chapetr wan: teh beginin

it elll begen wehn egdewrth lost his persocutors badge like sum time ago.

he wux kot masterb8ting and wuz kalled gay and shit.

teh judg sad edgeworth u are gay andf 420 blazin butt you ckant fap in kourt.

edgewoirthy said shit thos is fuking gay man i kkkan go 4 some weed.

soo egdewort start a lef of krime

he raped liek inocent litel girlz and smokd wed everydy.

teh he started h8ting jews an joind teh KKK

meenwhiel pheenixkcz and moysa were having sex

egde worth caut tehm butt tehn raped maya kuz he kan

pheenicks said man i haet jew kuz thy are gay lol

moay sid taht jews dont eat hamm, soo dey dint eat burgerz so thy are gay.

egdewort dssaid then join teh kkk it is fun

myua ad pxehecsicsjxccx siad ys.

tehn gumshoo gawt joned in bexuc he wazu high

and when pehcehckibeouickkkkk goawt in he brounght perl becuz she wuz liek 5 years old

tehn tehy gawt an order frum aldof hitler!11!11!111!1 he siad to get rekr ad jwws.

hitelr sad edgewrth u must steel teh wweed from predisent trumps offcis and sell it.

pheeenixk sad wow that seems legit

moys said weed sound fun 2 smmoke

edgewort siad i hate jwes and blaks

hitelr said geet the fuking money u ficking shitheds or ill kell u all

so tehn tehy ell gawt in teh fuking van aend edgeworth lit up a blunt

gumshoo wuz drivig, butt wiht hiz cockain addicktionnn, he migt get hihg.

maya siad hey nik waent 2 haev sex

feehcksickzz siuad sure moya u kan bee on top

tehy had a tun uv seckz in teh bak aend perl saw teh whoel ting

wehn pheenicks saw perl seeing teh seckz, he beat her reel good

tehn oheenicks wnet harder on maya

whiel tehy gawt sexy in teh bakc, egde wort sad man im hungery but wait tehrs a mcdonald!

gumshoo shwawtpd teh kkkar and maya said mcodnald? wehre i need a fiking burger

butt pheenicks and maya were compeltely naked so evryone satered at tehm

egfde dorth was behing a gay blak guy and gawt reel pissed at hmi

soo he kild him wit a snipr rifel aend orderd teh bergerz

butt it terns out taht tehy replacd teir letuc with weed leves!

tehy all got high and were naked, soo tehy hadd seckz in frottn of evyone

tehy hadd 2 bee drageed out and bak 2 teh van and it wuz 4:20 o klok

gumshoo sad wee need 2 get 2 a hoetel 4 teh nite

maya siad tahts a gud idea

pheenicks said wait a hotel this is raelly gay gumshoo

edge worth siad tehy have a bed soo i kan rape maya witout anyon knowing

gumsoo said you fags are gay and WIAT! tehers weed in the bak!

he turnd toward perl, who hadd no weed.

but gumshoo wuz so desperet 4 weed he lickd her and even her genitalz

egde worth thot is waz sexy so he fapped 2 it

tehn hiz kloths were staned white

bai teh tiem tehy gawt 2 teh hoetl, they were kumpelety naked.

theitr room was standard, butt edgeworth said it awas gay because he was a muslim.

edgeworth also siad maya did you have eny butrgers kuz i want to fuck you

maya siad sure egdeworth and tehy had tonz uv seckz

gumshoo and phjeeenicks were pervertd so they pland to go 2 a strip klub

butt perl kan be aloen gumshoo pheenicks siad.

gum shoo siad i dont kare bitch just brink that bitch faggot.

so tehy want 2 a strip klub and wasted all teir muney

perl gawt skared 4 lief but feechninxks and gum soho didnt kkkare

wehn tehy gawt bak it wux 4:20 am so tehy pertended 2 sleep.

egde worth and maya fall aslepp having seckz so wehn tehy woke up tehy put tehir clothes on.

when pheenicks woke up he kot egedwerth moking out wit maya so he was pissed

butt egedworth shot him dead and maya didnr kare becuz she was koising edgewort

gumshoo woek up end raped perl tehn he sad whet hepppend 2 feenickskcskx

edge wort wus making out so he couldnt say anything

butt gumshoo saw teh rifle and teh gunshotz so he siad seems legit edgewort.

tehn he raped perl twice as hard.

wehn egdewrorth was dun with maya he siad the uther ruum smelz liek weed

maya waented 2 ckeck it out and gumshoo was having fun with sexks.

maya and ecgenfejenworth went 2 teh other ruum and found ther neibor.

tehri neibor wux a famos drug deeler naemd matt engarde

when matt saw tehm come into his room he said GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR FAGGOTS!



maya got a rifel and shawt him ded

egde worth found he had $420,666,696,969 dollerz wurth uv weed and kokaine.

so maya sad were rich! yea! man i want sum weed rite now

egde worth lit up a blunt and smokd it 4 a few munits

tehn he belw up teh wall 2 tehir room

butt teh bellboi was tehre! egde wroth h8ted teh bellboi so he kild him

tehn tehre wure 68 moar witnezzez so maya, edgeowrht, and gumshoo kild tehm all

the total killin aded up to 69 pepel

egde wroth rapd perl and sad thet you were a witess 2 so he kild her

tehn tehy wantred to get the fuk out so tehy did.

2 be kontinued!1111!