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Chapter 116 "The Shocking Revelations."

Awakening of the Oldrezi! While preparing for the inevitable war against the Dread Masters, both Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, as well many other students of the Kingdom, are put to a hard and taxing training system by their Masters.

While the ArchKnights and Knights train their Squires in the most realistic and efficient ways, the Kingdom of the Force as well as the King of Shili, Aven Tunalen, receive a shocking, yet long awaited calls from all sides of the galaxy. The rulers and representatives of many planets demand explanations for the mysterious arrival of the gigantic creatures that suddenly began to roam their homeworlds.

Zulio – Third Moon of Shili, The Temple of Balance, Communication Center.

ArchKnight Zai'shira, ArchKnight Qui-Gon Jinn, and King Aven Tunalen were present at the communication center in which they received at least six priority calls from the core planets. C-3PO was with them and acted as an interpreter when the situation called for it. The reason for that was simple, as Deiven mentioned in the gardens, gigantic creatures called Oldrezi appeared on the planets all around the galaxy to the shock of their inhabitants.

Oldrezi in the language of the Force meant 'Avatar of Balance'. Those creatures existed even before the most advanced civilizations managed to be created and planets inhabited. Through eons, they slept deep inside the planets, but as the galaxy was getting closer and closer to the balance, they awoke from their slumber. With shapes, appearances that varied depending on the planet, and sizes, the Avatars of Balance had only one similar trait, their heads.

All Oldrezi without exception had heads without eyesocket, skin, hair or flesh. Their beastly skulls had jaws equipped with sharp, canine teeth and a pair of large horns, very similar in shape to the ones Deiven possessed. Aside from that, four shining, engraved symbols which represent four aspects of the Force were a clear proof of their connection to the Kingdom of the Force. Many planets recognized the symbols and immediately decided to call the faction for an explanation.

"King Organa, I'm telling you there is no need to worry," reassured ArchKnight Zai'shira looking at the holographic image of the King of Alderaan. The human wore fancy, royal robes, which were a normal thing since he once again was the King. "The Oldrezi will not harm anyone unless provoked. So simply tell your people to not bother it and resume their everyday activities as if it wasn't there."

"That thing is big as a mountain and looks terrifying," King Bail Organa pointed out with clear worry in his voice. "Many of my people are scared. How do you expect us to act as if it wasn't there?!"

"Mountains are also big, King Organa. Do you pay special attention to them?" asked King Tunalen.

"Mountains aren't living beings King Tunalen, this thing could crush everything in its path," said the human. "If it decides to approach and attack the cities..."

"It won't, we assure you," promised ArchKnight Qui-Gon. The human shaved his beard and mustache, which together with his younger appearance gave him a handsome look. "If you just leave it alone nothing bad will happen to the people of Alderaan. What's more, that creature is the defender of your planet and a primal guardian of balance, so attacking it will only result in more harm than good. Not to mention it will anger the Force."

King Organa shook his head. "More of this... Force stuff," he said under his nose not entirely happy with the situation. "Jedi and Sith treated it as the means to either good or evil. You turned it into... a religion, almost obsession."

"Careful with your words King Organa," warned Qui-Gon Jinn. "This Force stuff... brought me back to life."

"Ehh... alright, I'll try to calm my people down," promised the King.

"By the way do you know what's going on, on Coruscant?" Zai'shira asked.

"I'm afraid no," replied Organa. "After the Dread Master's attack on the Temple, we lost contact with the Republic Senate. However, we do know it's chaos out there."

"I see," Zai'shira nodded. "Thank you."

King Bail Organa nodded and ended the transmission. When his holographic image vanished, Zai'shira exhaled. "I got a feeling sooner or later, one of the Avatars will be attacked and there will be trouble," she said crossing her arms over her chest. One of the Rakatan technicians approached her and gave her a small datapad.

"If that happens, it will be only their fault," Qui-Gon Jinn shrugged as the orange-skinned Togruta checked the device, nodded to the Rakata and gave him back the datapad.

"Actually, that was one of the friendliest conversations today," stated Aven. "Surely it beats the talk from Jabba the Hutt."

"Can't argue with you there," replied Zai'shira.

Another of the Rakatan technician, who sat in front of a holographic display, turned towards the ArchKnight, and spoke. "We have an incoming message."

"Uugghhh... who is it this time?" Aven rolled his eyes with irritation.

"... it's from Arkania," replied the Rakata with a slightly confused look. "Apparently... Deiven Virlo is the messenger. "

Zai'shira and Qui-Gon exchanged serious glances and looked at the Rakata. "Play it," ordered the orange-skinned Togruta. As the alien began to activate the recording, the Queen turned towards the protocol droid. "Thank you Threepio, we'll call you if we need anything else."

"Glad to be of service ArchKnight Zai'shira," the protocol droid replied and quickly left the room.

"We need to send someone for Deiven and Avelon," stated Qui-Gon Jinn. "They need to see this as well."

"Where are they anyway?" asked Aven. "Can't you just call them?"

"In Deiven's room with Anakin and Ahsoka," replied the Togruta. "They're training via Deiven's technique. They won't hear us even if we tried."

985 BBY – Ciutric IV, Daplona.

With at least two moons in its orbit, Ciutric IV commonly known just as Ciutric, was the capital planet of the Ciutric Hegemony, a group of a dozen worlds in the Outer Rim.

It was an industrialized world with a small shipyard and was located at a hub of trade routes. Spaceships regularly stopped on the planet, forming a small but highly profitable industrial society focused on trade and transportation. The landscape of the planet was covered with dense forest, into which the cities and their spaceports were spreading. The planets climate was warm and at night it barely cooled, but at night sudden thunderstorms with storm gusts and much rainfall would appear.

The old technology was always fun to look at and Deiven always smiled when he saw it. Using his training technique, he teleported Avelon, Anakin, and Ahsoka to the past. Their bodies remained in his room at the Temple of Balance while their minds were now here. Avelon trained with Deiven this way many times before and while Ahsoka already did travel with Deiven when she fought Darth Malak on Revan's ship, Anakin was experiencing this strange technique for the first time. "This is different than the tree?" asked the Squire of Avelon.

The whole group walked the streets of Daplona, the capital of Citric IV, towards a specific place. "Yes," Deiven replied as he lead the group. "Much safer to be honest. If you use the tree you can die as easily as on the battlefield against the battle droids. With my technique, you can fight the most powerful Sith, Jedi and other beings without deadly consequences, at least not permanent."

