Chapter One: The Dance that Changed Everything

It was the weekend of Ben and Gwen's cousin Joel and his fiancée Camille's wedding. Ben hated weddings. They were dull and stupid to him, but he wasn't going to say that being at a wedding was the worst thing that could happen. No. The worst thing that could happen was being in a wedding. That's exactly what his misfortune was. Then, Grandpa Max had to put Ben in some old piece of junk that Ben thought belonged in The Paleolithic Era.

As Max finished fixing the bow tie around Ben's neck, Ben thought, Are you trying to strangle me, Grandpa?! Gwen smiled at Ben's unfortunate predicament but got a little worried when she saw Ben struggling to breathe. A whole Summer of surviving alien attacks and bad guys with super guns, but Ben gets killed by lack of Oxygen? That's hardly heroic. She walked up to them and suppressed a laugh at Ben's weird expression. "Better loosen that bow tie, Grandpa. Ben's brain needs all the Oxygen it can get." Ben sighed with relief as Max complied, but Gwen's merciful action surprised him. I thought she enjoyed torturing me. Ben's mind said in confusion. Ben thought about Gwen's puzzling behavior until they stopped at the lake house where the wedding was supposed to be.

Once there, Joel and Camille's parents started bickering. "Uncle Max…" Joel began. "…this whole weeding has been a nightmare. The photographer's camera got smashed, all the flowers suddenly died…" Max smiled at his nephew. "It'll work out, Joel. Don't worry." Max said as he put a hand on Joel's shoulder. Gwen was beside herself rapid firing question after question at the bride and groom. Joel chuckled. "I'm sorry, Gwen. Camille's little cousin Lucy was able to make it after all." Ben suddenly had a ray of hope in himself. Joel noticed Ben's hopeful look. Nothing changes for you," Joel said calmly. "…except who you'll dance with at the reception." Ben paled. I don't know how to dace! Ben thought. Joel smiled as he noticed Ben's blanched expression. "You better lean then. You don't want to look like a megadweeb out there in front of everybody." He saw…something move in the bushes behind them and decided to investigate.

Ben slipped away into the bushes, glared into the dark gap in the bushes, and went deeper into the woods in an effort to follow the strange figure. Once he stopped and looked around, he heard a bubbling sound behind him, and just turned around as a muddy appendage slammed into him. As Ben grunted in pain on impact with the tree, he glared at the figure. "You want to play rough?" He growled at the mud monster. The mud monster glared back at him. Ben turned the dial until he came to Cannonbolt and activated the Omnitrix. "Let's see how you like being pounded." Ben growled as he slammed into the monster repeatedly until it stopped moving. Then, he rolled back to the lake house. Once he got there, the place was set ablaze. Ben sighed. What I wouldn't give to be Heatblast! Ben thought to himself angrily until he realized he would be able to put it out with a cannonball into the lake.

The water rained over the wedding set up and put out the blaze as Ben smiled. He was about to get out when a blaster was put in his face. "Boy, the lifeguards around here are really strict." Ben said with a small frown as Joel's grandfather growled. "An Aburian Pelarota?!" Gordon said in annoyance and surprise as Betty-Jean glared at Ben through her glasses. "An alien wedding crasher!" Anytime, Gwen, would be nice! Ben thoughtas Gwen whispered a spell. A cloud of fog covered Ben as he smiled and slipped away from the group as they fired all over the place. Joel growled at Gordon in anger. "What are you doing? This is a weeding, not a shooting range." Joel growled. "Damn it! He got away!" Gordon growled. "Promise me, no more weapons for the rest of the weekend." Joel growled as he took the weapons away and walked away with the weapons in tow.

Ben shivered as Watch timed out a few minutes later. He then went back to the RV to calm down for a little while. He was relaxing when he realized he still had no idea how to dance. He sat up in surprise with huge eyes. He quickly jumped down from his bunk and found a dancing game pad before he set up the stereo. Ben took a deep breath and started to trace the squares with his feet. Ben thought he was dancing pretty well. That is until Gwen walked in. She smirked and watched Ben try to dance. He's a goof. Gwen thought as she shook her head with a smile. "You look like your underwear is too tight." Ben's eyes went wide as he took a step forward and tried to look back at Gwen. That unusual motion caused him to fall on his butt. Gwen giggled at that. "I could let you squirm, but I took cotillion for three years." Gwen told him with a sigh. Ben just gave her an odd. Look. "Cotillion…it means…" Gwen just shook her head. "Never mind." Ben backed up nervously one step. Gwen sighed and looked at Ben with an aggravated expression. "You trust me to help you kick alien butt. Why won't you let me teach you how to dance?" Ben sighed and shook his head. "You're going to 'teach' me to be a complete dancing idiot!" Gwen giggled. "You don't need my help to do that. Now swallow your pride and give me your hands."

