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An irritated sigh pierced the chilly late night air. The young woman it emanated from, folded her arms in an attempt to shield herself from the cold. She had been sitting on a weathered stone bench in the middle of a quiet grotto for quite some time now, just waiting. She wasn't exactly dressed for any sort of cold as evident from her thin black zip-up hoodie over a short-sleeved t-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans and high-top canvas sneakers; definitely not the type of apparel you would want to wear in the middle of the night during early Spring.

Her irritation grew as she took out her cell phone the check the time: 2:23 AM. Almost a half hour she had been out there waiting for him to show up, and he was the one that wanted to meet with her! Why he couldn't just meet at her at her apartment like a normal person was beyond her. Then again there was nothing really normal about that guy. With another sigh, she wandered over to a small pond and squatted down by the water's edge gazing out over the glassy like surface she began absentmindedly skipping stones across the water.

Despite her stones disturbing the stillness of the pond, the moon reflected off the water's surface like a mirror beautifully, illuminating the grotto in its pale silvery light. If only it was warmer, the woman would not have minded being out there for so long in fact she may have had enjoyed it; the tranquility of the nature made garden was relaxing to her. She made a note to remember how to get back to this forest oasis, maybe she would come back sometime that week for a picnic or a nap luckily it wasn't too far from her home.

Her thoughts halted as a slight rustling somewhere behind her caught her attention. Cautiously rising to her feet, she turned to pinpoint the origin of the noise. Her whole body tensed as she heard the rustling again, louder this time and this time several feet to her right moving quickly through the brush towards the clearing; whatever it was it was going to be on top of her in seconds. In seemingly one split second and a flash of light, a blonde haired man wearing a plain white collared shirt and jeans emerged from the shadowed woods surrounding the grotto however he was frozen in place by a sleek ebony katana blade to his throat.

"Yeesh, Leya I know I'm late but you don't have to take my head off for it!" The man's voice yelled in faux fear. Leya groaned in slight annoyance after recognizing the man and lowered her sword, willing it to dissipate into a cloud of pixels.

"This isn't a battlefield so you don't have to worry about danger out here but I have got to admit that you have gotten remarkably fast with that thing." He added clearly impressed.

"Alex Dowski! You freaking scared me, you jerk!" Leya shouted back with a playful undertone in her voice. Alex finally showing up and the compliment quelled her irritation enough for her to be back in a relatively good mood.

"I'm cold, tired, and on edge 'cause somebody decided call a meeting in the middle of the woods at night, decided to take their sweet ass time getting here and then thought the coming out of the bushes like a creep instead of taking the path was a good idea!" Leya was annoyed but nowhere near enough for her to be actually mad at Alex. Out of her four closest friends, Alex seemed to know how push her buttons without truly annoying her.

"Oof...first and last name?" Alex visibly cringed. "My bad, I lost track of time while I was running some maintenance tests. Running a digital city isn't all fun and games, you know. Well...sometimes it is." Leya rolled her eyes as Alex chuckled.

"But that's beside the point, I did have a reason for asking you out here."

"Does that reason include an explanation as to why you couldn't just come to my house and tell me or why it had to be in the middle of the night?" Leya asked genuinely concerned but still annoyed putting her hands on her hips. If it was a private matter it wasn't like many people knew where she lived; only ones that knew were her close friends and her dad.

Alex shook his head. "Too risky, I didn't want the possibility of the others finding out just yet...considering this matter involves that little stunt you pulled a few years ago." Alex added with a smug look on his face.

Leya chuckled sheepishly. "Oh that…You aren't still mad at me for that are you?"

"No of course not!" Sarcasm coated his voice, "It's not like you died and I had to bring you back without the others, Gennai, or even the most of the sovereigns finding out about it or anything!"

