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"Please, Harry, you must understand that what I am doing is for your own good," Dumbledore sighed, eyes pleading with the young man that he saw as his grandson. He loved Harry and he didn't like what he was about to do anymore than what Harry did, but sadly it had to be done.

Eyes wide and wild looking, Harry jumped up from his chair and backed away from the Headmaster's desk. "I'm not a dark wizard, Professor, I would never hurt anyone." he cried.

Dumbledore smiled sadly at the fifteen, soon to be sixteen year old boy. "I know that's how you feel now, Harry, but you lived almost your entire life with piece of Voldemort's soul inside your soul. You are a good person, Harry, but housing a piece of soul that vile and dark for so long has surely infected your own soul."

"But it hasn't!" Harry cried. "I'm nothing like him," he spat in disgust.

Taking off his half moon spectacles, Albus rubbed at his tired eyes. "Harry, can you still speak to snakes?"

"I...I..." Harry stuttered desperately. "What does that have to do with anything? So what if I can still speak to snakes? That doesn't make me the next Dark Lord."

Albus inclined his head even though he didn't agree with the child. "Did you cast a Crucio on Bellatrix Lestrange at the Ministry, Harry?"

Harry opened and closed his mouth a few times in shock, how did he know about that? "I-I thought that she had killed Sirius. I didn't know that an Unspeakable could retrieve him from the veil. I thought that she killed my only family."

"Harry, you have your muggle family," Dumbledore said gently, knowing that those people were a sore subject for the boy.

"They're not my family! They beat and starved me. Hated me from day one." Harry cried desperately. "They treated me worse than a slave. They may be my blood, but they are not my family. Sirius and Remus are my family. I thought that you were too, but you want to lock away my magic."

Albus stared hard at the boy in front of him. He had suffered so much in his young life, and sadly he was the cause of most of it. He should have checked on the boy after dropping him off at his aunt's, but he had wrongly assumed that she would treat him as a son. It wasn't until a week ago when he went to retrieve the boy that he had learned the shocking truth.

He had showed up on Privet Drive unannounced to give Harry the good news that his godfather had been retrieved from the veil. The man was currently in a coma but was expected to make a full recovery. He had been both shocked and angered when he found his favorite student and honorary grandson broken and bleeding on his bedroom floor; if you could even call that filthy room he was living in a bedroom. The boy didn't even have a proper bed.

It had taken Madam Pomfrey and Severus Snape hours to heal all the boy's wounds, but it was the knowledge that he had suffered abuse since he was a young child that had destroyed him. He would have removed Harry immediately had he known. He never had kids of his own, but he considered every child that stepped foot into his school as one of his own. He couldn't believe that he had missed the obvious signs of abuse in Harry Potter.

Looking over his desk at the Potter heir, he saw a young man that was tired, scared, lost and on the verge of giving up. The war may have ended at the Ministry when Harry destroyed the Dark Lord after he possessed him, but he had lost his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger during the battle and the boy looked as though he would love nothing more than to join them. The teens had fought valiantly, but they had been up against much more powerful and experienced Death Eaters. Ron had jumped in front of the killing curse that had been meant for Hermione, and seconds later Hermione had taken a cutting curse to the neck from Goyle senior.

"Harry," Dumbledore said softly. "I don't want to lock your magic away, but it must be done. Just think, without your magic, you can live a normal life away from all this."

Harry painfully thought back to earlier that day when Mrs. Weasley came storming into the hospital wing in tears. The woman looked absolutely dreadful, as if she hadn't eaten, slept or showered in months. Sobbing loudly, she marched up to him and slapped him hard across the face. She then started yelling at him, blaming him for the death of her youngest son. Professor Snape had quickly stunned the woman, but she had been right, he had killed her son and Hermione. He should be the one rotting six feet under ground, not them.

"A normal and happy life?" Harry choked out. "Where and with who? Sirius is still in a coma and Remus refuses to leave his side. Remus can barely look at me because he blames me for almost getting his mate killed."

