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THIS BELONGS TO MY TENDENCIES SERIES. If you want how they got together and everything else, start with Obsession, then Glaze, then Quiver. Score is the aftermath, happy ending.

This fic has fumbling awkward first time for a couple who's been together for a while. It's not meant to be anything more than that. Part of the 'S' series available on tumblr (there's a bunch available now), but entirely too long to put there, hence the dorky title. It's sex, but it's not explicit.

Big fat warnings: Inappropriate puns, fantastical first times, Plagg is and will always be a little shit.


"Are you sure?" he asked, rolling onto his back on his bed. Hand behind his head, he propped himself up and stared at the ceiling.

His cell rested on the bed beside him, Marinette's voice echoing through the speaker. "Of course I'm sure. I suggested it. We've skirted around it enough, don't you think?"

"Yeah, but I don't want to rush or put pressure on you."

She scoffed. "You don't even know the meaning of that word."

He frowned. "Yeah, I—"

"Adrien, you're eighteen tomorrow. We've come so close, so many times."

"That doesn't mean—"

She laughed. "'Just the tip.'"

With a conspiring glance at the sleeping Plagg, he sat up and picked up his cell to hold it closer to his mouth. "Hey, you can't blame me for that one. That was your suggestion."

"Tell me it wasn't the best thing we've done. Tell me you weren't tempted to slip it in all the way."

"Well," he said, dragging the word out as long as he could.

"Think of it as a birthday present," she crooned and he imagined her lying on her bed, twirling a strand of hair around her finger. "Unless you want a plain old head or hand job. Boring." She sang the word to tease him.

"What do you want?"

Her voice turned sultry. "I want to be able to look you in the eyes when you come inside me."

He swallowed heavily as the thought of that slithered straight down the middle of his body and a warm, lazy heat settled between his legs. "I'll be there in five minutes."

She laughed, a gentle chorus of bells. "You're incorrigible."

"You suggested it." He flopped back on his bed and put his hand on his forehead. "Now I'm not going to be able to sleep any time soon. Cold showers are in order. How about tomorrow?"

"It's my boyfriend's birthday and I'm having dinner with his parents," she teased. "I really should show up for that."

"I can cancel."

"How about we get a hotel?" she suggested. "Lots of time. Space. No parents."

He hummed, his mind ticking over. "How about a whole weekend?"

"Chat, it doesn't need to be fancy," she replied and he could hear the frown in her voice. "We don't need to make a big deal—"

"No, hear me out," he rushed. "Loire Valley. We could make a weekend of it. Take the train down to Tours and stay in a Châteaux. See the sights. Do the whole romance thing. We've never been away before when it's just the two of us. It could be really fun."

She sounded sceptical. "Adrien, I can afford a hotel, but a weekend away is not in my budget right now. And a Châteaux?"

"My treat."

Now she sounded cross, "No, that's not fair. A hotel was my idea as a birthday treat and—"

He smiled so she could hear it in his voice, "Loire Valley is famous for its flowers and wines."


He pressed on. "Just think about it. Let me spoil you for once. Please?"

"You had me at 'flowers'."

He laughed. "Are you free this weekend?"

"Wow. You are eager!"

"I'd like to finish inside you while being able to gaze into your eyes too," he said.

"Ugh, you're so proper. Say it with me. 'You want to dance the horizontal tango with me'."


"You wanna go balls deep."


"Play hide the salami. Get some booty. Fornicate. Rub uglies."

"C'mon. Stop."

"Sex. You wanna make sweet, sweet love to me," she crooned. "At least say that."

He allowed himself an exasperated sigh, then put a deliberate purr in his voice. "I want to make love to you."

"Then I am absolutely free this weekend," she said, sounding entirely too happy about that. "But are you?"

"I can make myself free."

She giggled. "Alright. I'll let Nath and Chloé know we're going to be out of town."

"Just don't tell them why."

"I'm planning on blabbing to everyone who'll listen," she teased. "Adrien Agreste is going to give it to me, hard, this weekend. The newspapers will have a field day."

He groaned.

"Yes," she crooned. "That's it. Do it again."

"Hanging up now."

"Love you," she chirped.

