Chapter 6

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Harry had spent a further week in New York performing the usual tourist duties, he'd indulged in cocktails atop the Rockefeller building where he found a British accent really did act as an aphrodisiac in the US, which led to him exploring some New York apartment buildings and the flats inside them. He'd also raided the Lego store for Teddy and bought what seemed like half of the boutique shops for Andromeda, Hermione, and Luna. Neville got the standard gift the two always exchanged when they went abroad, a bottle of locally produced spirit, this time it was a bottle of Perry Tot's Gin.

But Harry wasn't resting on his laurels as he shopped himself to the limits of his patience, he still despised crowds, regardless of them being magical or muggle. Even with notice me not charms, the sheer number of people ensured that people were packed in and in close proximity to Harry. He'd managed to find out who the individuals were behind the names Natasha Romanov had provided, Iron Man was none other than Tony Stark, Harry actually maintained shares in his company, the Goblin's told him that his grandfather had somehow gained possession of these just after WW2, Harry still didn't know the full details, only skipping through the journal he'd found left by the man. Bruce Banner was a well-known scientist specialising in Nuclear Physics; he was also known to become big, green, and very aggressive when angered and his mutation triggered. Harry thought judicious use of calming charms and keeping the even more potent calming potions nearby when interacting with the man would be a wise precaution to take. The issue came in tracking the man down, rumours were that he was secreted away somewhere in Asia, away from the hustle and bustle of Western world, where people moved slower and the demands and stresses weren't so great.

Captain America was also easy to track down, a super soldier created during world war two to fight the Nazi's, frozen in an artic plane crash, and then thawed only recently. His location wasn't exactly a secret, he was frequently seen around NY but Harry had yet to see him. The museum about his exploits was very informative, it was like Harry didn't have to work too much at all, if only the Master of Death role was as accommodating, it used to be without Natasha. Clint Barton was a mystery, Harry couldn't find any information concerning the mysterious man, and he was considering paying Natasha another visit, although this time away from her home turf, though this still posed large risks, Harry did manage to die, twice, last time the two met. It was unlikely the assassin would be more relaxed outside of her safe environment, Harry was mentally comparing the woman to Mad-Eye Moody, both were dangerous, both were paranoid, the only factor Natasha had in her favour at the moment was the lack of facial disfigurement.

Harry thought that his best plan of action was to confront Tony Stark, he had access to the man because of ownership of 3 percent of the Stark Industries. It would all be legit and the chances of death were minimal, although Harry's luck would be sure to intrude on his peaceful plans. Contacting the man's P.A. Pepper Potts, he scheduled an interview at the partially completed Stark tower for the next day, hours before he was due to head back to Britain.

In order to make himself look presentable Harry visited La Rukico Custom Tailors to get a suit, paying an extortionate premium, Harry was quickly measured and the suit was taken away to be altered for the next morning. With all of his tasks completed, Harry walked steadily back to his hotel, taking in the sights and sounds of New York City, deciding to detour through Central Park. It was peaceful, if only Harry knew that this was the most peace he'd have for a couple of weeks he'd have soaked it in as much as possible, taking advantage of the quiet beauty of the park. Harry truly was on the downward descent of the elastic nature of his luck, he just hadn't realised it yet.

The next morning found Harry waking early at six am, he quickly showered and headed for breakfast. Leaving the hotel at seven he began his walk to the tailors to collect his new suit, fortunately the suit was a perfect fit and was perfect for Harry, the style and colour being ideal for the young wizard, if Harry was being honest he much preferred the stylings of a suit over those of robes, robes were cumbersome, excessive, and worst of all, hid the figures of anyone wearing them, who knew that Susan Bones had been so incredibly busty from third year onwards, the other Hufflepuffs certainly hadn't shared that information, Bastards! If Harry had known he might have ended up dating a much more honest and tolerable redhead, it'd been two years after graduation that Harry had found out she had a crush on him throughout fifth year and his teaching her in the DA. What a time to waste pining after Cho, he'd been blind and foolish as a teenager.

Putting those thoughts aside, Harry found himself at the base of the imposing Stark Tower, the words egotistical, arrogant, and grandiose all sprang to the forefront of his mind and were dancing on the tip of his tongue, in the interest of ensuring a smooth meeting, Harry swallowed the desire to say these terms publically, it wouldn't do to insult the man he wanted information from, Harry could be subtle, and avoid the brashness of his interview with Natasha. Met by Pepper Potts within the reception area, which looked almost complete, Harry was greeted with a polite handshake and an introduction and description of the new building, including the state of the art arc reactor. Whilst this conversation was taking place, Harry had been led through the reception area to a bank of elevators, where he was guided into an elevator that was stood slightly apart from the rest.

