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With a plastic bag in his left hand, Saitama knocked on an apartment door casually, not fully realizing the presence of the doorbell. After hearing a high-pitched voice mumble something, a soft thud and some ruffling sound, he figured that he might've disturbed the apartment's owner, and he was now having second thoughts about his small visit. Man, he really does need to think things through.

.Two hours ago.

Saitama lied flat on his futon in his new apartment in the Heroes Association HQ. It wasn't too big nor too small. Just like his previous, destroyed to bits and pieces apartment, this fit him just right. Although one thing was still bothering his mind.

"Bla." he muttered. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

He rolled on his side and turned on his television. His new T.V wasn't much, but he can deal with it. Better than having nothing, he thought. As he browsed channel after channel with his remote, he realized that he cannot sit still at all. He has to visit the arrogant midget.

Turning his television off, he put on his usual hoodie and cargo shorts before grabbing his wallet and putting his shoes on.

He was probably going to regret this.


Yep, he really is going to regret this. As he was about to turn his heel and leave, a displeased voice stopped him in his tracks.

"Who the hell is it." Senritsu no Tatsumaki, rather than asking, demanded for an answer.

'Ah crap. There's no backing out now.' Saitama thought as he cleared his throat to answer the green-haired esper's question. "It's me, Saitama."

There was an awful bit of silence that even he, himself couldn't stand so he decided to relieve some recent memories.

"You know, the man that you buried deep down the earth last… uh… from two days ago." Saitama said once more, only to hear an annoyed clicking of the tongue of a certain midget.

"I know, Caped Baldy. State your business." she replied, as stingy as ever. He admits, that every time he hears his hero name, a part of him simply wants to smash the nearest wall. But since this is Tatsumaki he was conversing with, he's letting this one slide.

"I came to drop you off a 'get-well-soon-gift'- uh hey… aren't you going to open your door?" Saitama said as he scratched the back of his head.

"I'd rather not. The last thing I want to see is your bald head." Once again, Tatsumaki fired on her set of insults towards the bald young man. Holding his temper in, Saitama decided to be the mature one between the two of them.

"Alright, fine. I'll just leave this on your door handle and I'll be on my way." he said. It was better to leave now rather than get into another fight with the S-class brat. He knew how that would end anyway. And he's not too keen in having more buildings destroyed. With a sigh, he was about to place the plastic bag on the door handle, but his attention was caught when the world's powerful esper spoke.


Saitama stood in front of her door, waiting for what Tatsumaki was about to say next.

"What did you bring me?" she asked. Finding himself somehow dumbfounded, he willingly answered.


"What? Bananas?"

"Yeah, it's healthy and it's cheap. A real good 'get-well-soon' gift." Saitama answered, his voice as deadpanned as his eyes. Tatsumaki resisted the urge to slap her palm on her forehead. This guy is the definition of thrifty.

"It's the thought that counts, I guess." Tatsumaki muttered. Saitama smiled a little, realizing that probably, just probably, the shit-faced brat may not be that bratty at all. And she's still not going to open her apartment's door. It doesn't matter, Saitama thought as he sat down on floor, his back facing the door as he leaned to rest.

"Say, about the reason for you being a hero or something… the 'stress reliever' was just a lie, right?" he asked nonchalantly. He heard Tatsumaki react, only confirming that he was right.

"Who the hell are you to say that-"

"You were about to say something, and you paused. Then, you decided not to tell me." Saitama went on. He was not the type of person to meddle with someone else's business, but somehow he got curious on what she was about to say. Maybe, if he gets her to open up, he might even be acquaintances with her. She could really be useful in grocery shopping, especially on bargain days. Nah, scratch that. Even if they were friends, there was no way in hell he could convince Tatsumaki to go grocery shopping. The only thing he can gain from this is if he understands her past, then maybe he could understand that arrogant attitude of hers.

"You didn't let me finish, A-class. I said, who the hell are you to tell me that what I said was a lie?! You don't even know a thing about me!" Tatsumaki's voice was higher than usual.

'Shit,' Saitama thought. 'I must've hit a delicate spot.'

He was more than ready to retreat the battle, but Tatsumaki's words were far too loud for him to say anything.

"Who am I kidding? You, an A-class nobody could never know what an S-class like me feels like."

He takes it back. This runt is the epitome of bratty after all. After hearing those words, Saitama decided that he has to counter something.

