Author's note: So this is my first fanfiction about Game Of Thrones. (I probably messed up a bit so i'll figure out how to make lettering or details look better as i go on) I've always been a huge fan of the series and books, and i wanted to make a great story that seemed true to the characters involving Jon Snow, Sam Tarly, Ygritte, and others. I intend to involve it with Ygritte living through season 4 to see how she would cope with the events of season 5-6. Soooo... spoilers. (i'm updating as S6 of the show is airing soooo it might be a little slow)

I also promise to make sure this story gets finished because i really hate it when people don't finish a good story. Really bugs me when i see someone just abandoned it for months so i'll make sure to update every
1-4 weeks. I also may bring the story a little beyond season 6 but i dunno. I'll let you read now, (as if i could force you to read this) enjoy.


The Wildlings had already begun their attack on Castle Black once Mance Rayder started from the front of the Wall. During the battle Jon Snow killed the Thenn, Styr with a hammer he had found from a nearby blacksmith's table. Once he wiped some blood from his face and turned around to find other Wildlings, he stopped seeing Ygritte in front of him with a bow and arrow.

Ygritte's hands were shivering a little holding the arrow toward him. It seemed like she may not be able to let go. Jon had little concern for his life, and was simply greatful he saw Ygritte again. Her red hair, her voice to tell him 'You know nothin' Jon Snow,' her holding him close and giving her kisses. Jon couldn't help himself but smile when he saw her again.

It wasnt a long smile however, once an arrow came from nowhere and hit her in her leg causing her to fall. Jon looked from where it came from and Olly had been trying to save Jon thinking she was going to kill him. Ygritte had let down her bow and arrow and Jon ran over to help her, he wasn't just going to let her die from an arrow in her leg. The other brothers would kill her if they saw her down. He thought to himself

"Jon" Ygritte spoke

Jon picked her up into his arms saying "Just hang on, i'll take you inside one of the rooms."

He lifted her up and helped her walk into one of the interior rooms of Castle Black. He brought her to the Maester's chambers figuring he would be willing to help him, he usually did. He opened the door and asked "Maester Aemon?" He turned around and looked toward him with blind eyes.

Ygritte asked "Wait, you brought me to a Crow's healer? Jon!"

Maester Aemon stated "I hear a voice i've never heard, Jon... who is this girl you've brought to me?"

He replied "She is a wildling... the wildling i was with north of the wall."

Maester Aemon nodded his head gently and said "Say no more, i understand whom you mean. You said she was injured?"

Jon said "She was shot... an arrow to her leg. I just want to to keep her safe in here until the battle is over"

Ygritte looked to him a little upset saying "What? You're just goin' to leave me 'ere?"

Jon frowned and said "I don't want my brothers to hurt you, and i cant stop them all if they try."

Jon helped her on to the maester's table and said "I love you Ygritte. And i wont risk losing you... but it's not like i can just run away with you now, no matter how much i want to. But i wont let them hurt you, that's a promise."

He wished he could have stayed longer, but the Wildlings were still attacking Castle Black and he needed to stop them, otherwise they'd kill him, and his friends. He turned and told the maester to lock the door behind him and left.

Once he was outside things were looking a little better than before. It seemed like the Night's watch might win the battle as there were less Wildlings than when he was previously out here. He went down the stairs and saw his sword was still in a puddle of blood, and mud. He went to go retrieve it but there was a Wildling that had caught sight of him and began approaching him, armed with a spear. Jon ran the other direction to a bunch of practice swords that were scattered on the ground and picked one up. When he turned around the Wildling was very close and went to stab him but Jon hit the spear with his sword and knocked it away to miss him.

The Wildling continued to make stabs toward him and his adrenaline was shooting through him as he dodged jabs and knocked back blows that would have surely killed him. I cant kill him with this sword... its too weak. The Wildling went to stab him in his face but Jon clashed it with his sword and grabbed the spear with his other hand holding it so he couldn't fight back. Jon hit the wildling in his head with the practice sword, but it only gave him a bleeding wound and wasn't enough to kill him. But it distracted him enough for Jon to rip the spear out of his grasp and hit him in the gut with it. The Wildling stumbled back and coughed, and Jon flipped the spear around and pierced it through his chest.

The Wildling spat blood from his mouth and Jon let go of the spear as the Wildling fell forward onto it, shoving it deeper into him. He then took the moment to walk over to Longclaw and pick it back up. It seemed possible the wildlings had all been killed already, and there didn't seem to be any battles going on. Jon sheathed his sword and looked to some of his brothers as some was resting from the aftermath of their own battles, and the others were in a group pointing crossbows at a Wildling.

