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Third Point of View:

Donatello wordlessly scavenged through the pile of debris, looking for anything his scientific mind deemed worthy enough to aid him with his tune-ups or inventions.

His mind seemed to wander from him before he could even realize it. He'd be staring at an object in his hands before he seemingly tossed it aside with annoyance. He shouldn't let his mind wander…if it wanders then he might think about-

'No…no. Not again…not right now', Donatello thought as his glared at nothing in particular; his hands curling around the slightly bent metal plate he was holding.

About half an hour later Donnie sighed as he abandoned the new pile he'd been searching before he stood and stretched his body. A yawn escaped him as he reached for his phone. It was dark, of course, but it wasn't that late. He'd not fallen asleep well the previous night. But that's normal because today was the most hated day of the year.

Donatello groaned as he spotted the messages sent by Leo and Raph; mainly Leo. He was distantly surprised the two weren't out spying on him the way they use to do after-

"No!" Donatello ground his teeth, interrupting his thoughts again before they could go down that path. He knew why his mind kept betraying him. Today was the anniversary…

The purple banded turtle sighed as he shakily rubbed one hand across his scalp and loaded the bag he always carried nowadays over his shoulder. He didn't find as much as he usually does, but oh well. It's to be expected on this day. Donnie quickly walked away to return to the old shellraiser before his older brothers actually did come looking for him.

He made it two whole strides before a terrified scream filled the air. Donnie jumped from the unexpected, and very loud, scream. Usually he and his brothers could tell how bad a situation was by the intensity of the scream, and boy, there was no way Donatello can just walk away from this one. This scream seemed to call directly towards him for help.

Shaking his head the purple banded turtle gritted his teeth once more and jumped towards the source of the scream in a full out run. He found himself jumping off of piles of junk, following the echo of the distressed call to the other end of the junkyard.

"What a waste of space," Donnie heard someone mutter in a very disgusted tone. The sound of spit and then a distressed whimper made Donnie narrow his eyes. He jerked in shock just behind a pile of old furniture when he saw a group of teenagers surrounding a lump on the ground a few paces away from what looked like a homemade shelter. Several cardboard boxes were pushed into another pile of furniture and nick knacks to sinuate a roof while a few worn out blankets made what was supposed to be a palled just underneath.

Donnie ignored the somewhat depressing yet impressively creative shelter to peer at what the boys had been surrounding on the ground. It had to have been a person, what else could scream like that?

"Aww, is the little baby gonna scream for his Mommy again?" The same boy as before taunted, obviously the ring leader of some sorts. The other three boys laughed down at the poor kid in the dirt and one kicked at his half exposed back, "It's not like she can hear you anyways, right? Isn't she dead?"

A half sob made Donnie's heart stop with shock. He's seen some really cruel things, but how can teens like that pick on a small kid? Donnie's brown eyes narrowed in on the group as his mouth twisted firmly. Making up his mind he brought out his bō staff and immediately knew what to do.

The purple banded ninja leapt from his hiding spot and immediately used his staff as a pole, expertly swinging himself in a 360 and kicking all four boys in the chest. They all cried out in surprise and horror as they fell to the ground. Thinking quickly, Donnie dug his bō staff into the ground and used it to spread dirt into most of the boys' eyes.

"Leave. Now," Donnie growled in a low threatening tone of voice, feeling it vibrate in his throat. The boys quickly scrambled away while screaming, tripping once or twice while trying to escape. At the moment Donnie didn't really care if they saw him. Who would believe them anyways? They wouldn't have evidence of his existence.

Donnie turned back to the kid on the ground but was once again floored, his eyes widening to the size of the moon. The kid was shaking, looking back at him with an expression that mirrored Donnie's except fear and confusion shinned in those baby blue orbs of his. This kid looked every bit how Donnie's baby brother had looked...or how he'd always pictured him human in his mind. His sunny blonde hair was short and slightly wild behind his ears while his face was well-rounded, chubby cheeks that had yet to lose their baby fat were filled with freckles.

