Sybill Trelawney opened her news app on her iPhone and yawned, not looking forward to another day on the Venice Boardwalk. Really, the whole thing was quite tiresome, though ultimately, a full day of mindless palm readings really added up. Her manicure was still fresh and she scrolled carefully, her nails tapping against the screen.

She paused at an image that looked somehow familiar.

Draco Malfoy to wed Hermione Granger, political activist

Former actor turned filmmaker Draco Malfoy is said to have proposed to girlfriend Hermione Granger after two years of blissful courtship, a source reports. Granger, an outspoken supporter of international human rights, and Malfoy, who recently earned rave reviews and a coveted prize from the Sundance Film Festival for his work chronicling the lives of three refugees in London, announced via their respective PR sources that they are happily engaged and are looking forward to a very bright future.

"They couldn't be happier," says a close female friend. "They've both come a long way professionally over the last couple of years and it makes them that much prouder that they are able to say they did it together."

The couple, who famously met following a psychic prediction that listed Granger as Malfoy's "soulmate," are expected to wed quietly later this year.

Sybill smiled to herself, remembering the events that had led to this moment. She had seen the girl, Granger, walking impatiently down the boardwalk, clearly uncomfortable with what appeared to be her heinously oblivious boyfriend and his maddeningly dull parents, and in her boredom, Sybill had sketched out her image, making a note of the monogram on the girl's camel-colored crossbody. Once Malfoy had come along - Sybill had of course known who he was, and taken note of the conspicuous lack of chemistry between himself and his very charming - too charming, perhaps - girlfriend, she'd known precisely what to do with the unfinished drawing. It had been a gamble, she knew, but she had a feeling, and Sybill had learned to trust such feelings.

After all, they did look so good together, didn't they?

She tucked her phone away as someone took a seat, offering her their palm.

"Hmm," Sybill said whimsically, making a silent note of the girl's engagement ring. "I see a happy event in your future . . . a wedding, perhaps . . . "