He grinned into the phone. "Love you too, see you tomorrow."

Telling Marinette's parents was as easy as saying, "Mom, Papa, I'm not going to be home this weekend. Adrien and I are going away," and then enduring the hugs, knowing looks and advice from Tom.

Telling Adrien's parents, on the other hand, was a trial. "Dad, Marinette and I are going away this weekend."

Gabriel looked up from his desk with a frown. Reaching across to his tablet, he said, "Isn't the preliminary photoshoot for the winter line-up this weekend?"

"I was hoping I could either do it first thing Friday, or Sunday afternoon when I get back."

Gabriel raised an eyebrow and thumbed through the calendar. "You want me to rearrange the entire schedule of models, make-up artists and photographers so you can go away this weekend?"

Adrien swallowed. Small chance of that happening but he still wanted to try. "Yes."

Gabriel still looked like he didn't quite believe him. "You're serious?"


Gabriel's eyes narrowed a fraction. "What's so important about this weekend that you made an impulsive decision to go away?"

"I need to put a condom on a banana."

While Adrien's pocket snickered, Gabriel rocked back in his chair. The tablet slipped out of his fingers and fell flat on the desk. A ghost of a smile, quickly smothered. "I beg your pardon?"

"I'll send you a photo of it, if you want. Just so you can make sure the condom is on the banana properly."

Gabriel pinched the bridge of his nose. "Can you put the Chat sass aside for a minute?"

"Nope. Can't you hack it, old man?"

Stern father was back. "Adrien, I am not going to rearrange all those people just so you can get into Marinette's pants. It's not professional."

He knew that, but he still tried. "Not even as a birthday present?"

"If it's that…" Gabriel tapped his fingers together. "… urgent… she could always stay over here for—"

Adrien interrupted, "We want it to be special."

Gabriel sighed. He picked up his tablet again and thumbed through the calendar. "This weekend is impossible. The best I can do is schedule you first on Saturday."

Adrien drooped, disappointed.

"However," Gabriel continued. "Next weekend's schedule can be rearranged, if you're willing to wait. And leave late on Friday."

He brightened. "That would be paw-some. Thank you."

As Adrien bounced for the door, Gabriel added, "I suppose it would be too much to ask you to take your bodyguard along."

Adrien froze. "No." Turning around, he resorted to begging. "Please. Have mercy."

Gabriel snorted and waved his hand. "Fine. Don't advertise where you're going and give Nathalie an itinerary."

Adrien nodded. "Of course. Thank you."

"Make sure the condom stays on that banana. I love Marinette, but I'm not ready to be a grandfather."

"A what?" Félicie asked from just outside the doorway, having caught the tail end of the conversation. She strode into Gabriel's office. "What? Is Marinette—"

"No, Mom," Adrien blurted and put his hand on her shoulder. "Dad's teasing me. Marinette and I are having a weekend away, that's all."

Félicie smiled. "How romantic. Are you going to pop the question?"

At his desk, Gabriel made a choking sound. Adrien forgot how to breathe.

"Don't you think he's a bit young for that?"

Félicie waved her hand at him. "Pssh. You asked me the first time at eighteen."

"If I recall correctly, you said no. You wanted to experience the world," Gabriel said. "So does Marinette."

"No reason she can't do that with Adrien," Félicie dismissed. "Their fates are already intertwined, why wait?"

Adrien squeaked, then cleared his throat. "I'm not asking her." He jerked a finger at Félicie. "And don't you start dropping hints to Sabine that I might. We're not ready for that."

Félicie laughed. "Sabine said you'd say that."

Adrien couldn't escape the room fast enough.

Marinette didn't mind postponing, but she did take the opportunity to tease him about it. They stood on the stairs outside her college, chatting before she headed to class and he headed over to his school. Because of their education choices, they had to go to different schools and sometimes he had to schedule time to see her. Fortunately, Esmod and Edhec were close so sometimes it was just easier to see her in the snatches of time he stole giving her a lift to class. "So, I guess my hotel idea was a pretty good one."

"So is my idea of going away for the weekend," he said. "Just because we need to wait a little longer, doesn't mean it won't be amazing."

She walked her fingers up his chest. Gripping the collar of his jacket, she pulled him closer. "We can still do a hotel."