"D-Don't hurt me…" The kid begged with a small hoarse voice. Donnie let out the breath he didn't remember holding. This kid almost sounded like his little brother too… "I-I don't have any food or n-nothin' b-but…"

Immediately, the overwhelming need to protect washed over him as he put his bō staff away and threw his hands up, trying to put on a nice small smile for the boy to show him he meant no harm.

"Hey, I don't want your food Lil Guy…I was only trying to help. I won't hurt you," Donnie promised as he took one small step to the boy, who froze and looked up at him with shaky eyes. Donnie decided to try to appear more humanistic to the child, "My name is Donatello, but sometimes I'm called Donnie or Don. What's your name?"

The boy seemed to slowly calm down at the tone of Donnie's voice, though he still looked frightened and confused, "I'm Micah…but I don't really like that name so I like to be called Mike."

Pain enveloped Donatello for a fraction of a second before he pushed that pain away like he was used to doing and smiled warmly at the boy. He didn't know why Mike hated his real name but he wasn't about to chase the boy off for asking about it.

"H-Hey Donnie?"

Donnie was startled to hear the boy, Mike, say his name. It felt…nice…and almost familiar, "Yes Mike?"

"Y-You….you are a turtle…" He innocently pointed out like he could not believe it were actually true. He was staring at Donatello like he was the imaginary friend he'd always wanted to create in his mind. Under the full force of that look, Donnie couldn't help but laugh loudly, nearly scaring the boy.

"Yes…I'm mostly turtle…but a little human too," Donnie smiled when Mike became more confused but then his face hardened as he looked upon Mike's injuries, "Can I look at your wounds, Mike? I'm pretty much a qualified doctor…"

Mike curled into himself as he looked somewhat suspicious at the giant turtle, "How do I know you won't hurt me?"

Donnie thought about that and held out his right pinky. He knew it was childish…but that was kind of the point at the moment. He needed to make sure the kid wasn't seriously hurt and to do that Don needed his trust. Mike blinked at him in surprise, "I pinky promise you, okay?"

Mike, still staring at the hand in surprise, brought his own right hand up and hooked pinky's with Donnie, giggling shortly after, "Okay! You're pinky is as big as my whole hand Donnie!"

Donnie smiled warmly, feeling happier than he had felt in days as he knelt down closer to the boy and gently pulled Mike's shirt up to reveal his abdomen, which had been his first concern. His smile dropped when he noticed the level of bruising around his abdomen and ribs. This could possibly be very very serious…

"What's wrong Donnie? Am I going to die?" Mike blinked owlishly, not sure what to make of Donnie's expression. Donnie quickly looked up.

"No, of course not Mike. It just a bit more serious than I thought…" Donnie bit his lip, weighing his options. Leo and Raph are going to straight up kill him. But Mike lived in the junk yard and Donnie somehow didn't think Mike should go to a foster home since it was obvious by the shelter behind him how the boy spent his nights, "Do you want me to drop you off at a hospital or take you home with me so I can fix you up?"

Donnie was unprepared for the way little Mike's hands curled around his right arm, panic in every inch of his face and so raw in his eyes that it hurt looking at him, "Please, Donnie, I don't wanna go to the hospittle!"

In the midst of everything Donnie thought it was cute how Mike didn't say "hospital" quite right, but that was on the back burner. Donnie quickly but carefully gathered Mike up in his arms after slight hesitation on Mike's part, "Then hold on to me tight buddy and you have to promise me you won't tell anyone about where I live, okay?"

"Kay," Mike nodded, looking too relieved to be going with him then staying or going to a hospital. Donnie smiled reassuringly as he gathered everything he needed again and rushed back to the shellraiser.

Raph and Leo were going to kill him for bringing this homeless kid into their home but he didn't care anymore. He had to help Mike. He had to help the kid that reminded him of his little brother.

"Woah! Dude, what is this thing!?" Little Micah gasped in a mixture of shock and delight once the shellraiser came into view. Donnie smirked a little, feeling a bit pleased with himself for impressing the small human with his old invention.

"I built it from various metal alloys and a train cart," Donnie explained and smiled even more when Mike's eyes widened significantly. He placed the young boy down in Michelangelo's old station, though it caused a twinge in his heart, and strapped him in, "Don't move around too much okay? This thing is not an actual car and if anything happens you could get flung right off the seat, alright?"

