Chapter 9: And Then There Were Five

"I did not rape Leo!" Fred insisted.

Adam and Tyler had brought him in and almost literally threw his into an interrogation room. "Oh yeah, what about all those exercise Leo told us about where ya said ta do push ups on his lap?" Adam snarled.

"The only exercises me and Leo ever did were either to build up hand-eye coordination or his balance." Fred said.

"Then how'd you get him pregnant?" Tyler asked. Fred's eyes widened. "What?" He gasped. "Yeah, he's carryin' ya love child. But there is a way to clear this up." Adam growled.

"Tell me how?" Fred asked.

"All you have to do is just give us a DNA sample, we then compare it to the baby's and if it's not a match then you can leave here with our sincerest apologies." Tyler explained.

Fred glared.

"Apology to me attorney."...

Soon Mary and Ivan arrived at the park and saw the Hamato family.

Splinter and Donatello were sat on a bench watching Michelangelo and Raphael push Leonardo on the swings. "Mr Hamato, we are pleased to tell you that your grandchild doesn't have brain damage." Ivan said.

"Thank God." Splinter said with a sigh of relief.

Donnie turned to the detectives. "But I am pretty sure that you two did come all the way out here to tell us that." He added. "We may lose the rape case against Harrison unless we can talk to Leo again." Mary explained.

Splinter looked uncertain for a moment before sighing and turning to where his other son's were playing.

"Boys, could you bring Leonardo over here please." He called. Raphael and Mikey nodded and helped Leo off the swing and they walked over to where their father a brother were.

"Hey there Leo." Mary smiled.

"Hi Mary." He replied. "Now Leo we were just wondering if you told anyone about these 'exercise' classes with Mr Harrison." She asked. "No, ah promithed Mr Harrithon that ah wond tell." Leo replied.

The detectives sighed.

"But ee did get mad at me when ah tried to thow Mandy Kent the exercitheth." He added. "And who's this Mandy?" Ivan asked. "The uthed to work in the thore with me before the had he baby boy Patrick."

Everyone's eyes widened...

About 2 hours late Gwen and Leo entered the interrogation room.

Fred and his lawyer Derek were waiting for them. "What's he doing here?" Fred asked Gwen Lewis when he saw Leo. "Well you do have every right to confront your accuser Mr Harrison." Gwen explained and placed a reassuring hand on Leo's shoulder.

"Leo I'm not a-"

"Not another word Fred." Derek insisted and Fred shut up. "The DNA result came back, and congratulation Mr Harrison your having a girl." Gwen smiled. "We'll take sexual misconduct." Derek offered.

If Gwen agreed to that then Fred would only be out of prison for the maximum of seven years.

"No way is your client getting out of this on a misdemeanor." Gwen glared. "Come on Gwen you don't want to embrass Leo in court a second time do you? He enjoyed, he kept coming back for more and he didn't say no." Derek listened.

"Here's what I'm offering, your client confesses to rape and does 25 years to life."

"We'll take our chances in court." Derek said and the two men turned to leave. "You might not want to do that." Gwen smirked and pulled out a file. "Now what are you up to?" Derek sighed.

Gwen opened the file and inside were four pictures of children under the age of ten.

Fred's eyes widened when he saw the pictures. "Recognise any of these Mr Harrison?" Gwen asked. "These are children you've fathered with people who worked in your markets, two of whom were under aged at the time."

"We've been going through your financials, you've been paying off the mothers for their silence. Well now your going to pay a lot more."

Gwen handed a letter to Derek. "Participation for child support?" He asked. Fred couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Four more on their way from the other mothers." She added and turned to a shocked Fred.

"That's five kids. Each get 20% of your markets, your personal fortune, everything else you own. It's going to support Leo and his baby for the rest of their lives."

Fred was completely lost for words and turned to Leo, who was just sat there smiling like nothing was wrong...