Tormund had stumbled down some stairs, his back was full of arrows he was swinging his sword at a couple people quite weakly. Jon walked up to the group of Night's Watchmen surrounding him. Nearly every Wildling already was either dead, or dying.

"Tormund..." Jon spoke "...It's over. Let it end"

Tormund gave him an angry look saying "This is how a man ends."

He swung his sword toward a nearby watchman and he blocked it. Jon Snow realized he wasn't going to give up easily, so he grabbed a crossbow from a nearby watchman and shot an arrow into Tormund's leg. He growled and fell to his knees as Jon approached him and tried to swing his sword into Jon, but he kicked it out of his hand and forced him to surrender. Jon spoke to his brothers saying "Put him in chains" and they began taking him away doing just that.

Tormund yelled at Jon saying "I should've thrown you, off the top of the Wall boy!"

Jon quietly said sarcastic "Aye. You should've."

Jon rode the elevator back up to see how Edd was holding up fighting off the majority of the Wildlings.

It seemed that the Wildlings had stopped attacking for the night, but they would likely try again come morning. Edd seemed to have done a good job keeping of keeping everyone from climbing up the wall and nobody else died while he was in command. Jon praised Edd for his job well done and they went back down the elevator to get some rest for tomorrow's inevitable fight. Thinking of how hard it would be to drive Mance back this troubled him and also the thought of the Night's Watchmen hurting or killing Ygritte forced him to sleep inside the Maester's chamber a room away from Ygritte, but even then he couldn't sleep. Not with the threat facing them right behind the wall.

His mind turned back to Ygritte. Would she even forgive me for forcing Mance back? Could i even? Does she forgive me for leaving her, last? Her people wanted to come south of the Wall and i'm sitting here stopping them... Such things made him doubt himself for what he was even fighting for.

Once the next morning had come he had gotten only two or three hours of sleep, he had lost track of time. He got up to check on Ygritte in the other room wondering how she was doing. Or if she was awake. He opened the door to the other room and saw that she was laid down on the maester's table, asleep from the fight that took place last night. I can only keep her hidden in here for so long. He thought. The wounded men will eventually come in here and she'll be found. I just have to help her as much as i can when that time comes... i'll make sure she gets a comfortable cell at the very least. It occurred to him he couldn't leave her like that. Just some Wildling prisoner he'd captured. He'd soon think of other solutions, sneaking her out of Castle Black perhaps, but right now he needed to focus on stopping Mance Rayder from killing everyone.

He went over and planted a kiss on Ygritte's forehead as she slept and left the maester's room.

When he came out, after a short while he was greeted by Sam mentioning "We held them off"

Jon loved Sam's optimism, even in the worst of situations. But there was no sunny side to this, they were all going to die and nothing could stop it.

"For one night" he said.

Sam said with some fake joy in his voice "This was a great victory"

Jon could tell he was just trying to make him happy. "Great victory?" He spoke. "Mance was testing our defenses and he almost made it through. He has more giants, he has more mammoths, he 'as a thousand times as many men... he'll hit us again tonight. Maybe we can hold them off for a day or two, but we'll never beat them." Not unless I stop him myself

Sam followed Jon as he was beginning to head toward the tunnel. He began wonder where they were heading and asked just so.

Jon replied "I'm going to find Mance."

Sam ran up to him worried informing him "Wh- you can't do that. No one gave you any orders."

Jon looked around the dead bodies of his brothers. Alliser as acting commander was wounded, Edd had only manned the wall because Jon let him have permission to do so, everyone was equals now. Which made him ask "Who's left to give orders?"

"He united hundreds of thousands of tribes to fight for him. Without Mance to lead them, they'll go back to fighting each other or scattering back home."

Sam asked in disbelief "So you're gonna kill him!?"

He replied "I'm going to try."

Sam tried to tell him otherwise saying "They won't let you within a hundred yards of him. And even if they do, even if you manage to kill him-"

"He'll kill me?" Jon interrupted him "If i don't go he wont just kill me, he'll kill the rest of us too."

Sam told him "They wont just kill you... They'll boil you, they'll flay you, they'll make it last days."

He stopped and turned around to look at Sam. If he manged to break in anyway he'd just kill me then... And Ygritte... Thinking of Ygritte was the only reason he didn't want to go. But if he ran away he'd just be a traitor to the Night's Watch. A deserter without honor, and if the Wildlings didn't find him, the Northern houses would and they'd execute him. And they'd kill Ygritte for being a Wildling.