"A-Alright," Mike replied looking a bit overwhelmed. Donnie sighed as he stood and went to go to the driver's seat when Mike grabbed his hand, "D-Donnie?"

"Yeah Lil Guy?" Donnie turned his head in surprise and blinked at the blonde boy. Micah looked very troubled all of a sudden, as if he changed his mind, and Donnie couldn't help but feel a little fear. He didn't want to leave the boy behind! What was wrong with him? Why did he already feel so attached to the human child? He probably could stay or didn't even want to stay. But Donnie knew he still wanted to help him. He wanted to see Mike, if possible. Though...this probably wasn't healthy thinking...

"Y-Your home…is it safe? W-Will there be bad men there?" Micah couldn't help but ask as his heart hammered in his small chest. Donnie smiled in a relieved way and patted Mike's hand.

"No, my family will be the only ones there. They're stupid sometimes so ignore them if they shout. I'll explain everything and fix you up, okay?" Donnie promised warmly, hoping to reassure him. Mike looked up at Donnie and smiled, looking at the purple banded turtle like he was a masked super hero.

And in that moment, a moment that hadn't happened in a long long time, Donnie felt like one.


Donnie didn't think he'd be this nervous as he came across the garage door he had built into his lab a few years back, but he was. He was very nervous. He brought Micah in without truly thinking what his brothers would say. What if they notice how alike Micah was to their baby brother and resented him for it?

"Donnie?" Mike's slightly sleepy voice mumbled out from where he sat leaned close to the map, "Are we here yet?"

Putting on a brave face Donnie nodded and got out of his station to cross the small boy in two strides. Mike had obviously been awake too long and it was getting late, the poor child. Mike blinked up slowly at the taller turtle he deemed very friendly and pulled a soft smile, "Donnie, are your family all turtles like you?"

Pausing Donnie helped the boy unstrap himself then helped steady him upright as he could go. He watched Micah wrap an arm around his middle, grimacing in pain. Donnie frowned, "Well, my brothers are turtles like me but my Father is a rat."

That had Mike looking up in utter disbelief, "What? A rat?! How can your daddy be a rat?" Donnie afforded an amused smile.

"You'll believe my brothers and I are talking turtles but you can't believe my "daddy" is a rat?" Donnie asked and Mike blushed, toeing the floor as they made their way towards the Shellraiser's exit. Don's heart leapt in his throat when he distantly heard his lab doors opening. That was sure to be at least Leo if not Raph too.

"Okay…so he's a rat…but he can talk like you or something? How does that even work!? Donnie, you know that turtles and rats can't talk or walk around!" Mike denied with a confused pout that took some of the fear out of Donnie.

Opening the door he just smiled, "It's a long story, Lil Guy. Just come meet my brothers, and remember, don't be scared. I won't let them hurt you."

Micah's eyes widened a lot and he looked much more uncertain now than he ever did but Don's arm was tight around him as they both walked out into his lab. Mike forgot about his anxiety the moment he saw all the cool things that Donnie had in this room. Some of the things looked like they glowed and was…was that a pool of algae?

"Donatello, where the shell have you been?! I've sent nearly 20 messa…." Leonardo was waiting for him and stepped out of the shadows predictably annoyed and worried but stopped in his tracks when he saw the cargo that Donnie had with him.

"Did ya yell at him yet? Cause I'm gonna hit 'em!" Raph called as his voice came closer. Donnie rolled his eyes and pushed Mike slightly behind him because he knew that Raph would probably get vocal when he saw the kid. Raphael stepped beside Leo, throwing him a weird look because he looked frozen until he saw the human child behind Donatello, "Wha….what the hell is that?! That better not be what I think it is, Donnie!"

Micah flinched, his eyes gone very round as he studied Donnie's "older brothers". The one that just cursed was very large and scary. He had a lot of scars on his arms and one on the side of his head. The frozen one was gaping at Mike like he was not real and he certainly didn't look any less scary than the other. How come Donnie was so different than they were?

"Let me explain," Donnie put up his hands, totally predicting these reactions, "He's a homeless boy I saw in the junkyard guys. He was being beaten by some teenagers and he's injured! I couldn't just let them beat on him! They could have killed him!"

