Fanfic Cover is of Clare and Teresa if you're wondering...

It was after the battle with Priscilla that the Seven Ghosts (pretend that Tabitha is still alive and she was successful in trying to injure Priscilla) that they were short one person, the one who killed Priscilla, Clare. As soon as they found out that Clare was missing, everyone started to look for her. Well. almost everyone, since Galatea didn't bother helping. She already knew where Clare was and didn't bother to tell the others as Clare had awakened and she didn't know if Clare still had her human half. Galatea also knew that Priscilla wasn't dead since Clare, out of joy of fulfilling her purpose in life, only made it look like she killed Priscilla.

"Aren't you going to help us, Galatea?" Tabitha asked.

"No, I have to check if the soldiers are still alive," she replied as she left the destroyed battlefield.

"Oh, okay," Tabitha said, sighing.

Everyone else kept searching for Clare until they declared her dead. All her friends and comrades grieved but the one who grieved the most was her secret lover, Miria, the former number 6 and the new leader of the female warriors. Miria cried herself to sleep every single day for 5 years, not knowing that her love was still alive and well. While Miria grieved, Clare worked hard every day to control her powers under the one she vowed to kill when she was younger, Priscilla.

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