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Inner Demon

Chapter 1

Dawn was approaching quite handsomely, painting the semi murky sky into rich colors of yellowish grey, turquoise blue, and a wee navy. I had made my way towards a specific castle; one that Dante had found for me through one of Enzo's employees living as a wealthy aristocrat outside the town. Not forgetting to mention that I had insisted to have the day off, but that idiot Demon Hunter just yawned and handed me the paper nonchalantly. Dante excluded himself from accompanying me by giving the lame excuse for being tired from his previous mission- which was a few minutes before my departure- and had finished it in five minutes by just killing three lesser demons in front of his shop.

It's all Enzo's fault! he's the one who finds us jobs and Dante agrees on any of them and on any terms that he can lay hands on.

Next time, I'll make him come with me. I spat those words with venom.

A few steps past the long and wide stone bridge and I found myself staring with awe at the huge castle;

The castle of Chains...

The Castle of the bloody countess Carmella.

The countess that I had heard once Dracula had gotten so furious by her vein, ambition, and infinite lust for blood that he had to stab her through the heart while she slept, putting an end into her miserable fate.

The sword itself was said to be made by Dracula himself, and the act of taking care of the leech was regarded as his Noble deed. However, that bloody bat never managed to do something well and clean all by himself; therefore, asking for help when in the moment of zenith of a precarious event was his habit.

And on his list of Aiding Allies, I was on the top of that damn black list!

However, I didn't want to think about it at the current moment. That mad for nothing bat! Speaking of bats, I suddenly stepped on the wrong place of the solid ground and found countless of those blood suckers spring out like oil being gushed out of a fresh made hole and blocked my view for a brief moment.

How I hate surprises! Watching those murky flapping creatures gradually fading away, I found myself staring at the Castle again. Quite frankly, I felt my mouth agape from the luxury and the enchanting presence that surrounded everywhere of the structure. From those tall skyscraping towers to those futuristic metal made walls that sieged the entire prehistoric Medieval like palace.

Having my senses in full alert, I could feel the strong force of magic shields and spells all around myself. It was actually too much to bear, and something about the place was being conspicuously off. Not forgetting to mention, I could feel the sudden rush of excitement bubble inside of me, and this usually was a sign of a coming peril waiting up ahead.

Nervous aren't we? Or is it... Excitement?

I'm sure I'll find something quite interesting in here. I wonder if there'll be enemies worth fighting?

"I hope Dante has considered the amount of payment as well… or else, I will kill him." I sighed at the thought and made my way towards the interior of the colossus mansion.

Entering, the first thing that caught my attentions was the nuisance scent of a metallic smell, too familiar and nostalgic to be ignored:


It followed another familiar scent that made the pits of my stomach churn uncomfortably; the scent of rotten and dissolved fabric and leather concealed tactfully behind aristocratic silks and fresh sewed garments of the finest type; the scent of corps long dead which still walk among the living with a disguise that hold paraffin skin and the unearthly beauty of porcelain dolls.

Yes, vampires…

It had been ages since I had seen one of those blood suckers. Although, I had lived long enough to be acknowledged as a vampire hunter myself, yet, never liked killing them unless obliged to. During the times of my hunting business, there were two types of vampires in the world that I had the privilege to encounter: those that were known as the Nobility, who were vampires aware and awake of their doings. And the others which were normal humans that had received the Kiss of Nobility and changed into zombies or sometimes called Ghouls for their masters to be controlled.

Poor fellas, they were most to pity. The full blooded Nobles used those under their slavery for experiments and other researches, and with the help of the high developed technology afford to them by their Sacred Ancestor, Count Dracula, they had achieved many variable results. Some managed to build many kinds of fatal weapons unknown to humans. Some created creatures horrifying beyond mans' reckoning, and some made monsters to control over others. Nevertheless, the list of their mortifying doings and evil intentions had reached an unlimited peak.

I was lost in thoughts of the things they had done when suddenly, an obvious presence of another being that was quite bothersome, brought me back to reality. It made me feel a sense of nostalgic melancholy. I could swear that the air that floated around me began to emit the fragment of citruses.

Where have I smelt that before?! Oranges and Jasmines?! Surely I have smelt it… on a specific person… But on whom?

Closing my eyes to concentrate my demonic senses, like a dog sniffing the owner of the scent, I sniffed the air deliberately. To my bad luck, it was a fruitless attempt as my memory failed me. I opened my eyes with an irritated sigh and turned toward the stairs.

