His Princess

Pairing:Adrien/Marinette and Chat Noir/Marinette and Adrien-Chat Noir/ Marinette-Ladybug

(There is a reason I have it like it is above but you will see. )

Summary: She knew it wasn't a good idea. Her best friend told her it wasn't a good idea. However, here she was walking home late at night. "Adrien help..." she whispered, not realizing those words coming out of her trembling lips.

Disclaimer:I do not own Miraculous Ladybug or any of the characters or anything related to this show in general. I am not making a profit from making this story. This disclaimer is applied to all future chapters.

Warnings:Violence, slight sexual things, attempt rape (but not hard core or anything), maybe OOC but not sure, spoilers, and anything else I will add to each chapters as these warnings apply to all future chapters.

A/N: So I randomly got this idea. It was going to go one way and then it was going to be a one shot. But then the story began to write it self and well...this happened. I hope you all enjoy this.

Chapter One: Her Savoir

She knew it wasn't a good idea. Her best friend told her it wasn't a good idea. However, here she was walking home after a late night study at the library.

Marinette didn't see it as a problem. She had traveled through the streets of Paris later than this time; which was only 11:30pm. However, she had always done so as the Parisian super heroin Ladybug. Her best friend Ayla had insisted that Marinette come back to her house, which was only a 20 minute walk from the library. They could have had a sleepover and watch movies and talk about the Ladyblog. It was closer and 'safer' than the 40 minute walk back to Marinette's house.

Marinette had somehow convinced her best friend that she would be fine. What did she say again? Oh right, Ladybug and Chat Noir would be out on patrol, so she would be safe. It was true that the two superheroes would patrol at night. The two would switch nights and sometimes patrol together. Tonight was Chat Noir's night. Maybe she should have transformed into Ladybug and headed home. However, she didn't want to risk running into her partner. He would have asked her too many questions and she was too tired to deal with his antics. Although, it would have cut her travel time in half.

Ayla was still hesitant but begrudgingly gave her a hug and a wave before heading home. She made Marinette promise that she would call her the MINUTE she got home tho and Marinette promised. That left the bluenette heading home down a poorly lit street. She had walked down this street many times before, but the lights had been brighter than this. The light bulbs must have been starting to die out, as that was how dim they were getting.

A chill went through Marinette, causing her to hold her research books to her chest. The project was for her history class. They were to write an essay about a famous true love story that had happened in history. They were working in pairs and obviously Ayla was her partner. They had picked the Battle of Troy, as that was started over love.

She was almost home but something still didn't feel right. She felt like she needed to quicken her pace. A noise behind her made her stop; despite her inner voice telling her to just run. She held her books closer to her chest with one hand and her purse with her other.

Marinette slowly turned around. After she did, she instantly thought of a horror movie and would have scolded herself if she didn't find herself grabbed roughly and pulled into a side street. She gasped, dropping her books in the process but pulling her purse close to her chest.

Tikki was in her purse. Sometimes the little kwami would hide in her jacket, however it was such a nice night out that she didn't wear one. She was terrified. However, it wasn't for her own safety. She was worried of Tikki being stolen or worse, getting hurt. She gasped when her back slammed against the brick wall. She coughed a bit as her breath had been knocked out of her.

Big sky blue eyes looked up into dark brown eyes. There stood a guy that was much taller than herself. He also looked like he was around her age, maybe a class or two higher than herself. He wasn't too bad to look at with a nice oval face which was borderline feminine. He had shaggy reddish hair or she thought so from the poor lighting from the full moon that hung above in the sky. Marinette blinked up at him for a moment before the shock going away, not to mention air coming back to her lungs.

"What do you want from me? Let me go!" She growled struggling against his hands however, he was pretty strong.

However she froze as she looked into the intense brown eyes. They had a look to them had made her blood run cold and made her feel like she was going to faint. An evil like grin crossed the handsome guy's face. However, it made him look ugly. He leaned his body close to her, which made her body press against the brick wall behind her even more. He rested his right hand next to her head while his left curled under her chin, tilting her face close to his own.