Hands warming her hips, he teased, "You were complaining I was the eager one."

"I suppose I could use the extra time to search for the perfect negligee."

His tongue felt too big for his mouth. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Depends," she asked coyly and fluttered her eyelashes at him. "Is it working?"


She beamed, then grew serious, smoothing out his jacket and lost eye contact with him. "You're… sure, right? I know I've teased a lot but, you really are sure? I'm not pressuring you?"

"You're not pressuring me," he reassured and pressed his lips to her forehead. "I want this. I want you. I'm looking forward to seeing this negligee."

She gusted out a breathy sigh. "Good." Leaning into him, she murmured, "I need to go. If we're going away next weekend that means I need to get the project that's due that Monday done this weekend, which means I need to get preliminary designs to my professor…" She cringed. "Today. Tomorrow at the latest and hope she has time to review them before Friday."

He felt bad. She was living her dream, taking her first steps toward being a certified fashion designer while he, still not entirely sure what he wanted to do with his life beyond be a part of hers, had opted for business and finance. Numbers intrigued him and while it wasn't physics, at least he could put his degree to use in his father's company. Or Marinette's if she chose. And, unlike Marinette, he had enough money from both his modelling career and his parents that he could afford to do several degrees before he had to make up his mind. "Sorry."

"Don't be," she said, rising on her tip toe so she could kiss him. Although she grew taller than her mother, his bug barely came up to the top of Adrien's chest now, a fact he liked and she loathed. While it wasn't as huge as the height difference between Tom and Sabine, there were times it was still comical. "Totally worth it."

Accepting the kiss, he said, "I can come help you Saturday after the shoot."

"You'll hinder more than help," she said. "But I won't object to a certain kitty if he drops in for snack time."

He dropped his bottom lip. Sliding his hands along her hips, he hunkered over so he was eye to eye with her for the full pout effect. "Just snacks?"

"This is why you'll be a hinder more than a help," she teased.

He lifted her hand to his lips. "I'll be good."

Pulling it out of his grip, she stroked her finger along his nose. "No, you won't and I wouldn't have you any other way."

Nino had been beyond excited to find Marinette and Adrien were going away for the weekend. He exploded with helpful and very unnecessary advice about pleasing a partner, much to Adrien's chagrin. Alya, apparently, had given Marinette a similar lecture, supplied her with a box of flavoured condoms and dragged her off lingerie shopping.

Their best friends had even gone as far as to see them off at the train station on Friday night. Marinette and Adrien were already exhausted from the day's events. Adrien's day had been filled with photoshoots slotted between classes, Marinette had two assignments due, not including the one she had to deliver on Monday. As exciting as it was to be going away, Adrien thought the only thing which was going to happen tonight was some well-deserved sleep.

Alya hugged Marinette tight, with mock tears about how her best friend was all grown up now and declaring she needed a play-by-play upon her return. Every second word which came out of Nino's mouth was innuendo. Adrien seriously considered taping it shut, just to get some peace. By the exasperated look in Marinette's eyes as she peeked at him over Alya's shoulder, she felt the same way.

"C'mon, Alya. It's just a weekend away. Stop making it a big deal."

Alya pulled away, gripping both of Marinette's shoulders. "My baby is all grown up!"

"If I knew you were going to be like this, I wouldn't have mentioned anything."

"Just remember," Nino said.

Adrien puffed out a breath and blew his bangs away from his forehead. "Nino, I swear, one more piece of advice—"

"Reeeeelaaaax," Nino drawled. "Have fun and relax!"

Adrien pulled a face. Reaching down to pick up his bag, he announced, "Getting on the train now. See you Sunday. Maybe."

Nino laughed.

Picking the side of the train opposite to the platform, Adrien stowed their bags and gave Marinette the window seat. "It's a shame it's night time," he said, flopping into his seat. "The countryside is pretty."

Marinette sunk into her chair with a sigh, pressed her forehead to the glass and closed her eyes.

"Tough week?"

"They figured out who you were this week," she muttered.

He stilled. "Are you okay?"

Opening her eyes, she stared out the window and sighed. "I am. I just…"

"You want to be Marinette, designer extraordinaire, not Marinette, leech to the Agreste name."