"You're right... It's a bad plan."

Sam nodded hoping he had convinced him not to go

But then he asked "What's your plan?"

Sam stood there as he couldn't think of a way to stop them. Even though there was no other way, he didn't wan't this to be the plan. Jon then turned and continued to go to the Wall's tunnel and Sam followed after him.

On their way down the tunnel there was Mag The Giant's body as well as plenty of other dead Night's watchmen around him. Everyone had died and Grenn's corpse was among the bodies too. Jon bent down looking at him and Sam got a frown on his face.

"They held the gate" There was a long pause as Jon said this. He moved his hand to close Grenn's eyes and said "Get some brothers down here to help you... We need to burn the bodies."

Sam nodded to him as he stood back up and continued to the gate

Jon looked to Sam as they walked and said "I saw Ygritte here at Castle Black... the one i..."

Sam asked "She didn't try to..." His sentenced trailed off intending to ask if she tried to kill him

He replied "She tried, but i don't think she could do it. She got shot with an arrow and i took her to the maester's chambers."

Sam said with a little joy "Well at least she's alive"

Jon said "But she wont be if the Night's Watch intends to execute her after i do this... Sam, if they intend to kill her, i want you to get her out of Castle Black and let her go anywhere."

Sam said a little worried "But, Jon. That'd make me a traitor to the Night's Watch."

Jon spoke "Please, Sam. If i die i can't be the one to do it myself. Just let her out and she can do the rest, you can pretend you were asleep when she escaped."

Sam said with a little worry in his voice "I... I'll try"

He and Sam stopped at the gate and Jon told him "Raise the outer gate. And lower it again as soon as i'm out." Sam looked back down the tunnel and waved the torch indicating he was ready for someone to open it. He turned back to see Jon taking off his scabbard which made him curious. "What are you doing?" Sam asked.

"I promised Mormont i'd never lose it again." He gave him the sword in its scabbard. "In case i don't come back..." The gate began to open.

Sam said with a little worry in his voice. "Jon?" He turned to him wondering what it was. Sam said with quiet words "...Come back" Jon smiled at his friend then turned back to the gate and took a deep breath before walking out.


The journey north of the Wall seemed to have fared better than expected. The horses were definitely making quick time as expected. Davos still had doubts within his head about helping the Night's Watch, especially considering the red woman suggested coming here in the first place. But aiding the Night's Watch did have its benefits when it came to Stannis's reputation, and would definitely gain more supporters from the northern houses. He began thinking about Mance Rayder's numbers in his army, questioning if they had the man power to beat him... however his line of thought was interrupted when Stannis rode next to him and grabbed his attention.

Stannis told him "I expect you to be at my side when we ride in to kill those Wildlings."

Davos replied saying "Of course your grace, and also may i ask where the lady Melisandre is?"

"She is riding in the middle of our army. She says her presence near the battlefield could help turn it in our favor"

"And what do you think, your grace?"

Stannis gritted his teeth and said "She's in the middle of our army, she'll have the best protection."

That wasn't really what he was implying, but he accepted the answer anyway. He then said "I heard she was talking about the real war being up here, behind the wall"

"She was. She said that the dead roam the lands beyond the wall up here, and that i will have to stop them soon because the long night will return."

"Well, i don't much believe in the supernatural. But i do think this could get us some northern supporters. The Umbers perhaps."

Stannis frowned and said "Perhaps, but i would not bet on it."

After a little while of riding Stannis told his men "Hold here. We'll set up camp and prepare for the attack. I want scouts to keep going and look over their army"

Men began dismounting their horses and so did Davos. After a while they had set up camp in the night, the scouts had already been sent forward and Stannis was looking over a battlefield map for Castle Black and its wall. After some hours had passed the scouts had arrived back with details regarding the Wildling camp and where Mance Rayder was. It seemed he had made his camp within a nearby forest, and it wasn't all that defended. They suggested Mance doesnt expect a full frontal attack. The scouts drew on the map where his camp was and Stannis began forging the plan. They would send a group north to cut him off and a group east and southern close to the wall.

The scouts also reported that Mance had already attacked the wall during the night as they scouted it all out. Stannis ordered waiting until sunrise to attack, and everyone agreed. Davos went to his tent that was setup during the night and slept.

