I had this unfinished here for a while now but episode 12x23 gave me the inspiration to finally complete it.

Basically a very fluffy Omelia story telling about their domestic married life years into their marriage.

Here goes, I hope you all like it:


Amelia was exhausted.

She was supposed to have left the hospital at 4 pm, but it was nearly 9 already and she had just finished a surgery that took much longer than expected.

Her back muscles were sore and her feet were hurt from standing up for more than eight straight hours. She was starving and in urgent need of rest, but all she could think about was going home to her boys.

After a quick but revigorating shower at the attending's lounge bathroom, she grabbed her purse from her locker and got in the car. The drive home was a fast one, given there was barely any traffic at that hour.

She had asked her scrub nurse to text her husband from her phone few hours before, to let him know she would be late. But even so, Amelia didn't expect to be at the hospital for so long.

After parking the car in the garage of their two-story suburban house, she tiptoed on her feet in the dark, trying not to make any noise as she went upstairs. Only a dim light was on, in the master bedroom by the end of the hall. She figured Owen must have been reading or watching TV with the lights off.

Slowly, she reached the door and heard a little boy's voice ask in an almost begging tone:

"Dad, will you tell us a story? Please…?"

It was Lucas, their oldest son.

"Sorry, bud, it's way past your bedtime. You should all go to your rooms and I will tuck you in"

"But mommy isnt he-ue" A toddler's voice echoed in protest.

Amelia smiled broadly in the dark. It had been either Robbie or Danny who had spoken, not even she could tell them apart only by the voice.

"Please, dad" Lucas begged. "Tell us a story while we wait for mom. She won't be long" the boy added, not really sure how much longer she would be.

Another three voices joined in the chorus and Owen was defeated. Through the small gap of the doorway, Amelia peeked inside and saw Owen putting their four boys down on the king size bed.

Amelia watched with pride her happy little family. Up to that day, she still couldn't believe how her life had turned out to be. Raising four kids was harder than anything else she had ever done, but never had felt more fulfilled. She was grateful everyday for her family and for the four happy, healthy little faces that always greeted her home with smiles and kisses.

Not long after she and Owen had gotten married, she found herself pregnant with Lucas and shortly after their eldest was born, she found out she was carrying Thomas. She remembered how she and Owen had happily decided to "close the factory" as she had referred to it back then. Two boys with only 14 months apart were a handful of work already. But within a few weeks of throwing up every day after a getaway trip to Hawaii, she found out that the stomach bug she thought to have caught was actually a new, unplanned pregnancy. To add to her surprise, she almost passed out when she found out they were having twins.

Much to Owen's dismay, none of them were a girl, so now there they were, with four kids in less than five years. It was insane, messy and harder than Amelia ever thought it could ever be, but the joy those children brought to her and Owen couldn't be described.

"Dad, I want a superhero story" Thomas's voice could be heard out loud.

In the dimly lit room, Amelia could spot Owen giving each of the twins the green stuffed dinosaurs they never slept without.

Even though they shared a King Size bed, the mattress felt small for Owen and the four boys. All of them were tall and strong built for their age, taking after Owen. When they were running around, jumping, playing with cars and throwing footballs in the backyard, Amelia always felt like she was a little fly in a house of giants.

"Ok, this is a story of a super hero" Owen started, pulling the covers to accomodate Danny on the further left "Once upon a time there was a superhero that could save all kinds of people"

"Yaaaas!" One of the boys replied in excitment.

"Our superhero had a super vision. Super steady hands that could make it all better and most importantly, a super healing touch that could cure all boo-boo's"

"Reaaally?" One of them exclaimed as the others shared their disbelief.

"Yes" Owen confirmed "whenever someone was feeling not quite like themselves, or were having some trouble inside their heads, this superhero could go and make it all better. She could…"

"She?" Lucas interrupted, sounding puzzled "I didnt know girls could be superheroes too, dad"

"Well they sure can, buddy"

"But Batman is a man. Superman is a man, too"

"But mom is a girl" Owen explained, smiling tenderly.

