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Chapter 1

Rochefort was now the most powerful man in France. Regent to King Louis the XIV and with the beautiful Queen Anne by his side. All was well in the world. Even the Musketeers had to bow to him now. They would never dare to cross him especially with Anne by his side. He knew he could execute them without a second thought, but even he knew they were the best and there was no point in wasting good soldiers as long as they were loyal.

He looked to Anne seeing the beauty in her glowing face and the now obvious swell of her stomach covered by her gold dress. His child conceived out of love and not duty. He had always dreamed of this and now it was reality. Oh how his enemies had laughed but now he was laughing.

Anne was his. Only his.

Suddenly the scene around him dissolved as he opened his eyes and squinted into the light coming from the bedroom window. He sighed deeply to himself, another dream. Anne was not beside him in his bed, he was all alone. However, he was certain that the day would come when he would have Anne all to himself. She loved him and he loved her. Nothing would keep them apart. Not even the king.

The musketeers were guarding a delivery of antiquities that were gifts from the king to the Comte de Fortier. Many of the gifts were large, including an ornate writing desk, meaning that they had to be transported by cart. This lengthened the trip to four days before arrival when normally it could be completed in three and the musketeers had become bored guarding the cart.

'We're musketeers, not delivery boys,' moaned D'Artagnan. They had been accompanying the cart since they left Paris on Saturday and were now well into the third day of travel.

'Well, we are men,' said Porthos indicating himself, Athos and Aramis. 'But you're a boy,' he finished grinning. D'Artagnan rolled his eyes while the other men smirked. 'That's not funny,' he muttered.

'By the way you two owe me money,' said Aramis with a smile. Athos and Porthos grumbled as they each flicked a coin towards Aramis, who caught them with ease while smiling broadly.

'What was the bet?' questioned D'Artagnan, glaring at each man in turn.

'Aramis bet us that by the third day of this mission you would be complaining about it,' came Athos droll response. 'We disagreed,' indicating himself and Porthos. At this D'Artagnan looked questioningly at each of them, not sure if the disagreement was a good or a bad thing.

'Yeah, I had you down moaning on t'first day, while Athos said it'd be second,' remarked Porthos with a laugh as D'Artagnan scowled at all three of them. The look only increased the others amusement while Aramis tipped his hat in thanks.

'Excuse me, Monsieur Athos,' called Dubois. Athos turned his head to look at the man. Dubois was short and stocky, not that you would call him fat as such. His hair was short and brown while his face sported many freckles on his cheeks. 'Yes?' replied Athos.

'How long do you want to travel before we break for lunch?'

'Maybe another hour or so. Once we clear these trees lining the road then we can stop,' Dubois furrowed his brow in confusion at Athos statement. 'Once away from the trees we will be able to spot any trouble a lot more easily. The trees give a lot more cover to would be ambushers, so the best idea is to stop in the open where we could see an attack coming.' Athos continued. Dubois' face changed to a look of understanding and nodded.

'Never would have thought of that,' he said with a touch of embarrassment before riding ahead and not awaiting a reply.

The musketeers had found the Comte's men who accompanied the cart pleasant enough. They wore swords and pistols but were obviously not serving soldiers. The men had been eager to learn from the musketeers and the musketeers had enjoyed helping them to improve their fighting while they camped. The men were not very aware of their surroundings and the musketeers had to often warn them about possible danger. The trees lining the road had made the musketeers uneasy and they wished to ride past them as quickly as possible.

Without warning a shot was fired from close by and the horses pulling the cart spooked and reared. The Comte's men had to fight for control of their own mounts as the horses panicked. Herbert, who was the smallest and youngest of the Comte's men, was thrown from his horse and fell with a loud thud to the ground gasping for air. The musketeers quickly calmed the situation with D'Artagnan quickly soothing the horses that pulled the cart before they could trample Herbert, while Athos and Porthos calmed the remaining horses. Aramis was quickly at Herbert's side telling him not to move in case he was injured.

Athos looked around uneasily. Where had the shot come from? Were they shooting at their party, or was someone hunting in the trees? He could see nothing out of the ordinary but what he could hear disturbed him greatly. He held his left hand up to silence the question Dubois was about to ask. The only sound that could be heard was Herbert's laboured breathing.

Rochefort was in his office when the messenger knocked at the door. 'Enter,' came his curt response. The door opened and the messenger entered. 'Well?' Rochefort prompted him.

'The king wishes to see you immediately sir.'

'What about?'

'He did not say sir.'

Rochefort sighed as he followed the messenger. The king was childish and petulant. No doubt this was about something he did not want to do but as king should do. He always thought of himself rather than his country and to Rochefort's mind that made him a rather foolish king.

As Rochefort entered he could see Louis pacing the room and greatly resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Queen Anne was sat on chair looking frustrated but beautiful as ever in a stunning blue dress, while to Rochefort's chagrin Milady de Winter was stood in the corner. Rochefort despised the woman but she had murdered Perales for him and she was driving a wedge between the king and queen. The bigger the wedge the more chance Rochefort had of getting close to Anne. Near the other door stood Anne's ladies including the rather annoying Madame Bonacieux. She had quickly become the confidant of Queen Anne and Rochefort knew he would have to watch her closely as he tried to get close to the queen.

Rochefort bowed and waited to be told the reason for his summons. Louis kept pacing while Anne looked on. In the end she decided to break the silence.

'Louis, it is only right that you go. The Duke of Mayenne is a very important ally in allowing trade to come through his lands freely. He will expect you to be there and will take it as an insult if you're not. He has already agreed to meet in Dreux so you don't have travel all the way out to Mayenne.' Rochefort noted the queen's voice was filled with exasperation. She had obviously made these points before and was getting rather annoyed with her husband.

'What say you Rochefort?' asked the king. Rochefort mediated the anger brewing inside of him. Louis would do anything to get out of a meeting or requirement he didn't want to do and this shirk of duty was beginning to grate.

'I'm afraid I must agree with Her Majesty sire. The Duke of Mayenne is a powerful ally and a short journey to Dreux would be a small price to pay to ensure his loyalty.'

'But I don't want to go!' whined Louis. 'Why does being king have to be so boring?'

'It is a necessary evil to keep the country running sire. Without your allies France would be week to foreign powers.' Rochefort paused waiting for Louis to comment. When it became clear the king was neither going to agree or disagree, Rochefort asked, 'When do you leave for this meeting?'

'Thursday. I will make my final decision on Wednesday. My schedule may become rather busy,' Louis smiled, looking directly at Milady de Winter. Queen Anne looked away in disgust as he approached Milady and planted a kiss on her cheek while Milady giggled.

'You are dismissed Rochefort,' and with that command Rochefort bowed and left the room quickly followed by Queen Anne. He longed to touch her and comfort her from the hurt her husband was causing her but before he could act she was walking back to her chambers with her ladies in tow.