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This story takes place a few nights after the fall of Sephiroth.

The Promise

Once the nearly blinding light of Holy and the Lifestream swirling around Meteor finally faded, the members of Avalanche cautiously opened their eyes. Standing on the deck of the Highwind, they looked at each other and then looked out the glass to the impact sight below. Midgar looked like hell. It was a good thing the evacuation had been a success. With Reeve's help, they were able to airlift survivors of the Meteor chaos prior to the impact. But where were the remaining two members right now? The two who had worked closely with Reeve to evacuate Midgar while the rest of the team went to deal with Sephiroth?

As pair of gloved hands nervously wrung themselves over and over as Tifa waited silently to hear a radio transmission that her friends were all right. Her eyes scanned the wreckage of Midgar below, searching for any indication that Yuffie and Vincent were safe. Suddenly... movement! A bright yellow blur caught her eyes and a smile lit up the brunette's face with relief. What an absurd yet wonderful sight to see - a completely nauseous looking ninja in command of a hoverbike while her deadly looking companion sat behind her, clearly wondering if she was going to vomit all over him. "They're all right!" She exclaimed joyfully...

The victory party was certainly one to remember. Cid, Barret and Cloud were chugging alcohol in a grandiose drinking contest to see who had the biggest balls. Because according to Barret, the bigger your balls, the more alcohol you could consume without getting drunk as quickly. This type of thing made Tifa chuckle in amusement and be very grateful that Marlene was in Elmyra's care right now. Everyone was cheering and celebrating the victory over Sephiroth, celebrating the fact that they had saved the planet from a cruel end. There was drinking and laughing, and everyone was having a good time. Well, almost everyone.

Vincent Valentine stood on the balcony of the Highwind, leaning on the railing and letting his eyes stare out over the plains the airship was currently parked on. As he stood motionless, he reflected upon the events of their quest. Avalanche had pulled him out of his coffin, the prison that had held him for thirty tortured years, and they'd shown him what was happening to the world outside. Had shown the former Turk how much worse the Shinra company had become and their obsession with finding the Promised Land. But it really was none of his concern...that is, until the blond leader of their motley crew mentioned a greater threat.


The love child of Hojo and Lucrecia Crescent. How it pained him to find out back then that the woman he so loved was injecting herself with Jenova cells and procreating with that lunatic. It was horrifying to discover their "great experiment of science" involved the two of them not only injecting themselves, but also their unborn child with Jenova cells. When he had gone to Lucrecia and begged her not to continue the blasphemous research, it ended in disaster. The bullet sinking into his body. His vision blurring and fading to black. For a while, he knew that she had taken him into the laboratory in the basement of the Shinra manor.

Strapped to the operating table with her hovering over him. It was all in a desperate effort to save his life, and save him she did. By fusing the Chaos gene into his body, Vincent's life was spared and he could remain in this world. She truly was an angel. What she had done to keep the demon calm and inactive, he never knew, but he was grateful for her mercy. She had saved him because he was special to her and her experiments weren't her ideas at all. It was all Hojo's doing. Hojo, the man who'd ruined the lives of many people, Vincent's included. The nights filled with agony as the crazed scientist would reopen his wounds and experiment on him. Three more demons in his body...and these ones weren't quiet.

But Hojo had died by Vincent's hands and thus, he was avenged. All those nights in the coffin, the nightmares, the screams and shrill laughing. The heinous psychopath that orchestrated Sephiroth and the catastrophic events he wrought was now dead, his lifeless husk of a corpse laying heavily on the Sister Ray. His angel, however, hadn't waited for him. She had mysteriously vanished, or so it seemed. All he had found when he revisited her empty crystal-lined cave was a single vial filled with purple liquid and a simple label.


He'd taken the mixture that turned him into the violent monstrosity. The putrid liquid woke the beast within Vincent's bloodstream and Chaos was a frightening force to be reckoned with. The abomination's cruel attacks had killed many a monster and had helped defeat their final enemy, Sephiroth. Once Sephiroth had been defeated, he'd rushed back to Lucrecia's cave to find his angel, but she was still nowhere to be found. Later on, he had found her frozen corpse at the bottom of the waterfall. She had killed herself.