Suddenly, the sound of sweet steel piercing into thin air like a sharp knife caught my attention. I dodged the coming sword towards my way from behind, rolling back on my feet fast enough, and taking out my own double swords. I attacked with my full might and found a single long and elegant sword, blocking my twin blades perfectly.

Since the Castle was made for a Noble, the attempt to find some light in order to decipher the face of my opponent was a try in vain, but I could clearly assume that my attacker was a young man.

It didn't take long till the pushes I forced upon him, made the youth take some unsteady steps back and land under a small ray of sunlight piercing through the roof and shine on him like a spotlight.

Long cloak, a perfect fitted armored suit, a blue enigmatic pendant on his chest; everything on him- except from his amulet, skin and hair- was wrapped in the color of the night; pitch black. His whole appearance was wrapped in a such murky color that you would likely to find only in the depths of abyss. It sure gave him the advantage to sneak behind opponents and conceal in the shadows well, like a Leopard that awaits its pray. It seems like, I was being the pray the whole time.

His youthful face was covered under his long brimmed hat. That long beautiful chestnut mane of his cascaded long behind his shoulders. Some waves ran down his chest and some used to wave around his features by his graceful movements. Sparks began to dance from the spot where our blades clashed and I could feel his might was becoming fierce and stronger by each push, although his strength was clear that it had excelled under excellent training throughout time.

I felt him push further in return and I realized that he's strength matched no ordinary man's since his power was competing with mines ('cause I am no ordinary human, I suppose it was a reasonable calculation I speculated!). Opting as to not underestimating his skills and might, I learned quite zealously that he was a worthy opponent.

Sprinting back at the same time, we both stood face to face a shy ten feet back. Still his face was concealed under the shadow of his traveler's hat and the lack of light in the hall was starting to run my patience thin.

Dang it! I want to see his face. Maybe I am fighting with an acquaintance or something?! If he might be a new enemy, I would gladly memorize another face in my album for future encounters.

"You sure are a good warrior, no doubt. I see you have excellent skills in handling your piece of beauty." I enthused towards his long sword, the little crescent curve on the tip was giving it a Eurasian look.

To my disappointment, no reply came. With the heavy light which was focused like a spot-light on me, I could assume how clearly he was observing my features while I was burning with curiosity to see his visage. When I wanted to leap for another attack, the sound of an ear-piercing scream echoed throughout the hall. Distracted by the job at hand, I decided to let the personal fight slip for the moment. After all, I had a mission as top priority to accomplish.

"It seems like that this fight should wait. Till next time, stranger!" I dashed up the stairs, stealing one last glance at him, still to no avail of catching a view of his face. He had his head lowered so his entire face was well hidden behind the wavy chestnut mane of his, like curtains cascaded down his chest and shoulders and hid the mysterious countenance.

I ran for the source of sound and found myself in another hall, less bigger than the previous one. The walls luxuriously designed with oak woods and sculptors. Long wine red curtains covered the tall windows, and the roof was painted with exquisite frames and mysterious figures you find only in ancient mythology books or holy ceilings in churches.


Came a very sound of a... small child! I turned around with my silver gun in hand, but no one was there.

That's funny! I swear I heard a boy…

I started taking cautious steps towards the stairs when suddenly I saw the painting of an old and familiar face which had been sealed in my memories for a good load of centuries ago. She looked the same as she did nearly six hundred years ago when I saw her in his festival. She was dressed all in a gown as red as blood, showing her true nature in essence; the only Countess that no vampire competed in the urge of bloodlust; Not even he was that much greedy as her, I knew.

"Carmella! It's been a while since we last met." I looked at her portrait as she still held that malicious stare even in her portrait toward her every viewer. Not to spook, but she felt real enough to me that gave me a cold chill which made the hair on the back of my neck stand on its end.

Bloody Leech!

But I never forget the time that her heart was pierced by his sword when she was dead asleep. No one was told of the true story behind the secret. The hero of the day was announced honorably as the Sacred Ancestor, but ironically, the person who truly pushed the blade into her chest was someone else.

Maybe the rumors were not as true as everyone believed. Not everything that is said is as it appears. Sometimes, the truth you are told to accept, has actually another story behind it and the reason for difference and hide it is only meant for the better good.

And that good was for a dear one of mine whom I had long forgotten…

My Little One!

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