She is watching him. She looks at the wide shoulders she knows by heart now. Charlie watches his strong arms that has seen many fights. She knows every scar on his skin i the same way he worships hers.

And then she watches him watching her holding a small mini version of them both. The baby in her arms, named after Bass' father, softly sighs while he looks up at her.

Bass walks towards her, kissing her head before he takes their boy in his arms. It's a slow day, a day she has learned to love.

He smiles while he holds his kid. His kid. Their kid. The little boy smiles at the affectionate love he sees in his father's eyes.

And then, they both move their eyes to the sound behind them. Because there in the doorway, after aching years of missing him, Connor is standing, hesitating, watching them both. Just as tall as his dad and with dark messy curls and intense dark eyes, unsure of what will happen, knowing for sure what he wants to happen.

It is Bass who speaks first. 'You came back.'

They had been her words too, spoken in an abandoned high school while her heart had shifted even more towards Bass Monroe and their story had just begun. And when Charlie hears her own words coming from Bass' mouth right before Bass pulls Connor into his arms while holding his other son close, she knows they all belong together.

Three years later

No matter what she tries, she is stuck. She can't reach the knife on her right, the knife she is desperately trying to reach. Her heart is beating fast, her muscles are working hard. She has to find a way out. She tries again. And again. Everything she has ever learned from Miles is right there with her, while she is trying to fight him off. Her need to survive kicks in.

But he has her pinned under her. His full weight, his deadly skills and his ego are keeping her in place. His eyes are filled with blue fire. He leans in, his face only inches away from hers, his lips close to hers.

'Ready to give in?' His smooth deep voice and ego fills her belly and the space between them.

She leans in even closer.


Their eyes lock. And just like that, the sharp lines of his face and the blue steel in his eyes change and transform into a huge grin, reminding her of why she fell in love with him. It had been ages, but when Bass had dared her to a good old fashioned training session she had known the answer. It had ended in sweat, fast moves and him on top of her. Because the war might be over, the world a changed place, some things never change. The look in his eyes changes again to a fierceness and at the same time gentleness he only saves for her. He kisses her slowly and pulls back again, never taking his eyes from hers.

'God, I love you.' Bass' voice is raspy warmth.

The way she looks at him warms his heart. Charlie kisses him, whispering against his lips that she loves him too.