Kamen Rider Rez

Level One: The Mystery Begins!

March 13 1991

It was a nice spring day, in an old abandoned warehouse several young men were busy practicing different flips and jumps. They even did sparring matches against each other incorporating the different moves they were practicing.

"Man if we keep this up one day we'll be big!" One of them said with a smile while the other scoffed.

"Yeah but we'll have to work our asses off first," He started, crossing his arms, "We need to keep practicing and practicing."

"Or you can become all that you want to be…" A voice said causing all of them to turn, "By accepting my offer." The voice belonged to a big burly man who wore black leather boots, darkened blue jeans, and a black leather jacket alongside a black luchador mask, the front having a white skull put over the face. From the outfit the young men immediately knew they were in trouble.

"W-What are you talking about?" One of the men asked nervously.

"I can train you to be the finest soldiers imaginable; you've already got the skills," The large man stated as he held up his hand before gripping it tightly into a fist, "You would make fine soldiers for our Organization."

"Wait a second; you're with the terrorist group!" A man started before beginning to back up, the others following suit. However the larger man snapped his fingers and soon enough men with padded body armor and swat gear stormed the warehouse. While they didn't wield guns they all had large pole staff's with them.

"I was never going to give you a choice in this; it was either do this the easy way and volunteer. Or you would do this the foolish way and run before we caught you. Know that I, Ruin, will bring to my Master personally."

"Not so fast!" Another voice called out as a suited man in the colors of red and black jumped through a window, behind two soldiers. He quickly grabbed their heads and bashed them against each other. All of the other soldiers stayed on guard as they witnessed the newcomer. He wore a simple two piece semi-loose bodysuit. The front, back, outside's of the legs and insides of the arms were colored in black. He wore medium sized black gloves and long black boots. The rest was colored in a metallic maroon styled color. Attached to the waist of the suit was a silver belt, the front being a circular light that glowed green. There was a rectangular bump on each side, the one on the left having an opening to insert some kind of object. Lastly he wore a helmet, it was rounded and segmented, the front being yellow while the back was the same color of red as the suit, and he had a silver mouth-piece on with a black plus-shaped object attached to it. Lastly he had large emerald colored bug eyes. The eyes were glowing ever so slightly due to the poorly lit warehouse. The new warrior turned his head towards Ruin, "You are not kidnapping these innocent men." His voice sounded like that of a man's however it was also distorted ever so slightly.

"Whoa, go helmet dude!" One of the guys said with joy, glad to see that someone was going to help them out of this mess.

"Hey that's not just anybody that dudes a Kamen Rider." Another one corrected.

"Yeah that stuff's off the wall, go Kamen Rider!" Another cheered as they all began cheering soon enough. The soldiers looked at each other before glancing at their boss who looked like he was going to pop a vein.

"Well…" Ruin started, his voice showing frustration, "Kill him!" He yelled out as all the soldiers soon charged at the Kamen Rider who assumed a defensive stance, ready to fight them off.

April 19 2015

A young man sighed as he sat at the local park, seeming a bit down. He was someone who seemed to not be more than at least twenty-one, had black bushy hair, fair tan skin, dull azure eyes. He wore a black shirt with some pixel designs on it along with a white jacket, blue jeans, and white running shoes.

"Why…" He started as he pulled out a phone, not seeing any message notifications as he held it tightly, "Why aren't you answering?" He asked with a sigh before going on the internet and going to the Youtube App. He then typed in something and looked up videos of a Kamen Rider fighting against several men in body armor, "Maybe watching these old news tapes will lift my spirits."

"Kenshin, your still watching those old videos?" A voice asked causing the man to jump and turn his head. It was a young woman; she had fair light skin, fairly long auburn hair and hazelnut colored eyes. She wore a white button up shirt along with a grey skirt and black leggings. She also had one a grey coat and yellow scarf.

"Jeez Haruka… don't sneak up on me like that." Kenshin started, holding his chest slightly, "You're going to give me a heart attack."

"Sorry, is this seat taken?" She asked as Kenshin shook his head, prompting her to sit down next to him, "I saw you at the market today, you seemed pretty out of it."

"Well you know trying to decide which kind of crab is good to get is a bit hard. So of course I would kind of space out there." He shrugged it off, not really wanting to talk about what was really bothering him. Though Haruka could tell that her friend was lying, she had been friends with him for a good couple of years already, she could tell when something was wrong.

"So I've got a question, what made you suddenly interested in that guy you keep watching." Haruka said pointing at the Kamen Rider in the videos, "He was called a Kamen Rider right?"

"Yeah, he showed up in the city when a Terrorist Organization wanted to take over." Kenshin started, "I still find it pretty cool, being a major in programming and wanting to go into being a video game developer. To think that there was a hero fighting who used Video Games as the motif of all things."