One sunrise had come he had started hearing people moving around and horses making noise. He got up from his bedroll and went out of the tent to see what was happening. It appeared plenty of soliders were ready to leave. Stannis was looking over everyone and Davos moved over to his horse and untied it from a pole in the ground. The pole was kept so the horse would not try to run away in the night. Once he loosened the rope off, he climbed on his horse and rode up next to Stannis. The army rode forward quickly to move on Mance. He could see smoke coming from a burned down forest, he wondered which side caused it. The Night's Watch, or Mance. It hardly mattered though, as they had ridden closer, the army was already prepared and in position.

There was a loud horn that came from within the camp as the army began their approach, surrounding the camp of Wildlings. As the army approached it slowly grew being more chaotic, as Wildlings ran all different directions and dying quickly. But Davos stayed close to Stannis as he had promised. When one got close he drew his sword and slammed away the Wildling's blade and stabbed him through his face. He dropped his weapon and fell off the sword which stabbed him and died in the snow. He didn't much enjoy the sight of war, he only cared for Stannis to win it. He rode up with Stannis to the center of the camp and Mance was standing there with a group of Wildlings... unmoving.

Stannis and Davos climbed off their horses in unison. As Stannis began walking toward Mance he followed behind him, and one Wildling began charging toward them with an axe at the ready, only to be cut down by a soldier passing through on horseback. As Mance saw this he pulled out two daggers and threw them to the ground. This put his mind at ease so he sheathed his sword and began watching Stannis. There was a man of the Night's Watch right beside him but he knew it wasn't his time to speak, so he let Stannis start his conversation with Mance.

Stannis had a small smile on his face and asked "So you're the king beyond the Wall?"

Mance Rayder nodded, although his scouts from earlier had already confirmed that.

Stannis kept his face more neutral now and asked "You know who i am?"

"Never had the pleasure."

Davos interjected informing him "This is Stannis Baratheon the one true king of the seven kingdoms."

Mance replied "Were not in the seven kingdoms, and you're not dressed for this weather."

Stannis paused and said "It is customary to kneel when surrendering to a king."

The Night's Watchman turned to Mance and seemingly wondering what he would say. Davos noticed this and it only made him more curious as to why he was here, he'd have expected him to be executed.

"We do not kneel." Mance said a little too proud for Davos's liking.

"I'll have thousands of your men in chains by nightfall. Nowhere to put them, nothing to feed them. Were not here to slaughter beat dogs. Their fate depends on their king."

"All the same. We do not kneel."

Davos knew the Wildlings could be stubborn, but he began to wonder if he even cared for the lives of his comrades, his people, his families. Had Stannis offered him the same offer he'd have taken it. Not in regard for his own life, but for the well being of others.

Stannis turned to his soldiers and said "Take these men away."

Davos quickly asked before they could do anything else "What's a man of the Night's Watch doing in a Wildling camp?"

He spoke saying "I was sent to discuss terms with the king beyond the Wall"

Davos informed him saying "You're speaking to the one true king, boy." referring to Stannis

He replied saying "I know he's the king... My father died for him."

This made Davos curious if his father was one of their soldiers.

He told Stannis "My name is Jon Snow, your grace... i'm Ned Stark's son."

This made the both of them pause.

"Your father was an honorable man."

"He was, your grace."

"What do you think he'd have done with him?" Stannis looked to Mance.

Jon stepped forward and told him "I was this man's prisoner once. He could've beat me, he could've tortured me. But he spared my life... i think my father would have taken him prisoner, listened to what he had to say."

"Very well then, take him."

Some of Stannis's soldiers moved over and grabbed Mance. As Stannis turned about to leave, Jon said "Your grace..."

Stannis turned back and looked at him.

"If my father had seen the things i've seen, he'd also tell you to burn the dead before nightfall... all of them.

If Davos wasn't sure about the dead rising from the ground, he was now. And it only worried him more. Stannis started walking away and Jon was about to go back to Castle Black.

Davos stopped him and asked "Jon Snow..." Jon looked to him with a weak questioning stare

"You said 'if your father had seen the things you've seen...' what did you see?"

Jon looked at him serious and said "Not too long after arriving at Castle Black... we brought back some bodies. We didn't burn them..."

"What happened?"

"The dead aren't dead... when i went to the lord commander's room... the body we brought back tried to kill us both."

Davos was having trouble wrapping his head around what he was hearing. Jon had no reason to lie, but he thought the Wights were killed off a thousand years ago.

"You mean... the White Walkers?"

Jon frowned saying "I dont know... but the wights came back."

"Could it have just been the wights? Have you seen one?"

He closed his eyes saying "At Craster's keep, i don't know what i saw. But i saw Craster take his baby boy... and leave it out in the snow. When i went to go help it... something took it. And it was no person i know that. But the wights don't take babies."