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Six Years Later

"Mummy! There's an owl at the window!" Rose cried, pointing to the window in excitement.

Hermione smiled and stood up. Walking over to the window, she grabbed an owl treat before opening it and allowing the little furry bird inside. The owl stuck it's foot out expectantly and she relieved him of his letter before sending him on his way, treat in beak.

"Who's it for, Mummy?" Rose asked, nearly bouncing out of her seat at the kitchen table.

Glancing down at the letter, she sighed, "Sorry, Rosie, it's not your Hogwarts letter. This one is for Daddy."

The little girl crossed her arms and pouted. She knew she had to wait until she was eleven to get her letter, but that didn't stop her from hoping.

"Finish your breakfast, love, I'm going to go get your father up."

Hermione made her way through the cottage, smirking as her eyes fell on her husband. He was still sprawled out in the same position she had left him in late last night and she couldn't help the giggle that bubbled out of her.

Fred cracked an eye open and glared at her, "Oh, yeah, laugh away. I'm quite positive you've broken me." He rolled onto his stomach and stretched, "No more sexual acrobats when I have work the next day."

"Well, isn't it just perfect that George owled and said you were excused for the day?"

He was up in a flash, taking the letter from her hands and reading it carefully. He howled in triumph, "Yes! That means I can sleep in!"

She rolled her eyes, "I'm taking Rose over to your mum's soon. Victoire is going to be there and you know they're as thick as thieves."

"Ah, the next Weasley twins," he said, puffing out his chest proudly.

"I'll be back soon," she said with a smirk, "Get some sleep; you're going to need it."

Hermione and Rose flooed to the Burrow. The younger witch was always a bundle of energy and Molly loved having kids in the house again. Victoire was the cousin closest to her in age; Bill and Fleur had announced that they were pregnant merely six months after Rose's birth. Ginny and Harry followed suit nearly two years ago when Ginny gave birth to James Sirius, having been named in homage to two of the most important men in Harry's life. Hermione suspected that Ginny might be pregnant again, but she kept her mouth shut; no one wanted to deal with an angry, hormonal redhead.

Arthur was set to retire in a few years and he was looking forward to spending his time at home with his wife. George and Fred had been putting money into an account at Gringotts for their parents since they opened their shop and had yet to tell them. The twins wanted their parents to retire comfortably and they knew that the Ministry didn't pay that well in retirement.

Charlie had been working on the new reserve in Scotland, happier to be a bit closer to home, and had become engaged to Charlotte to everyone's delight. Charlotte seemed to fit in perfectly with the Weasleys and Molly was happy that her son wouldn't be alone. George and Angelina had tied the knot and adopted a child that was an orphan from the war. Michael was a good kid, he was starting his third year at Hogwarts the coming year and he had adjusted well with his new parents.

"Rosie!" Molly cried happily, rushing into the living room and wrapping her eldest grandchild in a hug, "I was just telling Victoire that you'd be here any minute. She's out in the garden if you want to go see her. But be mindful of the gnomes!"

"I love you!" Hermione yelled after her daughter as she disappeared outside. She grinned and hugged her mother-in-law, "I hope you don't mind watching her today-"

"Nonsense! It's your anniversary. I even planned on keeping her overnight," Molly winked as Hermione blushed, "Victoire is staying as well. I thought they would like to have a sleep over in the twins' old room."

"That's perfect, Mrs. Weasley, thank you."

Hermione Apparated to muggle London after dropping Rose off. She had been feeling a bit off lately and she decided to stop in a pharmacy to see if she could confirm her suspicions. She picked out her desired test and paid for it before she Apparated back home.

She noticed that Fred was in the shower and she decided to make a light lunch since he hadn't been awake for breakfast. She arranged a plate of cold cuts and fruits, setting them on the coffee table in the living room for him to find when he was finished.

Grabbing her pharmacy bag, she went into the spare bathroom and took the test, her nerves getting the best of her the entire time. She was nervous and excited. But she wasn't sure how Fred would take the news. They had never really discussed having more children after he almost lost her when Rose was born. She thought that he was simply too nervous to bring it up.