She sighed again. "Gabriel was a guest this week. He didn't say anything to me that would be deemed unprofessional. There was not even a hint that he might know me outside school."

"He wouldn't do that to you."

She nodded. "He knew I hadn't brought in the sketchbook with my best designs, the one I worked on with him, and he didn't say a thing. But there was a photo in the slideshow our professor put together, a family portrait. You, in glorious colour… eyes just fell on me. Siobhan… was very vocal afterward."

"Do you want me to—"

Her reflection smiled. "Chloé took care of it. She always knows when one of her hive feels threatened, and she turned up at school with Sabrina, all pomp and glory and whisked me off to lunch. In her Chloé way, she made it so Siobhan knew I rubbed shoulders with a lot of important people, and Chloé wasn't going to tolerate any one trying to hurt my career."

He smiled and gave silent thanks. "So, why the long face?"

She switched, leaning against his shoulder instead of moping against the glass. "It was just… icing on the cake, I guess. A reminder that this is going to happen a lot and I have to deal with your shadow. I wasn't as ready for it as I thought I was."

His heart ached for her. Normally this sort of thing didn't matter to her, but she also knew she was just as human as he was and prone to moments of self-depreciation. It must've been a hard week. He slung an arm around her so she was leaning on his chest instead. "Is this your way of saying you're breaking up with me after our sordid weekend away?"

Nino and Alya banged on the opposite window and pulled faces or making crude hands gestures through the glass as the train pulled away. Adrien smiled and saluted.

Waving, Marinette said, "Not a chance. You're stuck with me."


"Just don't be surprised if there's a sudden increase in overly flirty girls standing out the front of the school or asking if you need anything and trying to get some of that Agreste favour they think I have."

"As long as you're aware that there's going to be an increase of cheating claims so you'll break up with me."

"You have the best protection against that," she said, and patted the pocket Plagg snuggled in. "A constant chaperone and conscience. I don't fear the rumours."

"I'll scratch their eyes out," Plagg mumbled.

Marinette laughed.

"Don't let them get to you, Princess."

"I know my worth," she said. "I earned where I am."

"You did."

"And I'm getting laid this weekend," she said, brightening. "Nothing is going to drag me down."

Adrien laughed and kissed her head.

It was close to midnight by the time they arrived at the Châteaux and by the time they'd been escorted to their room and had a morning meal ordered it was even later.

Adrien had booked a suite with a separate lounge so the kwami would have some space. Both Tikki and Plagg assured them they knew this was a natural human thing, with Tikki promising Plagg would be discreet, something he vehemently denied and muttering about gross human customs and face licking.

Leaving Tikki and Plagg in the lounge with their cookies and cheese, Adrien and Marinette retired to the bedroom and ignored Plagg's teasing moans.

Flopping face first onto the bed, Marinette groaned and toed the heel of her shoes so they slipped from her feet and onto the floor. She spread her arms out, then groped for a pillow. "I am never moving again. Too many late nights this week."

Sitting at the end of the bed, he bend to undo his laces. "You have no stamina."

"Lies. I had two assignments due and I barely finished the one which is due on Monday. Not to mention patrol and training. "

"I had to get up at three this morning so I could get through hair and make-up for sunrise. Then school, then back in hair and make-up by three again for the sunset shoot. I completely missed out on all my cat-naps this week so I could clear my assignments too. Just so I could have a weekend away and rock your world."

"Yeah, well—"

He laughed. "We're not bantering about how tired we are."

Draping her arm across her face, she moaned, "All this trouble for a weekend away."

"Worth it." He put his hand on her belly and tickled. "Don't you want to shower?"


He sighed. "Budge over."

"My bed," she said. Her arm flopped away from her face so she sprawled across the bed more. "Get your own."

"You have to share," he said, tugging her hand. "You can't lie on top of the blankets or go to bed fully clothed."

A moan. "Watch me."

Standing, he grabbed her by the knees and dragged her down the bed. "C'mon," he said, rotating her legs so she'd roll on to her back. She fought him by becoming completely encumbered by gravity and unable to move. "Go wash your face, clean your teeth and get out of your clothes."

