'Wait...' Conan rescanned the window of the crime scene. 'That's not right...' Something was out of place, but if found, they'd be one step closer to solving the case. 'Of course! That means-! Jackson-keibu is all wrong! But how can I tell them? I can't tranquilize oji-san now, and he's always close too the detectives-

'Maybe this could work!'

"Ne ne, Hill-chan?" Conan tugged on the young woman's dress.

"What is it little boy?" She asked gently, despite the situation she was in.

"Are you right or left handed?"

"Oh? I'm a lefty, why?"

"I like lefties!" He replied happily, in his own, innocent, childish way.

"Oh? Then I suppose you might be interested in knowing I'm a lefty as well." Shane played along, not knowing Conan was asking these questions for more than fun and games.

"I'm right handed!" Susumo Katashi said, almost as if revealing the fact was a necessity, or maybe that he wanted the Japanese kid to like Japanese people more, or something of the sort.

'Good. So I know Katashi-san is right handed, and seeing the way Hammon-san smokes, I'd assume he's right handed too.' Conan thought. 'how do I get the point to oji-san's thick skull, though!'

At that moment, an officer rushed in, calling loudly for the inspector. Everyone looked the officer's direction to be greeted by a mortified expression.

"What is it officer?" The inspector demanded.

"It's the victim's son, sir!" The officer spurted between heavy breaths. "He committed suicide!"

A mixture of 'what's and 'Nani's filled the air, showing the great amount of surprise and shock the people felt. The officer showed the inspector images of a man smashed on the floor, close to an apartment.

"My word!" Was all Alfred could say when he saw the disastrous images of the poor man.

"My God! This isn't for real!" Maria dropped on the floor, tears showering out of her eyes.

"I don't get it! He and his dad where never on good terms!" Shane expressed his frustration "I understand that he might still love him after all he'd done, but I'd never have thought he'd go so far!"

'Wait! If he didn't kill himself out of love, then what?... fear?' Conan asked, the very idea that someone might fear another so much they'd become suicidal, makes him shiver to death! 'Could it be them?!'

"Are you sure this is suicide?!" The inspector asked

"The detective on the scene believes so, sir."

"Detective who?"

"Montoya, sir."

"Excuse me, gentlemen, I'll have to contact Montoya. Something just doesn't add up!"

"Of course!" They said in unison.

Everyone dispersed, Conan heading for one of the officers.

"Oji-san, Mouri Kogoro would like to see the pictures of the late Katashi Yashiro-san, please." He said in his innocent, childish way.

"Of course, kid. Inspector Raphael ordered me to supply Mr Mouri with everything he needs." He gave the kid a small file. "But don't look inside kid, there are some nasty images in there!" The man warned.

"Hai!" Conan said, then when he was alone in a good hiding spot he found, the kid was no more and Shinichi Kudo was reborn! He opened the file and took the images inside. He filed through the images of the dead man, his body face down on the floor, with a blade stabbed horizontally to the left side of his back. 'Then... But which one?'

He looked at a new set of images of the victim face up. He was grabbing his heart in pain. 'But he was stabbed in the back. Why'd he grab his heart? Maybe he couldn't tell the difference because his heart ached?... Or maybe... it's a dying message!

But what could it mean?'

Conan returned the images to the person he took them from originally, then wandered around the mansion aimlessly. Where is Batman? That Riddler guy has been terrorising Gotham all night! He's on his own, but... How does he find enough evidence? How does he represent it without arousing the suspicion of Wayne? Why is he so interested in him?Whenever Wayne stares at him he gets a creepy feeling. Not that one when one of the black Organization is close by, though. It's different. Infact, the only other day he felt that way was-

'Could it be?!' Conan thought in shock. He tried to recall everything he new about Wayne. He felt like he was a heroic figure first he saw him, until he actually met him. But what if this was all an act? Is he really him. Conan's feelings never lied, he must be the one! Speaking of which, he's been having that feeling again for some time now; Wayne is watching him.

"Oi, Wayne-san! Can I ask you something?"

"What? Oh! Conan, didn't see ya there, buddy!" Wayne lied, and Conan knew, because of his hunch, but if it weren't for that, he'd be completely fooled. He had to admit, he's good!

"Why did the victim hold his chest when he died? Shouldn't he try to hold his back?"

"How did you know that?"

"When I saw him, his right forearm was under his body. When I asked oji-san, he said he was trying to grab his heart, but why?"

"Hmm... Perhaps it was a dying message?" Wayne pretended to guess

"Drying message?! What do you think it means?" Conan pretended not to have figured that out already.

"Hmm..." Wayne stayed silent for a minute, perhaps pretending to think, or waiting for Conan to answer. In the end, though, he said "maybe he grabbed his heart because he was betrayed?"

"Really? I'll tell oji-san right away! Arigatō!"

"You're welcomed, kid!" Wayne replied as the kid detective ran. Conan didn't search for Mouri, however. 'Only one more piece and the puzzle will be put together! ' Shinichi thought. After locating Susumo and chatting with him, the little detective smuggled an important question into the conversation, disguising it with innocence.

"Ne ne, did you meet your brother often?"

"Not really once a month at least."

"What did you do when you reconcile? Did you hug? I love hugging!"

"Yes. Yes we did. Aniki didn't really like it, but he got used to it as time passed."

"Oh no! I forgot, I need to tell Ran something!" He ran as fast as he could, but not too find Ran. It's time.