"What is up with you and ranks anyway? I kick monsters' asses, you kick monsters' asses. I save lives, you save lives. What's the difference? Power? Don't give me that, Tatsumaki, because being a hero doesn't need ranks as long as you can contribute for the greater good. That's why it's just a hobby for me!" Saitama said, now he was standing up and was facing the door. On the other side, Tatsumaki was floating off the ground, her green orbs glowing.

Realization has hit her.


Still a bit enraged from Tatsumaki's throw of insults, he didn't quite hear what she just said.

"What was that?"

"You are exactly like him." the small esper said quietly, a tad different from her usual, frilly voice. Saitama calmed down a little as confusion even hit him more.



Saitama produced a small 'huh' before calming himself down and prepared himself to listen as he faced the door.

"Go on." he mumbled, eager to listen. Inside her apartment, Tatsumaki was taken aback. There is no way ever in hell she would tell her very sole reason in becoming a hero. Not to this A-class nobody. Not to this smug jerk that made her feel look like a B-class hero.

"Go back to your apartment, A-class asshole! Who do you think you are anyway?! Just fuck off!" Tatsumaki said before floating back in to her room. Saitama, who was finally feeling his last piece of patience fall off, simply left the corridor and walk back to his own, humble home.

"Arrogant, shit-faced brat. Damn, I really should've just stayed at home." he mumbled, the plastic bag containing the bananas still on his left hand. As he was about to go down the stairs, Jigoku no Fubuki coincidently was about to go up the stairs.

"Saitama…? What are you doing here?" Fubuki asked, a bit surprised that he was in the S-class apartment area. Saitama scratched his head awkwardly as he gave an answer.

"Uh… well, you see… I was going to give these bananas to your sister, but she didn't want them." he said sheepishly. Fubuki was still a bit surprised at Saitama's appearance in her sister's flat.

"I see. I suppose your visit didn't go as planned?"

"You betcha. She fired at me her usual string of insults. And we got into this argument about her being a hero and all. It wasn't a pretty scene, if you ask me." Saitama replied, a bit exhausted with his exchange of banter with Tatsumaki.

"Well, I'm visiting her too. I'll just pass her the bananas, if you want." the raven-haired esper offered. Somehow lightening up, Saitama handed over the plastic bag. He was kinda glad that the bananas wouldn't go to waste.

"Gee, thanks Fubuki. Tell her to lighten up." he said as Fubuki gave him a smile.

"It may not seem like it, but Onee-san is a very thoughtful person. To me, at least. I understand her intentions and she's only protective of me because she thinks I'm still weak. It's not the ideal love a sister should have, but I suppose it's better than not having at all." she quietly explains to Saitama, who in turn was half-listening and half-pondering on what to have for lunch today. There are still leftover tofu and some carrots and cabbages, so he could probably make stir-fried vegetables. King might come over too, so he would probably have to double the servings and-

"Saitama?" Fubuki's voice made his train of thought shatter in an instant.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks again. See ya." he muttered and waved his hand at her. Fubuki waved back and muttered a farewell.

Tatsumaki lied down her bed, her knees close to her chest and her arms wrapped around her knees. The past few days were quite troublesome, and a lingering thought was playing around her mind.

"I'm still weak." she muttered.

"Not yet strong enough to protect Fubuki." again, her thoughts jumbled.

For the first time in a very long time, she felt absolutely weak. When her brain was fiddled with by Psykos, and when Garou defeated her in an instant. She was caught off guard twice, and Fubuki was left out in the open.

She failed to protect her sister.

Fortunately for her, Fubuki was getting stronger. It's just her stupid group that made her weak. Her so-called "friends". Her relationship with people made her weak. That is why human relations are nothing but a hindrance.

Who needs other people when you've got yourself to protect you, right?

Yo! Glad you could make it here! Now you may be wondering, 'why the angst?'

First of all, this is a prologue. It's a mere intro for the story~ And I assure you the angst would be low-key from here then on. After reading about Tatsumaki's past, I just can't help but feel for her. She was mentally scarred for life, and a lot may say that that alone can't justify her actions but think about it. Her over-protectiveness with Fubuki? This just shows her immense love for her sister. Yeah, sure it's kinda in a yandere kind of way, but who could blame her? Tatsumaki was basically programmed to believe that no one could be trusted. Well maybe except for Blast, but other than him, absolutely no one.

So please, stop the hate on Tats, guys. Put yourself in her shoes, aryt?

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