Marinette trembled in fear. She had never felt fear like this before. She was Ladybug for Godsake! She was brave and strong. But, she wasn't Ladybug right now. She was clumsy, shy, and timid Marinette. She clutched her purse to her chest more. She could feel Tikki moving frantically around in her purse.

"Don't..." Marinette whispered, however it was towards Tikki.

Tikki seemed to understand. If Tikki fazed through the bag, then the man could hurt the little kwami. Although, Tikki didn't care about that, she was more scared that the man would let Tikki escape and do something really bad to Marinette. Tikki was only powerful when she was sucked into Ladybug's earrings. When she was in her kwami form she couldn't do anything. She felt so useless and stopped moving in the purse.

However, the man thought the words were directed towards him and it made his smile even more sickening.


Her eyes widened at hearing her name from this man's lips.

"H-how do you know me?" she asked.

"I've been watching you since the beginning of the school year. I know you never noticed me but that didn't make me notice you less." the young man said, his voice getting a bit soft.

"Your beauty first caught my attention. Those eyes that sparkle and your hair that glistens blue in the sunlight."

He moved his hand from her chin and began to stroke her cheek with a tenderness that caused her to flinch. He frowned at her movement.

"So...what do you want?" she was able to whisper out.

That sickly evil smile crept back to his lips as he moved both of his hands on to the wall, behind her. She felt trapped and she didn't like this feeling of vulnerability.

"You." he whispered huskily.

Marinette's entire body shook. She couldn't help it and couldn't control herself. She tried to keep herself calm but she just couldn't. It was obvious what his intentions were and she knew she was in trouble.

He leaned in as if to kiss her. On instinct, her hands went up and pushed against his chest. He was surprised at how strong she was which, caused him to stumble backwards. She saw her chance and started to run, however he grabbed her arm and roughly pushed her back against the brick wall, now pinning her arms to her side. The force of him grabbing her had sent her purse flying. Luckily, nothing fell out of her purse.

The man tsked his tongue at her.

"Now, now. I promise I am not going to hurt you. It's just the opposite. I will be gentle." he said leaning in, slowly pressing his body against her trembling one.

A whimper came from her lips. He smirked before softly pulling on her bottom lip with his teeth. She turned her head, however that caused him to accidently bite her lip, making it bleed. She hissed at the slight pain.

"Oh Marinette, see what you did? Now don't struggle." he said, before licking away the small dribble of blood that came from the small cut.

Marinette's eyes burned as she held back the tears that wanted to pour from her eyes. They were glassy. This seemed to cause the guy to stop for a moment. Concern crossing this face. However he shook his head. He looked even more determined to finish what he started.

"Please..." she whispered. "Don't do this..."

This time she was telling him to stop.

"But I've wanted to for a very very long time." the man said before nibbling on her earlobe.

She gasped in shock and at the sensation. She had never been touched in a sexual way before. She was still a virgin in all the meaning of that word. Well, she had kissed Chat Noir, but she didn't consider that to be a real first kiss. It was to break a spell and it wasn't for love. So the sensation was new and her body and mind didn't know how to react.

The man smirked against her earlobe before kissing down her neck to her collar bone. She gasped again before tilting her head instinctively to the side. She closed her eyes, unable to hold back the tears.

