Mia smiled apprehensively as she landed on the cobbled streets of Hogsmeade with Harry in tow. She felt like she had been brought back to life with the return of her magic and best friend, life had color and meaning again. Her magic was definitely stronger than before, no longer did she need to spend hours reading up spells to master them, it was more intent than ever before. By simply willing her magic to do as she needed, spells, incantations, and wands were obsolete.

Harry stayed with her every free moment he had for the last few months, using all his vacation time and authorizing his own port keys before and after work. His constant reassurance and presence pushed her to finally take this step back into the wizarding world to try and find out exactly what was happening to her. Turning her focus onto her best friend beside her, she studied him closely. No longer was he the scrawny 11 years old that needed her help getting through a locked door. He was a powerful, strong wizard who could take care of himself. It made her feel slightly guilty, dragging him from his life to constantly need his presence. As she looked around, she noticed that everyone she passed was staring at him as though surprised to see him

"Minerva was so excited when I told her I had a surprise for her. I worry she thinks that I'm finally going to take up the DADA post she's been pushing for the last few years." Harry grimaced, seemingly oblivious to the stares.

"So, you didn't tell her that her favorite bookworm was back from the grave?" Mia said with a wry smile.

"Errr...no. I didn't think anyone would believe me. I mean, it's been a long time and you look very different." Harry hedged, allowing his eyes to travel down her form appreciatively.

"I guess, it seems that the Phoenix killed the need to drink blood but left me all the perks...not too sure about mortality or aging yet but...I still see me when I look at myself." Mia shrugged.

"Oi! Long time no see, Potter!" Called a joyous voice behind them. They turned to find George Weasley, smiling happily chasing them down with one ear. While Harry cut ties with the Weasley clan he would still stop to chat with George, it was hard not to like the prankster.

"George! How ya been?" Harry smiled politely, he wrapped an arm around Mia, keeping her in place.

"Brill, mate. Just putting on the finishing touches for the new store. Ron's stocking the shelves for me, I hope. Lazy prat." George grumbled, when he turned to Harry's companion his eyes widened as he scanned her subtlety. "And who might this enchanting creature be?"

"Mia Black." Mia stepped in before Harry could bluster some explanation. She smiled coyly as George kissed her knuckles, noticing that he stiffened slightly as she said her name.

"Black? Been a long time since we've had any Blacks in Britain." George said suspiciously.

"Yes, well, it's a long story. I've just finished a my schooling in New York." Mia said smoothly.

"Oh yeah? You know you look very...familiar." George said as he took a step forward to examine her face closely.

"Sorry, George. We gotta see the headmistress, can't be late." Harry interjected loudly, pulling Mia to his side possessively.

"Yes, it was lovely meeting you." Mia smiled politely as she turned to leave.

"Yea, owl me, Harry. We will have drinks and we can talk more..." George said in a low voice, looking between them.

"Think he recognized me?" Mia whispered as they briskly walked towards the castle.

"Not sure...I mean, you...you're still Hermione." Harry sighed wearily.

"But I'm not, I can't explain it. I'm not but its getting better...like all those things that made me Hermione seemed to feel empty for so long. Now..with you..." Mia trailed off looking towards the distance with a wistful smile.

"I'm always here for you...I made the mistake of not immediately chasing you down as soon as you left...Mia, Hermione, 'Mione...doesn't matter." Harry smiled and laced his fingers in her own.