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Harry Potter and the Never-Ending Possibilities

Chapter 11

It's been a month and a half since Harry had tried his hand at flight, and school was out, which meant more time for practice. Currently, it was June 17, and his birthday was just over a month away. He was doing some incredibly draining magical activities in the meantime, trying to increase his pool of magic so he could attempt what he wanted to attempt. Oh, it was going to be the best.

He drained his magic entirely from these increasingly easy magic-draining exercises many times already, but he needed to start doing more strenuous activities. He knew his project that he would start on his birthday was going to be incredibly taxing, and he needed to be prepared.

He went through the motions of the day, as he always did, and worked on a way to knock himself out again. This time, it was rapid growth. He'd increase his size by two feet and stay like that, occasionally changing facial structure for practice, and then shrinking down four feet, so he was about the size of a toddler, and then he'd repeat the process until he ran out of magic. This took up more magic than simply changing shape, because he was changing many different components to accommodate the size change. He needed to grow his organs to the right size, he needed to keep his skin the correct size so that it didn't tear when the bones reached a new size, he needed to grow his cartilage to stay with the bones, and he needed to increase or decrease the size of the cardiovascular system so he wouldn't rip apart his veins and arteries in the process of growing.

Having to regrow new arteries was a painful process. He knew, and it was from experience that he did. He never wanted to experience that again.

Once he got rid of enough magic, Harry returned to his normal physique and appearance, cutting off the flow of magic. Now for the annoying part.

Magic had become an essential part of his body, and it greatly helped in keeping it functioning. Since there was such little magic to keep it working, the body started to revert to the old ways of working, usually by using excess fat to feed energy to the body. Now, that would be fine for everyone else, but Harry was still suffering from side effects of a malnourished childhood, and hardly had any fat to use. As a result, his body collapsed, and he just shut down.

Harry woke up in the morning with a sore body, just like every other day he had done this, but he could also feel the slight increase of his magic reserves. Every little bit counted, and he was still going to need a lot more if he wanted to do what he planned to do on his birthday.


The same schedule went on for the next month. He'd spend two weeks with recovery and control exercises, since he was doing none of that during his endurance exercises. He needed to have the largest magic reserves he could get for this project. It was essential he had these reserves for the project.

Harry reached a solid level in changing his appearance, and was even starting to change the shape. He wanted a way to sneak around the house, and an unsuspecting insect, or maybe rat, would be the way to go. Unfortunately, it seemed, that was out of his reach for a while. However, he suspected that his new project would take plenty of time, thus giving him the available time to practice. That would be great.

Concerning his flying, it was a great treat to do every once in a while. He already had great control over it, since he was essentially just branching on some telekinesis abilities, which he had developed the longest, and so he didn't need to practice it too much. It was nice to fly around for a bit to get his mind off of things.

Control was important now, and he was determined to get as much as possible. He had made a list of all the things he could do that required control, so that he could get more than he had ever had before. He had a big project coming up.

First on the list was creating a string of magic that connected to many objects for mass levitation. It didn't have as much maneuverability as his normal way of levitating things, but it did require more control, since he was threading his magic through a multitude of objects, instead of just one.

Harry practiced this until he could do it with a mere thought. That was by far the easiest on his list of control exercises, however, and it was bound to get harder as he got farther down.

Control Activity number two was to make himself transparent, but not invisible. Invisibility was easy enough, but turning it down so that he was see-through yet still visible, that was more difficult.

Thankfully, though, that one wasn't as hard as others, so he got it down fairly quickly. However, he still had seven activities to do.

Control Activity number three was to balance on the tip of a pen. While this would normally be either impossible or impossibly easy, considering his levitation skills, he discovered that he had the ability to anchor things down to a position, so he needed to find a way to balance his magic on the pen in a way that the pen would support his weight and stay balanced upright from the floor, as well as keeping him balanced in the process. It was a much more difficult control activity.

Still, Harry got this activity done within two days, which was twice as long as the others took. Six more activities to go, and nine days left. He was slightly pressed for time.

Control Activity number four required Harry to get rid of a body part. While that sounded odd and definitely not something to do for control, Harry was used to doing things closer to growth and full changes, so taking away only one part had to take control into mind so as to not get rid of more than necessary. Of course, there was always the next step that could help with control, and that was to grow the part back.

Harry got this down fairly quickly, since he was experimenting with his shifting ability for so long that it was easy enough. It did, however, help him come up with some ideas to further his training in the shifting department.

Control Activity number five was of medium difficulty. It required Harry to send his magic through a thread and harden it until it acted like a needle. This required manipulation of the smallest amount to get proportions right and manage to harden it and straighten it out. Currently, it was the hardest task he had to do, regarding control.

However, knowing Harry, he got it down easily enough and finished in three days. Now, there were four activities left with five days. To help the process along, Harry changed the difficulty of the last control exercises to accommodate for the time he didn't have.

Control Activity number six only required him to put a single layer of magic through his hand muscles. This was a good control activity because the muscles had many fibers in it that made it up, weaving in and out of each other, and sending magic through all that required movement of magic above simple pushing.