She pouted. "So romantic."

"Not going for romance, going for comfort." Bending down, he pressed a hand into the mattress on either side of her and tucked his knee between her legs. "I want you well rested."

Marinette's pupils enlarged and her eyes widened a fraction. When her lips parted, he bent down and kissed her nose. "I smell like train and I'm still wearing most of the make-up from the photoshoot. I'm showering. Feel free to join me. Or you could sleep. Up to you." Backing away, he fetched his toiletries bag and a pair of sweat pants to sleep in and, with Marinette watching him the whole time, sauntered into the bathroom.

Removing post shoot make-up was always process. Special creams and moisturising to keep his skin healthy. Normally he did it on set afterward, but there'd been such a rush to get to the train station he hadn't bothered.

A soft noise and he saw Marinette appear in the mirror. She leant against the door frame and watched him. "You're just so gosh darn pretty."

"It takes effort to look this good," he said, smiling at her.

She joined him at the mirror and took one of his removal pads and some cream. "Hmm." Smelling the cream, she sighed in delight. "The good quality stuff."

"Perks of being an Agreste."

"It's going to find its way into my bag on the way home," she said, leaning closer to the mirror as she removed her own make-up. "Just warning you."

He laughed, digging around in the toiletry bag for his moisturiser and placed it between them. "Well, at least I know what to get you for Christmas this year."

"An expensive present," she quipped. "I'll just steal all your make-up supplies."

"You can't steal all my supplies, you have a different skin tone that me." He swiped an eye, then reminded her, "You know the Agreste account is open to you. You can always get what you need."

She ran a finger along her lips as she applied a glossy balm. "And then who would steal your supplies?"

"They'd be our supplies then. And I would totally be allowed to steal them back."


But she wouldn't do it. Sighing, he tossed the make-up pad in the bin under the sink and reached for another. "They always make my make-up so tone neutral," he complained. "Where's all the smokey eyeshadow or winged eyeliner?"

She gave him a considering look. "You'd rock that."


She gestured her face while studying his. "I see… sweeping wing action. Couple of sparkly eye gems. Oh, black lipstick! That looked awesome on you."

He laughed. "I'll take your word for it."

"You should hire Juleka. She'd make sure you rocked every shoot."

With a grin, he nodded. "She just needs this little thing called 'qualifications', then the Gabriel Institute will snap her up."

"I'm nervous."

Stunned at the sudden shift in tone, he lowered the pad and glanced at her in the mirror. She didn't meet his eyes for more than a fraction of a second, trying to look like she was concentrating on her mascara removal. "Me too," he said. "Nothing has to happen tonight if you don't want it to. We can snuggle."

She fell silent and he, having finished removing his make-up, cleaned his teeth, then pulled faces at her while he removed his contacts. When that was done, he dragged his shirt over his head. Leaving it on the counter, he moved for the shower. "Are you nervous because you think it will hurt?"

"Maybe. I think…" She trailed off and he tested the water of the shower while he waited for her to answer. "I think maybe I'm worried I won't be able to relax."

Undoing his belt, he slipped his pants off. "I was planning on getting you there first, if it helps."

"Oh?" she asked, sounding intrigued. "And what else did you plan?"

Pants and boxers joined his shirt on the counter. "Lots and lots of kissing and touching. Purring." He chuckled. "Both Nino and your father have been very forthcoming with advice."

She laughed and he heard rustling of cloth. "Oh, god, to be a fly on the wall for those conversations."

Stepping under the water, he tilted his head back and let it run through his hair and down his back while he waited for her. "To be honest, I'm worried about hurting you too."

Her voice moved around as she spoke, coming steadily closer. "Don't forget what Mom said."

"It's skin. It stretches. We just take it slow."

Fingers touched his chest, becoming firmer as she stepped inside the shower. "Exactly."

"And tomorrow," he said, smiling at her fuzzy shape. "I get to fuck you in every position you can dream of."

A sharp intake of breath.

Adrien cringed and wished he could see her face in detail. "I'm sorry, was that too much? I—"

With the swiftness of a pouncing cat, her shape moved toward him and her mouth pressed against his. Fingers curled against his shoulders, pulling him down to her so she wasn't standing on her toes. Once she was flat footed, her hands buried in his hair so that they remained fused. Breaking away, she panted, "That was unbelievably hot. Do it again."

