Hi Prwtfalcon6 here with a fanfiction update.

Coming soon, I will be making new Danger Rangers fanfictions now that I realize that Danger Rangers JAG was an big fail.

Title: Festival of winds

Description: The Danger Rangers head to Alabama to partake as guests of honor at a festival, but the day of fun would turn into a day of mayhem as a tornado warning is issued.

The rangers manage to get to the shelter, but the tornado knocks out the rangers communications meaning things are grim, with destruction surrounding the area, the rangers must help get everyone to another shelter before a more powerful tornado strikes.

Title: Back in the day

Description: The Danger Rangers tell the story of how they first met after one of Burt's inventions backfires and almost injures him and the other rangers, making him question his commitment to be a Danger Ranger.

Title: Vengeance Bear

Description: Burble tells the story of his parents murder and how the killer was never caught, all hope for justice seemed lost untill the police officer that interviewed him reopens the case in hope it'll bring his parents killer to justice, with a little help from someone in the NYPD crime lab.

Unfinished Business. By Guest

Description: Manderbill escapes from prison and creates new robots to get rid of the Danger Rangers once and for all.

Title: The return of Rusty. By Guest

Description: Rusty Ringtail is back and fretting over his last encounter with Burble. He begins to question his own life decisions and even feels like ending it all. But maybe Burble can actually steer him the right way.

Title: Shards at work by Random Guest

Description: The Danger Rangers teach about the dangers of shards(From broken glass). However, a villain named the Shard Shatterer was wrecking havoc and was known to wear special high tech gloves that every time he touches glasses from windows to anything, they shatter instantly in impact. The rangers must stop him before he covers the whole city with broken shards bringing the danger level way too high

Title: Pyro Peril by Random Guest

Description: Another lesson about fires but recently, fires are taking place burning down many businesses. The rangers managed to identify the culprit known as Arson(Wears a fireproof hazmat suit and carries twin flamethrowers). They must stop him before he brings in more heat for the danger.

Title: Memorial Rangers.

Description: The danger rangers flashback to September 11th, 2001.

That's all i have for now, but will be updated in case a new idea comes to mind, if you would like to submit your idea as a request, please put your requests in the review section.