"I don't care!" Raphael bellowed causing Micah to flinch again and hide completely behind Donnie, "He's dangerous ta us Donnie! Why would ya do this ta us?!"

Donatello bristled at Raph's accusation, "He's a good kid! He won't tell anybody where we are Raph! He fell asleep the way here anyways! He has no one!"

"Donnie, he's seen us," Leonardo narrowed his eyes as he came out of his shock, "He knows about us now, Donnie. What are we supposed to do with that?"

"April and Casey know about us too along with other humans!" Donnie snapped which caused Leo to pause, "I trust this kid, he's a good one! He needs help! If you don't like it then fine, I'll patch him up and find a good place for him but he's staying the night!"

Raph growled under his breath and Leo sighed, rubbing his temples, "I need to go tell Master Splinter about this…he needs to know…"

"Whatever. If authorities come lookin' for us then…"

Feeling somewhat brave for whatever reason Micah poked his head around Don's shell and near shouted, "I won't tell! I promise!"

Donnie, Leo, and Raph blinked in surprise as all eyes fell on the boy. Mike blushed and hid again, realizing he just spoke back to the big scary red turtle. Don looked at Raph and smirked, crossing his arms. Raph rolled his eyes and followed a reluctant Leo out of the lab.

Sighing in a relieved way that it was over, Donnie turned around and knelt to Mike's eye level, "Okay Mike, step one is done now all we need to do if fix you up, okay?"

Mike nodded shyly and followed Donnie to a big table where he helped pick him up so that he can lay across. Donnie smiled, "Okay, I need to x-ray you to make sure none of your ribs are actually broken okay?"

Uncertainty and fear flashed through the boy's eyes again but he nodded in agreement and did he best to stay still while Donnie scanned a weird machine over his body, "D-Donnie?"

"Yeah Mike?" Donnie waited for the pictures to show up on his laptop and he looked over to see Mike clenching and unclenching his hands, "What's the matter?"

"I-Is Master Splinter your Daddy?" He asked and Donnie's eyes widened for a moment before he smiled and nodded, "W-What are your brothers' names?"

"The one with the red mask is Raphael or Raph and the one with the blue mask is Leonardo, or Leo," Donnie explained while immediately feeling a sickening feeling in his gut at not mentioning his final brother's name out loud.

"W-Why don't they like me?" Mike whimpered as he drew in on himself, "Is it because I'm different? Cause I'm human and your turtle, right?"

Donnie sighed and put a hand on the boy's hand, "It's difficult to explain, Mike. They're scared of you…or rather…they're scared of what you might do. You see, if anyone else found out who we were, that we existed, or where we live we would be taken away forever and bad things might happen to us."

Micah paled at that and nodded in understanding, "So…they don't want me to tell anybody? Cause…I don't have anybody to tell…"

"No body?" Donnie rose an eyebrow, "Not even an Aunt, Uncle, Cousin or friend?"

"I don't have any more family and I don't have friends either," Mike shrugged, "Well I'm friends with this orange looking cat that stays in the junkyard with me! That sucks that I won't be there for him tonight."

Misery clung to Don's heart but before he could feel it too badly his laptop beeped and Mike's x-rays came up. Donnie sighed in relief at seeing no broken bones but then narrowed his eyes at the faintest crack in two of his right ribs.

"What does the pictures say?" Mike asked innocently as he kept one arm around him as a shield, "Am I okay?"

"You will be," Donnie promised as he shut down the lid of the laptop and grabbed something to wrap around Mike's abdomen, "I'm going to wrap this around you okay? It will help keep one of your ribs from sustaining further damage."

"Um..okay..." Mike smiled shyly as he nodded and lifted his arms so Don could work easier. Donnie has just finished, allowing him to get comfortable when he saw a large shadow approaching the doorway. Mike went rigid and Donnie blinked before looking over at the door and smiling.

"Hello, Sensei..." Donnie said, trying to calm his hear beat. What would his Father say about this? What would he do? Would he send Micah away? Surely not when he's injured...didn't he do the right thing?