"What do you mean?" Anakin asked curiously.

"Everything besides death is real," explained the young Firrerreo. "If you get punched in the face, you lose a tooth. If you lose an arm, it will feel as in the real battle. You'll suffer greatly at it will make you think twice about being reckless." The ArchKnight looked at the young Togruta. "Right Ahsoka?" he asked arching his ginger eyebrows.

"Yes," Ahsoka replied with an embarrassed expression. Deiven placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her a reassuring squeeze. "But the most important thing is learning from the experience."

"What if someone of us dies?" Anakin asked.

"If you die, then you'll be dead until I stop the technique," replied the ArchKnight. "Then we will wake up back in my room."

"Huh, nifty," Anakin nodded while looking around. "So who are we going to face here? Some old Sith from the ancient times?"

Avelon chuckled and replied. "Only Darth Bane and Darth Zannah."

"Bane..." Anakin narrowed his eyes. "I heard that name before in the Jedi Temple."

"Darth Bane is the Sith Lord who instituted the Rule of Two," said the Anzat. "Darth Zannah is his apprentice."

"Woah! You want us to fight them and win?!" Ahsoka asked shocked.

"No, we want you to fight them and learn," Avelon replied turning his green eyes to the young Togruta. "There's no better way to gain experience than in a real fight. In what other situation could you have a chance to fight the ancient Sith Lords to the death and learn even if you die?"

"That's some crazy and sadistic logic," stated Anakin shaking his head. "What would happen if we'd kill the Sith? Would we change the timeline?"

"No," Deiven replied. "The Force repairs everything after the training ends, so there's no consequences."

"I understand," Anakin nodded. "Did any of you died during this?"

"I lost an arm against Darth Malak, but I didn't die," Ahsoka admitted sheepishly.

"I died many times in many different situations," Deiven said scratching his chin. "Avelon died only once though."

"Oh, someone killed you?" Anakin asked with a smirk. "I need to congratulate him... or her."

"His name was... Vitiate," replied the Anzat.

"Never heard of him," Anakin shrugged. "Who was he?"

"The Sith Emperor during the time of the Old Republic," the ArchKnight replied casually. Anakin stopped and looked at the Anzat dumbfounded. After a few seconds, he shook his head with a snort and caught up to the group.

The four of them left the borders of the capital and headed towards a mansion that was seen in the distance. That's the place, informed the young Firrerreo. The group stopped a couple of meters away in front of the large building.

"So how are we supposed to do this?" Anakin asked reaching for his lightsaber.

"Ahsoka will fight against Darth Bane, and you will face Darth Zannah," ArchKnight Avelon replied looking at his Squire.

"Wait, what...?!" Anakin looked at Avelon surprised. "Why am I fighting the apprentice while Ahsoka fights the Master?" Ahsoka also looked at the Anzat with a shocked expression.

"Because I won't go easy on you," the Anzat crossed his arms over his chest.

Anakin looked confused. "What? Is she stronger than Bane?"

"She has a completely different style and set of skills. Ahsoka has better chances with Bane than you with Zannah," explained the ArchKnight. "She's the worst possible opponent for you because of her Sith magic. The only way for you to beat her at your current level is to attack her aggressively, penetrate her Soresu defense, which she uses with her saberstaff, and not allow her to concentrate. If she manages to apply her spells, its over for you."

While Anakin began to process the information, Deiven spoke to Ahsoka. "As for Bane, he's powerful and strong, so you need to counter those traits with your agility and speed. He's using Djem So as his backbone for Soresu and Juyo, so you must use Ataru against him. He doesn't like fighting Jar'Kai users and the unorthodox, so despite the basic rule of not using Jark'Kai against a Djem So specialist, use your double-bladed shoto together with your lightsaber against him, but be careful not to block any of his strikes. Only enhance your body with the Force to evade and dodge."

Ahsoka nodded taking a deep breath. She was about to fight one of the most iconic Sith Lords in history. True, they couldn't really die but even with that in mind, she was a bit nervous. "Easy Ahsoka," the young Firrerreo placed his palms on her shoulders and touched her forehead with his. "Just remember everything you've learned so far. Whatever the result, I know you will not let me down."

Ahsoka closed her eyes with a smile and fought the urge to kiss him, to steal a little kiss. "Maybe I can explain myself and tell him it was a good luck kiss?" she thought. "But it is me who's going to fight, not him, darn it! Alright Ahsoka, focus on the training."

Avelon smiled and spoke to Anakin with a serious expression. "Yeah, just don't expect me to do the same thing."

"What?! Are you kidding me?!" Anakin took a step back with a cringe on his face. He turned around and poked Ahsoka as he passed by. "Come on Snips, let's get this over with so I can erase this horrible image from my head," he said

The young Togruta reached for her weapons, which were attached to her belt, and followed the human. As the two walked down the pathway towards the mansion, they could not sense any darkness or Force-signatures from it. Since it was not far from the capital, Anakin surmised the Sith didn't want to be discovered by any Jedi that could be in the city.

"Should we knock?" Ahsoka asked as they approached the large double doors.

"Allow me," Anakin said and Force-pushed the doors, ripping them off their hinges. Avelon, who watched the two with Deiven, only rolled his eyes and shook his head, while the young Firrerreo chuckled.

Anakin and Ahsoka dashed into the mansion's living room igniting their weapons. Just like he expected, the interior of the Sith's property was expensive and fancy. A large wooden table, couches, rugs, shelves with books varying in sizes and titles, a beautiful chandelier attached to the ceiling right above them. Stairs right next to them led to the upper floor balcony with a railing.

Ahsoka heard heavy footsteps on the upper floor and after a while, a screech of the opening doors. When she and Anakin looked up at the balcony, they noticed a bald, built like a tank, tall human male. He wasn't wearing any armor, only casual clothes. At first glance, he didn't look like an ancient Sith Lord but his devilish yellow eyes told a different story.

He looked like he could break Ahsoka in half with his bare hands alone. Her own legs were thinner than his arms. Black markings around his eyes were the first thing they noticed, but it was unknown whether those were painted on or permanent tattoos.

At first, the Sith only looked surprised by the sudden intrusion. However, shortly after spotting the two 'Jedi', anger filled his mind as he began to call upon the power of the dark side.