"Hey! I wasn't... technically dead… Just like…comatose…?" She couldn't bring herself to believe her own lie. Four years ago -a year before the dreadful siege of Odaiba-, Leya had faced down the largest threat that either worlds had seen in ages. A Digimon with so much power he was practically a god -Omega Strikemon- in a war that cost many a Digidestined their lives. After one battle she was in took a horrible turn, Leya had took it upon herself to seal away the evil being for everyone's sakes. However, instead of a permanent seal like she had hoped, her life force alone could only sustain it for a year. Thankfully, it was just enough time for her friends and the remaining Digidestined forces to regroup, retaliate and prepare for the final battle against Omega Strikemon. With the help of her digital partner, Gilamon, Alex had managed to revive Leya within a few days after the seal had broken with no one besides the Digimon sovereign who gave Leya the power of her crest, Baihumon, finding out the truth.

"Anyway," Alex folded his arms, immediately sounding serious, "I need to check on your scar." That caused suspicion to rise in Leya.

"And this couldn't wait until next month when I'm supposed to get it?"

"No...It's just some health concerns that I've noticed could pop up before then."

"Five years you've been my Digi-Doc and you've never sounded that serious over any of my check-ups before...even the very first ones" Leya locked eyes with Alex, trying to gauge just how bad things might be for this surprise check-up. His snickering did well to mask it though.

"You know I hate that nickname..."

"And I hate surprise check-ups so I think we are even." Alex simply rolled his eyes and took out a smartphone looking device from his pocket. After a minute or two of him typing something on the screen, he held it up towards the clearing. Instantly, the device emitted a bright blue light and a circular portal appeared in front of the two causing Leya's jaw to drop. On the other side of it was a futuristic lab with dozens of monitors lining one of the walls, a variety of complicated looking machinery on the other and an armor less snow white Flamedramon with white wings folded behind him wearing dark blue combat pants was lounging on a sofa in a corner.

"Th-That's your lab...in the Digital World...!" Leya exclaimed dumbfounded.

"How did you do that?!" Alex smirked and walked through the wormhole. Leya followed, feeling a sudden rush of warm air as she passed the portal. Sure enough, she was no longer in the forest grotto but in Alex's lab

"It's just a little pet project I've been working on over the years. I should be able to update all of our Digivices to do it real soon. It's going to be immensely helpful to us, considering the amount of missions Gennai sends us on compared to all the other Digidestined in the world." Leya gave a sound of approval as she made her way over to the sleeping Digimon on the couch. Quietly, she stood where his head rested on the couch arm and with a marker she had picked up nearby, doodled a tiny handlebar mustache under his nose and a monocle on one of his eyes. Stifling her laughter after admiring her work, Leya went over to the medical table that just looked like an oversized gurney that Alex rolled out from somewhere and hopped on top of it. Alex had went over to a short metal desk and took out a small tablet from one of the drawers then walked over to the monitor wall. Using the tablet like a wireless keyboard, he typed in some commands he started bringing up Leya's medical records and information concerning her past check-ups.

Alex's Digi-portal was ingenious, Leya thought. Having that installed on their Digivices would significantly cut down on travel time back and forth the Real and Digital worlds. Running around looking for an internet-enabled computer that no one was using in a time sensitive situation was cumbersome to say the least. While she did have high levels of respect towards the digital being, she often found it unfair that Gennai had their group of five constantly on assignment when there was thousands of able bodied Digidestined around the world. There was actually a point in time where she herself was left behind often as the missions tended to be high-risk or large scale battles -rather than her forte of reconnaissance- calling on the help of the more battle-worn Digidestined: Alex, Trace Hinata, Elegon Laze, and Will Murphy. It wasn't until recently that Leya really started taking on larger scale missions whether solo or leading other Digidestined.

A sudden wave of dread and anger washed over Leya when she thought about the Irish Digidestined, Will Murphy. Will had fallen out of contact with everyone six months ago. While it wasn't abnormal for him to venture off on his own weeks or even months at a time, Will had always left a message or checked in with someone at least once. For all anyone knew, Will could have gotten lost somewhere in a new part of the Digital World as it is constantly expanding as technology advances or had been dead in a ditch somewhere for who knows how long but Leya refused to assume the worse. She was as worried as she was pissed off with Will for going M.I.A and couldn't decide whether she would hug or punch him when he finally showed back up.