"Adrien help..." she whispered, not realizing those words coming out of her trembling lips.

~~~~~~~Scene Change~~~~~~

Adrien had been walking home from Nino's house. Usually the gorilla would have picked him up however, the car had gotten a flat tire on the way and it would have taken too long. Nino had offered to have his best friend sleep over, however he needed to go home, shower and then go out on patrol. He was already late as it was.

He and Nino were working on their history project, just like Marinette and Ayla. Nino and Adrien had picked Anthony and Cleopatra. They had picked it as it was kind of like a real Romeo and Juliet story. Adrien sighed has he enjoyed the time he spent with his best friend. They really didn't do much of the homework as they just goofed off for most of the time they had hung out. Now he was walking home, enjoying the beautiful night.

Plagg peeked out from behind his jacket, eating Camembert, his favorite cheese.

"I'd say that was a waste of time. You didn't even finish your project. " the little cat kwami said, stuffing his face.

"We still have another week and we had most of it done already. Besides, it was nice to have a real home cooked meal." Adrien said a fond smile on his lips at remembering Nino's mother's cooking.

She was a single mother, raising Nino and his two younger brothers all by her self. He had much respect for the woman who worked two jobs to support her family.

"I guess." Plagg said with a shrug and finishing his cheese.

Adrien looked up into the night sky and let out a sigh. He wished that tonight was one of the nights he would be on patrol with his Lady. However, it was Chat Noir's turn tonight, meaning he would be all by himself. He found it was always better with his Lady around, although it was because he loved her.

"Hey what's that?" Plagg asked pointing at something on the ground.

Adrien looked down and saw some books just laying in the middle of the sidewalk. He furrowed his eyebrows and bent down. He picked them up and noticed they were history books. He looked around. When he turned towards a side alley, he noticed something else laying on the floor.

"Hide Plagg." he whispered to his kwami.

Adrien opened his coat to let the kwami in. Plagg could sense something wasn't right either and for once listened to his chosen one. Adrien carefully stepped into the dim lit alleyway and found that it was a purse. An awfully familiar purse.

"Adrien help..."

He blinked and looked up. It was barely a whisper but he knew he heard a familiar voice calling his name, asking for help. His green eyes widened at the scene in front of him.

Marinette, his classmate, his first friend, his PRINCESS was pinned against the wall. It was a guy dressed in all black. He wouldn't be easily spotted if it wasn't for the light from the shining full moon. He had his body pressed against the timid and shy girl. His mouth was on her neck. However, what really made his blood boil was her face. Her beautiful eyes were closed, tears pouring down her porcelain like skin. And what was worse was the small cut on her bottom lip that had started to bleed again.

Without thinking, Adrien rushed up and grabbed the guy by his collar. They were the same height but Adrien was stronger. He shoved the guy off Marinette. The guy had been shocked from the sudden pull that he had let go of Marinette and stumbled to the ground. Marinette's eyes snapped open, her hands having not moved from where the guy had pinned her.

"How DARE you touch my Princess." Adrien hissed.

The tears stopped as Marinette's wide eyes started.

"Adrien..." she whispered.

She didn't hear the 'Princess' comment. She was just shocked that the guy she had a crush on for the last two years was standing in front of her. And right after she had called for him to help her. She didn't even know why she had called out for him. She was wondering why she didn't call out for Chat, as that would have made more sense. He was on patrol that night and he was her partner. He would have been able to handle this guy, better than Adrien she assumed.

Adrien was standing in front of her, making sure he had separated the guy from her view and vis versa. Adrien had his hands out as if he had claws; which he didn't. Marinette's arms slowly lowered to wrap around her body. She felt like her body was going to collapse to the ground but her leaning against the wall seemed to keep her up.

The guy looked up at Adrien with wide eyes before a growl escaped his lips. He stood up and clenched his fists.

"Adrien Agreste." the guy said with venom.

Adrien narrowed his eyes at the guy. He wasn't shocked that he knew his name. Adrien was a famous model. However, he didn't know why there was so much venom in his voice.

"Perfect, handsome, and can have ANY woman you want." the guy said, sarcastic and full of hate.

"I can't believe someone as lovely and pure as Marinette likes you." he growled.

Both Marinette and Adrien's eyes widened at the comment. Marinette felt her eyes starting to water again.

"H-how..." she whispered.

Adrien glanced back at the bluenette. He didn't understand. He knew that she was his friend but he didn't understand what this guy meant by 'like'. He couldn't mean that Marinette had a crush on him, could he? No, that couldn't be true, Adrien thought shaking that idea out of his head.

