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Marinette stumbled back into her bedroom and collapsed onto her bed with groan. Her kwami fluttered out of her purse and crossed her arms as she stared down at her chosen. "Marinette, you know I'm perfectly okay with you exploring your sexuality, it's only natural. But did you have to bring me along to listen to that?" Tikki asked in the most annoyed fashion she could. Marinette's face went red and she rolled over to bury her face in her pillows. "I didn't know that was going to happen!" She exclaimed.

Tikki floated down next to Marinette's head and settled onto one of the pillows next to her. "Right, well, all that aside, you did hear what he said to you before he left, didn't you?" The sprite asked. The teen went silent as she replayed his words over again in her head for a few times. Tikki could hear the click that went off in the bluenette's mind when she figured it out and nearly shot out of her bed. "He knows!" She shouted before quickly slapping a hand over her mouth. There was a very long moment of silence as she made sure she didn't just wake up her parents before she slid off her bed to start pacing around her room.

"He knows who I am. He knows that I know who he is. But how did he figure it out? It's not like I told him." She said, speaking a mile a minute. Tikki watched her for a moment before speaking up. "Maybe it's what you did yesterday on the roof?" She suggested and the designer stopped. "What do you mean?" The kwami snickered and shook her head a little bit. "Ladybug has never liked Chat that much until yesterday." She explained, flying in front of the teen. "You went really off script, Marinette, and he's not dumb even if he sometimes acts completely clueless."

Marinette let out an exasperated groan, dramatically falling into her desk chair and spinning around in it. "What am I going to do, Tikki?" She asked. The sprite did a flip in the air as she moved closer to the bluenette with a grin Marinette didn't even know Tikki was capable of making. It looked...evil which went completely against her usual innocent nature. "I think you know. Just be sure you guys use protection." She stated. Marinette fell backwards out of her chair. "Tikki what the hell?!"

The next morning Marinette did not want to go to class. Chat...Adrien had succeeded very well in making the second hickey harder to hide. She was able to make it less noticeable but it wasn't hidden from sight so she opted to wear her hair down for a change so at least her parents wouldn't notice. Not to mention she had no idea what she was going to do or say the moment she saw Adrien in school. Just thinking about him caused her to blush.

She picked out something simple to wear to class that day; an innocent dress with a sweetheart neckline decorated with a subtle floral pattern. She shouted out a quick goodbye to her parents as she rushed out of the house so they didn't notice her neck and made her way to the school.

Alya was waiting for her outside and took a moment to look the bluenette over before grinning widely. "Damn, girl. Do you two have some date planned right after school?" The brunette asked with a laugh which only caused Marinette to turn bright red. "I-I don't know what you're talking about." She stammered out as she tried to move past her friend. Alya was not going to let that happen, it seemed, as she stopped Marinette by placing both of her hands on the designers shoulders.

"Oh my god, you do, don't you? Why didn't you tell me?!" She asks excitedly. "Alya, please, you know I would have if it was true. But no, we don't have a date planned for today." Marinette explained as she tried to peel Alya's hands off her.

"Do you want to?" Marinette froze once she heard Adrien's voice behind her. Very slowly she turned around to face him hoping her blush wasn't as visible as it felt. "W-What?" She whispered as she examined him. There was a smug look on his face but she watched it change to something softer, adoration maybe, when she turned around. "I was actually going to see if you wanted to go out with me for lunch today?" He asked as the smugness came back. It came back as his tongue snaked over his lips with a grin and she shivered at the memory it brought back.

"S-sure, yeah. Sounds good." She said, trying to maintain some kind of composure. He nodded at her happily before making his way inside the school while Alya started freaking out behind Marinette. "Oh. My. God. Guurrrllll. It's about damn time!" The bluenette rolled her eyes and rushed into the building so they weren't late for class.

The whole time during school Marinette could think of nothing else except lunch and all the possibilities of what could happen. Clearly they were going to have to talk about a lot of things. Not just their secret identities and how they figured each other out but also about all of this sexual tension that's been going on between the two of them. And lastly, what all of this possibly made them. Were they going to start dating? The suspense was killing her and it was making class feel longer than usual.

When the bell finally rang for lunch break Marinette calmly collected her things while Alya whispered to her a few words of encouragement. "I'll meet you outside?" Adrien asked as he turned to face her and she nodded with a smile. He returned it happily before grabbing his bag and walking out of the classroom with Nino. The bluenette took in a deep breath before standing and following after them although she could feel a pair of glaring eyes on her back. She shook off the feeling and proceeded onwards because she knew exactly who those eyes belonged to.

