Chapter One

Ash and co. had stopped by a beautiful lake in a quiet forest on their way to the Blackthorn City Gym. Brock sat by the fire making their lunch, Misty sat by the lake watching all her water Pokémon, except Psyduck, swim around. Ash's Totodile was among them. All Ash's other Pokémon were sleeping by the side of the lake. Ash sat with Pikachu, shining his badges.

There was a rustling of bushes near Ash and Pikachu.

Pikachu looked up and growled. He got onto all fours and his cheeks sparks.

Ash, Misty and Brock looked over at Pikachu. "What's up Pikachu?" Ash asked.

The bush rustled and a large red lizard with a flame on it's tail fell out.

"It's a Charmeleon" Ash said as he called Pikachu off.

The Charmeleon looked up and them and growled. It had scratchs all over and was badly briused, but it was a stubborn one. It pushed itself to it's feet and held up it's claws, but winch and clutched it's right arm.

Brock looked at it's arm. "Looks broken, one of us should try to get it to let us have a look" He looked at Ash.

Ash looked at him, "Huh? Hey! Why's it always me?"

"Well you've had experience with Charmeleon" Brock said, pushing him forward.

"Alright, I'll try" Ash sighed and walked over to the Charmeleon.

The Charmeleon took a step back, growling.

"Take it easy" Ash said. "We just wanna help" He raised his hand a little nervously. He reached out his hand as if introducing himself. "Let us have a look at your arm"

The Charmeleon had it's deep blue eyes fixed on Ash's brown ones. It lowered it's gaze to his hand and growled. Without warning it jumped forward and sank it's teeth into it.

Ash yelled and jumped back. He looked at his hand, which was now covered in blood and hurt worse than a Beedrill sting. He cringed. He looked up at the Charmeleon, which was still growling.

"Maybe we should leave this one, it isn't to friendly" came Misty's voice from behind him.

"But we can't just leave it here" Ash said, not taking his eyes of the Charmeleon, in case it decided to attack again.

"We need to calm it down somehow, if we don't, that arm's gonna get worse and worse" Brock said.

Pikachu's cheeks sparked but Ash stopped him. "No Pikachu, we don't wanna hurt it any more than it's hurt now" He thought for a while. "Bulbsaur, come here" He called.

Bulbasaur approached her trainer and stood beside him.

"Buldbasaur, use your sleep powder to send that Charmeleon to sleep" Ash ordered.

"Were'd you get that idea?" Misty asked.

"Remeber Tracy's Syther?" Ash asked. "When it was all beat up but wouldn't let us help it? Tracy got Venonat to use sleep powder on it, maybe it'll work on Charmeleon"

Bulbasaur stepped forward and shot a cloud of sleep powder at the Charmeleon.

The Charmeleon backed away but couldn't escape the attack. It's eyes began to droop and it sat down. Before they knew it, Charmeleon was asleep.


Charmeleon woke up a few hours later. He shook his head looked around. He was in a small house, probably an old abandoned cabin. The sun shone through the windows and lit the nearly empty room. At the opposite side of the room there were three back-packs. He now looked at his arm. It was wrapped in some sort of white cloth and it didn't hurt as much as it did before he fell asleep.

There was a creak of a door and Charmeleon shot his gaze to the door that was to the right side of him. Then he saw the human that had attacked him.

Ash walked in and looked at the Charmeleon. "Hey, so your finally awake" He smiled at the Charmeleon.

Charmeleon growled and looked around. He hated humans and believed that humans used Pokémon for their own selfish purposes, to get money and trophies. Charmeleon nearly felt like getting sick when he saw Pokémon battle for their trainers. Their spirits were broken, the Pokémon were brainwashed.

Ash looked at the Charmeleon. " hungry?" He steped in and walked over to his bag, taking out a loaf of bread. He turned to the Charmeleon. "Want some?"

Charmeleon growled and back away, cringing a little as it's arm stung.

Ash sighed. "Still don't trust us huh? Well I'll just leave this here" He put the bread down near the Charmeleon, careful not to let the Charmeleon attack him again.

Charmeleon watched Ash put the food down and noticed his hand was bandaged up. He looked at Ash, who smiled at him before leaving. Charmeleon walked over to the bread and sniffed it. Could he eat it? His stomach grumbled and he decided to take a chance. He picked up the bread and tasted it. It wasn't bad for human food, a little dry though.


A few hours later Ash returned, but he was accompanied by Brock, Misty, Pikachu, Togepi and all the rest of Ash's Pokémon.

"Don't worry Charmeleon" Ash said as the Charmeleon gave them a suspicious glare. "We're just coming inside to sleep, it's too cold out"

Charmeleon lay on its stomach with his tail wrapped around him until the flame was beside his head. He kept his eyes fixed on them until they were far enough away and closed his eyes. He had tried to leave earlier but that human, Ash is what they call him, wouldn't let him leave the house. He had been to sore to attack him so he just returned to his resting spot.

As Ash and the others settled down to sleep Charmeleon looked at Ash's Pokémon. [Those poor Pokémon] Charmeleon thought. [I'm going to get them out of here, away from that human] And with that thought in his mind, he lay his head down and closed his eyes.


The next morning Charmeleon opened his eyes to see a tray of food in front of him. He raised his head and sniffed the food curiously. There was more of that food Ash had given him, but it had something yellow on it this time. Charmeleon sat up and took it. It was sliced into thin parts. It was also a little browner and chrispy too. He took a bite and felt that it was much tastier than the last. Wait a minute, they were trying to trick him! They were just treating him nicely so he would like them and then they would capture him. Well he wasn't as weak as those other Pokémon, he wouldn't give in to their traps.

He shoveled down the rest of the food, not really caring about what it was.


That day, Charmeleon was aloud come outside, but Ash kept an eye on the weakened Pokémon at all times. If Charmeleon did leave before his arm was fixed, it could probably do more damage to it, so Ash didn't want him leaving just yet.

Charmeleon hated the way the human kept looking at him. Maybe he was trying to see if there was an attitude change towards him. Well he'd show him. He glared at Ash and released a small ember before wincing in pain at the pain in his arm.

Ash had been able to dodge the flames, but he was still slightly burned. He groaned and looked at Chameleon, who snorted and walked back into the cabin.


After Ash and the others had fallen asleep, Charmeleon stood up and looked around. His tail flame lit the room and he walked towards the door. They had left it slightly ajar and he could see that the front door was open too. He smiled and walked over to Pikachu and the other Pokémon. He shook Pikachu and smiled as the little Pokémon awoke. [Let's go guys]

The other Pokémon yawned and looked at Charmeleon. [What are you talking about Charmeleon?] Pikachu asked.

Charmeleon looked at the door. [We can leave, leave the humans and their evil intentions. We could be free again, all we have to do is go now] Charmeleon looked back at them smiling.

Pikachu looked at the others who all shrugged. He looked back at Charmeleon. [Uh...we don't wanna leave]

Charmeleon frowned. [What are you talking about?]

[Well you may not think it, but humans arn't all bad] Pikachu said.

[Ya] Bayleef steped forward. [Ash is more of a friend than a trainer]

All the other Pokémon nodded in agreement.

Charmeleon growled and stormed away. [These humans are better than I thought, these Pokémon don't even want to be wild and free anymore. But I won't leave until I've convinced them too come too] Charmeleon sighed and lay down again, closing his eyes to sleep.


To Be Continued


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