The door on their left opened and a young, pretty, blond haired female entered the living room, surprised just like Darth Bane. Dressed in casual clothing like the man, she flicked one of her blonde strands from her face. Her blue eyes, which were surrounded by the same markings as Bane's, were fixed on the two intruders with a curious glare.

Anakin guessed that this was Darth Zannah, and just like he was told, he immediately lunged towards her. The apprentice quickly reached and ignited her saberstaff. Two red blades emerged from both ends of the hilt. The woman began to rotate her weapons and deflect Anakin's blue blade.

Darth Bane jumped down from the balcony and landed in front of Ahsoka. The difference in size was almost ludicrous. He wasn't as tall as Grievous, but still. "How did you found us Jedi?" Darth Bane asked with a voice full of hatred.

"We are not Jedi," Ahsoka replied tapping into the Force and immediately enhancing her body.

The Sith raised his hand in which he held the hilt of his lightsaber. The red blade came to life as the human swung his weapon down. The young Togruta dodged to the side, hearing as the blade cut through the air. As she dodged, Darth Bane swung his blade again, this time horizontally. Ahsoka leaned back and evaded the blade by millimeters. Despite his massive frame, the Sith's attacks were fast.

With a backflip, Ahsoka created some space between them. She needed it in order to properly apply Ataru form.

"Your Master should have fought me," stated the Sith gesturing towards Anakin, who fought Darth Zannah. "Instead, he left to fight my apprentice and sealed your fate."

"He's not my Master," Ahsoka replied with a smirk. "Both are Masters are waiting outside."

The human didn't sense deceit and lies in her words so without taking his eyes off her, he slowly approached one of the windows to confirm what she said to be true. Taking a quick look through the covers, he spotted two figures not far away from his mansion casually talking with each other. One of them was an unusual alien with horns and tail.

It was their calmness and smiles on their faces that made Darth Bane angry. "Are you thinking that I'm some kind of pathetic reject?!" he asked slowly turning his face full of hatred towards her. "They sent their apprentices without a hint of worry?! Like they don't need to care about me?! This doesn't change what I just said," said the Sith Lord. He slowly began to walk towards the young Togruta. "You're alone here and you will die. After we kill you, your masters will join you in the afterlife."

"It is you who is going to die," Ahsoka replied and closed her blue eyes. She threw her worries aside and focused. Suddenly, Darth Bane stopped and tilted his to the side. His hatred was partially replaced with curiosity and confusion. When Ahsoka opened her eyes, their blue color was replaced with a yellow one.

Darth Bane clearly sensed the dark side coming from the young Togruta. Anger and hate. "No matter how important the task, a Jedi would never use the dark side, not even is it meant saving someone," he stated in his mind.

Ahsoka dashed towards the Sith Lord enhancing her speed with the Force. The human immediately switched to Soresu form. Earlier, he simply wanted to crush her but now, he decided to play with the girl and make a valuation of her skills. The dark side inside of her was different, so primal and wild. Dark, yet not corruptive, it was a strange paradox for the Sith Lord.

The young Togruta performed a 360-degree turn in mid-air and with the created momentum, she swung her green lightsaber at Darth Bane. The Sith effortlessly blocked her strike with her full weight behind it. Ahsoka instinctive dodged a thrust aimed at her chest to the side and rolled right past the human. She kicked him in the back of his knee, but it didn't even faze him.

Bane turned around with remarkable speed and swung his blade so fast, it created a red blur. Ahsoka jumped over the Sith and landed behind him. Her quick slash at his back was blocked with his red blade placed vertically in a down-parry.

Ahsoka jumped away from the Sith, who turned around. The young Togruta used the Force and activated her second shoto blade. Bane narrowed his eyes and curled his lips in a displeased expression. He fought a Jark'Kai user with two standard lightsabers and his apprentice who used a saberstaff, but not a Jark'Kai user with a standard lightsaber and a double-bladed shoto.

Holding her lightsaber with her small and ring finger, Ahsoka telekinetically grabbed a vase from one of the shelves and tossed it towards the Sith's face, who didn't use the Force only smacked it away with his bare hand. The sight of the vase was replaced by a spinning shoto as Ahsoka hurled it after the vase.

Bane deflected the shoto with his red blade and heard a crackling sound when Ahsoka unleashed lightning from her fingertips. His curiosity and surprise took over. He didn't catch the lightning with his blade or set up a shield around him, he took the lightning head on.

The Sith didn't scream only clenched his teeth as his body tensed up. He welcomed the pain, which increased his power and his yellow eyes glowed even brighter. Bane began to slowly walk towards Ahsoka, who couldn't believe what she saw. After a few steps, the human took a deep breath and with a raging scream released a powerful Force-repulse, which shattered the windows, hurled the furniture and Ahsoka away. The young Togruta hit the wall hard felling the pain in her back.

Bane walked towards her his body steaming from the lightning. The Sith raised his hand and hurled a Force-lightning off his own at the young Togruta. Ahsoka raised her green lightsaber and caught the lightning, but she was immediately pushed against the wall by the intensity and power of the attack.

At the meantime, Anakin and Darth Zannah fought on the other side of the living room. Blue and red blurs clashed with each other as Anakin tried to penetrate Zannah's rotating defense. He had experience fighting Soreru thanks to his former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, but this woman had a different technique that he wasn't used to. On the other hand, her fighting style was designed to face opponents like Anakin. She redirected his strikes instead of blocking them and since she only defended herself, he couldn't use counters and parries.

Anakin relentlessly attacked with heavy cleaves but with no success. Zannah managed to probe his mind and found his inner demons but she needed a moment to apply her spells of madness and this was a slight problem. Her arms were slowly began to hurt, and she knew that if she didn't try to stop him it would be only a matter of time. He was stonewalling any attempt to push him back with the Force.

All her focus was needed to keep her solid defense. Hoverer, when Anakin got irritated and Force-pushed the woman, she didn't fight against the blast. Darth Zannah allowed it to hit her and send her flying through one of the doors and thus creating more space between them. When Anakin dashed after her to the room, the apprentice of Darth Bane was already creating symbols with her hand.

Similiar images the ArchKnights showed Anakin once again appeared in his mind but this time they were more violent and darker. She knew that now the situation could go two ways, either the images would give her the time she needed to end this with one strike, or they would enrage him and he would attack her with rage. Luckily for Zannah, the first option was the answer.

Anakin clutched his head for a few seconds. However, this was enough for the woman. When Anakin opened his eyes, his vision was covered with a red hue. It was the last thing he saw before the images ended, along with his life.

