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Chapter 9

The young hunter and I stood in our places, frozen in spot, gazing at each other with tremendous feelings like recognition, nostalgia, and longing. The flows of memories followed by their attached emotions were so great that I could hear my heart beat hard in my chest, causing a painful ache in my ribcage. My eyes were glued to the young man before me who stood proud and elegant, matured and strong, a mere image of his childlike self.

I did not know how he felt at that moment. He looked at me with those gleaming cobalt orbs but on my part, I dare say that all the emotions of love and exhalation I was feeling narrowed to a single solid statement: I MISSED you so much, my precious LITTLE ONE.

The gentle wind blew between us again, making his cape and our hairs, which mere matched in color, to dance in the wind. My eyes glued on the hunter's face suddenly narrowed in doubt.

What if I am mistaking? I had been looking for him for CENTURIES, yet failed to find any clues of his whereabouts. And now, this young man in-another time, in another place, in another dimension-claims to be that LITTLE ONE; the young boy of eight years of age which I took care of is supposed to be THAT D who is standing before my very eyes?

I am not going to complain either, but maybe looking into his eyes might give you the answer you seek; although it is not my concern. Wanna help, 'kay? The sound of my inner demoness who mentioned a very simplistic yet thorough solution for my doubts to diminish, brought me back from my reverie.

That's a thought!

Gulping down the mere lump which had formed in my throat, I took a deep breath, pushing down my deep anxiety and (brave enough I hope) began to advance him with slow, cautious steps. With each step I took toward him, the distance between us began to gradually close, and the faster my heart thumbed into my chest.

Oh come on?! I mean, it can't be him, can it?

More steps and the hunter still stood his ground like an elegant statue craved from the netherworld, like a majestic ferryman who was about to cross me through the river of Styx.

A little more steps and I will know if he is REALLY the boy I had under my wings.

Suddenly, when I entered the purview of the hunter, I began to realize two things; first and foremost, an alluring scent of Jasmines and citruses-mainly Oranges, though-and the second, flashes of joyous memories began to play before my eyes; memories which I once held cherished in my heart, but unfortunately had forgotten under certain circumstances.

The memory of his child like face, round and innocent with gleaming curious eyes. Small paraffin hands, delicate and soft, stroking my face or clutching unto the fabric of my dark gown. Spending time either sleeping or crying during sad moments into my chest. His smile, that beautiful smile which showed his small cute fangs, whenever he was thrilled over a certain discovery or learnt something new.

Yes, I recall that smile very well; I had even told him to show it fully whenever I was around him and took delight in this unique secret we shared: showing his fangs without shame or remorse.

Another step and I recalled when we spent ample time in the library of the castle, reading books and stories without getting exhausted or bored. His eyes were always greedy to read more, to see more, to experience more. Sometimes through our peaceful times, I could see how Dracula molded by forcing heavy obligations upon this small shoulders.

Yes, he was always too rough with him… suddenly I remembered a certain event in the back of my head: the time which I gave D his first lesson as to not cry anymore.


He was standing by the tall auburn double doors of the right hall where Dracula used to make his important meetings with great guests. The young prince of the Draculean household was standing before his great father, the Sacred Ancestor-although merely reaching to his knees with his petit height.

I had come recently from treating Shadow-my dark strong steed which I had gained as my birthday millennia years ago before many civilizations from my father in Egypt-and saw father and son being engaged in a heated argument. Knitting my brows in worry, I advanced the two males.

"Father, you can't ORDER me to do such cruel thing!" Exclaimed the young boy in his fierce childish tone, earning a heated sigh to be exhaled through those crimson lips of the King. "FATHER_"

"ENOUGH!" Dracula yelled, making his yell echo throughout the castle.

I had hardly seen him in such nasty temper, but whatever the reason behind it was, he had NO right unleashing it on the poor child. Fuming over Drac's dishonorable attitude toward his son, I quickened my pace.

"Father you can't_" I swear I heard D's voice crack a little.

"Young Dracula!" D's shoulder's tensed as a slight shudder went through his body. "I do NOT recall letting you have that belonging at all. Therefore, you WILL OBEY MY ORDER and get rid of it before I do."


The double doors were shut loudly at the boy's face. I closed the space between us and wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled his gently to my embrace, bursting my face into his wavy chestnut brown mane and calling him softly. "D, is everything alright?" I felt his tiny shoulders shake, soon the shakings turned into continuous trembles. "D?" I asked worried.

Suddenly the young boy tore away from me, nearly knocking his back to the doors while struggling to keep his balance. While kneeling, I watched his still form toppling here and there while his face was fully stained with both salty tears and hatred.