She didn't let him, taking any noise he would've made into her mouth as she reattached to him. Water pounded on his back and gathered slick between their bodies as he wrapped his arms around her and aligned their bodies, taking care to keep the water from her face so she didn't drown. Warmth settled in his belly and burned brighter the longer they kissed and when she started to make these little hip adjustments, his expanding length rubbed against her.

Stroking his hands up and down her back, he let himself be swept away by her. Heat swelled in him, aching and wanting. He could, if he'd let himself, lift her up and press her to cool tiled wall, but it certainly wouldn't be comfortable. Next shower, perhaps. "This'd be more comfortable in bed."


Twisting, he fumbled for the tap and shut off the water. Grabbing one of the towels, he wrapped it around her and dropped his head so he could nip at the exposed skin at her shoulder.

She giggled and he could see her smile as they dried off. A teasing touch and a naughty stroke and she not-so-subtly ran away and back out into the bedroom.

Adrien allowed himself a deep breath to steel frayed nerves and reached for his contacts. He wouldn't sleep in them, but he wanted, needed to see for this. Maybe, when they were used to it, he wouldn't need them, but right now, he didn't trust himself to be able to read body language without her expression. Giving himself a brave nod in the reflection, he shook out his hands and he followed her out.

Marinette had pulled back the covers of the bed and dimmed the lights. She fussed with a towel she'd spread out. Seeing him, she awkwardly straightened and hugged one arm to her torso. "I thought… if we put a towel down, then we wouldn't make a mess."

"Good idea," he said and left the contacts capsule on the bedside table. Crossing to his bag, he pulled out the box of condoms and lube he'd brought. Seeing her questioning gaze as he put them on the bedside table, he said, "I know we don't need them, but Tom said I probably wouldn't last too long and these decrease sensation."

"I don't think it's going to matter how long you last."

He appreciated that. "Yes, but I want to last more than two seconds."

She nodded, her head bobbing nervously. She wrung her fingers, her shoulders hunched and she couldn't meet his eyes.

He exhaled through his nose and stepped toward her. "We're overthinking this," he murmured and kissed her. Soft and easy. So slow and so very gentle. He kept his hands on her hips, his month undemanding as he coaxed her tongue to play. When she relaxed and shifted closer, he flexed his fingers. Long and leisurely, a trailing of fingertips to dance against her skin, along her spine, up to the nape of her neck, down to a hip, as gentle as butterfly wings to soothe and tease and make her long for more. Her hands explored his chest, and spread over his heart, feeling its steady beat bang against his chest.

Tangling one hand in her hair, he introduced a little heat into his kiss. Clutchy hands that kneaded at her skin. A small moan. A nibble down her jaw and a scrape of teeth along her collarbone. A side-boob brush. His purr to answer her thrum.

Her hands wove under his arms to clamp on his shoulders and pull him down, silently demanding a firmer touch, something he wasn't ready to give her. He wouldn't let her take that small step back toward the bed. Instead, he slid both hands down her back until he cupped the back of her thighs, then lifted her up.

Her lips broke from his with a surprised noise which blended into a giggle. "Adrien, what—?"

Grinning at her, he coaxed her knees around his hips. Their cores brushed together, so teasingly close and she worried her lip with her teeth. He was quick to rearrange his hips so he didn't poke her or tug himself the wrong direction while moving around. Stepping forward, he held the back of her head so he could stretch them out on the bed. It took a little bit of manoeuvring until she was comfortable on the pillows and he was nestled between her legs.

Propping himself up on his elbows so he could kiss her, he pressed into the top of her thigh.

She giggled. "It's not supposed to go there, Adrien."

He laughed, a deep throated chuckle which rumbled through him and he took her chin between his teeth. "I'm working on it."

"Little to the left," she teased.

"Shush." He ran his nose along her jaw, then kissed the hollow of her throat. She wriggled her hips and he lifted his away from her completely. Returning to kiss her mouth, he mumbled, "Such a hasty little bug. Patience."

"Don't wanna."