"I told you." the guy said, standing up straighter. "I've been watching you since the beginning of the school year. I know EVERYTHING about you."

His eyes looked past Adrien and stared straight into Marinette's eyes. With how he said it, she realized he might know that she was Ladybug. Her eyes widened even more, if that was even possible. She felt her body grow weak and she fell to her knees. Adrien turned around and kneeled next to the girl who was his first friend. He tried to look into her eyes. He was worried.

"I...but..." she began to stutter not sure what to say to that, tears falling from her eyes.

She thought she had been careful. Not even Chat Noir knew her identity. Yet this guy had figured her out.

"Marinette..." Adrien whispered, concern dripping from his voice.

Marinette turned to him, fear in those beautiful eyes of her. He didn't understand why she was so scared. Although, having someone stalk her all year would be more than creepy, that was for sure. He turned daggers towards the guy. He wanted to turn into Chan Noir so bad but he had to protect his secret identity. He wished his Lady would come. However, there was no way for her to know what was going on. He was on his own. And the worse thing was he had to handle this as Adrien.

Adrien stood up and put himself, again, between Marinette and this guy.

"If you don't get out of here I'll have to hurt you." Adrien said, his voice sounding so dangerous that it made both Marinette and the guy get a chill down their spines.

However the guy snapped out of it and stood up even more.

"Come at me pretty boy."

Adrien snarled before he rushed the guy, his hands clenched into fists. The guy swung at Adrien but the blonde was quick and dodged before throwing his own punch, hitting the guy in the gut. Spit and some blood came out of his mouth as he skidded back a bit. Marinette was in shock at how strong Adrien was.

Marinette looked next to her and found her purse. Her eyes widened as an image of Tikki flashed before her eyes. She opened her purse and saw her kwami knocked out cold. She took her kwami out and held her gentle in her hands.

"Oh Tikki..." she whispered.

Tikki opened her eyes and smiled a relieved smile.


"Don't worry Tikki you are safe."

"What about you?" Tikki asked slowly getting up.

Marinette looked upset however a yelped took her attention away from her kwami and back to the fight that was going on. Tikki also turned to see what was going on while she was out cold.

Adrien was standing above the guy, who was now on the ground. He was holding his arm as if it was injured. Adrien stood in an offensive stance, his hands out, again; as if he had claws.

"Now get out of here before I show you my claws. And if you ever and I mean EVER come near my Princess again well...I can't puromise you will walk again." Adrien hissed.

He didn't realize he was adding cat puns while he talked. His Chat Noir was coming out and he wasn't able to help it. While he had been fighting the guy, he had the nerve, the NERVE to say he was going to make Marinette 'his' in every way of the word and it was just a matter of time. He had snapped at those words and broke the guy's arm in a quick motion. He didn't even know he could break an arm. Adrien was happy he was tho.

The guy looked up into Adrien's green eyes and could tell he was serious. He got scared but he wasn't done. He would make Marinette 'his' and he would get rid of both Adrien and Chat Noir. That was the secret he knew of. He knew that Chat Noir was after Marinette. Why else would he visit the bluenette at weird times of the night? He turned to Marinette who was still on the ground, her eyes still wide but the tears had stopped and they were starting to dry on her face.

Tikki had hid in Marinette's shirt as she wouldn't have made it in time to fly into the purse. She rested right in her bra (a woman's other pocket ^_~ am I right? ) and found herself going back to sleep. She had hit the ground hard while in the purse. But knowing that Marinette was safe now that Adrien was there and he had beat up the guy, she was okay with falling asleep.

Adrien stepped in front of the guy's view and cracked his knuckles. The guy growled before getting to his feet. He glanced back towards Marinette before heading home.

Adrien stood in the offensive position until he felt the guy was really gone. He let out a long breath before turning around to Marinette. He knelt in front of her. Her pretty eyes looked into his green eyes with so much sadness. His heart panged at those eyes. He couldn't help but bring his hand to her face and gently wiped away the few stray tears that still lingered on her face.

"Are you alright?" he asked, letting his hand rest gingerly on her cheek.

Marinette would have blushed if she wasn't still upset. It was upsetting. She didn't know if her secret as Ladybug was safe. He said he knew EVERYTHING but she couldn't be jumping to conclusions and think he knew she was Ladybug. Plus she was almost...