"HE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND!" he shouted as loud as he could, hiccupping and sobbing a little. "He always gives… me a lot of obligations." More tears began to fall down. "HE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ME OR MOTHER!" my eyes widened at a certain thought, perhaps Dracula had learned where the hidden portrait of Mina De Fair was hidden in the top basement of the castle; quite frankly, it was a secret which D, I and Balder (D's personal butler) knew of it and had vowed to never let anyone know, for Dracula didn't appreciate seeing Mina's face again. Touché…

"D, did your father_"

"HE DID!" He replied shouting. "HE FOUND OUT!... AND HE WANT'S IT GONE… BURNED EVEN…" his sobs began to grow louder. Those rosy cheeks were wet from fresh trails of tears again and again. I watched him, silently… patiently… although deep inside I was clutching my burning rage, preventing it from lashing out at that damn vampire for making such HORRIBLE suggestion and forcing D to bear witness of such selfish act.

D's tearful eyes turned to me, his whole body shook and his small paraffin hands were balled into tight fists, and I spotted some drops of blood trailing down his hands; his lips trembled and while small hiccups escaped them, he began to tremble more. The sight of this fragile boy broken was one true heart-wrenching view I ever saw in my entire life.

"N-N-Nane." His broken voice called merely pleadingly.

"Yes, D." I answered him. The little prince began to slowly advance me with fresh tears in his eyes.

"I hate him…" he whispered. And before I knew, he dropped himself into my embrace, clutching tightly unto my gown with his tight fist which held a handful of the fabric, and pressed his face tightly into my chest, struggling to speak again. "I hate him… I… HATE… HIM!" his shouts were muffled, yet I heard them clearly before he burst into loud whales.

Unconsciously I wrapped my arms around the small frail boy, pulling him off his feet and place him on my laps, tightly clenched into my chest. I was too afraid to let him go as if his very innocence would slip away if I unclasp my hug from him. I waited silently… patiently… again. I waited for his cries to subdue yet they became full force back and I knew why? He felt lonely, he felt scared, he felt abandoned, he felt missing his beloved mother whom loved him most, he felt missing the normal life he was deprived from having –because of his noble blood, because of his identity, because of his name-and was giving him torment.

I kept my heart from quickening so at least my calm complexion would allow D to feel calm as well and I began rocking him back and forth, stroking his hair and back, whispering finally soothing words that everything would be better. I could easily feel the heating rages of my anger cool by putting myself in Dracula's shoes; surely when he had finally saw the image of his deceased wife, his heart and mental had got a shock. It was obvious…

I had long lived with my immortal vampire friend and knew a bit about his attitude and life stories, mainly involving his love life. I had heard and even bore witness in person of his mistresses as well as original wives that I had lost count; however among them, there were occasionally human women whom he chose to sire powerful children. A few scarce rumors I had managed to catch surrounded a beautiful woman called Elizabetha Bathory. She was his most beloved wife, but committed suicide and threw herself in the river below their castle when she was deceived by a false letter, informing her of Dracula's death in the battlefield. That caused Dracula to lose merely his sanity and isolated himself in the mountains for years. Later he abandoned the castle and left the country… although the manor was in chaotic state.

Later, (and I mean centuries later) I heard of a beautiful woman called Liza Fahrenheit who was a village nurse. The couple had a powerful dhunpeal child but her fate was not much delightful either. She was brunt in excuse of witchcraft. The result, Dracula had mascaraed the entire village that burnt her. her presence in his life was vital and Dracula loved her to death… her staying human for so long as to bear him a child was Dracula's traditional sign of immortal love he bore for his wives. From Liza he had no memory except the child whose identity and whereabouts were tightly concealed by him himself. Not even Dracula knew of his existence anymore, neither bothered to look for him since he was old enough to fend for himself. I had heard rumors though, that his first dhuanpeal son stood and rebelled against Drac as well; you could say, he was a proper older brother for D.

Centuries past and while the Noble society was getting concerned about the heir of their Sacred Ancestor, rumors began to spread of a mortal woman whom Dracula was wantonly desiring for both her blood and beauty. Her name was Mina De Fair whose blood was announced by Drac to be the finest nectar drank from the many fountains of beauties he had tasted. Although, I could easily guess that this secret-portrayed as illicit in the vampire's views-was a maneuver to conceal the REAL truth; Dracula had found a light in his forsaken cursed life… Mina was his light of salvation and cleansed.

