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Crossing Paths - Epilogue

Two boys sat on opposite sides of the room, neither knew what to say to the other. The brunette sat on the floor against the wall, knees against his chest. He hid his face in them. He didn't dare look at the other boy. The blonde sat on one of the beds on the other side of the room. He stared at the brunette as if he's grown two heads.

The blonde couldn't figure out what had just happened. He knew it hadn't been his fault that time. He didn't know what he was supposed to think though. The brunette hadn't said anything after it happened. He just kind of scurried away; didn't say another word. Well, actually, the blonde was sure that he'd muttered an apology.

"Tai." The blonde finally spoke. Though, after the name left his mouth he didn't know what else to say. He opened his mouth to say more but nothing else came out. He couldn't even make a sound. Instead he decided to wait for his brown haired friend to reply. When the other boy didn't so much as even twitch, the blonde opened his mouth again. "T-Tai." He choked out, his voice sounded unfamiliar to his own ear.

Tai shook his head, but his body didn't move any more. He was so ashamed of himself. What was he thinking? He squeezed his eyes shut. What could he possibly say to make things better? He couldn't even think about Yamato with out crying out, let alone look or talk to him. What had he been thinking? He let out a soft whimper.

The blonde was starting to grow worried. Taichi wouldn't so much as even acknowledge him. He couldn't think of anything to say to the other young man. He wanted to reach out and comfort him, but the blonde didn't know how. "Taichi." The blonde tried again. Maybe if he tried one more time Taichi would finally reply. The blonde's insides were jumping up and down when the brunette's head raised. Even though his eyes were closed, at least they were making progress.

"Yama." Taichi replied, his head bowing down again. He wished he could just disappear into the floor and never have to go through this again. Never in his entire life did he feel so sheepish. He'd never done anything so dumb. Okay, so maybe that was a lie, but he'd never done anything that actually made himself feel stupid. He felt like he'd crossed an invisible barrier. He did the one thing that he told Yamato he wouldn't and wasn't. But, for some reason Taichi had this weird sensation that he liked it. He liked the feeling; it made his insides melt and feel lightheaded. He all of a sudden felt... Almost... Jaded.

He'd told Yamato he wasn't gay. He'd told himself. His walls were caving in all at once. He knew when he was young he wasn't perfectly, you know, straight. But, he never thought he was gay either. Not even bi. So he had to be straight. Right? He'd had a crush on Sora for a while, but they never dated. He never wanted to date her. He never wanted to date any girl he liked. That doesn't mean anything though. But, maybe he'd been too caught up in being 'straight' that he never gave being gay a try. It was just 'normal' for guys to like girls.

Taichi sighed frustratedly. He couldn't comprehend anything going through his mind. His thoughts were so jumbled that it made him dizzy. He finally looked up at Yamato though. He opened his mouth to say something, but only a pitiful random sound came out. It made Yamato laugh and Taichi look down again. "No--Tai." Yamato said quickly. Taichi could hear the smile in his voice. "Don't." He sighed when Taichi didn't give him a reply.

Yamato moved from sitting on the bed to sitting on the floor by the bed. He watched Taichi intently. He contemplated whether or not he should try to talk to him again. He already knew he'd made up his mind. He crawled over to the brunette, sitting in front of him. He stared at him for a few seconds before he said, "Tai." But, Taichi only shook his head. "Tai, it's okay. Really." Okay, so maybe it wasn't, but should he really tell Taichi that?

The brunette finally looked up again. He noticed right away how close the blonde was. He blinked slowly, then opened his mouth once again. "I didn't mean..." He trailed off, not wanting to even be speaking to Yamato. Yamato just gave him a half smile in return. But, Taichi shook his head. "I don't know what happened."

"Tai," But Taichi shook his head again, silencing the blonde.

"One minute I was perfectly fine, the next I'm all over you." He said in realization, like him sitting there and thinking about it hadn't made it sink in. Voicing it seemed to be much worse. "I don't know." He stuttered out. He didn't know what to say. He couldn't explain himself, he didn't know why the hell he did it in the first place.

Yamato grabbed Taichi by the shoulders. "Taichi, it's okay. Don't worry about it." Taichi finally looked up at the blonde, giving him a half smile that Yamato was thrilled about. It meant they were making progress. "Things happen. We've went through this before, except this time I was on the receiving end--not you."

Taichi sniffed, even though he hadn't been crying his nose felt made him feel like he had. "We're in college and still act like a bunch of sixteen year olds." He muttered, laughing slightly. "Hormone run sixteen year olds." Yamato nodded and laughed as well.

"We're guys, what do you expect?" The blonde said, laughing again. He still had his hands on Taichi's shoulders, when Taichi laughed Yamato realized just how close they were. He stared at Taichi, and the brunette noticed the awkward position. He didn't want to be caught in Yamato's intense gaze. His deep icy blue eyes were mesmerizing, but Taichi would never admit that aloud.

The grip on Taichi's shoulders tighten, and he finally looked at Yamato. He was somehow closer, but Taichi couldn't remember either of them moving. He was about to say something about it when suddenly he felt something warm on his lips. Yamato was kissing him. It felt all too familiar, like it was common ground. There was another feeling there though. It made his stomach jump, and his heart race. He felt cold and hot at the same time. It made his whole body tingle.

Before he could process another thought, Taichi started kissing back. His eyes closing automatically. He tried to grab something, anything, on Yamato to pull him closer. Finally he grabbed the front of his shirt, pulling Yamato into his lap. Taichi had no idea what he was doing, but he couldn't stop himself. He felt Yamato's hands move from his shoulders to cup his face as their lips battled for dominance.

Taichi still had Yamato by the front of his shirt when he finally pulled away. Taichi's head fell back against the wall with a thud, his eyes never opening. His chest moved up and down rapidly from the lack of oxygen from the kiss. He felt Yamato's eyes on his face, and after he finally caught his breath he opened his eyes. He looked at Yamato's flushed face and smiled. He knew he had to look about the same. As Yamato's gaze deepened, Taichi face turned pink.

Yamato sat back, though his gaze never left Taichi. "Wow." He stated simply. He didn't know how to describe what just happened. Taichi bit his lip, but smiled nonetheless.

"Maybe... maybe I'm not as straight as I thought?" Taichi questioned outloud. Truth was, the kisses before hadn't made him feel like that. They had been different. They had scared him, and made him feel weird. But, the kiss him and Yamato just shared was way different. He wanted to have that feeling again. How could he share two kisses with Yamato before and not feel like this? What had scared him so much? He couldn't even remember.

"What are you thinking about?" Yamato asked, his eyebrow quirked. Taichi eyes focused on the blonde, and he smiled.

"About how stupid I must be." Taichi stated, making Yamato laugh. "I'm sorry I ever hurt you." He said turning serious. Hopefully Yamato knew that he was referring to highschool. He knew he'd hurt Yamato, even though the blonde didn't show it that much.

Yamato waved the apology off. "It's alright." He started, and Taichi quirked an eyebrow. "Just, don't do it again." He said with a smile.

Taichi laughed. "Fair enough." He pulled on Yamato's shirt, their lips colliding once again. Taichi smiled into the kiss, and let Yamato take over.

The End
(for real this time)


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