Written for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

APRIL EVENT: Spring Themed Bingo

Prompt: (flower) Hyacinth

W.C. 157

Appearances Are Often Deceptive

"We're going outside for a while, Harry," said Hermione.

Harry nodded, and the two went out by the stream. Flowers whiter than milk were floating in the water, and Ron looked at them in awe.

"They're so beautiful, Hermione, aren't they?" he whispered, looking at her.

Following his gaze, she looked at the flowers. Turning back, she smirked at him. "Remember the Veelas at the Quidditch Cup, Ron?" He nodded, surprised, and she continued. "These are Water Hyacinths; people in India call them Terror of Bengal. They're beautiful, yes. But they grow at an alarming rate and kill all other organisms in the water body. Various countries took them away as a beautiful plants, and are now brainstorming on finding ways to eliminate them."

Ron stared at her, flabbergasted. Standing up, he moved away from the flowers, as if they would bite him.

Matching his pace, she spoke again. "Appearances are often deceptive, Ron. Always remember that."