Hello all, wow it's been over 2 years since I last update this. I actually had a couple stories in the works during that time but I ended up not really finishing them. The problem is probably because I usually start with a punchline and have to work my way into leading up to that part. This idea in particular came pretty much as soon as Blood Sign finished up. Not really much else to say here, just haven't had any motivation to write, usually occupied with work or just playing video games or something.

Well, rambling aside, read and enjoy.

The cold February air permeated the cheerful city Toy Dream 35 as cheerful decorations advertised festivities for the coming graduation season. Walking along one of the sidewalks was a long girl; no, "girl" was not the right word. She was an incarnation of benevolence, a symbol of sanctity, and a personification of radiance, if one were to try to sum her up in a single word it would be "perfection". However, while walking through the city she seemed to be troubled. This was quite odd; the Queen was the very peak of all existence, the rules of the world bent to her whim. Indeed, her very presence did not allow even a single drop of impurity; however if you were to ask her this purity was the very problem.

The school year had come and gone twice now since she had reconciled with her lover and they finally started making steps toward progressing their relationship, yet despite going out with a young man in the peak of his youth she was still "pure". In other words, they have yet to have done "that"! Indeed, the wants of Her Majesty are not proper to be written down here but let's just say that she has her own desires that would cause some of her worshipers to faint and others to turn down a very dark path in jealousy.

Now, one would think it would be a simple task for a beautiful young lady to seduce the young man she was in a relationship with, however one must remember that Shiroyama Kyousuke is a rather odd individual. Getting the boy to open up about anything was more difficult than remaking the universe from scratch, and some people would wonder if the boy had any adolescent drive at all. Indeed, the Queen had tried all sorts of approaches but so far had been met with naught but failure. As such, she turned to a pair of women who were also familiar with Kyousuke.

Seated with the Queen at an outdoor cafe were Madam Professor Shigara Masami and Liar Cat Biondetta Shiroyama. They had been with the Queen during her attempts to reconcile with Kyousuke in the past and were present for their final battle. The situation back then was rather complicated but the Queen could not think of anyone else to go to for this problem. Despite the chill, the Queen was wearing a simple white sundress much like the one she wore during her journey to become human, though this was because she had started to wear other fashions besides her battle dress in hopes of finding something he liked.

"Even someone as messed up as I finds it rather odd you would go to a teenage boy's older sister for advice on how to sleep with him." Biondetta started with a rather blunt statement, but she seemed to be in a good mood despite her words. While the waitress demon took a drink from some horribly sweet concoction that was supposed to be a limited time item at the cafe, Shigara set down her tea and chimed in. "Well, putting that aside, I understand having wants but do you think he's comfortable going all the way?" Biondetta snickered at Shigara's question and spoke up before the Queen could reply. "That foolish brother of mine is going to need a push before he does anything. Even without his revenge he's still as mechanical as ever."

The Queen pouted and nibbled on a piece of white cheese while listening to their words. "But I want to get even closer to him... Kyousuke is still as reserved as before, we only occasionally kiss or cuddle and I've never been able to take things to the next step." The Queen blushed while fidgeting slightly, even for a god like her speaking about her love troubles was a rather unpleasant experience. However, she remembered that trying to solve things on her own was part of the reason that her relationship with Kyousuke had been so rocky in the past. Despite or because of the Queen's discomfort, Biondetta was quite happy to keep the conversation going.

"So, what kinds of methods have you used to attempt to seduce him?" While Biondetta jumped straight to the point, Shigara hid her mild embarrassment behind a cup of tea. Meanwhile, the Queen put a finger to her chin as she recounted her attempts.

"Let's see, initially I simply laid with him in bed hoping he would take the lead, but he would simply fall asleep. It was super cute so I didn't mind watching his sleeping face, but I realized I would need to take more proactive measures. As such, I looked up and tried some common methods like the naked apron, the YES pillow, wrapping myself in ribbons..." After listening to a few of the Queen's methods Shigara put up a hand to stop her while Biondetta started shaking in laughter.

"Wait, wait, wait, I think we've found the problem here." The Queen stopped and tilted her head at the interruption. Shigara rubbed her forehead before continuing. "You're getting advice from some rather strange places. Well, maybe not, those methods would probably work on any normal teenage boy but Kyousuke is rather skittish. Come onto him that strong and he's going to instinctively retreat." Biondetta stifled her laughter long enough to chime in after Shigara. "Honestly, you should probably just push him down so he can't escape, that would be the quickest way to get what you want."

A quick slap over the head from Shigara did nothing to stop Biondetta's snickering. "If she does that we'll be right back where we were a couple years ago." The older woman took another sip of her tea while the Queen was lost in thought. After a moment, she seemed to reach some sort of conclusion and nodded her head. While Biondetta and Shigara watched her in surprise, the Queen stood up while placing some money on the table. "Thank you for the advice, I think I have an idea about what I need to do."

Without waiting for a reply, the Queen walked off while the other two women looked on in shock. As the Queen walked out of sight, Biondetta spoke up. "Should we have stopped her?"

Among the many cruisers being used as homes in the canals of Toy Dream 35 was one that bore the name White Queen. This was the home Shiroyama Kyousuke lived in during his youth and again after Mary insisted on living with just the two of them. For some reason, his mother was on board with the idea even though his little sister protested. He did not particularly mind living in his ship again, he was quite used to it due to using it for so long, and he felt his little sister could use some more time away from him to avoid her becoming too dependent.