"Harry, he does not blame..."

Wrapping his trembling arms around his thin hips, Harry bit down hard on his bottom lip. "He does, Professor. He even growled at me yesterday when Professor Snape took me to the hospital to visit Sirius. When I went to take Sirius' hand, he snarled at me like an animal and his eyes started glowing. He didn't even say hi to me. Remus hates me now. Hell, everyone hates me. Still, that doesn't mean that I want you to take my magic away. I'm not evil."

Dumbledore hated seeing his honorary grandson so broken. He wished he could deny the boy's claim of Remus hating him, but right now the wolf blamed Harry for his mate's condition. He was sure that as soon as Sirius woke that Remus would be his old self again, but that could take months. "Harry, Sirius has a cousin in America who has agreed to take you in until Sirius has recovered. I have personally talked to him myself and he is a good man. He even has a son a year older than you. You will be happy there."

Harry knew that he wouldn't be able to talk the Headmaster out of this. When the man made up his mind there was no changing it. "Please, you can send me away, but don't take away my magic."

Picking his wand up from where it was resting on his desk, Dumbledore slowly stood up, never taking his eyes off the boy in front of him. He looked like a terrified rabbit ready to bolt. There was no where for him to go of course, he had secured all the exists the second he stepped foot in his office. "Harry, this is for your own good. I am giving you a life free of all the expectations of the Wizarding World and the fear of turning evil. By sealing away your magic, I'm also sealing the part of you that Voldemort's soul tainted. You can go to America and start a new life."

Heart racing and chest heaving, Harry stared fearfully at the tip of the Headmaster's wand. "I'm good, I swear that I am!" he cried, backing up until he slammed into the large wooden door that led to his freedom. Even knowing that the door was warded, he grabbed the handle and started to desperately pull on it.

"And I'm going to make sure that you always remain good, my boy," Dumbledore said gravely, raising his wand and pointing it at the scared boy. "Forgive me, my child."

Turning back around, Harry raised his arms to cover his face when he saw a glowing orange light racing towards him. Feeling it hit his chest, he screamed out in pain when he felt something red hot slice into him like a burning sword. The pain was a hundred times worse than the Cruciatus Curse.

Dumbledore quickly rushed around his desk and knelt next to Harry, turning him on his side when he started convulsing. "Don't fight it, child, it will hurt less if you don't. Let the spell gather up your magic and safely lock away. This is for the best, you will see." Hearing banging on his door, he lifted his wand and canceled the spells on it.

When the door suddenly opened, Severus stumbled in, almost tripping over Potter's convulsing body. "What the hell did you do, old man?" he roared, grabbing his wand to cast a diagnostic spell on the boy.

Quick as a striking snake, Dumbledore reached out and grabbed Severus' wand. "Don't, if you use magic on him now it could kill him."

Severus angrily wrenched his wand out of the old man's hand. "What did you do?" he hissed dangerously. He had been resting in his room when he felt the medical wards he placed on Potter go off. They didn't just go off, it felt like someone had forcefully wrenched the bond from his chest that was temporarily formed between them with the spell and left a large gaping and throbbing wound in its place.

Standing back up, because kneeling was too hard on his old bones, Dumbledore pocketed his wand and returned to his desk. He was still worried about Harry, but he was in excellent hands with Severus. "I have permanently sealed his magic. He is fighting the spell, but this is one fight that he will not win."

"What!" Severus roared in horror. "Why the hell did you do that?" Hearing a gurgling sound from the boy, he looked back down to see blood foaming at his mouth. Using the sleeve from his robe, he gently wiped it away and cleared his throat.

Stuffing his hands in his pockets so his potions master couldn't see them trembling, Dumbledore collapsed back in his chair. "Severus, you know that I can see magic in people. I can see a darkness in Harry's that is left over from Voldemort's horcrux. It's only a small piece, but I fear that it will grow and consume him. Harry is very powerful, if he were to go dark, I fear that there would be no stopping him. Sealing his magic was the only thing that I could do. At least this way he will be able to make a life for himself in the muggle world."