After waiting the allotted time, she looked at the test and sighed partially in relief and partially in disappointment. She wasn't pregnant. But now she knew that she had to talk to Fred about the possibility of expanding their family. She was only twenty-six and he was only twenty-nine. They still had enough time to have more kids if they wanted.

"What is that?" Fred asked, appearing in the doorway and causing her to shriek.

"Fred Gideon Weasley! What have I told you about sneaking up on me?" She huffed, putting the test behind her back and scowling at him.

"Yes, mum," he rolled his eyes before smirking, "Now, what're you hiding, Granger?"

"It's Weasley-"

"Don't try to distract me," he grinned, loving it when she corrected him. He loved knowing that he had made her a Weasley again; it was some sort of male pride.

"It's a pregnancy test," she blurted out, cringing when his eyes widened, "A muggle one."

Fred reached behind her and plucked the test out of her hands, studying it intently. He saw one little line and grimaced when he noticed the stick was damp. "Why's it wet?"

Hermione almost broke out into giggles as she replied, "Because I peed on it. That's how you take the test."

He looked down at the test, his eye twitching slightly before he shrugged, "Not like I'm not acquainted with your bodily fluids; what's one more?"

"Disgusting!" She muttered, snatching the stick back and tossing it into the waste bin. She sighed and looked up at him, "Are you mad?"

"That I touched your pee? Well, not particularly-"

"No, you muppet! That I thought I might be pregnant."

He paused, as if the conversation had taken him by surprise. Just as she was beginning to become nervous, he shook his head, "No. I know we're not trying to get you pregnant and I know it would've been an accident, but I can't say it would've been a bad accident."

"You want more kids?" Hermione asked almost breathlessly.

He sighed and wrapped his arms around her waist, his eyes meeting hers, "I always wanted lots of kids. I love Rosie like she's my own, hell, she is my own. But I'd love to see what our children would look like, too. I just figured you didn't want anymore after Rose…"

She laughed, "I thought you didn't want any more kids after what happened! Oh, Fred, I'd love more children. I just didn't want to bring it up if you didn't want any."

He grinned widely, "So…we should stop using a contraceptive charm?"


"Fuck! Fred!"

He grinned up at her, gloriously licking his lips before placing a final kiss to her swollen clit. Her thighs were shaking around his head and her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Fred loved seeing her after she orgasmed. Hermione's beauty was always difficult to put into words, but after finding her release, her skin glowed and her eyes were a shade darker; she was stunning.

Kissing his way back up her body, he captured her lips and kissed her like a man that was dying. She didn't mind the taste of herself on his lips and she eagerly lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist. His thick cock nudged against her opening and she let out a soft moan, always eager to have him inside her.

It had taken them quite a while to get used to each other's bodies; the war had marked everyone in one way or another. Hermione had more scars than she could count and while Fred's scars weren't physical, they were there nonetheless. She had only ever been with Ron before allowing Fred into her bed and that was scary for her, but he made sure that she knew that he wouldn't do anything that she wasn't okay with. They had agreed not to have sex until they were married – she felt as if she were cheating on Ron if they didn't – and Fred had happily obliged; he wouldn't do anything to scare her away.

He pushed his hips forward, allowing the head of his cock to slip inside of her, and he had to bite his lip to keep from losing it. It didn't matter how many times he was inside her, it always felt like the first. Her body was always tight and wet and warm and oh so ready for him. The witches before her could never compare, not that he every tried to, but he had finally found his home with her.

Fred thrust inside of her slowly, allowing every inch of his cock to caress her tight walls, wanting her to enjoy every moment. He was a ball of nerves inside, knowing that this might be the time that they conceive a child.

"I love you," Hermione whispered, her mouth next to his ear as he filled her completely. Her thighs squeezed his hips gently as he rocked into her with a slow, steady rhythm. The inner muscles of her core gripped him deliciously and she couldn't help a small smile that overcame her face when he groaned low.

They were slow, they were tender, and they were definitely making love.

Fred took her wrists in hand and held them above her head, pinning her down to the bed as his forehead rested against hers. He watched the way her plump lips parted as sweet little gasps escaped every time he forced his way back inside of her. Her eyebrows furrowed as her walls fluttered around him, giving him a warning that she was close to coming undone.