"Mom is not a superhero" Thomas giggled at his dad sillyness.

"Is too" Owen replied "What does mom do for her job?"

"She fixes people" Lucas started, not quite sure where that was going.

Amelia listened to them from the corridor, her heart bursting with love for the amazing man who had given her those amazing children and who now was a wonderful father to them.

"She sure does" Owen explained "No one at the hospital can do what mom does. She has super fast and magic hands and she can see inside people's heads!"

All four boys opened their mouths in disbelief.

"And also, when of you gets a knee scrape playing ball outside, who has a magical kiss that makes it all better?"

"Mommy does" Robbie replied, proud of himself for answering.

The mention of Amelia made the boys remember she wasn't there for their bedtime. It took a toll especially on the twins, who at 21 months of age still needed her presence very much.

"I want my mommy…!" Danny started to cry and that was it for Amelia. She entered the room, startling all five of them and quickly got in bed hugging Danny tightly.

"I am here, baby" she kissed the toddler on the head. After putting him down on her lap, Amelia proceeded to kiss each one of her children and finally offered her face to Owen, receiving a kiss on the tip of her nose and another on the corner of her lips.

"Mom, can you really see inside people's heads?" Thomas asked, looking appalled.

Amelia knew Owen had romanticized her profession but she played along and looked at her second born:

"I sure can, Tommy. But that is a secret. We all have super powers in this family, but we have to keep it to ourselves, ok?" She looked at each of the four boys, meeting Owen's gaze at last, receiving an approving look from her husband.

For the next twenty minutes, Amelia laughed and received an attack of kisses from the boys, who made her join them in her own bed. Owen watched as she then calmed them down, soothing them with kisses and gentle caresses on their heads.

He knew the amazing comforting effect that Amelia's kisses and whispers had so he was not surprised when the boys quickly fell asleep. They were always energetic and explosive, but once they fell asleep, they usually didn't wake up till the following day.

"Is it my turn now?" He asked in a low, husky voice, searching for her eyes in the darkness of the room.

"It is no one's turn but yours. Always" Amelia laughed when Owen tried to give her one of the stuffed animals that belonged to the boys.

"Everything that matters in the world is in this bed right now" She confessed, and Owen stretched out his hand for Amelia to hold. They stayed lying down and watching their children for a while, one on each far end of the bed, until they decided it was time to put them the boys in their own beds.

It already took Amelia a lot of energy and effort to hold the weight of one of the twins, so big that they were, but she wasn't surprised when she saw Owen holding up the two oldest and heaviest boys, one in each arm. He made it look so easy, with his tall frame, broad shoulders and muscular arms.

While she put Robbie in his crib in the room next door, Owen went back for Danny and did the same with the twin on the opposite side of the room.

"Are Tom and Luke sound asleep there?" Amelia pointed with her head to the room on the other side of the hall.

"Yes they are" Owen pulled the blankets to cover Danny "and so is Dan now".

He turned around and saw Amelia kissing Robbie goodnight. The blond little boy hugged his stuff dinosaur while sucking on a glow-in-the-dark pacifier that read "future quarterback", which made Amelia smile.

"They are growing so fast" Amelia let a sigh when they gently pulled the door on the twins' room but not fully closed it "what have we been feeding them? Baker's yeast?"

Owen laughed and wrapped one arm around Amelia's back while they made their way together to their bedroom "They have the Hunt genes" he declared, looking very pleased with himself.

"They look like vikings who've decided to play rugby. I still can't believe I gave birth to all four of them. I'm afraid we won't have enough money to feed them when they are all teenagers" Amelia teased and turned on the nanny cam on her nightstand.

Owen got under the covers of their already messy bed and watched as Amelia undressed inside their bedroom closet.

