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Chapter One


We only had two years left at Watford, and I Penelope and I were trying to figure out what we could do to make this year memorable. I knew we still had our eighth year, but I wanted to get a head start, just in case Baz and the Old Families decided to kill me before I finished school.

Of course, I didn't tell Penny that last part. She would probably just go on a rant about me being "The Chosen One" and "The Most Powerful Mage That Ever Lived" and she would tell me that I "could kill the whole magical world if I tried hard enough."

"I'm not trying to kill the whole magical world," I told her, "I'm just trying to stay alive long enough to defeat the Humdrum."

"Oh, come on, Simon. You know I didn't mean it like that," Penny sighed, turning the page in her book. She had this weird multitasking power where she could listen to a conversation and read at the same time, and she still absorbed all of the information she needed.

I wondered if she used some kind of magic. That was possible.

Anyway . . .

We were in the library now, and I was talking to Penelope while she read some book about pixies. ( I assumed she was trying to find a way to get rid of her roommate, Trixie.)

The only problem was that we couldn't find anything exciting we could do to make this year memorable.

"What if I just kill Baz and defeat the Humdrum early?" I asked. "That would be pretty memorable."

Just then I heard a snicker from behind me and turned around to find none other than Baz himself.

"If you're going to plan to kill me," Baz said, "you could at least find a more private place to plot. Otherwise it's going to be an epic fail and everyone will laugh their asses off."

And so our seventh year began.