"Merlin, Mia," he groaned, his eyes closing as he focused on the feel of her petite body writhing beneath his. "Come for me, love. I need to feel it. I need to feel you. Come, Hermione."

She wailed his name beneath him, her neck arching as her hips lifted off the bed and into his. Her heels dug into his lower back and her nails scratched at the hands holding her. Every fiber of her being was on fire. Colors danced behind her eyelids as the warmth in her belly spread outwards, leaving her feeling weightless beneath him.

Fred growled as he thrust into her thrice more before holding himself as deeply inside her as he could, filling her willing womb with his warm seed. He practically collapsed on top of her, barely having the mind to catch himself on his forearms and bury his face against her neck.

"Merlin, I love you," he panted, pressing a soft kiss to her sweaty neck and smiling lazily.

She giggled breathlessly, "I love you, too."

Five Years Later

"Rose! It's time to go, sweetheart!" Hermione called, grabbing her daughter's truck and shrinking it to fit in her pocket. A part of her was worried that her daughter was finally off to Hogwarts, but she knew she'd be fine. Hogwarts was a place of magic and wonder, if anyone fit in, it would definitely be Ron and Hermione's daughter.

She wiped away the stray tear as she thought about her first husband. Rose mirrored him in so many ways and it was as if he was still with them sometimes. She knew that he was looking out for his little girl always.

"Mum, Alice won't give me my jumper! I need to pack it!" Rose called from the second floor of the Burrow, frustration lacing her otherwise calm voice.

"Mummy, I want to go, too!"

Alice had come along nearly three years before. It had taken the couple a little more time to pregnant and it turned out that Hermione was lucky to have had Rose to begin with. Her torture at Malfoy Manor had damaged her, leaving her almost infertile. However, the Weasley genetics where strong, and relentless, and she had conceived Alice despite the odds.

Alice Charlea Weasley, to everyone's surprise, was a blonde little girl with an eye for mischief. She had blue eyes, another anomaly in itself, and loved everything to do with dragons, much to the approval of the namesake that was her uncle. While Rose was practically a mini-Hermione, Alice thrived on knowledge of dragons only and pranks that she could get away with. The only thing inherited from her mother was riotous curls that seemed to have a mind of their own.

Hermione sighed and walked into the kitchen, her eyes going to her husband, "Will you please intervene? If we don't get Rose to the station on time, she'll miss the train!"

Fred smirked crookedly, "Well, I think my dad still has the old car outback…she could fly-"

"Fred Gideon Weasley, don't you dare finish that sentence!" Molly scolded from her place in front of the sink, "If that little girl gets into half the trouble that Ron and Harry did when they were at school, it'll drive you both spare! I can't tell you the amount of calming droughts I had to take to keep from marching down to that school!"

"But you had no problem sending Howlers…" Fred muttered, suddenly looking very interested in his cup of tea.

"No one's flying anywhere. We still have another hour and that's more than enough time. I just prefer being early."

"Swot," Fred smiled and kissed her affectionately.

"No remember, we'll both love you no matter what House you end up in," Hermione assured her daughter.

The Platform was filled with children waving their goodbyes to fearful parents and Fred and Hermione were among them. Rose was concerned about not being in Gryffindor.

"You have a family of Gryffindors, love," Fred smiled, kneeling in front of his daughter and smiling, "If you end up somewhere else, then you do! The Hat will know where to put you. Besides, I hear that your mum was almost sorted into Ravenclaw." His eyebrows waggled slightly.

Rose's mouth dropped open, "No way, Mum!"

"It doesn't matter where you end up," Hermione reiterated. The smirk on her face said that she was sure her daughter would be a Gryffindor.

After a tearful goodbye, the Hogwarts express chugged out of the station, leaving the couple looking after it longingly. It seemed like so long ago when they both had set foot on the train, yet each of them could remember their first time as if it was yesterday.

"She'll be all right," Fred whispered, wrapping his arms around his wife and kissing the top of her head as the train disappeared in the distance.

"I know," she smiled, wiping away her tears. "I love you, Fred," she whispered, her throat constricting with emotion.

He smiled, "I love you, too."

For a brief moment, she felt a hand on her shoulder, squeezing in a reassuring way, and she knew that Ron was watching. He was watching their little girl on the most important day.

And all was well in the world.

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