Harry got that down within a day, but discovered in the process that his body was enhanced when magic was coursed through it. This would have to be experimented. After all, there were parts such as ears and eyes that didn't have the same kind of muscles that arms and legs have. Would magic affect those as much as they did arm and leg muscles? It was worth finding out, but at a later time. Now, he needed to focus on control.

Control Activity number seven dealt with sliding pens across his desk, like he did when he first began with his telekinesis. This helped his control instead of his strength now because he had so much more strength than he did when he was starting. It took effort to keep his magic from picking the lightweight object off of the desk and into the air.

Harry worked on this for two days, and that was the last time he could do that. Now that he had the control necessary for sliding pens, he only had two more exercises to go and two days to do them. That meant one day for each control exercise.

Control Activity number eight was actually kind of hard. He had to magically weave stings that he collected together so that they would form a sort of knot. This was difficult because he had to be extremely precise when he was moving them, and had to make sure to loop them together correctly, and that took close to no magic at all, which just made it all the harder.

Still, he managed to finish it by the end of the day.

Activity number nine was a simple one, even compared to the first control practice. All he had to do was levitate himself, then ten objects, and have them rotate around him while he sat in the air. It was a simple thing to do, and was the final control activity because he needed to save his strength for his birthday.


The day has come. It wasn't very productive at all during the day, but then again, when did he ever do things during the day? His ninth birthday was going to be the start of something great, but it was going to be hard. That was a guarantee.

During that night, he set himself up with some meditation exercises, to get his mind focused completely on his new task. He moved to the back of his room, where there was more space (somehow he still didn't realize that it was bigger), and sat down in the corner. He focused on his goal and put all his magic in it, controlling it into what he felt was correct.

After an hour of focusing, Harry opened his eyes, hoping to see a completion of his goal, but he only found a foot. It was a little scary, seeing a foot just lying on the ground, but Harry couldn't comprehend the fact that one simple foot took almost all his magic. It was going to take forever to make an entire clone.

Yes, that was his goal. Harry wanted to clone himself. He was thinking along the lines of a temporary clone, made entirely of magic, and could be created on a whim. Of course, that would take practice to do, but he just wanted to accomplish it first. Taking less than an hour will come later. He hoped to make it in seconds, or even milliseconds, after he perfected it. However, that would be later. Much later.

The first thing Harry did next was lay back on his bed and sleep. He needed it, and he found his magic recovered much quicker if he was unconscious. It used less latent magic to go to sleep than it did to stay awake, and in turn helped get back all his magic.

When nighttime came again, Harry decided, he'd focus on creating the foot until he could create it easily. He'd build his clone one part at a time.


Harry's watch started beeping, signaling the fact that it was eleven o'clock in the pm, and time for him to start building a foot. He worked on it for fifty-four minutes, before managing to build the entire thing. He still felt good after that, so he continued building about an inch and a half of the leg, bringing his clone to just above the ankle.

Now, he was tired. It had been one hour and seven minutes since he began building the foot, and he had the entire foot plus extra. It was more than he planned on, but it was something he was hoping to improve. The next day, he'd work on building what he had faster. Soon enough, he'd have the foot ready in minutes.


He was right in his assumptions. It did take a week, but he could now fully craft the foot in three minutes and forty-four seconds. It was a great improvement, and his magic was used to creating that now, so it took less magic to create. He was getting more efficient.

Of course, he didn't neglect other parts of training during the day. It was summer after all, and he had all the time in the world, so he practiced on animal forms for a little, since his transformations now took so little magic that he couldn't even feel the drain.

The forms weren't very easy to do, but he managed to give himself the muzzle of a dog. This was a great improvement for him, since that was the part that was most closely related to many different creatures. Almost anything that walked with four legs, actually.

With this breakthrough, he wanted to practice that. So, he did that during the day when he was doing chores and had his back turned to the Dursleys.

At night, he would practice constructing his body. He could now construct the foot with ease, and would now start working on the leg up to the knee. After all, he didn't want to have a problem occur and the body have some leg that wouldn't move properly from incorrect construction. This meant he needed information on the skeleton and organs from the library, which wasn't that hard to get with his other persona of Adrian Werson. The name sucked, but it worked, and he was quickly becoming a constant visitor of the library.

With the new information of the human body, Harry started to work more on his clone.


After constructing the foot, Harry moved up on the leg, and slowly constructed bone in the correct place, grafting skin on it shortly thereafter. After three hours, he reached the point where his knee should go (he knew because he was creating the leg with his leg put up directly next to it). He decided to stop there, since his magic was low and he needed to recover it. He quickly dismissed his creation of the foot, ankle, and shin, and walked over to his bed, flopping on it carelessly, asleep almost before he even laid his head on the pillow.

He woke up in the morning, feeling only partially refreshed. Had he used so much magic that a five-hour sleep wasn't enough to recover it all? That was impressive, since when he started he didn't even have enough magic to take more than ten minutes to recover, not that he realized that fact.