Finally, Darth Zannah exhaled with relief. Her arms were exhausted and her back hurt like hell, but it wasn't over yet. The woman quickly ran back into the living room to assist her Master.

Ahsoka heard the cracking of the wall behind her as Bane's lightning was about to push her through the wall and into the room behind it. She held the lightsaber with all her strength, so it wouldn't cut her until the wall behind her broke and the young Togruta was flung inside the restroom.

With a groan, the Squire got to her feet. Darth Bane entered the room through the door located right next to the hole. Ahsoka used the Force to shatter the nearby window and hurled the glass shards towards the Sith. Darth Bane raised his hand and stopped the shards in mid-air. Without any real effort, the Sith pushed the shards back at Ahsoka, but before the shards could hit her... the young Togruta vanished.

21 BBY - Zulio – Third Moon of Shili, The Temple of Balance, Deiven's Room.

"Oh..." Ahsoka opened her eyes and shook her head. "That killed me? How?"

All four of them sat on the floor cross-legged in a circle and confused. The training was suddenly over and Deiven didn't end it purposefully.

"What gives?" Deiven asked as he felt a hand on his shoulder and spotted a Rakatan Knight behind him. When he touched the young Firrerreo, he broke his concentration and at the same time the training.

"I'm sorry to disturb you during your training ArchKnights," the alien bowed his head. ArchKnight "Zai'shira and ArchKnight Qui-Gon need to speak with you. It is very important... something about a second... Deiven."

Deiven's face became serious. "I see... thank you," he nodded. The Rakata bowed his head again and left the room.

"Sorry about the... sudden ending," Deiven apologized and stood up just like Ahsoka and Avelon.

"I was about to die anyway... I think," Ahsoka replied.

"Still, you did well," Deiven pointed out with a proud smile.

"Dammit!" Anakin stroke the floor with his fist. He wasn't as angry as Avelon thought he would be but still. "Easy now, Squire," said the Anzat. "I didn't expect you to win. You were supposed to become aware of your biggest weakness. You're having trouble handling your emotions. For now, take a deep breath and rest. Talk with Ahsoka, who like I said, endured longer than you and share your experiences with each other. We're going to talk after we return."

The two ArchKnights left the room and headed straight to the communication center.

Zulio – Third Moon of Shili, The Temple of Balance, Communication Center.

"...I survived somehow... but need a ship to return... to Shili," said the holographic image of Deiven Virlo displayed on the round holo-table. All ArchKnights and Aven watched the recording very closely. They knew it was the scheme of the two Sith Lords.

"So they finally made their move," stated the adult Togruta when the recording reached its end.

"Darth Sidious and Darth Plagueis know well that if 'I' would see this, I'd surely try to kill Deiven in order to prevent him from ruining my plans," stated the Anzat. "I would travel to Arkania with Aayla and they would attack and kill us there, then send the fake Deiven here so he could rule the Kingdom as their puppet."

"Yes, but they have no idea that our Deiven survived and slightly changed his appearance," said Qui-Gon Jinn. "We can distinguish them by their horns."

"If they put on hoods, they won't be so easy to distinguish," replied the adult Togruta. "But that won't matter if we kill the fake one."

"I would suggest you and Avelon travel to Arkania to confront them," said Qui-Gon Jinn. "Deiven and I will stay here in case they would send the fake Deiven to Shili."

"No, I'm not staying here," Deiven protested strongly. "Just like you said... my horns are different than his, that's the way to distinguish him if he appears here. I'm going with them to deal with this impostor once and for all, end of discussion."

"Just be calm Deiven," Aven suggested placing his hand on the young Firrerreo's shoulder. "I know that this can be frustrating but you must stay calm."

"I know and will," the ArchKnight assured.

"Let's not waste any more time then," said Avelon. "It's time to travel to Arkania."

Corellia, Coronet City, Blue Sector, Treasure Ship Row, Mynok's Haven.

Obi-Wan visited Anakin's mother just as promised. He told her about everything that happened and avoided some topics and discussions that would of caused her to worry, like Anakin's injury. After that, he visited the medical center and learned that Sugi and Embo left the facility not so long ago.

With a few questions to the locals, he managed to find them in the local cantina named Mynok's Haven. Sugi was actually happy to see him and asked Obi-Wan to join them for a drink. The human agreed and told her that he was a former Jedi Master named Obi-Wan Kenobi and that along with his friend they wanted to join the Kingdom of the Force. But it all ended differently.

"So your friend joined the Kingdom but you didn't?" Sugi asked as the two of them sat at the table in the calm corner. Embo talked to a human at the bar counter about a ship they could use to leave Corellia.

"I don't agree with how they do things, it's against my morals," Obi-Wan replied taking a sip from his cup. "But I think as a bounty hunter, I will be hired by them eventually. The war against the Dread Masters is inevitable."

Sugi shook with fear when she heard the name. The voice of that one Dread Master still hunted her in her dreams, but along with the fear, she also felt anger. "I must pay those bastards back for my team," she stated forcefully.

"Don't worry you will get your chance," assured Obi-Wan. "However, I would advise staying away from them. I don't know if you heard, but they..." Obi-Wan took a deep breath "...destroyed the entire Jedi Temple along with the Senate district. With my own Star Destroyer."

Sugi looked at the brown liquid inside her cup. "I heard rumors in the medical center, but I didn't believe them," she replied. She looked at Obi-Wan's face and narrowed her brown eyes. "You... blame yourself?"

"It was my ship Sugi, my responsibility," Obi-Wan stated.

"No one could predict that," Sugi stated. "That's not a weapon you can just take along with you... it's a damn ship. What do you plan to do, put it in your pocket? True, it's a tragedy what happened but you didn't cause it. It was those goddam Dread Masters. They're the ones who should be punished."

Obi-Wan didn't reply. He only took another sip from his cup.

"You know, I never got to thank you for saving my life," the Zabrak female said with a slight smile.

"My friend was also there," Obi-Wan pointed out. "Too bad we didn't manage to save the rest of your team and those poor farmers."

Sugi drank the rest of her beverage. "Uuhh.. you can't always save everyone," she said quietly. "There is always the risk of casualties." Obi-Wan only sighed in response.

Embo approached them and spoke in his native language. He said that the human didn't agree to the price for the ship. "I'll go talk to him," Sugi proposed and stood up but Obi-Wan spoke. "Sugi, I was thinking you and Embo can use the freighter in which I came here. I want only to join your team in return and as I recall you need people for missions."

