Most of you know me as one of Bill's friends or henchmen. Someone who has never done any good but that's not true. At one time I had a family and a life. At one time I wasn't like this and I wasn't evil. So you want to know about me were I'm from? Do you? Well I'll tell you but you may not want to get to close though if you don't like being swallowed. Ok here it goes. It all began about a couple million years ago when my parents decided they wanted a kid someone to follow in their footsteps. So they had me. As a little girl or Demon I always was curious and constantly getting into trouble not on purpose but my parents didn't see it that way. I was constantly

punished and yelled at. They didn't understand at all it seemed. My dad seemed to be the only one that showed understanding and pity towards me. Then my parents had another kid who did whatever they wanted. His name was Perfektionere. My parents always seemed to pay more

attention him than me but that meant I could get away with more stuff. The day I turned 13 which is supposed to be a Demons big day were everyone focus's on them and no one else. Instead of celebrating me they held a party for my brother for his success in unlocking his powers and forgot all about my birthday and didn't even invite me to my brothers

party! Even if they were ignorant towards me I still loved them and would've never wish harm upon them then. At age 18 I saved my family and guess what I never got credit my brother did. That's when I began plotting revenge against my brother who always had hated me. I hired a Demon slayer. I told him I wanted revenge against my family and needed him to do it for me. I know

now I have to be more specific. Instead of killing my brother he killed my parents. My stupid parents defended him and were killed and my brother left them to due without hesitation I know because I watched the whole thing through a magic globe. I killed the man who slayed my parent's and then hunted down my brother and killed him. I guess I got my revenge and now they seem like a ton of jerks now. But I hadn't thought that beforeand that's when I really went crazy. I started using my mother's cigar and the flames that once we're calm and under control flared all throughout my body and I started swallowing people. The first time I swallowed someone was in a bar I saw a really cute Demon and the second I started flirting with him I swallowed him! After awhile it became a habit. After awhile I started exploring after about a million years I met Bill Cipher who offered me a spot in his gang and if course I accepted I wanted to leave this Dimension and he was my ticket out! Unfortunately I'm the only girl in the group but I doesn't matter that much anymore I guess I mean my friends don't seem to mind when I swallow them.

One of my favorite places in the nightmare dimension was a place were you could conquer a kingdom and do whatever you want. The time police shut it down because other dimensions complained about some of the other kingdoms trying to take over their dimensions. And then there was the thing were I was constantly swallowing people and apparently no one

liked that. Whenever I hang out with Bill and his friends they like me for who I am! That's why I was for Weirdmaggen. But we all know how that turned out. I think that those inconsiderate self centered humans should've let us take over! Anyways back to my story! I traveled a lot before meeting Bill and committed a lot of crimes. I couldn't help it! Its so much fun to swallow people! Or steal stuff or torture people! I could stop but I won't ever. Now that you kinda know my story I would run because right now I really want to swallow you.

Hey guys I hoped you enjoyed that oneshot I know it wasn't that good but I couldn't come up with many ideas for this character. No flames please. Mando out! 🔥