Once they were outside Alya and Nino quickly departed to leave Adrien and Marinette alone with one another standing next to the car Adrien always took home. "I was thinking you could come over to my place." He said as he opened up the door for her. "We still need to have that talk and I think it'd be better if we were alone for it." She didn't have to know that both his father and Nathalie were away for a business trip so they'd have the whole mansion to themselves. Nope, not important.

She blinked at his words and she did not trust that look in his eyes nor did she like how excited it made her feel. There's going to be more going on than just talking, wasn't there?

Yes, Marinette. Yes there is.

The car ride was very short and when they walked inside Marinette finally realized how big and empty his house was. It was a little depressing to think that he only shared this house with his father and his father's personal assistant. Was it always like this? When they entered his bedroom she paused next to the door as he set his bag down on his desk before moving down to his couch. "You coming?" He asked, looking at her curiously. Nervously she nodded before slowly making her way over to him, also setting her bag down on his desk next to his.

"So." He started as he sat down on the couch.
"So…" She mimicked, sitting down next to him.
"When did you find out?" He asked, getting straight to the point.
"Ah. I...I saw you transform in the alley. I thought it was weird that you said you left something at school so when you thought I was gone I looked back and then...yeah. When did you find out?"
"When you pinned me against the shed. You've only ever called Adrien handsome, not Chat. So yesterday, before I took you out, I sort of spied on you until I saw your Kwami."

They both sort of settled into an awkward silence before both of their Kwami's crashed into each of their respective charges heads. "Finally, the cat's out of the bag!" Plagg shouted happily. Tikki giggled as the two teens rubbed their heads while looking at the two sprites curiously. "They were bound to figure it out eventually. Especially with how they've been acting recently." She teased. Plagg rolled his eyes and groaned. "Tikki you have no idea how annoying it's been. Do you know what he did that night he was on Marinette's roof?!" Adrien was quick to swat the black cat kwami out of the air. "Shut UP Plagg!" The model shouted loudly with an embarrassed look on his face.

Marinette blinked before a sly smile slowly spread across her lips. "What were you doing on my roof? Because I heard you say my name." She asked, laughing a little as his face got redder. "N-nothing…" He mumbled. "He jacked off in his suit while listening to you." Plagg stated very matter-of-factly from where he lay on the ground. "PLAGG!"

"Well hey, at least he only listened to her." Tikki started with a laugh. Embarrassing their chosen was way too entertaining. "Tikki don't you dare." Marinette started with a growl but the warning was ignored. "Marinette here watched the whole thing that night she crawled through his window." The kwami said while avoiding Marinette's hands. The designer leapt off the couch to chase after her to no avail shouting, "You can't just SAY things like that, Tikki!"

Now standing across the room from each other the two embarrassed teens avoided each other's gaze. Eventually Adrien cleared his throat before speaking up. "This...does bring about another question I have for you, though." He says as he slowly gets up from the couch. "It's pretty obvious that we...like each other." Understatement of the century. "So, if you want me as your boyfriend, would you want to be my girlfriend?" He asks sheepishly as he walks over to where she stood by the window.

"God yes." She breaths out, grabbing him by his shirt to pull him into a kiss. He sighs as she does so as he quickly wraps his arms around her waist while kissing her back. Her hands let go of his shirt so her arms can drape over his shoulders while her fingers start to comb through his hair affectionately. She let out a soft moan as he pressed her back against the glass while deepening the kiss with his tongue. The two kwami very quickly come to the realization that they do not want to be in the room with them anymore and fly off somewhere far away from the teens.

There was two weeks of built up sexual frustration that had been contructed from constant teasing, taunting, and groping that was finally exploding to the surface between them. She nibbled at his bottom lip and he growled playfully at her, breaking their kiss so his lips could set fire to her skin as he trailed down her neck. She leaned off the glass to press into him, her eyes fluttering shut at the feeling. Quickly her hands were at his button up again to push it off his shoulders before she started pushing Adrien backwards.

There was a brief expression of confusion that flashed over his face but it was gone the moment his legs hit the couch. His knees quickly folded and he fell on the piece of furniture with Marinette immediately straddling his hips. Their lips slam together once more as his hands slide up her thighs, under his dress, and then starts to slowly drag his nails back down against her skin. She moans into his mouth, a sound he drinks up happily, and her hips start to rock against his. He groaned lowly at this while his hands left her thighs to start tugging at the top of her dress.

She slipped her arms out of the small sleeves easily so Adrien could pull the fabric down just enough to expose her bra. His quick fingers unhooked her bra so the undergarment could be tossed aside and forgotten about. First it was his hands that massaged her breasts, the both of them moaning at the feeling. It felt way better being able to actually feel her soft skin in his hands as he lovingly gave them quick squeeze. His mouth was quick to follow as he ghosted his lips over her sensitive skin before gently sucking on a pert nipple. She gasped loudly as her back arched into the sensation while his fingers trailed down her back.

