Well, this is the first BMFM fic I've ever written, and I haven't watched the show in a few years, so be kind.  By the way, I couldn't think of a decent title for this thing.  Any suggestions?  Enjoy!  ~Foenixfyre


            Charlene Davidson, better known as Charlie, sat on the roof of the Last Chance Garage and stared out over the Chicago skyline.  The night was beautiful, and a balmy breeze gently ruffled her mane of auburn hair, but she wasn't smiling.

            I can't believe that they're leaving tomorrow.  It's not fair.  Yeah, I can see how they'd be needed back on Mars, but what about Earth?  What about me?

            The mice had received a message from Stoker early that morning.  The High Command of the Resistance had issued a recall of all Freedom Fighters.  They were planning a big push that might end the war on Mars, and the Bikers were desperately needed.  A ship would be arriving the next day to take them home.

            Charlie's heart was breaking.

            A tear slid down her cheek, and she sniffled, raising her arm to wipe the tear away on her sleeve.  But another one followed, and then another, until there were too many to stop.  She buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

            "What's wrong, Charlie-girl?"

            His voice jerked her spine straight, and she frantically tried to stem the whimpers that fought in her throat.  There was no way she'd let him see her crying.  No way she'd let him know how much his leaving was tearing her heart in two.  "Nothing, Throttle.  Just some dust in my eye."  She dredged up a weak smile, and turned around to face him.  "Shouldn't you be packing?  Or do you plan to leave everything behind when you go?" 

Like you're leaving me?

Throttle shrugged and grinned at her, the same cocky smile that had stolen her heart.  "I'm all packed up.  An' don't try to change the subject.  A little dust doesn't make you cry like you've lost your best friend."  He sat next to her and bumped her shoulder.  "So, gonna tell me what's buggin' you?"

Charlie turned her head away to stare back at the sky.  "I'll miss you guys when you leave.  You've all been such a big part of my life these past three years, and now you're leaving, just like that.  Kinda hurts inside, ya know?"

"We'll never forget you, Charlie-girl.  Once we've got this thing beat, we'll come back to visit.  You know that."

Despair made her voice sharp.  "Are you sure Carbine will let you?  She's never been keen on your being here in the first place.  Probably won't like your coming back."

Throttle's voice was quiet.  "Carbine may be my girl, but she doesn't run my life.  I don't forget my friends, Charlene."

His use of her full name almost made her break down again.  He only used it in the most serious of moments.  "I know that," she whispered.  "It still hurts."  She twisted around to look at him, and found herself staring into two garnet eyes.  Her breath caught.

"Charlie-girl, I…"  Whatever Throttle wanted to say became trapped in his throat; she could see him trying to fight the words out of his mouth.

She wasn't sure who moved first, but suddenly she was wrapped in his strong arms, lips pressed against his.  His mobile tongue tickled the corners of her mouth, and she opened her lips just enough for it to slip inside.  Who could have known that one simple kiss could be so mind-blowing?  Who would have guessed that this could feel so right?

One hand gently, desperately, grasped the side and back of her head, forbidding escape.  The other grappled with the hem of her shirt, pulling it from her waistband and sliding up her back.  She fought to help him, lifting her arms so that he could slip it over her head.  She was fighting with the neck, having failed to unbutton any buttons, when-

"Hey, Bro!  You up there?!"

Vinnie's voice was like a douse of cold water.  They froze, and stared at each other.  Charlie could feel her face flush with shame and embarrassment.

"Throttle?  Dude, what's up?"

An unidentifiable gleam in his eyes, Throttle stepped carefully away from her.  "Yeah, I'm up here.  Charlie-girl and I were just talkin'."

"Modo's got the dogs out, and they need to get cooked!  Charlie, sweetheart, I'm hungry!"

She turned away and struggled to get her shirt back on.  Somehow, she managed to sound normal as she called down.  "I'll be there in a sec, Vinnie.  Keep your shirt on!"  Oops, bad choice of words.


She took a breath and faced Throttle.  "I'm sorry.  I don't know what came over me.  It's just that… Never mind.  Let's forget about it, okay?"

He studied her carefully, and she felt as though he was trying to peer directly into her soul.  "You and I both know it's not that easy, Charlie-girl.  This can't happen between us, no matter how much we might want it." 

"I know that," she whispered.  "You've got Carbine waiting for you, and even if she wasn't in the picture, we'd never make it work.  Too many differences."  She clutched her arms around herself and tried to stop her body from trembling.  "But it doesn't make it any easier."

"I'm sorry, Charlie-girl."

She nodded, refusing to meet his eyes.  "Tell Vinnie I'm be down in a bit, okay?  I… just need a few minutes to myself."

"All right."

Charlie could hear as he climbed down the ladder and joined his bros.  Their rough, masculine voices rose in excitement as they discussed the next day's trip.  She raised her eyes to the sky, and let one last tear fall from her green eyes.  "It doesn't make it any easier."

*            *            *

The ship that flew in the next day used a cloaking devise to hide itself from the eyes of humans, and landed in an empty field outside the city.  Charlie waited with Vinnie, Modo and Throttle to say her goodbyes.  The door opened, and a ramp rolled out, stopping just short of the waiting bikes.  She turned to the three bros with a half-hearted grin on her face.  "Well, I guess this is it.  Go knock 'em dead, guys."

Modo nodded silently and gave her a small hug.  "We'll miss ya, Charlie-ma'am." 

"I'll miss you too; you know that."  She managed a better smile, and returned the hug with interest.  "You're always welcome at the garage."  With that, he walked up the ramp, followed closely by his bike.

Throttle glanced at her, discomfort evident in his eyes.  "Bye, Charlie.  Good luck."  She nodded, unable to speak, and he followed his bro.

She turned to see Vinnie staring at her, questions in his eyes.  "Kick some ass, Vinnie."

He swung her up in a powerful embrace, and asked quietly, "You're not gonna tell me what that was all about, are you?"

She shook her head.  "No."

He let out a sigh.  "Didn't think so.  You sure you don't want to come with us?  I'd be willin' to give up my bachelor ways for you, Beautiful."

His words got a laugh.  "What, and deny the women of the universe your studly body?  That would be an absolute crime."  They smiled at each other, and then Vinnie's face grew serious.

"He really cares about you, ya know.  Carbine's, well…"

Charlie shook her head again.  "It couldn't work.  Just make sure he's happy, okay?"  He nodded, and then jumped on his racer.  He popped a wheelie before gunning up the ramp to join the others inside.  Charlie could hear raised voices yelling at him for the stunt.  The ramp rolled up, and the door slid closed, and the ship took off, resuming its cloak.  She continued waving until long after she thought it would be out of sight.

*            *            *