But she was mortal and soon, the ages came to her far sooner than anticipated. I recall meeting her in her deathbed. She made me vow to protect the young boy as if my own life depended upon and I made her assured to keep D safe no matter what the cost. A few weeks later, when she was still looking glorious and beautiful in her white and gray strands and wrinkled skin, she passed away during her sleep, making Darcula mourn for her nearly hundreds of years. Finally, I realized what had made Dracula become tha man he was;

He had lived through many difficulties and cruelties of life and the mere peace he always searched were in the arms of the women he loved. Unfortunately, for him, in comparison to his immortality and long life, her beloved women died in different ways which were viewed unfair or tormenting in his eyes. his loss of sanity and muse of madness he succumbs often are the result of the losses he had, watching his wives dying before his very own eyes.

Sighing when I finished thinking of him, I could sympathize with this man who ordered to leave not a single momentum from Mina left except D. Now, he has managed to see the picture of his wife, recalling all those turmoil and regrets he had suffered through centuries. Dracula wanted to prevail his sanity in order to be able to preserve his kingdom; after all, he IS the King of all Vampires and the Sacred Ancestor. As much disdainful it sounded, though, I couldn't blame him for his persistence and own sense of judgment. Losing a loved one especially when you will outlive them with nothing but memories to hunt you all your life is not easy. I have been one too so I could sympathize to some extend with my nemesis.

By the time my thoughts were over, the hiccups of the young prince in my embrace subsided. I sighed long and hard in thoughts of how to explain him things and without causing any antagonism on either side. Pulling the small boy gently away from me to regard his puffy rosy countenance, I smiled warmly at him and wiped his tears away.

"D, listen to me carefully," I cooed. He rubbed his teary eyes and looked at me expectantly. "Your father goes through some difficult times which currently you are unable to understand." His eyes narrowed and I giggled mentally at the anticipated thoughts going through his mind. As a savvy Nane, I should act like his secondary mother and that means, reading his thoughts. "Not because you are a child," his eyes turned to me confused. "But because you are not in his shoes." pondering over what I said, D softened that retaliating glare on his face into one of genuine bewilderment and sadness.

"But he is always so mean to me… doesn't he care?" D looked at me with those gleaming cobalt orbs. "Didn't he love my mother?" his voice spoke those words with a broken sound but no tears threaten to fall. I frowned at him thoughtfully.

"D, of course he did love your mother. Dracula loved his wife more than anything, alongside you. He loved her so much, he couldn't bear to turn her into vampire and take away her purity." His eyes widened.

"But why doesn't he let_"

"D, when you love someone so much, losing them will prove resulting different consequences; you father merely lost his own life and sanity for losing your mother. For one such your father, living with greater obligations as ruling a kingdom so colossus, it is rather a difficult task. Mourning over his love had caused him disadvantages and problems while dealing with more important things." His face fell.

"D, when you grow up and fall in love, you will understand what your father went through, although I shall pray that you will spent eternal life with her." His eyes lit up with joy, a slight hue of pink covered his already blushed cheeks, reaching to his small pointy ears. "Now, from today till you live D, I want to remember something very important and promise you won't forget." Acknowledging my serious and determined tone, D nodded his head severely and listened.

"Good. From now on more difficult days and hardships shall fall upon your path. You can cry if you want to but do NOT cry before your father. Crying while he is watching shall make him sad as well. you must know that you are Prince of this kingdom and next to the throne; therefore, you shall have heavier and bigger responsibilities when you grow up. This means, that when you grow up, you shall be by your father's aid when he requires and you must encourage him from now on to both remind him of his strength to move forward and to show him how strong you are." He looked at me baffled.

"Nane?" D whispered my name incredulously.

"Yes, D. You must always stay strong and encourage your father all time; because," I raised my hand to his head and stroke his satin soft wavy mane, watching as the wavy curls glisten in the daylight. "This is what it means to be a man!" I smiled encouraged.

D's eyes widen in realization. A small gasp left his lips when I deduced from his expression that he got the eloquent gist I spoke of. His eyes began to glow with the same determination he always had. Wiping his eyes and struggling to slip off my laps, I placed him gently on the ground and watched him fixing his attire and straightening his cravat pulled into his white vest.

Turing his face to regard me, the young bouncing prince smiled… a true smile filled with warmth and hope. "Thank you Nane… I promise I shall not cry anymore in front of my father nor anytime soon, but," his face fell thoughtful. "Does this mean with this promise, even though I am only eight years old, I am a MAN?!" he asked flustered.

I giggled lightly at him and cupped his face in my palms. "Of course D. You are already a grown man of your own." I stroke his cheek with my thumb, finding both grow rosy pink. Another smile followed on his celestial face, making him appear as a small delicate angel.

"Thank you Nane…" He clashed into my chest again and braced me tightly. "Thank you so much. I won't forget this promise." He whispered and I gradually wrapped my own arms protectively and possessively around his small frame.