Sugi sat back down and raised her eyebrows. "You seem to keep surprising me... Master Jedi," she replied with a mischievous smile. "Do you agree, Embo?"

The Kyuzu looked at the human and nodded.

"Well then," Sugi leaned her elbows on the table and placed her chin on her palm with a grin. "Welcome to our little band of bounty hunters, Obi-Wan."

One hour later – Arkania, Underground Research Facility.

Using one of the stealth ships from the Kingdom of the Force, the same which they had used to spy on the Republic and the Separatists fleet, the three ArchKnights managed to land near the facility in which Deiven was born without alerting the local authorities.

Since Zai'shira knew the place, she was the one leading Deiven and Avelon. "What a dump," commented Avelon as the Archknights walked down the corridor. "Everything is rusted and old."

"It's barely functioning after the last time I was here, I think..." Zai'shira slowed down and stopped. She spotted the entrance to the room in which she found Deiven and his mother, Tashia. Just in front of the entrance, near the ripped doors, lay a barely recognizable black, charred skeleton, or what was left of it. Time did its thing and almost nothing remained of the corpse of Tashia, the mother of Deiven. "He simply left her here to rot," Zai'shira growled with anger and sadness.

Deiven passed the orange-skinned Togruta and looked at the black skeleton in silence. "Deiven, you shouldn't look at her," Zai'shira said with care.

The young Firrerreo didn't say anything. He mixed and gathered everything inside and waited for a moment to let it go, to unleash his fury. The ArchKnight passed the corpse and went on.

Avelon approached Zai'shira and spoke. "This will end nasty for someone," he stated. "Our young friend is really pissed when he goes silent."

"It's still not his worst," Zai'shira replied. "When Firrerreos are angry or frightened, their skin color turns silver. Deiven learned to control this to some extent, just like his primal tendencies, so he really needs to be infuriated for his skin to turn silver."

After some exploring, the ArchKnights reached a large room, which compared to the rest was quite clean and functional. Security terminals, cameras, holographic displays, everything was working.

"I think we found their hideout," said Avelon.

"As always perceptive, my former apprentice," Darth Plagueis's voice issued from a dark corner of the room they were in. "Although I wouldn't call it a hideout." All ArchKnights immediately reached for their weapons and ignited them.

"Now, there is no need for violence," the Sith Lord said with a chuckle as he left the shadows. "We are civil after all. Which brings me to my question. Do honest people use devices to make them look like someone else?"

"I like to play sometimes," replied the Anzat. "Where is Darth Sidious and your little 'fake'?"

"Fake? Haha, I assure you, my friend, our Deiven is the real one," replied the Muun. "In comparison to your Deiven and ArchKnight Zai'shira."

"I beg to differ," Deiven replied with a snarl.

"Why even bother giving someone else the matrix when we know the truth?" asked the Sith. "I thought you were smarter than that my apprentice. However, I do have many questions, especially about Padme Amidala and her sudden Force abilities. Was it some kind of artifact? I still have the necklace we used on the Queen of Alderaan, but I never thought that there were such powerful artifacts in the galaxy beyond my knowledge."

"I was smart enough to fool you during our entire time as Master and apprentice," Avelon replied with a smirk. "I never betrayed the Kingdom. I was, am, and I always be, an ArchKnight."

"And we never died Plagueis," Zai'shira added with a smug grin. "Deiven used Force travel and we escaped our ship before it was destroyed. Thanks to him, the Queen of Naboo became of Force-sensitive."

Darth Plagueis narrowed his yellow eyes and glared at Togruta. He didn't sense any deceit from her, plus he knew Zai'shira and would recognize her smugness everywhere.

"And besides," Deiven pointed at his new horns. "The Force slightly changed my horns so even if your 'fake' does travel to Zulio, he will be killed because the members of the Kingdom know about the changes. Your plan has failed, again."

The Sith looked at the young Firrerreo with an unhappy smile, which turned into a smirk. "I had a slight hunch you survived, but one thing didn't change... you are a fake, a clone."

"Lies from an angry Sith," replied the young ArchKnight.

"Oh really?" A sinister smile appeared on Plagueis face. "You see, as it turned out, Doctor Negeth lied to me. He told me that thanks to your natural healing factor, you survived his modifications. That it was easier than he anticipated and that it wasn't a challenge for him. It turned out, he cloned the female I brought to him and the fetus inside of her as well."

"What?!" Zai'shira blinked a few times. "I'd talked to her, she was his mother. That compassion and care weren't faked."

"Yes, because she never knew she was a clone in the first place," replied the Sith Lord. "Negeth created many clones and experimented on them so that his creation would be perfect. When the clone survived his modifications, he did the same changes to the original. Then, he presented you and your mother to me. Apparently, he wanted to trick me and keep the original for himself."

"Lies!" Deiven yelled.

"No, that's the truth," Darth Plagueis used the Force to push a button on the wall. The whole room shook for a moment and the floor began to descend to the second room below them. "What is this?" Avelon asked.

The much larger room was submerged in darkness until the floor reached the bottom. The green lights on the walls were switched on and a shocking sight was revealed. Tanks filled with strange, disfigured beings submerged in blueish liquid were set in a straight line. Zai'shira counted at least ten of them. "A secret sub-laboratory in which Negeth experimented," replied the Muun. "Meet your brothers Deiven," stated the Sith Lord as he slowly backed away to a wall. "The failed clones."

Aside from the beeping sounds of the tanks and humming of the lightsabers, a complete silence filled the room. The young Firrerreo turned off his lightsaber and approached one of the tanks. The blueish liquid illuminated the shocked face of Deiven when he gazed up upon the horror. The being inside was completely disfigured with three horns, short tail, and three legs. The worst thing was, that it was still alive. Its one snake-like eye followed Deiven's movements.

"By the Force," he whispered.

Avelon and Zai'shira turned off their lightsabers but kept a close eye on the Muun as well as on the young Firrerreo. All tanks had a different clone, disfigured in a different, horrific way, except for two, which were empty. One had a number 10 on its side, the other one a 9. "Number 9 belongs to you," Darth Plagueis said. "If you don't believe me, the same number is under your tongue just like every other clone here."