His angel had forsaken him not once, but twice. Her death only proved that she didn't want to be with him. Despite this, Vincent still couldn't bear to leave her underwater, so he placed her clear, crystalline coffin back within her cave. Now almost everyone he'd known in his old life was dead. His home, now nonexistent, was nowhere to be found. All he had left was the Shinra Mansion and himself. What else was there to live for?

A petite shadowy figure crept up behind Vincent, who was too preoccupied with morbid thoughts and self-loathing to notice. Yuffie had been watching him for quite a while, wondering why in the world he wasn't having fun with everyone else. She slowly tiptoed closer to him, out of his field of vision. Her ninja skills silenced the slight noise her sneakers would have made, not that he would have noticed unless he had been paying attention. She was sleek, she was fluid, she was a kunoichi of legendary skill...or so she often noisily claimed. The muscles in her legs coiled like a cat's as she crouched down silently.

With a loud whoop, she leaped upon the unsuspecting Vincent. The loud, sudden noise instantly snapped him out of his funk and he whipped around, his gloved hand automatically reaching for his gun. But the noise had come too late, and thus, so did his reaction. As a result of her action, she landed gracelessly on the dark man before he could catch his balance, toppling them both over the side of the airship and to the soft grass below.

With a groan of slight discomfort, the gunman looked up at her. Ignoring a couple of rocks under his back, he was grateful that their positions hadn't been reversed. Had he landed on top of the girl, his weight surely would have crushed her fragile looking frame. Yuffie gave him one of her best "I-am-so-cute" smiles as she sat up and cheerfully said, "Thanks for breaking my fall, Vinnie! You're such a gentleman!" She'd landed in a fairly compromising position on top of him of course, and felt she should try to lighten his mood with a little humor. "So, does the grass feel nice down there?" She asked, jokingly.

"Yuffie, would you mind letting me up?" Vincent asked.

"Can I have your materia?" Yuffie questioned back.


"Then you can't get up."

I really should have expected her to say such a thing, Vincent thought to himself. He wanted to get off the ground, but pushing her off would've been the wrong way to go about it, not to mention rude. Instead, he sighed and Yuffie asked, "What's wrong Vinnie? Why aren't you celebrating and having fun? Why are you all alone out here, being morbid?" Vincent dragged a hand through his hair. "You wouldn't understand." He murmured.

"What wouldn't I understand?" She demanded, taking hold of his shirt and shaking him a little, "I'm SO sick of hearing people say that to me! I'm not a child, Vincent! I could understand it if you'd just tell me what it is!" Vincent was quiet as her stormy gray eyes stared into his blood red eyes, daring him to tell her she was wrong. He knew what the result of that would be. She'd yell at him until she was blue in the face.

"Very well. If you really must know, then I suppose I can tell you." He sighed, moving to sit up. Yuffie slid off of his hips and onto his legs to oblige him. Once he was somewhat comfortable, he began to tell her of his thoughts before she'd jumped him - about his days as a Turk, the loss of his home, his humanity, and his love. Several times during his story, she put a hand to her lips in surprise. And finally, the dark tale was over.

"Oh Vinnie, that's so sad." Yuffie sighed, chewing lightly on the tips of her nails as she felt bad for him. "It is simply the way my life has turned out." Vincent said softly, "I just don't know what to believe in anymore." Yuffie determined right then that she wasn't going to let him suffer anymore. He wasn't even responsible for some of his "sins", so why should he have to suffer any more than he already had? It just didn't seem right to her and she wasn't going to stand for it!

"Well, you can bet your ass that I'LL give you something to believe in!" She climbed to her feet and grabbed him by the wrist, "Come on Vinnie, move your ass!" With a great deal of effort, she dragged him to his feet. "What are we doing?" Vincent asked the young ninja. "First, we're going to go celebrate with the others because we need to see if Cid, Cloud or Barret has the biggest balls. After that, you're coming with me!" Yuffie exclaimed as she dragged him back towards the Highwind. Vincent's eyes went wide. A trip? Alone with Yuffie? Testicles? He had no idea what Yuffie was planning, and that in itself was frightening.

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