A/N: Hello...I'm kind of new in this, I have been reading fanfics for about three years and have finally found the courage to publish one myself, I have tried to write a lot of times but always had something interrupting me but a week ago I took a medicine and I couldn't sleep so...I wrote this.

I remembered I had read a story I think it was called He would never it was in Severus' POV, and I someone said in the comments that the author should write one in Hermione's POV and I looked for it but the author didn't have one so I said...hey why not? So here it is! I hope you like it and if the author of 'He would never' ever comes across this I hope it's okay and if not well...tell me and I'll put it down?

Sorry if there's any mistake, English is not my mother language...Silly of me starting to write with a language that's not mine huh? Thanks and again, I hope you like it!

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He could ignore her all he wanted, she'd call him out anyway.

He could pretend he wasn't home, she'd make him open up anyway.

She would make him stop at the café every morning, just to chat over silly things.

She would floo him every evening, if only just to hear him speak. A

He could tell her to stop owling, she'd write and send a new letter every night.

He could prohibit her to seek him out, she was never known for following the rules.

She would mock his tantrums and poke his cheeks.

She would smile at him and make him smirk.

He could try to isolate himself, she'd drag him out and make him feel.

He could build his ice walls, she'd just start a fire.

She would confront his feelings and make him speak.

She would hug him tightly and never let him leave.

And he could try to stop her but he knew

She would always love him

And he could try to deny his feelings but she knew

He would always love her.

For he showed her his love in his actions and his ring.