The sleeping sleuth was sitting on a couch, thinking of recent events, when all of a sudden, he felt the familiar bug sting and the unresistable urge to sleep returned. Soon, he was sitting on said couch, arms rested on his knees and face down with a serious expression on it. Indeed, it was time.

After calling for the suspects and detectives, putting a tiny speaker on the inside of the fold of his jacket, and hiding with his trusty Bowtie voice modulator. Conan was ready.

The audience were greeted by the infamous sight of the sleeping Kogoro, some amazed, some relieved, and some worried. 'So this is the infamous sleeping sleuth!' The inspector admired.

Everyone was present, except for Bruce Wayne, but why?

"You need not worry yourselves with Wayne. I didn't call him here because he's a busy man, and since he's not required to solve the case." Came Kogoro's serious voice. "In all my years I've never seen a perfect crime, yet here I am, witnessing one. Not one mistake, not one fault. Planned correctly, carried out efficiently."

"So what, you give up so soon?" The inspector mocked.

"No, Keibu-san. Justice will always prevail wherever I go. Unfortunately, I won't be implementing my usual style. Still, the crime will be solved.

"Just tell us who it is and let us go!" Jack ordered.

"Patience, Hammond-san"

"F*** that!" He retorted

"Keibu-san, why do you think the blade was thrown at the victim? Why don't you think it happened any other way?"

"Because of the blood on the wall of course! There's no indication that the blood was splashed on a body, so the culprit couldn't have been close enough to the body without getting splashed when the-"

"Yes Keibu-san. Now you see where I'm going. If the culprit was not close to the victim, how did he remove the blade?

" because of the wound we know the blade was stabbed on the left side of the victim's back, horizontally, but how? From the front! "

"But how could he stab him from the front? Aniki isn't blind!" The sole surviving Katashi retorted.

"No he wasn't, but lights were dim. He couldn't see the blade."

"But wouldn't be be suspicious if some stranger walked to him."

"I'm sure he would. But what if the culprit was a friend? Or a brother ?

"Ladies and gentlemen, here's how the victim was murdered:

After a long time not seeing each other, Susumo-san suggested to meet Yashiro-san at tonight's ball. They agreed to meet by the window closest to the stage. Susumo found Yashiro by the window as he asked. At that time, the lights had dimmed down and Wayne-san was speaking through the microphone, so any grunts from the victim were hardly audible, and no one would realise what was happening until too late."

"Those are nothing but mere assumptions!"

"What Susumo did was hug his brother, something the brothers are used to, and while hugging, he stabbed the victim."

"We found the glove, Mr Mouri. An officer said once he entered the room. "Just as you requested"

"Ah, right on time. Did it prove positive?"

"Yes, but we couldn't find any thumb prints"

"I figured as much, but it's no matter, justice will prevail.

"The object you see before you was the only thing on the culprit that got smudged by blood. My assumption is this: once the culprit removed the knife, he threw it on the floor, along with the victim, took off his glove, while making sure not to touch the blood, folded it on the other side and hid it in his pocket. Later he excused himself to the bathroom, washed the gloves thoroughly to remove prints and threw it away.

" Susumo! The culprit is you!"

"Are you kidding me?! All I heard were assumptions! You've got no proof!"

"True. I need proof. But He doesn't."

All of a sudden, out of nowhere a demon fell from the sky with his wings spread about. He landed on the balcony. He lunged at the murderer, picked him by his collar, and pushed him against the wall

"Talk! WHO SENT YOU?!" Batman shouted in his low pitched, intimidating voice.

"Not you!" The killer complained in fear, almost crying.

"SPILL IT!" He punched him in the face, the villain's whole body sliding in the direction of the punch due to its power, then Batman picked him up again and pushed him harder against the wall.

"I don't wanna die!" The man started crying like a child

"Then tell me!" He pushed him out the balcony, then caught him with the BatClaw, keeping him midair, between life and death.

"I didn't wanna do it! But if I didn't, we'd all have died, I had no choice, I swear!"

"WHO?!" Batman yelled yet again, but before he could hear an answer, a sniper shot was heard, and the life taker's life was no more.

"Damn!" Batman cursed under his breath as the only connection between the murders was cut, while analysing the situation he was in, and retracing the sniper bullet. He found the sniper, and the next target: him. In the fraction of a second, Batman's cape was fluttering in front of him, while he ducked. Because of this, the bullet missed, but Batman wasn't just going to wait for the next shot, and before his cape could land back, a batarang was headed towards the sniper.

Before he could react, the rifle was knocked out of his hands. Knowing the legends full well, he wasn't about to try again.

Batman shot his grappler near the sniping location, and within seconds he was there, but the sniper was gone. There were all sorts of spying equipment, and sniping equipment as well, but there was no trace of the sniper.

'Damn, they were one step ahead the whole time! And above Bruce Wayne's guard room no less!' Batman thought.

Conan's hunch was back, and it was killing him!

It was them. The Black Organisation.

Batman jumped down the small building, and scanned the road that leads out of the mansion. There were tyre marks.

"Porch. Vanden plas princess 1100." Batman identified through the tyre markings. It wasn't an accurate solution but it was his best bet.

In the shadows Batman was superior, and in the shadows he was. Conan waited for Batman to return. The inspector didn't.

"He's gone, kid. Maybe next time." He told him.

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