"Wait seriously?" Haruka asked, "How can you even tell?"

"Well in his fights he used cartridges to give him a boost in different areas." Kenshin said forwarding the video to a point where he used a cartridge and gained super strength, "Not only that but the outfit, the red, black, and yellow helmet. Those are colors of the Famicom, as such he always called himself the Famicom Rider."

"Man Kenshin I didn't think you were such a nerd." Haruka teased, giggling at the fact that she was calling him out on knowing these things right away like muscle memory.

"Well of course I have to be." Kenshin said with a chuckle, "Otherwise I wouldn't be in programming or video game developing. Ever since I played games since I was a kid I was always enamored by video games. As I grew my interest grew and now I want to create games for people to enjoy."

"I'm honestly surprised you're not going into the same line of work as your father." Haruka admitted, causing Kenshin's eye to twitch, however she didn't notice this and continued, "Him having a programmer could work out well for him, and you two would finally be able to be together again."

"Yeah… but I'd rather not." Kenshin admitted, not wanting to act out in front of his friend, last thing he needed was showing her that he had daddy issues, "I want to forge my own path, one that makes me happy."

"I guess so…" Haruka agreed before looking up at the sky, "Hopefully you find what you want in life."

"Yeah, I hope so too." Kenshin said as he put his phone away and stared up at the sky as well.

April 28 2015

It was a nice windy night; the air had finally started to cool down after it was decently warm for the day. However not all was calm as outside a warehouse were the sounds of sirens as several police cars had been pursuing a stolen vehicle. Surprisingly the driver had managed out smart them for the most part, but he wasn't able to predict the spike strip they would set up and nearly spun out of control. The person then supposedly fled into the warehouse with the police soon surrounding it.

"What's the status?" A voice asked one of the police officers as a detective walked up to the group who were all positioned near the entrance. He wore a slick fit grey suit and shoes with a red button-up and black tie underneath. He had messy brown hair a bit of chin stubble and dull azure eyes; despite this he was still fairly young.

"Well Detective Kawaguchi, we've cornered the perpetrator but he hasn't moved out yet. We can only assume he's trying to find an escape route." A police officer replied while Kawaguchi nodded, before they heard rustling, soon seeing the criminal in question casually walk out of the warehouse with his hands up.

"Stay where you are criminal!" Another officer shouted as they all raised their guns and pointed them at him, to which the man remained calm. It could be seen now that he was wearing odd attire, he had a black button-up shirt, pants, shoes, and black fingerless gloves. The shirt was slightly unbuttoned from the top area as well as it being messy and not tucked in. Over it all he was wearing a red leather coat but it could be seen now how odd he looked despite the red coat. He had pale white skin and ruby red eyes, along with smooth silver combed back hair that went to the back of his neck.

An officer had walked up with cuffs in order to restrain the criminal however Kawaguchi realized that this was going way too easy. He quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out his pistol to try and shoot the man before the officer got too close. The man in the blink of an eye knocked the officer off of his feet before crushing the officer's stomach with his own foot, "You'll make a fine monster." He said pulling out a purple like disc and throwing it at the officer, the disc seemingly entering the man. Before the criminal could continue he was shot several times by the police officers and Kawaguchi, however all the bullets did were bounce off of him and cause small sparks.

"What the hell is this guy?" Kawaguchi asked as he got ready to fire again before the criminal began wagging his finger at them.

"You shouldn't be worried about me." The man in red said with a devilish smirk as the officer from before began to slowly rise, letting out grunts of pain and discomfort as black like ooze began emerging from his uniform, enveloping him and creating a jet black armored humanoid figure, the only detailing it had were various grey lines used to show the different armor pieces. His face was now a simple grey screen with seven dull white lines in the shape of a cube like eight. The former officer soon began letting out guttural roars of anger as tentacle like wires began to emerge from his back, forming out of the black ooze like substance that was still leaking from him, "You should be worried about him." The man in red said before the ooze began to slide down to the creatures hands, soon taking the shape of two large hand-held hammers, it raised its arms with the hammers up as a number flashed on its face, the lines lighting up to show a 9 on it. It soon slammed its hammers on the ground, the ground cracking before erupting in multiple small explosions, tossing cars, officers and causing great collateral damage to the surrounding area. Kawaguchi barely had time to get away and was knocked to the ground, trying to keep himself conscious in order to contact someone, he gritted his teeth however when he realized he was too dazed to do anything before he slipped unconscious.

May 16 2015

"Damn, even now I can't do anything about this." A voice said as gunshots were heard.

"Come on ace, I know you can do it!" Another voice called out in encouragement, "You've dealt with worse than this!"