"You old fool," Severus growled in disbelief. "What if that darkness never grew? What if it was just a small taint left over from the horcrux? You have crippled Harry, he will never be same without his magic."

"I know," Dumbledore said gravely, "but I have hope that he will get better. Yes he will struggle at first without his magic, but he will adapt."

"Adapt!" Severus spat. "He will be in pain. Just because you sealed his magic doesn't mean that it won't fight to get out. He will spend the rest of his life in pain."

"When one looses a limb they say there are times that they can still feel it, like an itch or a cramp. It will be the same for Harry, but I do not believe that he will be in pain. He will learn how to live with it, Severus."

All Severus could do was stare horrified at the great wizard. He had himself so convinced that what he had done was right, that he was fucking delusional. A wizards magic was more than just a limb, it was their everything. It was in every part of their body, from their toe nails to their hair. Sealing someone's magic was like tearing out their soul and running it through a shredder. There were even reports of witches and wizards who went insane and committed suicide after having their magic sealed.

Sighing heavily, Dumbledore leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. "I know that you don't agree, Severus, but what I have done I have done in his best interests. I love Harry and I couldn't bare to see him turn dark."

Severus wanted to grab the old fool by his beard and shake some sense into him. "What of Potter now? Are you just going to dump him in the middle of muggle London? He can't go back to his horrible relatives. I didn't exhaust myself healing him just for you to send him back to be killed."

Dumbledore held up his hand to stop Severus. He hadn't realized that the man had come to care for Harry so much. And he did care, he could see it in his eyes and in his actions. "Sirius has a cousin in America that has agreed to take Harry until Sirius is capable of doing it himself.

Rolling his eyes, Severus snorted. "That man will never be capable of looking after Potter. He's an immature bully who isn't even capable of looking after himself. Besides that, he could be in a coma for months."

"Billy Black is the only one who can legally take Harry in the muggle. He may be a squib who has never even met Sirius, but he is a Black. Andromeda or even Tonks could legally take him, but Harry is as good as a squib now and it would be cruel making him remain in the Wizarding World."

Seeing red, Severus angrily scooped the now unconscious Potter up. "No, Albus, cruel is forcefully sealing his magic. I take it you have a plan on how to get Potter to this Black squib."

Blue eyes sparkling, Dumbledore picked up a folder and handed it to Severus. "In here is everything you need to get Harry to America, including a bank card. Harry may no longer have access to his magic, but he is still the Potter and Black heir and a very rich young man. He now has full control of all his vaults so maybe a shopping trip can be arranged before your flight leaves in two days? Billy Black said that he will meet the two of you at the airport and I have arranged a return portkey for you."

Severus was visibly shaking with anger. He would say that he couldn't believe the old man's audacity, but he could. Dumbledore was always assuming that everyone would jump and do his bidding. Of course, everyone always did. Without saying more, he briskly walked out of the office, magically slamming the door behind him.


"Dammit, Potter, answer the woman," Severus hissed in irritation. He had been stuck on this cramped plane for over three hours with a moody teenager and he was about to lose his mind. If he could, he would take the portkey back to Hogwarts now and fuck the consequences. He was done playing babysitter to someone who wouldn't even talk him.

After leaving the Headmaster's office two days ago, he had taken Potter back to his room where he watched over him until he finally woke the following afternoon. He had expected the boy to scream, shout and rage about losing his magic, but he never said a word. Potter was now nothing more than an empty husk that just numbly went through the motions. He had seen marionettes with more life to them than Potter. The boy didn't fuss, ague, smile or anything...he was just there. Not one word had come out of his mouth since having his magic sealed.

Biting the inside of his cheek to keep from throttling the boy, Severus looked back to the patiently waiting flight attendant. "He'll be fine with just some water. Thank you very much." Plastering on a fake smile, the flight attendant nodded her head and moved to the row behind him and asked them what they wanted to drink.