Working on his muzzle through his day of chores, Harry made more progress with it, being able to grow whiskers on it and make it more horse-like after that. Now, he could turn his face more horse-like, cat-like, and dog-like. That was good enough for him, at least for now. He was excited to see how this would turn out. Then again, everything about magic still excited him.

He got through the day, and the night was a nice treat. It meant progress. Harry quickly made the foot, and started working up and making it to the knee again. He deconstructed it and created the foot again, working his way up the leg. This helped speed up the process, because it familiarized his magic with what he was creating, and the repetition helped him perfect it and shorten the time it takes for him to create it.

It took him eight hours, but Harry managed to construct the entire leg up to the knee three times. Every time he did it, he would dismiss it and sit in a meditative position for fifteen minutes. He decreased the time it took to make the leg up to the knee by half an hour, making the construction time sit at two and a half hours comfortably. Now, however, it was time for the day to start.


Another week had passed, and he managed to construct the entire leg, up to the hip joint. Now, perfecting it was a different story. He only created it once, but he did it, and he was willing to work on it. Now, however, he had a way to make the second leg. The pelvis would work as a way to bridge the spots for the two legs to connect, and he would be able to start working on the second leg. Harry was apprehensive about creating things that weren't attached to the already existing body parts, since he didn't know if it would be able to connect properly, so he just had to wait until he managed to build the body to a part that would connect it. It was a much more complicated process than he could have ever imagined.

Working on the pelvis was more complex than he thought it would be. It was a very thick and oddly shaped bone, and it was one that he'd have to work on for a while. With a sigh, he started attempting to build the bone.

It took him four hours and three attempts, but he had finally managed to get the bone constructed. Now, practice was inbound, since he didn't want to mess up on it when he needed it to be correct.


Another week was spent just on the pelvis, but it was not for nothing. He knew that this was a great help, and he was more familiar with it than any part of the body so far. It was a vital part of the skeleton at the moment, and he couldn't mess it up. This was a good thing, however, since he knew it intimately enough to know how everything connected to it, which meant he had a base to work off of for the next few parts of the skeleton.

He knew that he wanted to create the second leg next, so he started building that. It was fairly easy, since he already created these parts so often. It was just a matter of doing it backwards, from thigh to foot instead of foot to thigh. Still, it was a simple matter for Harry.


The next week was spent purely on practicing the construction of the lower half of the body, which he finished and improved. Occasionally, he made small tweaks to the structure to what he thought would improve the copy, and he worked on those. Eventually, he got the construction of the lower body down to fifty minutes. It was going to decrease from there as well, since he would have to constantly build the lower half to start working on the upper half.

Speaking of which, he had begun on the upper half by creating the spinal cord. Now, it wasn't nearly done, but he managed to build about a foot of it, which left him with an unidentified amount of it left*.

He spent a week on the spinal cord, bringing his time past one month since the beginning of the project. He managed to get the full height of the spinal cord in, and started grafting the rib cages onto the spinal cords in the correct places. He put them into the correct shape, and also made enough room for organs to go inside.

Working up top, he created the back bones and clavicle, and whatever bones he needed to create up there, to make a spot to connect the shoulder joint with the arm, which he hadn't begun crafting at all yet.

Doing that cost him about two weeks.

After that, he created the arm bones on both sides, finally getting them fully created, except for the hands, which came later. That took about a week, and put him two months into the project.

Building the skull was difficult, and it was hard to get the thickness just right, so that took about a week of his time. The hands were composed of so many small bones, that making one took another week. Of course, that was easy to duplicate, since he'd already done it, so he made the other one in a day. Now, the skeleton was done, and it only took two months, two weeks, and a day. Also, the lower half had all the skin and muscle on it, so that took out a bit of the workload he still had left.

It took Harry the rest of the week to fit a brain inside the skull, and then skin on the head to make it a base copy of his. Next would come eyes and hair. The eyes were complicated because of the fact that they connected in quite a few spots and were so small. That was his main problem, and it took four days to do so. The next two were spent growing the hair on his head.

It took eight days for Harry to create the heart for the body, which brought his project to exactly three months and one week. He wanted the body creation to be done by the forth month, so that gave him three more weeks to build the muscles, organs, and skin that he needed to build.


Two weeks in, and Harry was almost complete. He had created most of the major organs, and just had one more to go, and then he needed to put the muscles and skin onto everything. All in all, he was almost finished with the body. Next would be getting it to function as a normal human, but that would probably take much longer.

He took the first two days to finish the organ he needed to finish, and then spent the last five working on the muscle and skin. He just barely made his set deadline. As it turned out, his deadline was Halloween.

Plopping down on his bed with a sigh, Harry looked up at the ceiling and thought about what he was doing. What was the point in all this? Why was he even going through the trouble of fully recreating himself, just to see if he could?

He smirked.

He did the impossible every day, simply for fun.

* I didn't feel like researching, and I don't have knowledge on how long a spinal cord is on average, so we are just going to stick with the generic 'however long it's supposed to be'.