He made sure both breasts received the same amount of attention before she pushed him back against the couch to rip off his shirt. She knew better than to leave a hickey on his neck since he was a model but he wasn't to the point of taking shirtless photos yet so her teeth where on his chest the moment it was uncovered. Adrien jumped and let out a low groan as his head rested against the back of the couch. She took her time leaving her mark as he fingers began to memorize the feel of his muscles under her touch. Running around as Chat saving paris all the time left him with amazing definition and it felt just as wonderful as she imagined it would.

Gradually she shifted off his lap onto her knees on the floor between his legs, finally releasing that small patch of skin from her mouth. She flicked open his jeans with her thumb and his head snapped up to look at her with wide eyes. As she started to yank down his pants she peered up at him with a mischievous smile and watched as his breath caught in his throat. Remember when she mentioned getting really curious online? It left her with enough knowledge to know what she was about to do.

His underwear was lowered with his jeans down to his ankles and she couldn't suppress her small moan when her eyes locked onto his erection. She didn't hesitate to run her tongue along the length of his shaft, grinning at his surprised groan. When she reached the tip she wrapped her mouth around the head and sucked on it gently. "Mari..nette…" He breathed, fighting the sudden urge to thrust up into that devilish mouth of hers. She hummed around him as her head started to bob up and down, each movement taking in a little bit more than before. It was her first time doing this so she couldn't take him in completely but it was enough to have him shaking underneath her, melting into a moaning hot mess.

He gripped tightly at the couch cushions, eyes rolling back under tightly shut lids. When he opened them to look down at her he froze; she was looking back up at him. He couldn't tear his eyes away from hers so he was stuck watching her happily swallow down as much of his cock as she could and he almost blew it right then. Almost. But he refused to let this lunch break end like that.

Gently, and perhaps a bit regrettably, he slid his hips back away from that amazing mouth and pulled her back on top of his lap. They weren't there for long, though, as he wrapped her legs around him so he could stand up with her in his arms as he heatedly brought their lips together once more. Managing to never break this kiss he carried her over towards his bed, kicking his pants off in the process. The two of them practically fell onto the mattress before Adrien pulled back to finish taking her dress off completely along with her panties.

With the two of them both finally naked he wanted to at least return the favor for a little bit. He licked, nipped, and kissed down her torso until he enthusiastically buried his face between her legs again. Yup, still very much addicted to how she tasted. He flicked his tongue against her clit as he brought his hand up to tease her with one of his fingers. She moaned out loudly as he pushed one finger past her walls and hooked it around to hit that inner cluster of nerves instantly. It was possible he remembered where it was from last night.

He kept this up for a few moments before adding a second finger, scissoring them open to help stretch her out some. He knew this would be important for her since she was still a virgin and he wanted this to be as painless as possible for her. Her hips started to grind against his fingers and he smiled, glad that she was enjoying this. Carefully he added a third finger while he peeked up to see her wince a little. He told himself he'd stay like this for a while just to make sure when they moved forward she was ready.

Once he started to feel her really relax around his fingers he pulled out of her, smirking as she whimpered. He leaned over to his nightstand and opened up the drawer to dig around for a moment. Quickly he found what he was looking for, pulling out the foil wrapping of a condom and pushing the drawer shut. He could hear her laugh a little as he returned to her and he looked down at her curiously.

"Were you planning this?" She asked. He smirked. "Come on, you think after the last two weeks and finding out I'd have the house to myself I wouldn't prepare for the best case scenario?" He purred out as he unwrapped the condom and carefully unrolled it down his length. He crawled back over her, showering her form in loving kisses before passionately kissing her as he positioned himself before her. He broke their kiss to look at her warmly.

"I...I really don't want this to hurt you. So I'll go as slowly as possible but please stop me if you get uncomfortable." He asked and she noded but she chewed on her lips. "H-have you...done this before?" She asked quietly. He blinked at her before letting out a breath with a smile. "No, this is my first time." He admits. "I just paid attention in class." He said, softly kissing her one more. She relaxed at his words, happy that they were sharing their first time together. "Ready?" He asks and she nods up at him quickly.

He returns her nod and takes in a deep breath before very, very slowly pushing into her. Her arms very quickly wrapped around his chest with her hands gripping tightly at his shoulders and her eyes clenched shut. He paused for a moment, letting her get used to the feeling before he tried pushing in again.

This went on for a few minutes, Adrien carefully pushing into her until her nails started to claw at his shoulders, where he'd stop and wait until she relaxed before he kept going. Sometimes he'd pull back a little but eventually he was completely inside of her and good god was it a tight fit: a perfect fit, but tight. From here he didn't move, simply waiting for her to completely adjust to him and didn't move until she said she was ready. Until then he did his best to distract her with sweet kisses along her neck and collarbone, or just on her lips.