Sighing, Harry continued to stare out the small window, head resting on the cool plexiglass. He didn't understand why his professor continued to try to get him to talk. He didn't care what the stupid woman got him to drink...he didn't care about anything anymore. He felt so cold and empty inside...he felt alone. There was a constant, painful chill aching throughout his body that refused to go away no matter what he tried. He imagined that this was what it felt like to have your soul sucked out by a dementor. Why the hell would he care if he had water or soda to drink when he felt dead inside?


Closing his eyes, Severus counted to ten in an attempt to calm his anger. When that didn't help, he counted to ten five more times. He really wasn't angry at the boy, none of what happened was his fault. He was angry at Albus for being a stubborn, bullheaded old fool. There was no way Potter would have gone dark, even he could see that and he hated the boy. If anything, having his magic sealed against his will was enough to cause him to go dark...if there was a way to unlock his magic, which as far as he knew there wasn't.

"Potter, I know this situation isn't fair, I wouldn't have wished what happened to you on my worst enemy, but there is nothing that can be done about it and moping around isn't going to help. Billy Black has offered to take you in even though he doesn't know you, the least you can do is be civil to him and his son. As far as Albus knows the man knows nothing of magic so I advise that you keep it that way. You know longer have magic yourself and if you go spouting tales of magical castles and flying brooms, they'll have you committed to the loony bin. You always said you wanted to be a normal boy, well this is your chance. Forgot about the last five years and start fresh. Go to muggle school, get good grades, meet a little muggle girl, get married and pop out a herd of bespectacled little messy haired children that will be as insufferable as you."

Harry continued to stare out the window watching the world fly by. It was easy for Snape to say those things, he wasn't the one who was dead inside. He couldn't even muster up enough emotion to be mad at the bastard. If he was the one in his place he sure as hell wouldn't be happy about it. He had nothing against a muggle life, but not at the expense of his magic, and it should have been his decision.

"When we land," Severus continued, "we will be met at the airport by Billy Black. I will hand him over some paperwork and your cheery self and then I will be portkeying back to Hogwarts. I just want you to know that I don't agree with what Professor Dumbledore did to you. You may be insufferable, but you are a good person. You have too much of your mother in you to ever go dark. What happened at the Ministry wasn't your fault. Grown and more experienced wizards have been tricked by the Dark Lord...myself included. You are not responsible for the death of your friends. They willingly went with you and they knew the risk. Someday Molly Weasley will see that, but right now she is hurting and she needs someone to lash out at. You didn't kill them, Harry, the Dark Lord and his minions did. They loved you and they would want you to live a long and happy life. Honor them by doing just that."

Severus sighed heavily when the brat just kept on ignoring him and staring out the damn window. He wanted to grab him and shake some life back into him, but Harry had to do this on his own. After they landed he would know longer be there to pull his scrawny ass out of whatever dangerous situations he found himself in. The boy would be sixteen in a month and he now had to forge a life of his own out in the muggle world. Albus had told him that Sirius would come for him when he woke, but there was no guarantee that the man would be mentally all there after taking a trip through the veil...not that he bad been all there before that. There was also the fact that Remus' wolf blamed Harry for his mate's condition and wanted to rip his throat out. There was a good chance that Harry would never see his godfather again. After everything that the boy had done for the Wizarding World he deserved more, but unfortunately this was the thanks he was given; his magic sealed and him shipped off to some foreign country to live with strangers.


Billy couldn't believe that he was here at the airport waiting to take on some kid whose name he couldn't even remember. A week ago some oddly dressed stranger with a long, white beard literally popped up out of nowhere claiming to be a friend of a cousin that he didn't know he had and pleaded with him to take in his godson until he woke from a coma. He knew that he had family over in England somewhere, but he, nor his parents or grandparents, had ever heard from them. He just knew that the Blacks originated from over there.