Ben rolled his eyes. "This is so gross!" He groaned. "Like don't know that." Gwen said with a small smile. "Just relax and count. One…two…one…two…forward…back…forward…back." She said with a smile as they started to slowly move around the floor of the RV in rhythm with the music. Ben decided to try his hand at his new skill and lifted Gwen's hand above her head and led her in a spin. She smiled at him pleasantly surprised at how easily Ben picked it up. As Gwen stopped, Ben put her in a dip. She smiled up at him and felt her cheeks begin to burn in embarrassment as their eyes connected. She didn't want to look away but forced herself to. Ben smiled. He was satisfied with himself. Ben was surprised to find it easy to dance with Gwen. In fact, he would have preferred to dance with Gwen instead of this stranger but would never admit it because he wouldn't want the jokes and poking that would come with it. He was not having feelings for Gwen. He just would have preferred her.

As Max walked in the RV a few hours later, he found Ben studying a book on dancing. Gwen was softly smiling at him. Max sighed with a smile and shook his head at Ben's efforts to learn how to dance. He noted that Gwen and Ben both seemed happy which seemed at little off. "What happened while I was gone?" Max whispered to himself with a smile. He shook the thought away and walked outside to relax before he went outside to relax before he went to bed. He smiled and looked up at the starry sky with a smile. "Good night, Sweetheart." Max said with a sad smile before he went back in the RV for the night.

The next morning was hectic. The bride and groom were busy rehearsing, but not all that were to be present were present. Ben cut his eyes from side to side and slipped away. Ben found the caterer putting the final touches on the wedding cake. Ben snuck into the kitchen and watched the man's body language. The chef seemed tense and angry. Why? Ben had no clue. That is until the caterer knocked over the cake and glared at Camille. "I'm not going to let you marry some filthy human!" The man growled as he shed his human guise. The male glared at Camille. "It's my ex-boyfriend!" Camille said in shock as Ben snuck away and activated the Omnitrix. He became Diamondhead and cut way the ex-boyfriend's hand angrily. "Another wedding crasher…why did we even bother with invitations?!" Mrs. Mann growled as Ben glared at the boyfriend who jumped him as Gwen went into battle mode. Gordon and Betty-Jean glared at the Sludgepuppies. Without our gear, we're sitting ducks!" Max just smiled and handed them blasters. "You promised to leave the gear at home. I didn't." He said with a smirk. Then, they went to work.

Ben battled the ex-boyfriend for a while. Once Ben threw the mud monster in water, he quickly dissolved into the water of the hot tub. Ben groaned. "Eww…gross." Ben groaned as he climbed out of the pool. Max grinned. "It was a dirty job. Someone had to do it." Ben looked around in worry as the Omnitrix timed out. "Gwen!' Ben yelled as he ran out onto the lawn to find Gwen fighting Mr. and Mrs. Mann with support from Camille, Joel, Betty-Jean, and Gordon. The two Sludges glared at Ben as he smiled. "Time to fight fire with fire!" Ben growled as he activated the watch and became a human-like Sludge. He then grinned and started attacking with a forceful power punch that knocked them back as they tried to swallow Gwen. "To touch her, you have to go though me!" Ben growled as he pounded the Manns until they turned into puddles of purple goo.

After the fight, the wedding went on without a hitch, but while Lucy danced with Ben, she made him slip and fall. There was the flash of a camera behind him. Ben smiled. He knew it was rude, but he walked over to Gwen and held out a kind hand. "May I have this dance?" Gwen smiled and took his hand. "Why thank you, sir." She said with a grin as they walked onto the dance floor. As they danced, the world shank to just the two of them, and neither could have been happier. They didn't know what was happening exactly, but they felt something start to grow as they danced.

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