Slowly her grip on his shoulders loosened up once more and she gently rocked her hips against him. He stared into her eyes and she looked back with a smile before offering a small nod. With the patience of a saint he carefully pulled out of her almost completely, then smoothly thrusted back in. She started with a hiss but it quickly evolved into a moan as Adrien made sure to rub against where he knew her g-spot was. For him this pace was painstakingly slow but he maintained this light rhythm for her as he pulled out and pushed in again.

Marinette moved her legs up to wrap around his waist, locking her ankles together behind his back. When he started moving again her nails dug back into his shoulders but she loved how gentle he was being with her. With each thrust he'd dote upon her body with passionate kisses while one hand slid along her sides or under her and down her back. Every touch, every movement he made, helped her relax into his rhythm and brought with it more and more pleasure. It wasn't long before all the pain was gone and she was craving more.

She let go of his shoulders so her fingers could tangle in his hair and bring his head up for a fevered kiss. "Faster…" She sighed against his lips and he groans, speeding up just like she asked. She tosses her head back against the pillows and moans out as he does so, one of her hands loosening up from his hair to roam over his back. "Oh...Adrien…" She breaths out as her eyes flutter shut.

He buries his face in the crook of her neck as he continues to thrust into her again and again, shivering once his name leaves her lips. It sounded even better when he was the actual cause for her saying it, not just her fantasies. He lets out a quick gasp as her nails rake over his back, the act causing his hips to buck a bit harder against her. He peers up at her to see a smirk cross her features and he returns it while repeating that motion.

The teens start to lose themselves in each other as he once again starts to pick up the pace, more because he's starting to teeter close to the edge. He takes hold of one of her hands and squeezes it tightly. She could already start to feel herself reach her peak and his faster movements were just bringing her there quicker. Before she knew it her vision went almost white as she cried out his name again, her back completely arching off the mattress. She had his hand in a deathgrip almost like she was trying to ground herself so she wasn't washed away with the sensation. If last night she went to the moon then by now she was reaching the sun. And Adrien was right behind her.

The combination of her moans, saying his name, and that she somehow got tighter around him was too much. He thrust as deep as he possibly could into her as he moaned against her neck. Quickly he moves up to steal her lips as his body starts to shake above her.

Together they eventually come down from their shared high with Adrien falling over on his side and pulling Marinette close to him. Gradually he rolls onto his back which lets Marinette settled her head on his chest and he keeps his arms tightly around her.

The bluenette idly moves her fingers in random patterns on his chest before speaking up. "You know...I'm really happy you weren't dissapointed to find out I was Ladybug." She mutters. The words were so unprovoked it caused the blond to crane his neck just to look down at her with the proper confused expression. He sits up, pulling her up with him, and takes her face gently into his hands. "You want to know what I told myself when we properly defeated our first Akuma? When, despite your fears, bravely stood up to Hawkmoth and vowed to protect this city?" He asked her with a soft smile. "What?"

"It doesn't matter who's under that mask. I love her, this girl." He stated warmly. "Marinette, Ladybug is just a symbol come to life in the form of a mask. But the girl that she is, the things that she fights for and believes in, everything that makes her a hero comes from you. And I wouldn't ask for anyone else." He ran his thumb over her cheek comfortingly as she smiled up at him. Suddenly her arms were around his shoulders in a hug and she pressed her lips against his and he was more than happy to return it.

"I love you, Adrien." She said once she pulled back. He rested his forehead against hers and let out a soft sigh. "I love you too, Marinette. Now, we should probably get dressed and head back to school. We don't want to be late." He said. He would much rather skip the rest of the day and lay in bed with Marinette but that would draw way too much suspicion. She nodded in agreeance and the two soon got up, found their clothes and got redressed. Marinette had to borrow his hairbrush to get rid of her sex hair but once the two were finally composed they left his house, hand in hand, and got back into the car to head back to the school.

They were still hand in hand as they walked back into the building and even when they entered the classroom. Alya and Nino instantly noticed and happily cheered for the two, glad that they were finally dating. But then there was the party pooper, Chloé, who shrieked when she saw that the two of them were holding hands. "Adrikins! What's going on?! Why are you holding her hand?!"

"Isn't it obvious, Chloé?" Marinette answers. "We're dating." The bluenette says with a smirk. "Yup." Adrien says letting go of Marinette's hand to wrap his arm around her waist, grinning down at Chloé. "I'm madly in love with her, have been since we first met." He beams out happily. The new couple happily stare down the mortified socialite. In typical, over dramatic fashion, Chloé swoons before running out of the classroom in tears.

Score: Fatality. Adrinette Wins!