"Any time my precious little one…" Anytime my beloved child; my own flesh and blood… my invaluable D.

End of Flashback

Returning back to the world of reality, I found myself standing before the young hunter whose face was hidden under the wide brimmed hat, unable to detect his eyes. Our distance was the closest, closer than when we were engaged in battle. When I snapped back from my reverie, I found the scent of Oranges stronger than before, blended with a bit of cinnamon as well. The scents matched as I recalled from the memory. With a shaky hand, I reached for his hat, inching slowly and cautiously toward it while the hunter stood firmly and in his spot. Is he even breathing?!

My fingertips caressed the tip of the dark gleaming hat, running an anxious shiver run down my arm and my spine. Finally, I furrowed my brows and slowly took hold of the hat with mustered courage, joining my other hand to hold the other side in order to neatly remove it. The wind blew again and genuine immaculate chestnut mane began to dance freely and glistering under the shimmering sunlight.

Lowering the held hat to my abdomen, I blinked a few times. The face of this famous Vampire Hunter was exposed with nothing to serve as hindern conceal it; no shadow, or anything. His face visible and shone to the world. Polished pale forehead, thick masculine eyebrows atop stretched visible eyes which held long alluring dark lashes; a long aristocratic nose, thin tightly drawn lips, chiseled cheekbones, pointy ears, his eyes…

Those cobalt orbs were downward, watching the ground. I took another step closer and merely felt the heat radiating from his armor, only one breath away from his strong broad chest. The small act made the hunter to gradually, thoughtfully, tactfully raise his eyes and lock gazes with me. Those frosty orbs, a pool of sky blue orbs were filled with so much loneliness, pain, torment, and unreadable emotions which became too heart-wrenching for me to decipher. Yet, depleting them, I found one familiar emotion: Longing. Those pool of cold orbs suddenly warmed to an enormous extend… warmer than the rays of the sun, compassionate, loving?!

Realization hit me for how recognition danced in those eyes. The same love and familiarity I used to see in the little one was obviously visible and reflected in this hunter's eyes. IT IS HIM?!

The still air was cut through a sharp loud gasp which escaped my lips. The truth hit me so hard that I felt myself backing a few steps back and holding a hand to my mouth in shock. Turning my widened eyes away, I took a few deep breaths to calm my raging heart.

This can't be?! IT CAN'T BE! It is HIM! My eyes fell on the jewel pin that resided on the side of the his hat. This is…

Inspecting it closely, I found it resembling the one I had made for him on his thirteenth birthday, but was returned for certain reasons before he finally disappeared out of my life. Till now…

Circling on my hills to look at him, I watched the now blissed face of the hunter. "Little One?!" I whispered. "It IS you… after so long time. I have…" a wet string fell down my cheek; I was crying tears of joy. "I have finally," my lips turned upwards in a beaming smile. "Found you D." more tears ran down while my whole memory and body began to feel the familiar emotions I had when I was around him in savvy recognition. "My precious Little One… D!" I sobbed.

The face of the young man morphed into one of genuine happiness while a broad smile plastered on his beautiful visage, exposing his fangs. "Yes," He nodded his head, never blinking, not even breathing. "I have found you as well. I missed you so much Nane…" his gentle voice carried away in the wind like a secret message for only me to hear.

As more tears began to run down my cheeks and my chest trembled in both sobs and blissed laughers, I felt for a blink of an eye I was pulled into a pair of strong arms. A loud gasp escaped me. When I gained composure, I found the hunter had closed the distance in a second and embraced me tightly, pulling me into his chest where I could hear the steady yet loud beats of his human heart. He tightened his grip around me, encouraging me to hug him back which I obliged with all my soul and heart.

I snaked my hands around his waist and clutched unto him with dear life. I felt him bury his face into my hair which surprisingly was down my shoulders, ripped free from the small band I had tightened in a high ponytail. I heard him breathe deeply and dare say a small shaky breath left his lips at the end.

"I missed you so much."

"I missed you too D…" my voice cracked. "I missed you so VERY much little one. My precious D." I broke into silent sobs while held him dearly in my arms and vice versa. "I can't believe it… it is you. Thank God!" I sobbed as I felt the strong hands rub my back soothingly. "I can't thank God enough for bringing you to me…. D… I am SO glad I have found you." I could feel a maternal feeling burn inside me with divine exultation beyond my mortal body's bear. I felt like jumping out of my skin for sure.

"Welcome back… Nane Roxana!"

In these four years of tormenting moments filled with mourns in extreme pain and agony, D's presence in my life was undeniably a sacred light of hope in my life.

Thank God. Thank you so much for keeping him safe for so long and now, returning him to me when I most needed a miracle in life… thank you SO much. My precious Little One!

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