He didn't know what he was going to do with this boy he knew nothing about, but he couldn't turn him away. The old man stated that if he couldn't take him in for a few months then he would have been sent to an orphanage. He may not know the Blacks in England, but they were still family. He would like to think that if something happened to him that someone from over there would take his son in. Not that he needed looking after now, Jacob was seventeen and perfectly capable of taking care of himself.

Taking in a stranger was going to complicate things a bit for them. It wouldn't be easy hiding a pack of large, very rambunctious werewolves from him. The boy was sure to start asking questions when he noticed the weirdness that surrounded the Reservation. He also had to find a way to keep the boy safe from the neighboring leeches. For the most part the leeches didn't pick fights with the pack, but the boy was going to smell like them and he didn't want the bloodsuckers mistaking him for one of the pack and hurting him.

The old man who claimed to be the Headmaster at the boy's old school said that the boy was a good kid and could look after himself. He just needed a home and someone to guide him until his godfather could collect him. It didn't sound that hard, and he couldn't turn family away, even if he didn't know them. Jake and the rest of the pack had offered to look after the kid and he was going to enroll him in Forks high come September. It was going to be awkward at first, but he would settle in easily enough.

Hearing a commotion, Billy focused on the large group of people that were existing the terminal. This was the flight that his new charge was supposed to be on. Picking up the sign that he had sitting next to his wheelchair that had his name on it since he didn't know the kid's name, he held it up high and hoped that they found him. He only had to wait a couple minutes before a very stern looking man with a rather large hooked nose dressed all in black with his long black hair pulled back at the nape of his neck approached him.

"Mr. Black, my name is Severus Snape," Severus said, holding his hand out for the man in the wheelchair to shake. He was a bit taken aback because he had been expecting someone that looked like Sirius Black. While this man had some of the classic Black features, his Native American heritage was very prominent in him. "I'm a professor at Harry's school."

Smiling, Billy took the man's hand and shook it. "Thank you for seeing Harry safely here. I hope your flight was pleasant." He was glad that the man had said the boy's name, now he wouldn't look like an idiot not knowing it.

"It was dreadfully boring and now I get the pleasure to turn right around and do it all again."

Billy looked around the man but didn't see the teen. "Is Harry in the bathroom? I don't see him."

Taking a deep calming breath, Severus reached behind him and pulled Potter forward. "Potter, this is Billy Black, your new guardian."

Billy's eyes widened briefly is shock. He knew that his son and the other boys on the Reservation were freakishly large, but this kid even made the girls on the Reservation look big. He had a hard time believing that this boy would be turning sixteen the end of next month. Jacob, who was pushing seven feet tall, was going to look like a giant next to this boy's barely five foot four frame. Not only was he extremely short for a sixteen year old boy, but he looked like he wouldn't even weigh a hundred and thirty pounds soaking wet.

Clearing his throat, Billy held his hand out to the boy. "It's nice to meet you, Harry, you can call me Billy. Nothing formal around here."

As if on auto pilot, Harry lifted his head and weakly shook the man's hand. He didn't say anything, having no desire to talk, but he did give him a half of a fake smile which he was sure probably looked more like a grimace. The man looked nice enough, he had kind eyes anyway, but he knew from past experiences that looks could be deceiving. He didn't care though, there was nothing that this man could do to him that hadn't already been done. What was there that he could do that would hurt worse than losing his friends and having his magic sealed?

Billy got another shock when the boy lifted his head and looked at him from under his curtain of long, raven hair that came to just below his shoulder blades. It wasn't the beautiful emerald eyes that the boy had, a color unlike any he had ever seen before, that shocked him, but it was the hauntingly dead look in those eyes that shocked him. There was no life whatsoever to be seen in those eyes.

"Potter, take a seat," Severus ordered, shoving the brat towards one of the hard, plastic, yellow chairs that were scattered throughout the place and pushing him down. "I need to have a private word with your guardian. Don't move!" Raising a single eyebrow at the man, he motioned for him to follow him.

Curious, Billy wheeled his wheelchair over to the far corner of the room where the man was patiently waiting for him with his black eyes glued on the boy. "Is he alright?" he asked in concern.

