a fake-out strike to catch Cat's attention before backing up.

"Then when I'm done with them, I'll kill you too." Cat promises him, turning her attention fully to Jade. "Until then, I'll kill a Goth." She says, getting ready to end Jade.

"And I'm about to make your skin match your hair." Jade assures with malice intent, two more scissors in hand.

Without another word, Jade and Cat started striking at each other, Gold standing aside to prevent Cat from using her magic to gain an edge. "What do you have to gain with Jade killing Cat?" Emma asks, her hand still pressed over her healed wound.

"Zelena and her line must end. Regina killed Zelena, and Jade will kill Cat." Gold says, watching as the two girls fight, their blades clashing together as they cut each other's clothing. "The grandmother, Cora, will meet her fate." He says simply.

"But what about Tori? She's watching her girlfriend and cousin attack each other." Mary Margaret asks, the mention of Cora's name clicking that Tori and Cat are related with Cora being Zelena's and Regina's mother.

"I don't know." Gold answers, looking ahead.

"So, the Goth watches more than just horror." Cat notes when Jade used her momentum with a strike to give Cat a spinning heel kick to the jaw. "That makes it more fun." She says, refusing to let Jade have the upper hand.

"Enough talk." Jade says, finally tired of the conversing during battle. "The only noises I want to hear from here on out are the screams of pain when I kill you." She says, diving at Cat's mid section and striking at Cat, barely digging her right pair of scissors into Cat's side, the redhead jumping aside in time.

With a smirk, Cat goes for a strike against Jade to the heart, missing when Jade redirects and uses her left pair of scissors to stab at Cat's head, the redhead hitting Jade's hand aside.

The battle continues for minutes, each striking and blocking, a few cuts forming on their arms from the blades grazing them, their shirts gaining cuts from the near misses.

"They're evenly matched." David says, watching the fight, impressed that Jade seems so proficient with two scissors as easily as most soldiers he knew in the Enchanted Forest.

"Jade has the advantage." Emma asks, Tori too stunned and focused on the battle to hear them. "Cat, since keeping up her appearance as an innocent girl hasn't been training for combat like Jade has. She watches martial art movies, and practices some moves, multiple times a week." She notes as Jade ducks under a strike from Cat and kicks her legs out.

"Enough games." Jade says, bringing the pair in her right hand down, stabbing Cat just above the heart. "You're boring." She adds, stabbing the left pair into Cat's side.

"How did you get me?" Cat asks, grimacing in pain from not only the surprise of Jade tripping her and stabbing her, but the intensity in Jade's eyes.

"The spirit of the Huntress is strong with her." They hear from the doorway, Regina finally arriving at the house, tired from jogging and running to find them. "Her instincts are better than the one I sent to kill Snow years ago." She says, walking over to Tori. "Are you okay?" She asks her daughter, ignoring Jade placing her hand over Cat's mouth, her back blocking Tori's view of her and Cat, before stabbing her scissors through Cat's temple.

"Anti-climactic." Jade says quietly, standing up after removing her scissors, Cat dead below her.

"It's time to go, dearies." Gold says, smirking at Regina. "See you back in town." He says, disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

"What about Cat?" Tori asks quietly, staring at Jade.

"We'll handle it." Emma says, looking to Mary Margaret and David. "Jade, you and Tori go with Regina. We'll meet you back at the Mayor's office." She says, ushering the three out.

An hour later, Emma and her parents arrive at the Mayor's office, tired and covered in dirt. "How did Gold prevent Cat from using her magic? I saw her try a few times, but nothing happened." Emma asks as they walk into the office room, Regina and Gold sitting by the desk, Tori and Jade nowhere in sight.

"I blocked it. Admittedly, I let her direct her magic to increase her speed and durability, but nothing more than you saw." Gold answers.

"Where are Tori and Jade?" Mary Margaret asks, giving Gold a cautious gaze, seeing him as the Dark One in her mind.

"In Tori's room. Gold healed her and Jade, but with everything that's happened, Tori passed out." Regina answers, sighing. "Jade fell asleep beside her after we got Tori in bed."

"What about Miss Valentine?" Gold asks, the hilt of his dagger visible from his belt.

"Buried a few yards away from the house." Emma answers simply, grabbing a chair and pulling it beside Regina. "Now what?" She asks, looking at her equally tired girlfriend.

"We wait. For what? I don't know." David answers, sighing as he and Mary Margaret grab seats across from Emma and Regina.

A few days later, Tori and Jade eventually wake up, weary from the kidnapping to Cat's death. "Every princess and queen needs a loyal knight to fight for them." Jade says with an odd tone, Tori still too asleep to hear her.

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