Micah watched as a very tall, grayish brown rat walked forward with purpose. He gulped when his seemingly brown eyes trained on him before widening just for a moment. A strange forced calm took over his eyes and Micah just blinked stupidly. It was as if he thought he recognized him or something. How come this rat is wearing a robe? And he has a cane...

"Hello Donatello...Leonardo has informed me of our new...guest," Splinter smiled politely at the boy, who quickly but nervously returned the gesture. Splinter frowned upon seeing the young one's injuries and couldn't stop the pang in his heart at the sight of the boy's baby blue eyes and the dusting of freckles on his cheek. Now he understands why Donatello was so persistent about the boy, "How are you, young one?"

"I-I'm...okay. Donnie fixed me up and says I'm okay too," Mike smiled as he looked over at Donnie then at the bedding shyly, rubbing the material of it with his index finger, "S-So you're Donnie's daddy? How can you talk?"

Donnie rolled his eyes and Splinter allowed a smile to form across his face at the child's innocence. He seemed nervous and confused enough, but he was taking everything fairly well. It reminded him of April a bit, "Because I used to be human, child."

"What?!" Micah gasped as he looked between Donnie and the rat, "How did you become a rat?! It''s not a super power is it? Can you turn it off? That would be cool!"

Splinter chuckled and Donnie's eyes brightened when he saw his Father laughing. It has been awhile since any of them have laughed, "That is a story for another time. But I can tell you that it is not a super power nor something that I chose to happen to me."

Mike's eyes widened before he blushed, feeling as though he brought up something bad. Splinter saw this and took a seat on the edge of the bed Micah was sitting up on, "What is your name, Child?"

"M-Micah...but I like to be called Mike," Mike smiled upon seeing that he did not bring up something sad to Donnie's Father. But he blinked in confusion when the rat's eyes widened a bit longer than before when he first saw him, "And you're Master Splinter, right? What...What are you a Master of?"

Splinter once again was taken surprise by the child. He was first alarmed by the child's name. It was so close to his youngest son's name that it was painful. And the nickname was...Splinter shook his head and noted that Donatello was trying to appear busy looking at something else, something old and painful happening to his eyes before Mike spoke up again, "I am a Master of Ninjitsu..." He was somewhat impressed that Micah was able to talk normally with them despite the occasional anxiety.

"Nin-get-su?" Mike asked as he titled his head to one side, "What is that? Is that a thing with ninjas? Or Warriors? That would be pretty amazing!"

Splinter and Donnie shared a small smile before Donnie nodded, "It's pretty much about ninja stuff, Mike. Martial arts but with weapons training and stuff like that."

Mike's eyes widened a lot. So that's how Donnie was able to take down those bad kids! That was so cool! Mike wanted to learn something like that too! He opened his mouth to say as such before a growl cut him off. His eyes stayed wide as everyone looked over and he saw that red turtle, Raph, slouching against the wall with that other one, Leo, on the opposite side. Both did not look very happy at all. Well Raph looked unhappy and Leo looked indifferent.

"Are we gonna tell him all our secrets now?" Raph scowled angrily as he looked at his brother and Father. He refused to look at the human at all. He didn't want to even see his face. Leo, however, only had eyes on the human as if he was reading him.

"He is only asking innocent questions, Raphael. I sense no ill will from him. Calm yourself," Sensei frowned at his hot headed son, who grumbled in response, and turned to look at the boy. The poor child was shaking a bit and refusing to look over there because he was afraid to meet Leonardo's eyes, " are welcome to stay the night here. Donatello can take you back to your home tomorrow in the morning-"

"Oh, so you're taking me back to the junkyard?" Mike asked with a timid smile as he turned to Donnie, who only frowned in displeasure. Splinter was surprised.

"Your home is the junk yard, Micah? What of your family?" He asked and Mike shrugged sadly.

"I don't have anymore family," He spoke up and Splinter saw that Leo and Raph both went rigid, "I live alone with my cat at the junk yard. But there is a lot of neat stuff there."

Splinter looked at Donatello, who looked back at him with a hidden plea. He wanted to take care of the boy. Splinter knew why, but it was simply too risky for them and for the child...but still. He has no family and no way to truly take care of himself, "You do not belong to a foster home, Micah?"