"Far from it," Severus sighed, still keeping an eye on Potter. He didn't think the boy would run, but he wasn't taking any chances. "I don't know what Professor Dumbledore told you about Potter, but the boy has had a very hard life. After his parents were killed when he was sixteen months old, he was sent to live with his abusive aunt and uncle. They beat, starved and treated him like a slave, drilling it into his head everyday that he was unwanted and unlovable. Unfortunately we didn't find out about the abuse until a week ago. He is also suffering from PTSD, the details of that are in this folder," he said handing over the folder that Albus had given him. There was no mention of magic in file, but it did go into detail as best as possible explaining all the horrors that Harry had suffered during his Hogwarts years.

"Wow!" Billy said softly, taking the thick file and quickly flipping through it. What the hell had he gotten himself into? "Does he have any behavioral problems? The other man that came said that he was a very good and a well behaved child."

Severus snorted, smirking at the man. "Potter is good, insufferably so, but he does have a knack for finding or attracting trouble. Just a few weeks ago he saw his two best friends die, murdered right in front of him. As you can imagine he's not in a good place right now, he hasn't even spoken a word in days. I'm sorry to dump this all on you like this, but there was no one else to take him in. He needs a home right now, I'm afraid if he was left in an orphanage that he would commit suicide."

Billy exhaled loudly. "The other man didn't mention any of this to me."

"Doesn't surprise me," Severus growled angrily. "Albus likes to withhold vital information and talk in riddles. If you think taking Potter on is too much, I will understand. It's not your fault that you didn't have all the details. Taking on a teen like him is a big responsibility." He wasn't trying to scare the man off, but he needed to know what he was getting himself into. He didn't want to return to Hogwarts worried that the man would just dump Harry off somewhere if he couldn't handle him.

Billy looked back to the small boy who was sitting in the chair where the man had left him with his head down, long hair covering his face and his hands in his lap. He didn't miss how the boy's hands were trembling or how his leg was bouncing nervously. This boy needed help, not an orphanage. He was a far cry from being qualified to help a kid as damaged as Harry, but he could offer him a home...possibly even a family. He could see the boys in the pack taking to the small boy, they tended to be protective of those weaker and in need of help. There was no way he could live with the guilt if he turned his back on the boy. "I'll take him and look after him."

Severus didn't realize how tense he had been until after the man had said he would take Potter in and he felt himself relax. He didn't know what he would have done if the man would have refused. He didn't like the boy, but there was no way in hell he would let him go to an orphanage. He would quit Hogwarts and raise him himself in the muggle world if he had to. "Thank you. I don't know if Potter could have taken another rejection. He was very close to his best friend's family, his parents saw him as another son, but the other day the mother went off on Potter, hitting him and blaming him for her son's death. Hopefully he can start a new life here, away from his horrible past."

Billy noticed a small envelope stuffed in the file that the man had given him. "What's this?"

"That is a credit card linked to an account that has been set up for you to use to put towards Potter's expenses. I do believe that there is fifty thousand American dollars currently in it. Potter also has his own card if he wants to buy frivolous things. He may be an orphan, but he is a very rich boy. His parents left him a large inheritance and he's Sirius Black's only heir. Let's just say that Potter has more money than what he could spend in one lifetime."

Billy gave an impressive whistle. "That's generous of you, but I can't take the boy's money. We don't have a lot of money, but we manage."

"Take it," Severus said. "That was the money that should have been spent on the boy since he was little. His aunt and uncle had been getting a monthly allowance for him, but they never spent any on him. They were pretty furious when they were made to repay it. Use it for food or whatever else you think he needs."

Billy didn't feel comfortable taking the money, but he would take it and save it for the boy. He wasn't rich, but he could afford to feed both his son and Harry. Harry didn't look like he ate that much anyway. Hopefully hanging around Jake and the other boys would change that. That boy was skinnier than an anorexic super model. "What if I have an emergency, is there a way I can contact you or someone else?"