"This is Mr Stark's personal elevator, it's the only one that goes up to his personal quarters. It requires biometric scans courtesy of Jarvis, our artificial intelligence system, to allow further passage. If you don't have that, I hope you bought some reading material, Tony likes to make people wait, he left a guy in here for four hours once." All of this was conveyed by Pepper in a no nonsense but friendly tone, the woman had perfected her pitch and delivery, talking about unimportant matters that wasted the time it'd take to get to the real reason for being here, no wonder Stark kept her around. Harry was also a man of the world, he knew that it wasn't only business skills that made her a valuable member of the team, appearance was certainly important to a man that was so ego driven that he'd emblazon a building with his name in twenty foot tall letters.

The elevator arrived at the penthouse, a luxuriously furnished space, filled to the brim with cutting edge technology and a helipad visible outside the widow beyond the balcony. Lazing on the sofa was Tony himself, turned half away from the new entries, his focus on a TV showing a senate committee concerning intervention in the Middle East, his chest glowing with the power source for his suits and the only thing keeping the shrapnel in his chest from ripping his heart apart inside out. Harry was nothing if not thorough in his research, although Tony wasn't hard to learn about, almost everything was shared with the press, and they loved reporting on the playboy, current girlfriends, location, and all the sordid details of his life.

"You know I imagined you'd be older, I mean I looked into you, but I could barely find anything, certainly not an age on file, I mean you live in England, I think, or maybe Wales, that's all I've got. You're a ghost Harry Potter, I even checked with some not so public sources if you know what I mean." Tony said this, but only raising from his position and turning to the pair as he spoke Harry's name, it was a classic power play from the American, putting your opponent of balance by giving them a tid-bit of information they'd found and give a hint as to their excellent sources.

It would have disconcerted Harry, had he not used passive legilimency to derive the fact that Tony had played all his cards, he had absolutely all the information that Tony knew about him, Harry was now in control, a feeling he relished after being used by others for the first seventeen years of his life.

"I'm an exceedingly private person Mr. Stark, I prefer the quieter life, and a life of fame doesn't appeal to me." Harry spoke with a conviction that quietened stark and Potts, mystified by the fact that someone so young was so firm in their aims in life, especially considering the fact that he owned three percent of Stark Industry and had the money to do just about anything. It was generally accepted that mixing young men with outrageous amounts of money was a recipe for hedonism, followed swiftly by disaster.

"So how did you come to own part of my company young Harry? I must admit, I've never sold any shares, must have been bought from my father." Stark asked inquisitively.

"I believe they were gifted to my grandfather when he saved your father's life whilst in England during World War 2. I must admit, I haven't looked into it much, so I can't tell you the exact details, but it was generous gesture none the less."

"So why are you here today then, hoping I knew more of the story, tracing the family routes are you?" Stark was still in the dark concerning Harry, it wasn't often that he was completely blank, between Jarvis and his own genius he was usually pretty clued up on a subject. Hoping that he'd picked the right subject with the family route, Stark plugged on bravely. "Afraid I can't help you with that though, never knew any Potters, you'll have to search for answers elsewhere."

Harry despite not being able to learn more about his family was still happy with the meagre details that had been revealed. His grandfather had played a part in WW2, although he was probably more active in the fight against Grindelwald than in the muggle efforts to vanquish Hitler. It was still nice to see that the past three generations of Potter had all done their bit to keep people safe, although with varying levels of success and levels of involvement, Harry was sure he'd have heard more about his grandfather if he'd been a central element to the Grindelwald war.

Deciding to be open and direct with Stark, rather than trying to be indirect, Harry quickly admitted his reason for being in New York. "I must admit, I'm not here for that, it's actually something more modern that I'm concerned with. Do you know what the Avengers Initiative is Mr. Stark? I recently found some information on them and I want to know more."

It seemed Harry had a penchant for shocking people and knocking them off their feet; watching a man as cool and collected as Stark fall into a nearby chair with a grave look on his face was thrilling, apparently the Avengers was serious business, Harry couldn't wait to find out the truth of the matter. "Where did you find out that information, you even say that in the wrong place and you'll be locked away for the rest of your life. Hell, they could even kill you, I implore you to keep quiet for your own good." The fact that Tony could be quite selfish, meant that this warning was serious, it did slightly worry Harry, just when he thought he'd got the measure of S.H.I.E.L.D, but apparently they could go to some quite diabolical lengths to maintain their secrecy. It's one thing to kill a leader oppressing and killing thousands, another to be just as ruthless with civilians.

"I saw it in one of my grandfather's journals, he mentioned working with the man they called the first avenger in some capacity, not sure what he did though, I guess you could say I'm trying to trace the family history, albeit in a very strange way, that apparently is more dangerous than I thought it would be." Harry chuckled, Stark just stared at the man, he'd just laughed off the threat of the most powerful government agencies going. It was like the man didn't care or thought himself impervious to the claws of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Regardless, you need to be careful." Whatever Stark was about to say next was cut off by a beeping noise emitted by a hidden speaker.

"Sir. Agent Coulson is here, he wishes to speak to you urgently." Tony's face paled.

"How the fuck have they bugged a brand new building. Jarvis you were meant to scan this place all the time, must have been Romanov, no one else could get in, certainly not that technophobe Steve." Stark muttered to himself. "Jarvis, where's Coulson?"

"Behind you Stark, we need to talk."