Something flashed in Micah's eyes before he hid them behind his hair before shaking his head, "How did that happen? Did the government not move you into one after your last surviving family member died?"

"My mom...she and I were homeless before her death..." He replied quietly and Splinter felt a pang in his heart for the boy. Looking over, he saw that Leonardo was staring intently, but with less malice than before and even Raphael seemed to have become slightly less rigid, "And I don't want to go into a foster home."

"Why not?" Donnie questioned with concern as he leaned down towards his level. It concerned him that Micah was hiding something important. Something he was clinging to with his life. Was it something bad enough that he couldn't say out loud?

"The bad men would find me," Mike seemed to trust Donnie more than anyone in the room because he looked up, his eyes wet and large with mild panic and fear, "They don't find me in my secret spot at the junk yard. If they ever see me in town they said they would kill me."

Before Donnie could open his mouth Leo was walking forth with a tight voice, like he didn't believe anything Mike said, "Who are they? Why would they hurt you?"

Micah closed in on himself again and wrapped his arms around his body, trying not to feel the hurt in his abdomen and chest as he remembered those bad men... "I-I don't know...before I hid in my new home they tried to attack me because they wanted...something...a file or whatever. I d-didn't understand and...and...I know that they have big scary dragons on them."

Donnie, Raph, Leo, and Splinter all inhaled sharply at the last part. They knew it wasn't beneath the Purple Dragons to attack a family...or to attack children...but to try and kill children? And why? They still didn't understand. Raph growled and went away from the door at Leo's side, "What file? What makes you so important?"

"I...I don't know..." Mike shivered at Raph's tone and Donnie tried to put on a smile but it felt miserable on his face as he turned to his brothers.

"See? He can't leave! He needs to stay with us or the Purple Dragons will find him and hurt him!" Donnie argued as he could see Leo and Raph ready to deny this. A conflicted look passed over Leo's face for a moment.

"I can't believe this..." Leo muttered as he rubbed his face, "The Purple Dragons have never stopped have they? What do they want this time? I don't like it, but maybe this is a way we can get rid of them."

Raph looked shocked, "You actually want that thing in this lair with us?" Mike flinched, causing Donnie and Splinter to glare at Raph, "What?! He's probably lying!"

"I'm not!" Micah's eyes shot up, glaring holes into Raph's face like he forgot how dangerous he though he looked, "They've been trying to hurt me for months now! I don't know what they want!"

Raph glared back at the kid, but was surprised when he kept that glare fixed on his green eyes for a few moments longer before turning to look at the ground sadly. Raph sighed and knew that he was out-argued. Besides, he didn't have to talk to the kid and beating the Purple Dragons would be amazing.

"Do not worry, my sons. We will stop whatever the Purple Dragons want or are planning," Splinter assured his sons before turning to the blue eyed boy, "Micah, if it is okay with can stay here with us until we solve this problem you have. You'll be safe here."

Micah didn't seem convinced but he looked up to meet Donnie's eyes and he blushed as he looked away, "Um, yes please..." Raph scoffed and Leo did nothing, his eyes closed and his expression flat. Splinter smiled and Donnie brightened immediately. He felt so relieved. He was so worried about Mike now that he knew the Purple Dragons were after him. There was so much he wanted to learn about the boy!

"This is great!" He smiled as he put a hand on Micah's. Splinter smiled even more at seeing Donatello happy; something he doesn't see often enough, "You can sleep in-"

"He's not sleeping in that room," Leo spoke up, startling everyone, his eyes challenging and his face flat, almost displeased, "He can sleep on the couch, in here, or with you Donnie." Raph seemed happy with Leo's suggestion and Splinter sighed.

Donnie understood why Leo said that but frowned at his two older brothers before looking at a confused and unhappy Micah. He squeezed his hand comfortingly and smiled, "You can sleep in my room. I have an idea."

"R-Really?" Mike smiled back up at him, feeling encouraged. He didn't know why Leo and Raph seemed to hate him so much, but oh well...his mom always told him that he couldn't please everybody.

Micah felt, more than anything, that he wasn't certain what he just gotten himself into. And neither did the Hamatos.


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