"No, no! This is the end!" The first voice yelled out in fear before an error noise was heard.



"Damn, and here I thought you had this level beat." The second voice said, now revealed to be a man in his mid-forties, despite this he looked good for his age, he had short black hair and brown eyes, he wore khaki pants and a red short-sleeved button up shirt, "Oh well, better luck next time champ."

"Yeah…" The first voice started, revealing it to be Kenshin, "Still I managed to get farther than I did the last time." He said with a smile, bouncing back up from his short depression at losing at an arcade game.

"Yeah you did." The older man said crossing his arms before holding out his arms and pointing his fingers at the younger one, "You're pretty good."

"Pretty… good?" The younger man asked before the two began laughing, "Ah man Arata, you sure know how to make me laugh."

"Well hey; it's what I'm here to do." The older man now known as Arata replied, the two shaking hands, "I'd be failing horribly as an arcade owner if I didn't treat my customer's right. So how have you been Kenshin? How's school been treating you?"

"Well I got my first degree in programming." Kenshin replied casually, "I plan on furthering my studies but I am going to take a break. Let me tell you all that computer stuff, very complicated and overbearing. It's only now that it's over I've been able to relax."

"That's good to hear." Arata said with a smile, "I'm sure your father must be pretty proud, especially since his talent seems to be rubbing off on you." However Kenshin gave a bit of a frown at this, "Is something the matter?"

"Sorry… it's just I don't like talking about my father." Kenshin replied, "I know he's signed on to these big contracts and he did help me with a few things, but I don't like how he's been more distant with me lately." He said clenching his fists, his tone turning from uncomfortable to a hint of anger "It's like he's so engrossed in his research he doesn't want anyone else interrupting him."

"Oh come on." Arata said putting a hand on Kenshin's shoulder, trying to comfort the younger man, "I'm sure he's not doing this on purpose. I mean, you haven't stopped by in forever because of that degree you talked about. I was a bit worried about you, but you were focusing on what was important." He said before putting his other hand on Kenshin's other shoulder, "Besides, considering what you told me about his research, it sounds like he has strict deadline's so maybe that's why."

Kenshin however looked off to the side, his anger slowly subsiding, "Yeah… it's just what I don't get is why his phone is out of service." He said causing Arata to let go of him, tilting his head. Kenshin then looked at Arata, "I guess I'm just worried about him."

"If that's the case then why don't you visit him?" Arata said with a cheerful smile, trying to give Kenshin a positive idea, though all this did was make Kenshin more confused than cheerful, "You have an access card don't you?"

"That is true… I'll give it a shot." Kenshin started, "I just find it weird he's cut contact with me since a month ago though, and it's really weird and abrupt."

"He's cut contact for an entire month?" Arata asked, "Not even like a quick text or anything?"

"No, nothing, at first I thought he was just busy. But he usually has time to say he's doing fine." Kenshin started, his voice starting to show a bit of worry, "I've sent him a message every day for the past fifteen days, and he hasn't responded once."

"Then you should get going, it's already the afternoon and it's a decent drive." Arata replied as he walked past Kenshin and patted him on his shoulder, "Keep me informed alright?"

"Yeah, I will." Kenshin said as he ran for the door, passing another customer who had gotten back to playing a light gun game after eavesdropping on their conversation. Kenshin then ran out the door and immediately went over to his bike, which was a white stylized bike with blue words that read 'Mach Rider' on it. Kenshin revved up the engine and took off.

Meanwhile Arata noticed the man at the light gun machine, seeing him perform pretty well for someone he hadn't seen, "You've got good reflexes and accuracy. You play this kind of game a lot?" He asked impressed by the skill this man showed.

"Not really… it's my first time." The man said simply as he managed to get a high score on the first level without even trying. That was when Arata noticed the position at which the man held the plastic gun, it was just like a police officer's posture.

"Well you've certainly impressed me." Arata said with a smile, deciding not to let out the fact that he suspected the guy was a cop, "You've got to at least tell me your name."

"Sure, there's no harm in that." The man said as he continued to play, "The names Eiji, Eiji Kawaguchi."

It took about an hour give or take but Kenshin had finally made it to the facility, or the outskirts of it. He had to drive a mile out of town in order to get to it. The far distance was why he had moved into an apartment as his father pretty much lived at the facility. After parking his vehicle at the start of the dirt path that lead to the facility he disembarked it. He walked calmly towards the gate only to see no one was there keeping watch, tilting his head as he moved closer to the gate.

"What's going on?" He asked himself before his eyes caught a glimpse of the facility, soon turning his full attention towards it… or what was left of it. Kenshin ran over to the gate and grabbed the bars, pressing against it as he saw a badly damaged and burned facility. His thoughts quickly flashed over to his father, "Shit!" He called out as he quickly took out his key card and activated the gate, the gate however in response barely opened up.