"I'm afraid that there are no phones at the school I work at, but there is an address where you can send a letter to in the folder." He also had a monitoring devise on Harry that would let him know if the boy was seriously sick or dying, but Severus didn't tell him that.

"Alright then," Billy said a little nervously. "If I need anything I'll send you a letter. Thank you for filling me in on everything."

Severus inclined his head. "It was the right thing to do. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll go and say goodbye to Potter. I believe that my flight is leaving shortly." He may be upset with Albus, but he was thanking him for making him a portkey. There was no way he would survive a return flight.


Harry peeked through his hair at Snape and the man in the wheelchair. They had been over in the corner for over twenty minutes talking about him. He knew that they had to be talking about him, who the hell else would they be talking about? As soon as that man found out how fucked up he was he was sure to run screaming. Sirius' cousin wouldn't want him, no one wanted him. Clenching his trembling hands tightly together, he dropped his chin to his chest and waited. It's not like he cared if no one wanted him anyway.

"Potter, stand up," Severus said sternly. He had called the boy's name three times but he acted as if he never heard him.

Jumping as if struck, Harry quickly lunged to his feet. He had been so deep in thought that he never heard Snape return.

Severus waited until the boy lifted his head and looked at him. "It's time for me to leave. For once in your life, keep your head down and do as Mr. Black says. Stay out of trouble, go to school, get good grades and start a new life. I know life seems overwhelming right now, but it will get better if you try to make it better."

Harry couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was this man actually going to take him in? What the hell was wrong with him? He thought for sure that Snape would have been dropping him off at the orphanage next.

Sighing, Severus placed his hands on Potter's shoulders, ignoring his flinching. "Look, Potter, I know that we have never liked each other, but if you need anything let me know. I know you left your owl with Hagrid, but Mr. Black has an address that you can send a letter to. Just put my name at the top and it will find its way to me. Do you understands?"

Harry took a couple of deep breaths, all of a sudden starting to feel panicky. This was it. Snape was leaving him and he would never see the magical world again. He would be completely alone. He had an almost uncontrollable urge to grab onto his professor and never let go. Snape may hate him, but he always looked out for him. He always protected him.

Severus felt a little choked up when Potter started crying. What the hell was wrong with him? "Harry, nod your head so I know that you understand."

Biting his lip, Harry jerkily nodded his head. He couldn't believe that he didn't want Snape to leave him.

"Mr. Black seems like a good man, Harry, but if he hurts you, you better damn well send me a letter."

Unable to stop himself, Harry threw himself at Snape and wrapped his arms around his waist, sobbing. He didn't want to be left alone.

Clearing his throat, Severus awkwardly patted the boy on the back. "You'll be fine, child," he said softly. He hated seeing the boy cry, but it was a good sign, he was finally showing some kind of emotion. The boy had been like a walking corpse the past few days.

Nodding his head, Harry stepped away from Snape and rubbed at his wet eyes. He couldn't believe that he just blubbered all over his dreaded potions professor. Ron would be red in the face if saw that.

Billy noticed that the boy only had one large duffle bag with him. "Harry, place your bag on the back of the chair. No reason lugging that around when you don't have to."

Harry did as the man said then quickly spun back around to Snape. He let out a loud whine when he found that the man was gone. Feeling like he couldn't breath, he sunk to his knees and hung his head and cried.

"Where the hell did he go?" Billy gasped, looking around the room. "Hey, you ok?" He asked when the boy collapsed.

Harry took a deep breath and held it for as long as he could. Nodding his head, he got to his feet and waited. Professor Snape was gone, that part of his life was now officially over. It didn't matter though, nothing mattered anymore.

Billy could tell that the boy was anything but ok, but there was nothing he could do about it now. "Did you need anything before we go home? Food, something to drink maybe?"

Harry glanced around one last time in hopes of spotting Snape, but the man was gone. He was probably already back at Hogwarts thrilled to be rid of him once and for all. Shaking his head no, he followed the man in the wheelchair out of the airport.