He propped up on his elbow so he could see her face. "You're making this very difficult."

She wriggled and pouted at him.

He smirked. "You're not squirming nearly enough yet," he said against her skin as he nosed his way down to her breast. Taking her nipple into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around her peak. Pushing out her chest, she buried her hands in his damp hair to encourage him.

He played and teased, lingering in the areas he knew would make her gasp and moan. He tweaked and bit, then ran his lips over the same area until goosebumps rose against her flesh. By the time he ventured further down, she was slick and wet and he could smell her the rich scent of her arousal. It made his head spin and all he wanted to do was taste.

He licked, suckled and swirled his tongue until the scent of her burned its way inside him. Until his entire being was flooded with the need, the want, to get her voice to that certain pitch. To make her writhe and whimper. To lift her hips from the bed in rapture.

She hunkered, her hands on his shoulders and tilted her hips away from him. "Adrien," she murmured, her voice husky. "Adrien, come up here."

He whined, "I'm not done."

"Please. I want…"

He crawled up just far enough so he could kiss her naval. "What?"

"I'm so close," she panted. "I want you inside me."

Want and need bolted down his spine and tore through his body. "But—"


Her words, the sharp crack in the middle, the huskiness, the want in her tone, splashed over him and left him gaping. He almost knocked the box flying in his haste to reach it. A torn foil later and an unroll and he was glad he'd read the instructions before and practiced. Crawling back to her, he settled down.

Marinette watched him with half lidded eyes and an expression laced with lust and concern. Her fingers feather light on his back while he awkwardly probed to make sure he had it right. Even with just the tip, he could feel the warmth of her seeping into his skin and it was wonderful.

Relaxing against her, he rubbed his nose against hers. "Hello."

She smiled. "Hi."

"I'm trying really hard to think of a pun right now to lighten the mood, but everything I come up with sounds crude."

Her smile was a little bit brighter, a little more natural. "That's a first."

"I know."

"Go with crude."

"Is that permission to pun?" Adjusting the weight on his arms so his forearms were closer to her torso, he cleared his throat. "Are you ready to be de-flowered?"

Her eyes grew wide and she bit her bottom lip to stop the smile. "That was horrible."

His smirk grew. "Nailed it—"

She poked him in the ribs. "Stop it."

"Hey, I'm the one who's supposed to poke."

"You are such a dork." Lifting her head off the pillow, she kissed him to shut him up.

He lowered down until their chests pressed together and he could take most of his weight on one arm. Her hands crept down his back until she cupped his rear. Toes brushed against the back of his thighs. She'd done this last time when she'd coyly suggested they try 'just the tip', just to see how it felt. Last time, he wasn't sure whether or not she'd been consciously aware but this time, the pressure from her hands was quite deliberate. Last time, he'd held himself in check. This time, he let himself be drawn in.

Dropping his face to her neck, he attached his mouth to her throat and let his tongue taste her skin. She let out a hoarse moan, extending her neck and wriggled her hips. His purr spluttered, died, then started up again louder than he thought possible. Slow, so slow, she enveloped him. Warmer than he'd thought possible, his entire body felt like it was tingling, every bit of attention focussing on how she felt wrapped around him.

He nudged his face along her shoulder and dragged his lips back up to her ear.

Her hands crawled up to clutch at his shoulders, her breath gaspy pants which held no hint of pain. "You can move."

"You okay?"


One flex of his hips and he knew he never wanted to stop. Sloppy kisses against her face, he opened his eyes periodically to see her rapt expression. She clutched handfuls of skin on his back and tugged and coaxed, helping him find a rhythm she liked. The first time she moaned, a sound full of pleasure and want, he almost lost it.

He wasn't aware of how many times the purr died, just that he felt it stop and start constantly. She took up all his attention, shrouded his being in her embrace. Nails scraped against his skull and sent his senses reeling. He forgot what he wanted to do with his hands, they remained braced on her shoulders but his face, all he wanted to do was rub it all over hers.

Fire built inside him, mingling with love and want, faster than he wanted it to. She encouraged, matching the movement of his hips with hers and leading the pace. He tried to slow, wanting her to topple first and not even knowing if she could like this. An urgency in her movement existed on par with his.