Deiven shot daggers at the Sith Lord and wanted to attack him, to kill him but he needed to know the truth. The ArchKnight took a deep breath to calm himself, he took a step forward to so that he would get a clearer view of his reflection on the tank and opened his mouth and raised his long tongue to the palate. At the far end, he spotted a small, black number 9.

Deiven's amber eyes widened and he stepped away from the tank. In a matter of second, Deiven felt his entire world fall to pieces. Zai'shira and Avelon approached him. "It is true?" the Anzat asked.

The young Firrerreo glared at the floor and nodded weakly. Zai'shira and Avelon didn't know what to say. Darth Plagueis, however, spoke with a sly smile. "If it makes you feel better, you're the best clone the doctor created, and of course you ruined my plans which is another win for you, but I always have a backup plan, that involves your deaths."

The sound of footsteps echoed in the room. When Avelon turned his head, he spotted the other Deiven, who walked towards them with an angry expression. Even if it weren't for the footsteps, they would sense his emotions. Despite the slightly different horns and his black clothes, he was an exact copy of the young ArchKnight.

"You damn clone!" the apprentice of Darth Plagueis yelled with hatred in his voice. His skin began to turn silver, a clear proof of his anger. He wasn't able to control his Firrerreo trait like the ArchKnight. The red blade emerged from his lightsaber hilt as he dashed towards the ArchKnights. "You will die here with the rest of these pathetic failures!"

The young ArchKnight twitched at the sound of the word clone. He looked at him and narrowed his eyes with anger. He pushed away Zai'shira to the side and lunged forward igniting his indigo lightsaber.

Snarls, growls and powerful cleaves were exchanged. Their tails were uncoiled and at every possible occasion, they attacked at each other with bone-crushing swings. They simply wanted to kill each other, to erase the other from existence.

"You're nothing! A pathetic fake!" exclaimed the apprentice. The ArchKnight didn't reply, he was only focused on fighting. As the two Firrerreos fought with each other, Avelon and Zai'shira wanted to assist their friend, but a chilling laugh drew their attention.

As they turned their heads, a figure in a black cloak and with two crimson blades lunged at them. "Sidious!" Zai'shira activated her yellow blade and blocked both blades.

Avelon quickly turned around and caught a Force lightning with his red blade, which was hurled towards him by Darth Plagueis. The Anzat smirked and spoke. "Well, since everyone has a partner, let's dance."

With blinding speed, he dashed towards the Muun, leaving the Togruta to deal with the human. Darth Plagueis activated his blade and prepared for the fight with his former apprentice. Both blades locked with each other while the aliens looked into each other's eyes.

"We could rule the galaxy together," stated Plagueis. "But you decided to betray me."

"I never betrayed you because I never really was your apprentice," replied the ArchKnight. "You were a pawn of the Kingdom this whole time and the hardest thing for me was pretending to be weaker than you. We needed you to show the galaxy the grim side of the Jedi Order. You did your part and now you can die."

"I will kill you, Sidious will kill Zai'shira, and my apprentice will kill Deiven," the Muun said with a sinister smile. "He's too angry and unfocused to achieve the same state he did aboard the Separatists ion weapon."

"Maybe he is..." Avelon smirked as his green eyes turned silver "...but not me."

The Anzat activated the aura of balance and pushed the Muun to the other side of the room with a powerful Force-wave. "Surprised?" asked the ArchKnight. "It's over Plagueis."

"Yes, it is a surprise, but let me tell you that I have prepared for such a scenario," Darth Plagueis reached into his pocket, pulled out a small device and pushed a button on it, a beeping sound came from above them. Avelon, Zai'shira and Darth Sidious looked up. The ceiling had more than a few thermal detonators attached to it. "It has been fun my apprentice, but I have things to do," said the Muun. Using the Force travel, the same technique that Deiven knew, he vanished in a violet light in the same moment as the charges exploded.

Mustafar, Klegger Corp Mining Facility.

Darth Plagueis escaped the sub-laboratory on Arkania and teleported himself inside a mining facility on Mustafar. His apprentice was sent here to kill the Separatists leaders and Senators. Darth Plagueis, however, had a vision, he saw that someone survived. He was certain that ArchKnight Avelon didn't die during the explosion thanks to his power. Even if Zai'shira and Deiven were crushed, Avelon would finish off his apprentice and Darth Sidious who probably be injured, which meant Darth Plagueis could start his own plan.

As the Muun walked the rooms filled with corpses and destroyed battle droids, he heard a weak cry. With a smirk, he began to head to its source. Finally, in one of the rooms with two holo-tables, he spotted a young fair-skinned human boy, probably fourteen or fifteen years old with brown hair and pale blue eyes. The boy kneeled over a body of a naked, dead woman and cried with anger. The Sith Lord could feel his hatred and sadness.

"Are you okay?" the Muun asked with faked worriedness.

The boy looked at him and immediately reached for a blaster that lay beside him. "Who are you?!" he demanded and aimed at the Sith with teary eyes.

Darth Plagueis raised his hands in a peaceful gesture. "I'm not enemy your my boy," he reassured and gestured towards the bodies. "I'm a Sith Lord and I came here to talk to the Separatists, what happened here?"

The boy clenched his teeth in anger and lowered the blaster. "The ArchKnight..." he growled. "Deiven Virlo... he killed everyone, he raped... my mother. I saw everything!"

Darth Plagueis forced himself not to smirk. The primal side of his apprentice must have burst out of control. The woman wasn't ugly so he probably decided to release some tension.

"I can't bring back people to life my boy," Darth Plagueis approached the young human. "My condolences. I can give you a chance to kill him."

The boy looked at the Sith with curiosity and hope. "R-Really?"

"Yes," the Sith nodded. "You're the only survivor of this cruel slaughter. What's your name boy?"

"L-Lux Bonteri," he replied.

"Do you want revenge Lux?" Darth Plagueis crouched in front of Lux. "Do you want to revenge your mother's death and punish the one responsibly?"

"Yes," Lux replied forcefully.

"Good," the Sith nodded. "I will grant you the chance to do just that."

Arkania, Underground Research Facility.

Zai'shira opened her blue eyes and saw only darkness. She lay on the cold metal floor and shook her head. Her lightsaber lay right beside her so she reached for it and ignited it in order to see. Some green lights were still flickering at the far end of the room but that wasn't enough. Thanks to the yellow light of her weapon though, she was able to see what happened. The charges exploded which resulted in the whole ceiling collapsing, but luckily for them, Avelon in his state, caught it with the use of the Force.

