Author's Note

By Author: Nightstar Fury
Date Created: Tuesday-July 6, 2021

Time Written: 4:50 pm EST

Greetings to all my loyal readers! I wish this message was one of joy, but it will not be. It is with a heavy heart that I announce I will be leaving this fanfiction site and moving to Archive Of Our Own, under the username: Nightstar_Fury. There are various reasons why I've decided to do this, and I will give you those below.

I'm sure most of you know the one-shot story I collaborated with Vala411 on, Fairytale Screwed. It was a hilarious drabble where Dragon Toothless kidnaps Prince Hiccup, and the two fall in love. Obviously, there was some sex scene between the two(Toothless being a hybrid for them). Apparently, even though we rated the story M for Mature, someone(catspat31) decided to make a stink and call the rating as MA(18+), which Fanfiction does not allow. And I knew that, but it doesn't make sense to me. You all know that almost every single one of my stories are rated as M because of the violence, cussing, and sex within the chapters. Apparently, Fairytale Screwed was too sexually explicit and today at work, I received an e-mail from Fanfiction Admin saying the story had been removed due to not obeying the rating guidelines. However, as I learned from Vala411, her copy of the story Fairytale Screwed was left up and active on her account. Now, isn't that just wrong and unfair? Only punishing one of the authors? And I don't quite understand how Fairytale Screwed was to explicit, but not any of my other fanfictions that have the same, if not, MORE explicit scene that that. Just doesn't make sense to me. So, I took it to Fanfiction Support. I don't see them getting back to me and I really don't feel like arguing with them if they did reply. They'll just leave it at "Oh, it was too sexual". Either way, my e-mail to them states that all my stories are rated M, except for a few that are T for Teen, so I'm sure that may raise a flag for them to start combing through all of them and they may end up disappearing.

I know you all came to me when I chose to take down Forever Side By Side, a Hicstrid Modern Universe Arranged Marriage story. And that came down due to negativity of people not liking that Hiccup and Astrid were hating one another. This was the whole point, I promise you they would have come to love one another by the end of the story. I would hate for all of you to lose access to the stories that are posted now and complete, but I won't take the chance of Fanfiction deleting anything else. So with help from Vala411 and harrypanther, we are moving ever fanfic posted here on FFN(Fanficition . net) to Archive Of Our Own or AO3. I will leave my FFN account active if anyone would like to contact me. I'm also available on Skype, Discord, and Facebook. I'll leave those addresses below. But it is in my best interest to continue being able to write my fics with their sex scenes and violence to my heart's content if I move them to a site that doesn't make such a stink about it. Other problems I have with FFN;

You can only moderate Guest Reviews. I think that's silly if an author doesn't want to allow negative review on their story from a site member. An author is expected to just take it. Don't get me wrong, I can take constructive criticism, but straight negativity where people say they're gonna stop reading cause it's written badly isn't something I should be forced to take.

Editing is a chore that you have to upload the chapter into the Doc Manager, then edit it, then save, then go to Manage Stories, then find the one you want, then replace/update chapter. That's a long process to have to fix a small mistake. AO3 just lets me hit Edit Chapter right from the top options while on the chapter. Simple.

Notifications are delayed or don't come through. Most of the time I don't get updates when someone PM's me through e-mail. I have to log in and go to my inbox to see if there is anything new. I don't always get notifications about Guest Reviews before they expire either.

FFN crashes a lot. When I was uploading TJIU(The Journey Into Us), I hit a point where I would upload, but no new chapters would show. I have the same issues with the Doc Manager, not allowing me to upload into there either. And more than a few times, my cover photos don't show up even though it shows they are there when I go into the story to check things.

Overall, those are my big things for why I'm making the choice to leave. Again, I will be on AO3, and perhaps eventually, Wattpad. I do have an account with Watt, I just never got around to uploading more than what is already there. So, if all of you want to continue to be able to read old stories, and my new ones, you will have to see me on AO3. All of my old fanfics and the new ones will be posted there from now one. It will take some time to move everything, but I've got help from some awesome women. Probably in the next few weeks, everything will be moved and I will delete the stories here to avoid any potential issues with the admins and mods about taking them down at random. We should have this problem on AO3, it actually allows MA content.

So, consider this my last update to FFN. I will post nothing further on this site. If you want the old stories for rereading and want to see the new stories I put out, AO3 is where you'll need to find it. Again, I will post the other ways to contact me below. I'm sorry if this inconveniences anyone, and I do hope you'll follow me to AO3. And here are those other ways to find me, as promised!

Ways To Contact Me Outside Of FFN:

Archive Of Our Own(AO3): Nightstar_Fury
Facebook(FB): www . facebook marieelanaramirez
*Please note that with the Facebook address, you will have to remove all the spaces between words. FFN doesn't let you post links, so the only way I can give you the information is to have it separated like that.
Skype: XxNightstar_FuryxX
Discord: †ℕ𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕣 𝔽𝕦𝕣𝕪†#0120
*Please note that when you add a Discord friend, you have to have their name exactly as it appears. So if FFN, again, doesn't allow the special characters in this document once posted to be seen as it should be-Check out my FFN profile page, and copy/paste it from there and it should work fine.

I guess this is goodbye to me on FFN. Hope to see you on AO3! Thank you so much for all your understanding, and loyalty over the years in staying with me and enjoying my works!

Always, your faithful author,
Nightstar Fury