She shivered. She didn't want to think about what would have happened if Adrien didn't happen to walk by. Her eyes began to tear up again. The cut on her lip began to reopen as she had began to chew on it. Adrien furrowed his eyebrows and moved his thumb to her bottom lip, wiping away the blood, forcing her to stop biting her bottom lip. She was so vulnerable right now. What was worst, was she looked so adorable that he found himself wanting to kiss the blood away, as well as the tears.

Adrien blushed before pulling her to his chest and holding her. She gasped. Her face turned red.

"A-Adrien..." she whispered.

"I'm happy I found you." he whispered back. "I don't know what I would do without you Prin...Marinette."

He finally realized he had been calling her Princess this entire time and had finally corrected it.

"I was happy it was you." she whispered back.

He had to take Marinette home. Even if she looked like a mess. He pulled back and saw that she had fallen asleep. He looked down at her face. The moonlight seemed to make her pale skin shimmer like sun shimmering off of snow. Her lips were slightly parted and looked so kissable. He blushed again and shook his head. He couldn't think about that. She was almost...and here he was thinking of...

He growled at himself. He couldn't think of something like that. However something caught his attention. Next to him was Marinette's purse and it was moving. He blinked at it. He opened up the purse and found Marinette's phone. It was on vibrate. He saw a picture of Ayla appear. He grimaced but answered.


Adrien had to pull his head away from the phone. He heard Marinette whimper from his chest.

"Hi Ayla." Adrien said in a weak voice.

There was a pause.

"Adrien? Why do you have Marinette's phone?" she asked, confusion clear in her voice.

He didn't know what to tell her.

"Ahhh..." was all that came from his mouth.

"Is Marinette there?" she asked.

However he could tell from her voice that worry was starting to creep in.

"Yes. She well...it's hard to say over the phone but I can tell you she is safe...now." he whispered the last part but Ayla still heard it.

"What do you mean by that?!" she sounded very worried.

"Like I said it's something that can't be explained over the phone... I'll tell you tomorrow. But I will tell you. If she tells you that's fine but promise when she does to not freak out on her." Adrien said, his voice very serious.

Ayla was quiet on the other end.

"Alright...but if she doesn't tell me, YOU better." it sounded like a threat.

Adrien smiled. It was obvious she cared, even if it was with death threats.

"I promise. I'll talk to you later." he said before he hung up.

Plagg came out from Adrien's jacket.

"I need to transform." Adrien said to the cat kwami.

Plagg didn't seem to argue, for once. It seemed he was just as rattled as Adrien from the entire situation. He felt uneasy for his own reasons which, he wouldn't share with his chosen one.

"Plagg, transform me!" he said before the kwami was sucked into the ring.

A green light surrounded the boy before he turned into the other part of the superhero duo. He gently picked up Marinette and her purse, after putting her phone back into the bag. He ran to Marinette's house which was very close. He used his baton to extend to her balcony. He hoped that the door was unlocked and he was happy to find that it was. He bounced gracefully into her room and gently put her in her bed. However as he pulled back to cover her with her blankets, he heard her whimper. He looked down and saw her reaching for him.

Adrien's heart thumped in his chest. She was still asleep. He could tell, but there were still tears coming from her closed eyes. He didn't want to leave her, especially with how vulnerable she was right now. He looked at the out stretched hand and noticed something on her wrist. He bent down and noticed a slight bruise forming around her wrist. His eyes widened. He gently took the arm and touched the bruise. Marinette whimpered in pain, still asleep. His anger started to bubble deep within him. He was now Chat Noir. He could find that guy and claw him to death. He noticed a bruise on her other wrist too.

"I should have done more than break his arm." he hissed.

"Silly kitty..."

His eyes widened and he looked over to Marinette's face. She hadn't woken up.

It seemed she was dreaming about Chat Noir. He couldn't help but smirk and shake his head. He gently let go of her wrist and got up to go. It was here he noticed her room. He had been in her room as both Adrien and Chat Noir. However each time he had come over, he didn't notice the pictures of him on her walls. Well of Adrien that is. He turned back to look at Marinette.

"So she likes me like 'that'. " he thought aloud.

He felt his heart skip a beat. However a flash of Ladybug went across his mind. He grimaced. He was still in love with Ladybug, his Lady. But he was finding that he was starting to fall for his Princess. He let out a sigh and looked up out of the trap door that lead to her balcony. The moon shone in through and lit up the area where Chat was standing. He closed his eyes. He didn't know what to do. He glanced once more towards his Princess before bounding out of the room, making sure to close the trap door behind him.

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