Since he start living together with Mary, she insisted on cooking all of their meals. Kyousuke objected at first because she will only ever make white colored food, but Kyousuke himself would only ever eat cereals if left to his own devices so he relented and let he make all of the meals. Today again, Kyousuke and Mary were eating together, however tonight Mary was oddly quiet. She would normally insist on feeding Kyousuke directly at least once a meal and generally be very flirty but while perfectly eating her food without dropping a single speck onto her pure white sundress she kept her eyes on the table with only occasional glances towards Kyousuke.

As they finished up their meal, Kyousuke took the dishes to the kitchen and placed them in the sink for later. Still at the table, Mary fidgeted and seemed to want to say something. Kyousuke decided he had waited long enough and finally spoke up.

"What's wrong Mary? You've been quiet today." Mary looked up into Kyousuke's eyes when she heard him speak. There was no surprise in her eyes, naturally, her predictions could be said to be on the level of oracles. She took a deep breath and stood up from where she sat. Quietly, she walked over to Kyousuke and wrapped her arms around one of his while leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Can we head to our bedroom early tonight? Please?" The meek voice that came from her lips did not suit her. She was the incarnation of absolute victory, to hear her speak with such hesitation seemed like an affront to the very laws of reality. Even the notoriously mechanical Kyousuke was caught off guard, and the boy walked with her to the small bedroom situated at the aft of the cruiser.

Upon entering the room, Mary closed the door behind them and locked it. Without saying a word she pulled Kyousuke with her to sit down on the side of the bed. When they were both seated she silently let go of Kyousuke's arm, but her head stayed resting on his shoulder. Kyousuke kept his body and head still as Mary wordlessly nuzzled the side of his neck. She settled her nose on his nape and took a deep breath through her nose as her hand ventured up to remove the ties holding her hair in twin tails. As her hair fell loose, she softly pushed Kyousuke to lay down on the bed.

With Kyousuke prone on the bed, Mary straddled his waist and stared into his eyes with their faces almost touching. There was little surprise in Kyousuke's face; this was not the first time Mary had tried to seduce him, but this method was much more subdued than her usual tactics. The earnestness in Mary's eyes dispelled any notions of falsehood, her perfect lips seemed to be holding back an intense desire.

"You know what it is that I want to do, don't you Kyousuke?" Mary spoke quietly, her voice was little more than a whisper, but the weight behind them gave them more power than a megaphone. Kyousuke slowly move his hands to Mary's shoulders and her gently grabbed her.

"Yeah, I do." As he spoke, Kyousuke slowly pushed Mary back as he raised his body to a sitting posture. Mary's face twisted in sadness a bit at the seeming rejection, and her eyes turned downwards. Kyousuke held her there as he thought to himself with his eyes taking in every detail of Mary's beautiful body. He knew that if she wanted she could have held him there until he went along with her wishes, he knew that she always wanted him to love her of his own accord, he knew that the day would have to come eventually.



As they looked into each other's eyes, Kyousuke brought his hand up to brush the hair away from Mary's face. He slowly rubbed her cheek with his thumb as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the contact. When her eyes opened again, Kyousuke brought his face up to hers.

"As you wish."

The next morning, Kyousuke woke to find that he could not move his arm. Lying next to him was a nude Mary using his arm as a pillow. She was smiling even in her sleep; she was so happy that she seemed to be radiating light. Kyousuke blinked a couple times and realized that she really was radiating light, and he wondered how he managed to fall asleep. He used his free hand to shake her awake.

Mary stirred and opened her eyes to lovingly gaze at Kyousuke. She didn't bother to conceal herself with the blanket as she sleepily rose to give Kyousuke a quick kiss on the lips. "Good morning Kyousuke." The sheer love in her voice would have sent any normal person into a state of absolute bliss. Instead of donning the Sword of Truth, she walked to the closet and pulled out a set of perfectly normal clothes to wear. Kyousuke found himself thinking that Mary was flaunting her nude form, and unlike before he couldn't help but find himself blushing a little. Neither spoke a word as Kyousuke made his way to the same closet to grab a set of clothes before proceeding to the shower.

After finishing up his shower he went to the main room and found that Mary was cooking breakfast as usual. However, he was in for a shock when she brought out the plates. Instead of the usual all-white fare, he instead found red-colored food mixed in as well. "Mary, what is this?" His tone was mildly accusatory, but she only smiled brighter when he asked. "I mentioned it before, didn't I Kyousuke? I was meant to be dyed in your colors. Now that we've finally joined together properly I have been dyed in your beautiful red."

Kyousuke frowned, but decided to not question her any further on the matter. The food was as delicious as always, and after they finished eating they sat together on the small couch in front of the television. Mary was clinging to him even more than usual today, and she was still radiating a faint, pure light. "Mary, you're being a bit too bright, at least hold it back when we go to lunch with my family later." The girl tilted her head before examining her body a moment. "Oh! I did not even notice." The light dissipated as if a switch had been flipped yet somehow Mary's smile was no less blinding.

In the early afternoon of the same day, Kyousuke and Mary joined Shiroyama Natsuginu and Shiroyama Iai; Kyousuke's mother and little sister, for a light lunch at a family restaurant. Everything proceeded peacefully and normally, though for some reason Iai kept staring at Mary. This did not escape Kyousuke's notice, when they had finished eating he cut right to his question.

"Iai, why have you been staring at Mary this whole time?" Mary and Natsuginu looked first at Kyousuke, and then at Iai to see her tilting her head. The young girl nodded and earnestly replied to her brother.

"It's strange, for some reason it feels like there's a second life inside the Queen."

Kyousuke nearly choked on his own saliva and started coughing while his mother coldly glared at him and Mary cheerfully held her cheeks.


Kyousuke could only weather his mother's icy glare. Indeed, the White Queen is the pinnacle of all existence, capable of doing everything perfectly. As such, it should only be natural that she would perfectly get pregnant on the first try!