"Zai, Deiven are you okay?!" the Anzat called out. The orange-skinned Togruta heard him, sat up and crouched due to the lack of space above her. She tried to spot Darth Sidious, who fought her earlier but with no luck. She only hoped that he'd been crushed under the rubble.

After using the Force to push aside some of the concrete, Zai'shira spotted Avelon who stood with his hands raised and held the parts of the ceiling so it wouldn't completely crush them. His aura created a silver light which glowed brighter than her lightsaber.

The Anzat spotted Zai'shira and noticed cuts and bruises on her body, as well as her face covered in dust. "Are you okay?" he asked.

"A few scratches," Zai'shira replied with a cough. "I can't find Sidious and I don't know where Deiven is."

"Find him and a way out of here so I can drop this rubble," said the ArchKnight. "I can see that the way which we use to get here is collapsed so we need to find another way out."

"Alright," the Togruta began to look around. "Deiven!" she called out but with no response for some time. When she repeated his name for the fifth time, she heard a voice. "Over here!"

Zai'shira began to head towards the source with caution, the other Deiven had the same voice, so she didn't wasn't to be fooled and fall into a trap. The yellow light of her lightsaber illuminated a dreadful scene. A young Firrerreo was impaled on a sharp end of the rubble. A concrete bar was sticking out of his eye. With the brain pierced, the healing factor wasn't working, he was dead. Zai'shira held her breath and approached the body. When she spotted the black clothes, she exhaled with relief.

Not far from him, the Togruta spotted their Deiven, who sat on the floor and watched the other Firrerreo in silence. "Are you okay?" Zai'shira asked.

The ArchKnight didn't answer, instead, he moved towards the dead body and opened its mouth. Zai'shira watched in silence as her friend pulled and ripped out the tongue of his enemy. Deiven looked at the tongue and spotted a small number 10. Zai'shira leaned towards the ArchKnight and also spotted the number. They were both clones, which further confused the young Firrerreo.

Darth Plagueis lied to his apprentice telling him that he was the original, but where and who was the original then. Deiven dropped the tongue and shook his head. He didn't even know if he was stronger than the other clone since the detonation charges were responsible for his death. He didn't want it to end this way.

"Deiven, I know you're confused but we need to move," Zai'shira said and looked around. On the wall, she spotted a blue light beaming through an outline resembling a frame of a door. The Togruta grabbed Deiven by the arm and pulled him towards it. "Avelon, here!" she called out.

When she and Deiven approached the wall and the secret door, the Togruta began to search for some kind of switch to open it. Finally, when she touched and pushed a square plate, the door opened with a hiss and just in time. Avelon slowly approached them with his hands in the air.

Zai'shira pulled them both inside the room with the rubble crushing the room behind them. Avelon's aura vanished and he took a breather. "That was close," he stated. "Everyone okay?"

"Yes," Zai'shira replied while Deiven walked towards something. "The other Deiven was also a clone. Number 10. He's dead now."

"Did he know about that?" asked the Anzat.

"I don't think so," the Togruta replied. "Plagueis probably lied to him, but who knows."

"Well since the mission is complete, let's just find a way out of this lab and return home," Avelon said. Just like in the rest of the sub-lab, the room was filled with holographic screens and terminals with a large tank in the middle. Deiven stood in front of it and silently watched.

"Is everything alright?" Avelon asked as he approached the young Firrerreo and noticed what he was looking at. "Oh, shit."

The tank had two people inside, a female Firrerreo who held a small boy in her hands. Both had gold skin and ginger-white hair. "I think I found the originals," the young Firrerreo stated blandly. Avelon looked at the tank's console. "The tank is working, but... they're dead," he said with a sigh. "I'm sorry."

Zai'shira approached Deiven and gently grabbed his shoulders. "Everything will be alright Deiven," she reassured. "This doesn't change anything. You're not worse off in any way. If anything, you're one of a kind."

Deiven wasn't convinced. He was simply too shocked and devastated because of all of this. He hung his head in sorrow. The young Firrerreo hoped to speak with his mother, no matter if she was cloned or not. He wanted to meet his biological parent, but it turned out much more differently.

"I see some data here," Avelon stated. "I'll erase it so that we won't have to deal with this in the future."

When the Anzat finished, he noticed a door and decided to check where they lead. Upon opening it, he noticed a staircase, which led up. "Let's try the stairs," he proposed. "They lead up so hopefully, we can reach the upper levels and leave this facility."

"Come on, let's go home," Zai'shira said to Deiven and gently pulled him with her.

One and a half hour later - Zulio – Third Moon of Shili, Temple of Balance, Courtyard.

The ArchKnights managed to leave the facility and returned to their ship. Their whole trip back was spent in silence. The mission was a success, but the outcome was shocking for the young Firrerreo. They docked in the hangar of the Untouchable and used the teleportation device to travel to the Temple on Zulio.

Ahsoka, Anakin, and ArchKnight Qui-Gon waited for them just in front of the Temple. They knew that the mission was over and all three survived, but they didn't know everything.

When the ArchKnights appeared in a yellow light, Ahsoka smiled and dashed towards them, but she slowed down half-way. Deiven was really sad and angry, and Ahsoka felt this. The young Firrerreo passed by Ahsoka without a word and entered the Temple.

"What happened?" asked ArchKnight Qui-Gon as he approached Avelon and Zai'shira with Anakin.

"Bad things," replied Zai'shira.

After the whole explanation, Ahsoka, Anakin and Qui-Gon Jinn were shocked, to say the least. "Poor Deiven," Ahsoka said with genuine compassion.

"Damn," Anakin scratched the back of his head. "I didn't see that coming."

"No one did, it is a surprise for all of us and a very hard discovery for Deiven," pointed out Qui-Gon. "I can't imagine what he must be going through right now."

Ahsoka turned around on her heel and dashed inside the Temple. Zai'shira didn't even think about stopping her. If anyone could talk to Deiven and achieve something, it was her.

The young Togruta caught Deiven as he was on his way to his room. "Deiven, wait!" she called out.

The ArchKnight heard her voice and turned around. Just as he wanted to tell her to leave him be for a while, she ran up to him and hugged him. It surprised him, and he reluctantly hugged her back.

"I heard what happened on Arkania," she said.

"Then you know that I'm... a clone!" Deiven tried to pull himself away but Ahsoka held him tightly.