Everything felt like it was happening at once. Insistent and building and blinding. She was everywhere, he breathed her in, he tasted her, he felt her sliding against his skin. She arched her back, pushed her chest into his then her fingers flowed down his spine and hit that spot.

With a cry, Adrien's mind spun away as his body was engulfed in liquid lightning. He shattered, breaking apart into a million tiny pieces and the shards of himself scattered to the wind. When he spun back down, he was clutching at her, panting into her neck and buried inside as far as he could go. Fingers stroking lazy lines up and down his back, she beamed at him, a pleased, smug kitten smile.

Letting out a shuddering gasp, he murmured, "That is a dangerous spot. Totally cheating."

A breathy laugh. "That is an amazing spot."

Lethargy swamped him and made his limbs heavy but he fought against it. "You're lucky I went in, not up. That could've been embarrassing."

"Worth the risk."

He shook his head, then drifted his nose against her cheek. "You look entirely too satisfied with yourself for someone who didn't finish. Did the kitty get her cream?"

Her head drew as far back on the pillow as it could. "Did you just…?"

Adrien's eyes widened as what he said filtered through his brain. "No."

"You totally did!" She poked him in the ribs with her finger. "You little shit! You do not pun for that!"

He made his eyes wide and his expression as innocent as he could. "I totally didn't."

"I'm going to have to get you a gag."

"If you do that, I won't be able to finish what I started. Am I going to be allowed to?"

She mock glared at him. "You'd better. I am not even close to being done with you tonight."

As the first trickles of sunlight edged into the lounge, Plagg opened an eye and unwound from his mate. Yawning, he stretched, extended his paws out in front of him and his tail in the air. Nuzzling Tikki's chin, Plagg floated away and headed for the bedroom door.

"What are you doing?" Tikki asked, sleepily.

"They're asleep," he said. "They finished their disgusting human mating ritual."

"So leave them alone."

"I'm not going in to bother them," he promised.

Tikki shook her head and rose to follow her partner.

Plagg fussed around the room. He rummaged through Adrien's bag, making soft noises before he found what he wanted. Shooting up out of it, he carried his prize over to the bedside table. More fussing before he floated away to admire his handy work.

"What are you doing?" Tikki asked, tilting her head.

He gave her a wicked grin. "Fulfilling a promise," he said and grabbed Adrien's phone.

When Gabriel woke up and checked his messages, there, in glorious colour, was a picture of a condom bravely protecting the virtue of a banana.

Kry's Note:

I sat down to write smut and somehow all they wanted to do was flirt and banter and dance around each other. It got very wordy.

Just a reminder, Marinette has been on the pill since she was fifteen in this, to stop that pesky 'in-heat' problem. They still used a condom. Because reasons.

Mum hat: First times shouldn't hurt. They can if you are inadequately prepared for it and do not know your body, or your partner does not know your body. If you spend enough time getting aroused, then there may be discomfort which will pass. The hymen (in most cases) is designed to stretch, not break (in some it has already stretched and you're not aware of it). If you are a woman who cannot produce enough natural lubricate, then be very vocal about using some. Use a proper water-based or silicone-based lube with condoms (check their design specs first). Communication. All the time. Do not accept 'first times for girls are supposed to hurt'. Just... do some research and be safe.

Realistically, it's very rare, even if you're both incredibly practiced, to 'finish' at exactly the same time. It's usually staggered, but can be overlapping. One sets of the other person, so to speak. It's also reasonably rare for a girl to finish the first time they have sex. So much is going on down there, it's an overload and unless you've got some external stimulation going on (which is very hard to manage first time), it's probably not going to happen. That said, if she's gotten there before the sex begins, that's different. It does happen, though, it just didn't in this case (because Marinette got needy). But Adrien will make sure it does happen.

Practice makes perfect and sex is all about practice (and intimacy, love, humour, sharing, but good sex takes practice).

In this, the rose glasses are on a bit. Marinette and Adrien have gotten each other there manually before (which is completely part of the practice stage). It's a fairly realistic first time for both of them. A little bit of awkwardness. Some fumbling, but all in all a good time.

Also there's a lot left of their holiday. I may come back.