Kenshin quickly slid through the opening and ran for the entrance, quickly opening the door which was already loose off its hinges. His eyes widened as the entire inside was a wreck, papers everywhere, equipment destroyed and non-functional, "Father!" He called out only to get no response, "Father!" He gave another yell before quickly running to where he remembered his father's office was. His eyes wandered every now and again, seeing all the burn marks and being surprised that this place was still standing. After opening the door to the office he ventured inside. However it had no clues or signs of his father in it whatsoever.

"Damn it…" Kenshin said as he fell to his knees, "Just what kind of mess did you get yourself into?" He asked before he heard some movement in one of the other offices. He quickly entered his father's office and hid under the desk, seeing something in a pitch black bodysuit and white armor walk by, "What the hell?" He muttered before feeling something cold on his back. He slowly moved out of the desk and turned to see what it was, seeing that it was a silver briefcase. Knowing that this had to be special if it was in his father's office he grabbed it and carefully made his way back to the entrance. Just as he opened the door he was greeted with a punch to the face, however he held up the briefcase and landed on his back as a result.

"Well what do we have here?" A voice asked, belonging to the man, or rather, being that punched Kenshin. It was the same thing he had caught a glimpse at earlier, it was indeed a man in a black bodysuit that was very fit to the man, as if it was a second skin. Lastly he had white armor that covered all around the area's it was in, the feet, shins, thighs, stomach, chest, back, shoulders, biceps, forearms, and hands. It had a rounded white helmet with a black v-shaped visor as well as a silver rectangular plate as a mouthpiece.

"What kind of costumed hell am I in right now?" Kenshin asked as he finally regained his senses, only to see the strange creature or rather man in front of him, "Just what are you?"

"I don't need to answer questions." The armored being replied simply, "What I want is that briefcase, I was looking for it."

"Do you know my father?" Kenshin asked as the armored being shook his head.

"What difference does it make?" The being scoffed as he slowly approached his prey.

"Then I know I'm not going to let you have it." Kenshin stated as he slowly rose, keeping a tight grip on the briefcase, "If it was in my father's office then this is important to him. I can't let you have it!" Kenshin broke off in a run quickly smacking the being in the head with it and managing to make it stagger. He then ran out the front door and made his way back towards the gate.

"You're not going anywhere kid!" The being yelled out as he busted through the doors. His armor began to let off steam slowly but surely, it was as if he would burst into flames any second, "I'm taking that briefcase!" He yelled out as he began to let off more steam, before bursting into flames. His black bodysuit turned a navy blue with his armor turning bright red. Flames circled around him before gathering in his palm, the flames taking the shape of a mallet before growing into a more larger and cartoon-like state. When the flames subsided a large mallet was seen with the being holding it like it was a pen.

"What is in here that makes you want it so badly?" Kenshin questioned before opening up the briefcase and seeing a manual before brushing it off to the side soon seeing a handheld gaming-like device and a blank blue cartridge, his eyes widening, having a feeling he knew what it was, "Father… just what were you working on?"

"Hey! Get away from that!" The being yelled out as he charged forward, raising the mallet over his head as Kenshin quickly grabbed the items inside. The being swung down as Kenshin threw the briefcase in the path of the attack, it getting hit as he slipped away. The being tilted its head, wondering where Kenshin went before noticing Kenshin had run off towards the side.

"Okay… Kenshin, calm down, calm down. If this is what I think it is, it may be my only hope for surviving…" He said to himself before noticing the back of the gaming device, there were two thin slots at the very edges. It also had a slot at the top of the back for the cartridge to go into. He then placed it against his stomach a silver belt strap shooting out and forming around his body, strapping the device to himself.


Kenshin felt something jolt through him in that moment before he noticed the being's attention was on him again. The being jumped forward and slammed its hammer down at the young man who somehow managed to back-flip out of harm's way. The being was clearly shocked by this newfound skill Kenshin had used, staying where it was for now. Landing but nearly falling due to surprise, "Did I just do that?!" He asked before looking at the cartridge and noticing there was one button on the device that was highlighted, the start button. He pressed the start button, wondering what would happen.


"Alright…" Kenshin started looking at the cartridge he was holding before looking at the monster, "Looks like this really is my only hope for surviving," He said, determination filling his voice before he slammed the cartridge into the slot on the top of the device.



Authors Notes: What, did you really think I was going to unveil the main rider in the first chapter? Don't be silly. Also that first Rider you saw in the little intro bit, he's pretty much an homage to the FamiKamen Rider. He won't be showing up too much but let's just say he has a semi-important role in the story.