I was walking around my classroom as the children were finishing up their snack before we left for the mall. We'd have lunch once we arrived back at the school. Today was the day the children have been looking forward to, our trip to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. They have been working on making a card or picture for the bunny. I'm so glad that Rosalie will be the parent volunteer for this outing and not Alice. Rosalie was much more motherly than Alice, the fashion diva. Her daughter Arielle was just as high maintenance as Alice was, and thankfully I regard her as a friend but having her at field trips was a lot of chaos. Angela, my assistant teacher would also be going with us and her husband Ben would be driving the bus.

Rosalie knocked softly on the door and Angela let her in.

"Hi Ms. Bella," she said quietly as she came over to me.

"Hi Mrs. Rosalie," I said with a smile as her son, Riley waved excitedly from his chair.

"How was he this morning?" she asked as she waved back at her son.

"Good, a bit hyper at first but settled down."

"Sorry about that Emmett got him breakfast this morning and it wasn't the mom approved cereal."

"No worries," I said with a laugh as I imagined what Emmett could have fed him. Emmett was such a big kid at heart, sometimes he goes on the field trips with us. But it's like having an extra child when he goes though.

"Ms. Bella, I'm finished. May I go use the restroom?" Suzie asked.

"Yes, you may," I said with a smile as I watched the child clean up her snack area and walk to the restroom.

One by one the children finished up and cleared away their areas before heading to the restroom, making a single file line as they waited.

I went about setting out the children's coloring activity for after lunch, as Angela was with the children by the restroom.

"Bella, you know Emmett's brother is single," Rosalie commented.

"I know, you both have told me several times."

"You and Edward would be perfect for each other, both of you are smart, funny, and you both love children."

"Rosalie, you know we've met before and it was fine, but..." I trailed off as she interrupted me.

"But nothing, Bella. You both were seeing other people at the time, and it wasn't the right time. Now there's nothing in the way."

"Rosalie, I'm fine being single," I said.

"Funny, that's the same thing Edward says," she said with a smirk.

I just shook my head and went about finishing some things at my desk. I know she means well but I am fine being single. Not many people understand that though. Even though a part of me does miss being with someone, having quiet dinners and talking about our days, and then cuddling on the couch watching a movie.

I couldn't help but think back to when I met Edward, we were both at Rosalie's for a barbecue. I was sitting with her as Emmett came over and introduced me to Edward. I smiled up at him and he sat down next to me. We talked about music and books, we seemed to have a lot in common. But I had a boyfriend and I knew that he'd have to have a girlfriend, but it didn't keep me from thinking how gorgeous he was and how easy it was to talk to him. Garrett came back to his seat and kissed my cheek. I felt my face heat up as I looked up at Edward and I introduced him to Garret. He nodded and shook his hand, but then excused himself quickly. I watched him walk away to go stand with a blondish-brown haired woman and I couldn't help be feel a bit jealous at the way he slipped his arm around her waist.

I shook those thoughts from my head as I walked to the children lockers and started to help the children.

We all got the kids in their coats and they got their cards for the bunny and then we walked out into the hallway to go to the bus.

The children were very well behaved in the hallway, I hoped that once we got in the mall that they would be just as well behaved.

I'm glad that for now the talk of Edward is tabled, even though if I had to admit he was quite handsome and I think he was studying to be a doctor or is a doctor.

Once on the bus, I did a headcount and took my seat next to Rosalie as Ben pulled out of the parking lot. It didn't take long to get there and I stood up as he pulled up to the mall.

"Children, I need you to listen, once we exit the bus, I need you to hold a friend's hand as we walk to the mall. Mrs. Angela and Mrs. Rosalie are here to help me. Please listen to them as well as you listen to me," I told them.

"Yes, Ms. Bella," they replied as I stepped off the bus and watched as the scurried off the bus.

Each child came off the bus holding another child's hand, and Rosalie and Angela were with a group of children as I lead them to the mall entrance, once at the door I turned to them and held my two fingers in the air indicating to the that they should be quiet.

"Ms. Bella," Riley said.


"Can we use our library voices?" he asked.

I nodded as I opened the door for them.

The children walked single file into the mall and then I lead them to the center court where the Easter Bunny's house was and we were met by Seth, the photographer.

"Hi Ms. Swan," he said.

"Hello Mr. Clearwater," I said as I held up to fingers and the children looked up at me. "Have a seat on the floor, criss cross applesauce."

"Eric, our regular bunny is out sick. But no worries we have a replacement bunny and everything will go as planned. He's very child friendly and Eric explained to him how things work.

"Wonderful, the children made cards for the bunny," I told him as the children smiled when they saw the bunny walking up to his carrot house.