She unbuttoned her jeans and got rid of it, together with her shirt and bra. Wearing only panties, she delighted him with a vision of the dimples on the bottom of her back while she searched for pajamas on the top shelf.

"Don't" Owen said invitingly as Amelia pulled one of his pajama shirts to wear "Don't put on any clothes, babe. I fully intend to get you off them the minute you step back here"

Amelia smiled ear to ear. Even though she knew she would cave to Owen's plea, she put on the shirt anyway. She wasn't about to make things too easy for him when she planned to feel his hand on her skin when he did undress her.

"You stubborn little…" Owen pulled her to him, making her drop on the top of his body in bed.

He proceeded to involve her in a hungry kiss, that stole from her all the air she needed to breathe.

Amelia was flushed and breathless when he let go of her lips.

"I wanna make love to you" He confessed, kissing her neck and cupping one her bare buttocks with his hand.

Amelia wasted no time in replies and let Owen undress her just like they had planned. With four kids, two very demanding jobs and the other responsibilities of their adult lives, they found themselves with very little time to be alone as a couple.

They had been together for quite a few years now, and intimacy was more present than ever. Amelia had never been so close to anyone. From one look, she could tell what Owen was thinking or feeling. And he could do the same.

As a result, over the years sex had become an even more pleasant activity for both of them. They felt more connected, and trusted each other to the point of being completely vulnerable with no hesitation.

"Oh my God, Owen" Amelia sighed when she felt his tongue touching her in the exact places he knew she enjoyed "you are…"

But the rest of her sentence got lost amidst the explosion of pleasure that made her body shiver with spams when she reached an orgasm.

Minutes later, they were in the kitchen, and Owen was fixing her dinner while Amelia distractedly ran her fingers through the mail, sorting the bills from the cards and folders they usually received.

"A special cheese and ham omelette, like only your favorite husband can make for you" Owen teased, handing her the dish and a fork.

"First the love, then the food. You do know how to me happy." Amelia thanked him with a blown kiss in his direction.

Owen put the utensils he had used in the dishwasher and followed Amelia to the living room.

It was almost eleven pm, and he and Amelia liked to watch the late news together so he lay on the sofa, putting one leg behind her and the other on her lap, which she used as a table to balance her plate.

"This was delicious" Amelia complimented him after she was done, putting the empty plate on the coffee table in front of them. She snuggled up next to him on the couch "I had such a long day today. But this, right now, is my favorite part."

"Funny, if I had to guess" Owen rubbed his palm of her back gently "I'd say our time on our bed a while ago would be your favorite."

"Well…" Amelia laughed, feeling torn. "Now I am not sure either."

She moved herself on top of him, between his legs sliding gently on his chest to place her head on the crook of his neck, resting against him.

"It was so sweet what you said to the kids, by the way. About me, I mean."

"You know they already look up to you, anyways."

"I am scared I am not around enough."

"You are a great mom, Amelia. We are good parents." Owen reassured her.

Amelia thanked him with kisses on his jaw and neck and shortly after, fell into a peaceful slumber while Owen finished watching the news.

When he realizes she was asleep, he didn't have the courage to wake her up after the long day she'd had. Moving carefully from beneath her, he turned off the tv and picked Amelia up on his arms, carrying her upstairs in the dark corridor.

When he gently placed her on their bed and started pulling the covers, he heard Amelia's sleepy voice:

"Babe, will you please turn off the lights?"

Owen laughed when he saw the mischief on her face with eyes closed, but he wasn't mad she had let him carry her upstairs even though she wasn't completely asleep. The truth was he enjoyed doing things for her, pampering her and taking care of her like she often did to him.

Amelia was the love of his life, the mother of his children and the first reason he smiled every morning.

Gently making his way to the other side of the bed after attending to her bidding, Owen got beneath the covers and he felt her body snuggling up to his.

"You are unbelievable" He said in a light tone, kissing her back.

"I love you too."

And they both fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.