"So what?!" Ahsoka finally pulled herself away and looked him in the eyes. "It wasn't the original Deiven who played with me when I was a little girl, who helped me return to my family, who trained me to protect myself and the people I care about, it was you."

"You don't understand Ahsoka," Deiven shook his head. "Why didn't the Force tell me that?!"

"Does it matter?" Ahsoka shrugged. "You are the Chosen One, the Force choose you to bring balance to the galaxy. Not the other clone, not the original Firrerreo, but you, and besides, your horns."

"What about them?" Deiven asked confused.

"They're different now because I think the Force wanted you to be special, one of a kind despite being a clone, now even if another clone does appear, he won't look like you," Ahsoka replied.

"How do you know that?!" Deiven asked. "How can you be sure that I'm the ArchKnight Deiven and not another clone?!"

At that moment, Ahsoka cupped Deiven's cheeks and kissed him on the lips. Nothing to crazy just an innocent kiss but it had its effect. The amber eyes stared into the crystal-blue ones in clear surprise. His tail tighened itself around his leg and his wole body tensed up. Even Ahsoka was shocked by what she has done. It was an impulse. Her heart began to beat like crazy and her cheeks darkened. "I just know," Ahsoka replied silently and waited for Deiven's response.

The young Firrerreo was silent for a few seconds which to Ahsoka was like an eternity, but he finally smiled slighlty and spoke. "Thank you, I feel... better."

Ahsoka smiled shyly and grabbed his hand. Not wanting to just stand there awkwardly, she pulled him. "Come on, the others are worried about you too, we must let them know you're okay," she said with a smile.

When the two returned to the courtyard, the three ArchKnights and Anakin still spoke with each other about the recent events. Zai'shira gestured towards them. "How are you feeling?" she asked as Deiven and Ahsoka approached them.

"We're here for you," Avelon added. "You know we treat you like family and family sticks together. It doesn't matter of you're original or a clone."

"I know," Deiven assured. "Thank you."

"We had a talk about Darth Plagueis," informed Qui-Gon. " ArchKnight Avelon told us he escaped and may try something once again."

Deiven took a deep breath. "For now, let's focus on Dread Masters and the younglings," he suggested. "We already sent a ship to Tython like I agreed with Master Yoda. If the Dread Masters do attack, we'll be ready for them."

"But right now, we need to rest and take a bath," Zai'shira pointed out.

"You're right," Deiven agreed.

When the young Firrerreo walked away with Anakin, Avelon, and Qui-Gon, Zai'shira approached Ahsoka. "How did you manage to uplift his spirits so fast?" she asked.

"You know me...I like to... improvise," Ahsoka replied with a slight blush. Zai'shira only chuckled in response and together with her daughter, they joined the rest of the group.

Tatooine, Jabba's Palace, Throne Room.

Often simply called Hutt Castle, Jabba's Palace was a large sandrock and durasteel complex located at the fringes of the Northern Dune Sea on the planet of Tatooine. Originally erected as a monastery of the B'omarr Order, the buildings eventually fell into the hands of two major crimelords: first, an outcast and gang leader called Alkhara and later, Jabba the Hutt.

While the structure underwent many additions in the way of fortification and technological advances, the basic structure of the complex remained the same throughout its existence. Composed of a central rotunda and a taller spire adjacent to it, the ridge-side retreat also boasted an underground hangar and maintenance bay. Deep in the monastery's subterranean chambers, Jabba the Hutt made a throne room which he sat on top of a pit that housed a pet rancor.

Accessed by a winding stone stair, the throne room's air was constantly filled with spiced t'bac smoke and the sounds of jizz per Jabba's delight in theatrics. Reposing on a large dais backed by a rotisserie cooker, Jabba could oversee the gathered masses he permitted to enjoy his company. Behind Jabba, his majordomo had their own private turbolift which allowed them to greet guests at the front gate, allowing for the crime boss' second in command to either welcome, turn away, or kill them. The likes of bounty hunters, assassins, smugglers and more filled out the often-crowded alcoves of the chamber, many of whom plotted to one day overthrow the Hutt or kill him.

At the center of the room, the polished stone floor gave way to a viewing grille which looked down upon a large pit where Jabba's beasts would fight, entertaining the Hutt and his depraved guests. Amongst the beasts was Jabba's prized rancor. A trap door in the floor in front of Jabba's dais could be opened by a trigger mechanism in the Hutt's hookah pipe, dropping threatening or otherwise bothersome guests into the pit to be devoured.

The largest alcove in the room, hosting the stairs to the Dancers' Pit, band lounge, and the massive private elevator that ferried Jabba up to his private chambers, was also home to a wall of trophies collected by the Hutt. Amongst these items were the taxidermied heads of a jerba and tauntaun.

The levels below the throne room were prison cells for Jabba's enemies, torture chambers whose occupants often suffered a slow, public death. The boiler room that sat opposite the prison facility was overseen by the droid EV-9D9, a sadistic droid who oversaw that assessment of all droids that would see service in Jabba's court.

At this moment only Jabba the Hutt and his protocol droid, who served as an interpreter, were physically present in the room. Jabba talked to the holographic images of the four other Hutt crime lords and a Zygerrian female in royal attire. Her name was Miraj Scintel and she was the Queen of the Zygerrian Empire.

"So do we have a deal Jabba?" asked the Queen. "Without the Jedi Order, the galaxy is ours for the taking. If my Empire and the Hutt cartel would join forces nothing would stop us."

Since Jabba the Hutt broke his alliance with Separatists and didn't help the Republic afterward, he remained neutral in this war. Because of that, the Queen decided to propose an alliance between their organizations. Jabba replied in Huttese and the droid immediately translated the words. "The mighty Jabba asks what about the Dread Masters and the Kingdom of the Force?"

The Queen chuckled with a proud smile. "The Kingdom is only interested in their 'balance'," she pointed out. "If we don't interfere with their business or attack the planets that are allied with them, there is no need to worry. Maybe even we can arrange some trades or business with them later. The Dread Masters are focused currently on the Kingdom, and while they will fight each other we will grow in strength. By the time they deal with each other, we will be too strong to be stopped."

Jabba hummed and chuckled. He looked at the other crime lords, who nodded. Jabba spoke once again and droid translated. "The Hutt cartel agrees to join forces with the Zygerrian Empire, Queen Scintel."

"Marvelous," the Queen replied with a wicked smile. "This is the beginning of a great alliance."

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