A/N: Okay, guys, so I have elected to live in perpetual denial about Robin's death and just live in the fandom version of OQ from here on out. I've got a lot of feelings about how this is being handled on the show, but I won't rant about it here. I know this sucks. Feel free to PM me or message me on tumblr to rant. You can find me on tumblr at wearingheels-kickingass. The OQ fandom is going to get through this together. We've still got talented writers and artists who want to be in this fandom, myself included, and I think that in our minds Regina and Robin's story is far from over. There are people who still want to tell it. Now without further adieu, have some post 4x01 angst. This is actually something I wrote as a prologue to something I intended to be much, much longer, but I won't even be thinking about it until I finish my other stuff.

. . .

Just keep walking, she tells herself as she walks away from Granny's. Just get home.

Regina fleetingly wonders if she should just return herself home with a flick of her wrist, but she can feel her magic humming, boiling under her skin, and she's not sure if waving her hand would take her back to the mansion or level the whole block. So she walks.

No one follows her, not even Snow, who had been oh-so-concerned. Perhaps they're scared of her, of what she might do. Good, Regina thinks. They should be.

Regina can barely hear anything over the pounding of her heart. Her resilient heart. She could almost laugh at that. What good is it to have a resilient heart? It only gets that way after it's been broken; over and over again, a thousand different ways. Maybe resilient means she's just prone to pain. Maybe she's meant for heartbreak. A few hours ago, her heart had been pounding for a whole other reason-because of Robin. Robin who had held her in his arms, who had listened to her story and told his in return, who had kissed her and told her that maybe it's all about timing.

Regina feels like she's about to explode. Anger is flaring through her body like a wildfire, scorching its way into her bones and across her skin, and it takes every bit of control she has not to burst into flames.

(She had been in his arms, smiling against his mouth less than half an hour ago, holding hands with Roland, all of them grinning like idiots.)

Just one more block. Just a few more steps.

When Regina steps through the door, there is a single beat of silence before it slams shut behind her. She tries to take a deep breath, tries to steady herself, but then everything crashes down around her. The anger, the pain and the misery all converge in her chest, creating something new and terrible; a whole new combination to wreak havoc on her devastated heart. All she can see is how happy Robin had looked, with his wife and his son in his arms, how disgusted and terrified Marian had been at the idea that the Evil Queen had been near her family. And why wouldn't she be? Who would want someone with so much blood on their hands near their loved ones? Who could love someone like that, when the one they would have crawled through hell for was back in their arms?

Always the villain, always the villain, always the villain.

Even when I'm not.

A sob tears free from her throat, and as soon as the first tears leaves her eyes, rolling hot and burning a path down her face, her magic bursts from her body. The pulse moves slowly, it seems, but then there's an eruption of sound, a loud cacophony as it splits through the air like lightning. Windows, mirrors, vases, pictures-all the glass shatters. Regina sinks to the floor, just another piece in the wreckage, and the sounds of her pain echo unanswered through the house.

. . .

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