"Hey, I'm ready." Alex's voice pulled Leya out of her thoughts. She nodded took off her hoodie and shirt leaving her only black sports bra on. She then tied up her hair with a band she had in her pocket so her long brown hair didn't cover her back. Instinctively she crossed her arms over her breasts and groaned as slight blush formed on her face. Five years and she still got embarrassed when she had to get her scar checked. It wasn't like Alex ever had ill intentions nor would he ever; he was gay and one of her best friends so it wasn't like he was going to take advantage of her. She took a deep breath and relaxed. Noticing she was calmer, Alex gently put a hand on her shoulder and with his other he took a small flashlight and shined the like on the small of her back. The light shone on her seemingly scar-less back, until the skin that was under the light began to sink in on itself like a deflated ball. Where there was once flawless skin there was now a deep and ugly scar from the top of her waist to the middle of her back along her spine. Alex scanned the length of the scar, so far nothing seemed out of the ordinary; it was healing nicely and in several places Leya's actual skin had started to form over it. At this rate there were only a few more months for Leya to wear the camouflaging bandage left. Just as he was about to turn off the flashlight something caught Alex's eye. A vein that damaged from the scar was discolored; instead of the normal blueish-green color of a vein this one was a sickly purplish color.

Alex's brow furrowed. This was beyond concerning. If what he had been worried about was happening to Leya, and with what was going on in the Digital World now beginning to affect her scar, she was in serious danger. He then examined her abdominal area the same way, however there were no signs of any discolored veins. With a sigh, he turned off the flashlight and almost instantly the 'skin' had reformed over Leya's scar.

"Alright I'm done." Alex typed his findings on the tablet as Leya put her shirt and hoodie back on. Alex put on a smile to hide his concern.

"Your scar is healing up faster than I thought, you should be able to take off the bandage in a few months or so." Leya nodded, a lot less enthusiastic than he anticipated.

"Uh-huh…So what's the bad news?" Alex was thrown off by the suddenness of her question. He was sure that he didn't give any sort of body language away to tip her off.

"W-what makes you say that?" Leya stared at him with a knowing gaze.

"I noticed you had slightly squeezed my shoulder while you were eyeing my scar. It was so subtle that if I was paying attention to something I would not have noticed at all. Then you tried to hide the fact you found something wrong with the good news first. Honestly, I don't think you would've told me what you found at all." Alex swore under his breath. Leya's intuition was spot on and her ability to read people was astonishing. Everything she had pointed out was right.

"Yeah you're right. There is some bad news." Alex admitted. As much as he didn't want to admit it, lying to Leya would be ten times worse and he didn't want to add another lie on top of the big one he had already told her. At least with this truth she could do something about it and not blame herself for what happened.

"There's this weird virus appearing around the Digital World. At first it only infected Digimon altering their code, their appearance you know minor stuff. But then it started mutating…the rate of the infection grew and the effects of it were direr. The virus started to cause drastic changes in behavior to those infected, mainly rises in aggression are apparent but we found that the corruption was especially devastating to Digimon with crest-bearing partners. The virus could cause the whole crest to become corrupted thereby severing the link between Digimon and Digidestined." Leya could understand what the severity of the virus meant to her and Gilamon separately but that still didn't explain why that was related to her scar.

"Wait hang on! You said this was a virus affecting Digimon, so what does that have to do with me?" Alex's face grew dark and he refused to make eye contact with her.


"Because of the extent of your injuries I had to make some parts of you digital like me so you could live normally…So you aren't a completely digital being like me or Gennai but you aren't completely human either… " Alex's eyes finally met with Leya's, he could see the panic beginning to well up inside her as she realized what he was getting at. He didn't need to say it out loud for her to know what was wrong.

You are infected. You, your partner, and you crest are going to be corrupted.

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